Townsmen VR Trophy Guide

Game: Townsmen VR
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 18 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 2 , 22 , 14
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Townsmen VR. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the campaign

Welcome to Townsmen VR! The main game contains 13 campaign levels with an additional intro and outro level for you to complete. Listed below are the most important trophies for each level. Make sure to check them out before starting the specific level. It will save you a second run.

  1. Open Sea – ‘Abundance
  2. Fog Island – ‘Fast Rescue
  3. Treasure Island
  4. Capital Island – ‘Treasure Hunter‘, ‘City Rebuild
  5. Chain Island
  6. Twin Island – ‘Who Said I Need Soldiers?
  7. Solitary Island – ‘Bridgeless
  8. Prison Island ‘Just A Flesh Wound‘, ‘Three at one Blow
  9. Moon Island – ‘Make Peace Not War
  10. Sunken Island – ‘Less Is More
  11. New Port – ‘Artisan Builder‘, ‘Cleaning Crew
  12. Smuggler’s Cove -‘Knights Of The Round Table
  13. Volcano Island – ‘Can’t Touch This!
  14. Fort Haven – ‘Acquisition‘, ‘Rescue Mission
  15. The End

Unlock every other trophy in the game.

Message in a Bottle
Find all messages in a bottle.

You will need to pick up the bottles and smash them. You will find a note, read it.

  1. Open Sea – No Letter
  2. Fog Island – No Letter
  3. Treasure Island – Day 31
    • I hope someone will read this. I have been stranded on a small island. Please send help!
  4. Capital Island – Day 42
    • I have been stranded on a small island with my delivery of apple juice. At least I have enough to drink and enough bottles to put my messages in.
  5. Chain Island – Day 63
    • I was on my way to deliver apple juice to Fort Haven, when it was conquered by Prince Edgar. He destroyed all ships in the area so nobody would know of his plans. At least I was lucky enough to be washed up on this island
  6. Twin Island – Day 74
    • I think i am getting pretty good at playing music with these bottles. I have tuned them with different amounts of water and now i can play real melodies by playing at them
  7. Solitary Island – Day 95
    • I had a small rabbit on my island, called it Wilson, seemed appropriate as it was my only companion. But an eagle came and took it away. Now I am completely alone. The sound of the waves is all i am left with
  8. Prison Island – Day 106
    • I think Prince Edgar left Fort Haven with lots of ships. I don’t know what he is up to, but this doesn’t look like a peaceful expedition
  9. Moon Island – Day 127
    • Another day on this island! Fishing and building rafts from scrap of this ship wreck is all I can do, but I had no success escaping yet.
  10. Sunken Island – Day 148
    • I thought I was finally rescued from my island. But the merchant Enswick didn’t appreciate that I had nothing to offer in return but my musical bottles.
  11. New Port – Day 159
    • I saw Prince Edgar and his fleet return to Fort Haven. They seemed to celebrate victory. I wish I had something to celebrate
  12. Smuggler’s Cove – Day 170
    • I think I am slowly losing my mind. I saw giant hands floating in the sky, helping those working on Fort Haven build up the village there
  13. Volcano Island – No Letter
  14. Fort Haven – Day 181
    • No definitely not hallucinating yet. Those hands are there! I wonder if they could rescue me from this island?
  15. The End – No Letter

Master Builder
Build 1000 buildings.

Build a total of 1.000 building. Placing a building into the world counts as build, there is no need for the townsmen the finish the construction. You can quickly build and demolish them to reach 1.000 total.

Artisan Builder
Build every building at least once.

This trophy will be earned at level “New Port” once you build the siege workshop in order to get yourself a catapult.

Less Is More
Build only one residence on Sunken Island.

The Sunken Island is a rather short campaign level where you need to build yourself a dock with a ship. Since space is limited, having only one residence (house) is not really a handicap.

Finish Solitary Island without building any bridges.

During this campaign level you can’t build any bridges. It is allowed to move people by hand from one side to the other. Build your main village on the right side of the island. You’ll have access to wood, stone and fish. ON the left side go with your houses and an extra woodcutter.

Treasure Hunter
Find all hidden treasure chests on Capital Island.

There are two hidden treasure chests on the Capital island. One is at the waterfall, while the second one is inside a little cave on the side of a cliff.

Cleaning Crew
Find and pick up all treasures on New Port.

There are a total of 10 chests on New Port island with 1 gold bar in each chest. Refer to the images below on where to find them.

Special Forces
Recruit every soldier type on the same island.

For this trophy you will need to recruit one of:
1. Archer
2. Spearman
3. Crossbow
4. Swordsman
5. Knight

A catapult is not a requirement.

Artisan Crafter
Produce every resource at least once.

You will earn this trophy during the course of the campaign.

Gone Shopping
Buy 100 resources.

Buy/Trade a total of 100 resources from the marketplace of the merchant (ship). This might not trigger until you load in a save file or start a new sandbox/campaign level.

Master Crafter
Craft 1000 resources.

Gather a total of 1000 resources. You will get this during the course of the campaign.

Who Said I Need Soldiers?
Defeat the wolves on Twin Island without recruiting any soldiers.

