Knoef’s Community

Besides the Trophy Guides that we write, we also love to engage with you on a community level. We have a few social media channels for you available on which you can interact with your fellow gamers on the games you love so much!

We also love to organize competitions and giveaways. Games are expensive enough as it is, so a freebie once in a while is always nice!

Social Media Platforms


Twitter is our main platform for all our latest news, giveaways and competitions. Keep a close eye on this platform if you wish to join in on some cool stuff!

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Reddit is used for the sharing of our trophy guides. We also use our own Subreddit to post rules and guidelines for certain giveaways and competitions. 



Discord is a great place to talk and have fun with your fellow peers! A place where almost anything chatter is allowed. Don’t miss out on it, and join the discord channel today!

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You don’t have Twitter, Reddit or Discord? You must be an alien! No worries, join us on facebook and stay up to date on the latest news. Like for the latest news

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Giveaways are always posted on twitter. We have a few basic rules regarding these giveaways: 


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In order to participate you will need to follow our twitter account, which is linked here. Following us will enable you to stay up to date on all the latest news regarding trophy guides and community events.



Retweeting is nececary because we would like to spread the word on our great community events! The more people involved, to more likely we get more codes for a next one!


Commenting your region

Codes are tied to a region, for instance North America and Europe. Always reply with a comment stating the region you wish to receive a key for.

Active Giveaways & Competitions

Suicide Guy
Platform: Steam
Runs until: 17-June-2019