You will have to use your villagers in order to defeat the wolves present on the island. It’s best of you place multiple villagers at once, since they more damage together. Make sure you save a couple villagers in order to recruit new ones with meat.

Just A Flesh Wound
Finish Prison Island without losing any soldiers.

In order to pull this off safely, you will need to make good use of your archers and putting them on a spot the A.I can’t reach. Destroying the light house will allow for reinforcements to arrive. Make sure to get those. As soon as you get the catapult, use it to destroy a lot of enemies present from a save distance.

It’s best if you make saves after killing some enemies. Should things go south, just reload the save file and try again.

Call to Arms
Recruit 100 soldiers.

Recruit a total of 100 soldiers. You should earn this trophy towards the end of the campaign.

Helping Hand
Bring 100 resources to construction sites by hand.

Bring a total of 100 resources such as wood and stone to construction sites.

Block an arrow from the hunter aimed to a deer using your hand.

Have a hunter hunt a deer, once it is about to loosen its arrow, block it with your hand.

Get an army size of 20.

Get an army size of 20. Best done in one of the later campaign levels or in free roam. You need to upgrade and build various houses in order to achieve this.

The easiest are the archers and spearmen, netting you an army size of 12:
Archer barracks level 3 – 6 archers
Spearman barracks level 3 – 6 spearman

You can mix up the other ones with crossbow, swordsmen and knights.

Get 13 different townsmen on the same island.

This one is a bit tricky. You need to have exact 13 townsmen, you can’t exceed this.
The trophy can pop on volcano island (sandbox) with the following set-up:

3 Woodcutters, 1 iron miner, 1 farmer, 2 hunters, 1 gold digger, 1 cook and 1 miller. That make a total of 7 townsmen.
Furthermore, you need 1 builder and 1 Clergy (Church). That’s a total of 9.
To seal the deal you’ll need 1 Archer, 1 Swordmen a cow and a sheep!

Finish Fort Haven without destroying the enemy’s stonecutter, harbor or smelter.

In order to finish this mission you will need to destroy the castle on the hill. This can easily be cheesed by placing some archers next to the castle, on the hill. There are little to no enemy archers, so you can end this mission early on.

Can’t Touch This!
Finish Volcano Island without letting the enemy steal a single gold bar.

You will be attacked a few times, even before having a gold smelter. As a defense, some spearmen and 6 archers will do just fine.

Once again, you can cheese your way through this mission by placing some archers near the castle you need to destroy.

Make Peace Not War
Finish Moon Island without harming the wolves.

This one is tricky! The wolves are guarding the gold and iron mines. You will need to have access to the iron mine in order to finish the campaign level. Carefully place an iron mine and get the raw resources out. Should a wolf come towards you, make sure to pull your villager out. Don’t let the villager attack the wolf under any circumstance!

Furthermore, don’t build the bridge that connects the left island part to the right island part. Instead, build everything on the left side. Make regular saves that allow for a quick reload.

Fast Rescue
Repair the lighthouse in less than 15 minutes.

During the campaign level ‘Fog Island’ you will get to know the basics of the game. As the final act of this level you will need to repair the lighthouse in order to be rescued. Do all this within a 15 minute time limit.

City Rebuild
Get 15 townsmen on Capital Island.

Get a total of 15 villagers on the campaign level Capital Island.

Three at one Blow
Hit three enemies at the same time using the catapult.

During the campaign level “Prison Island” you will get a catapult which can be used to clear the level. You’ll find groups of soldiers across this map, allowing this trophy to be earned.

False Trail
Relocate a signpost.

Signposts are present in all maps and can easily be spotted by pressing pressing the left analog down.

Bring all wood resources to the ship in the open sea.

This can be earned during the very first level. Grab all of the wood and place them on the ship.

Rescue Mission
Find and pick up the shipwrecked person.

Found on the map ‘Fort Haven’ on a little remote island.

Scare Crow
Scare a crow on the ground with your hand.

Scare a crow with your hand, available in most levels.

Ring a Bell
Shake a cow!

Shake any cow to make the bell go moooooo!

Build two buildings at the same time by using both hands.

For this trophy you will need to pick two buildings from the building menu and place them onto the ground.

Make a chicken fly for 2 seconds before it touches the ground.

Pick up a chicken and throw it into the air.

Knights Of The Round Table
Find the treasure of the killer rabbit.

The treasure can be found on level “Smuggler’s Cove” where you must defeat the bandit lady (Scarlett) on her own island. In the middle is a little cave with a chest inside it.

Weather God
Create rain from clouds.

You will find cloud in the sky, merge them together until the cloud turns grey (not black!) Now squeeze them together with both hands.

Feathered Thief
Force a seagull to drop stolen food.

Once a seagull picks up a piece of meat, hit it with your hands.

Stunning Interaction
Stun someone with a resource.

Pickup any resource (stone, log) and throw it at somebody.

Catch a fish with your bare hands.

You can catch fish with your hands. You will see them swimming in the little pounds during the campaign.

God of Thunder
Create lightning from clouds.

You will find cloud in the sky, merge them together until the cloud turns black (not grey!) Now squeeze them together with both hands.

Chicken Shaker
Shake a chicken to make it lay an egg.

Shake any chicken and it will lay an egg.

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