Retropolis 2 Trophy Guide

Game: Retropolis 2
Peripherals: PSVR2
Time to Platinum: 6 hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 5 , 9 , 22
Author: Knoef_NL, edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Retropolis 2. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Episode 1

Welcome to Retropolis 2 – a VR game by Peanut Button. The game starts with a short introduction cinematic. Shortly after that, you’ll find yourself in Philip’s Home Office.

Philip’s Home Office:
1. Interact with the pictures on the table (put them on the board).
2. Make three connections and get a phone call.
3. Continue making connections until Philip stops talking.
Women -> Power Gem
Women -> Meric
Women -> Magician
Power Gem -> Meric
Power Gem -> Magician
Magician -> Meric

4. Grab the “hidden” picture from the board on the right. Make additional connections:
Cops -> Women
Cops -> Power Gem
Cops -> Meric
Cops -> Magician (“No Stone Left Unturned“)

5. Now grab the perfume bottle on your left (the one in front of the mirror) and squeeze it(“Please Forgive Me, Jenny“).
6. On the right, you’ll see a mouse hole in the floor. Each 30 seconds a mouse will appear. Click it once it comes out (“Get a Trophy!“)
7. In front of you is also a pizza box. Put the pizza inside your inventory. (“Take It To Go“)
8. Take it out of your inventory and eat it (1/3Num Num Num“)

Interact with the car and head for the bar.

The Electric Sheep Bar
1. Drink the alcohol provided.
2. Interact with the cop and open the package.
3. Complete the puzzle (memorize the patterns) (“Mask Dimension #1“) .

You’ll now get a film. To watch it do the following:
4. Push the button and activate the fire alarm.
5. Take the cigarette and take a tug. Now burn the package that was holding the evidence.
6. Hold the package close to the fire alarm. This will destroy the projector.
7. Grab the lamp above you and put it inside the projector.
8. Watch the movie.

The Old Lighthouse
You’ll now head off to the lighthouse, as given the instructions by the magician.
1. Interact with the anchor on your left. Solve the logical puzzle. (“Mask Dimension #2“)
2. Go downstairs and interact with the small boat. Grab the card, go back up.
3. Put the card in the hand and open the door.

4.1 Take the clock cog (pendulum) and put it next to the music player (gramophone)
4.2 Reactivate it, and open the chest. Collect the green battery and the handle.
4.3 Place the handle in the holder and a ladder will lower. Go upstairs.

5.1 Rotate the clown’s nose and interact with the mask (“Mask Dimension #3“).
5.2 Grab the record, put it in the case and go back to ground level. Play the record.
5.3 You can now solve the puzzle here. Rotate the buttons to move the cog across the machine. Collect slide #1
5.4 Go to the second floor and hit the jackpot button. Collect the 2nd battery and activate the jack in the box. Grab the lever and go to the third floor.
5.5 Use both batteries here to activate the machine.
5.5.1 Wire #1 is needed for the next puzzle, to remember the light sequence if different than shown below.
5.6 Solve the wires. you will earn slide #2.

6.1 Take the handle and go to the 4th floor.
6.2 Interact with the fortune teller and place BOTH diamonds in the same place. Now go to the second floor and interact with the game. Select the position you put both diamonds on. This will earn you the third slide.
6.3 Go back to the third floor and match the lights from Wire #1 with the puzzle shown in Wire #1 Puzzle. This will earn you slide #4

7. Now break all pots for the “Break’em All” trophy.
7.1 Grab the handle and move upwards. Watch the story unfold. “Complete Episode 1” will pop.

Episode 2

After the short cinematic from Episode 1, you’ll find yourself in a jail cell.

Jail Cell
1. Interact with the guard. Tell him you were a cop once. Now ask for his orders.
2. Tell the bot you are not here, you are merely a hologram.
3. Try to grab the keys; they will fall.
4. Bend down to look underneath the desk (“Unintended Solution“) and grab the key.

Jail Lobby
1. Head left to a dead end (“Dead End“).
2. Plug-in the wire into the socket. Head through the door and open up the lockers.
3. Remember the binary code (10110).
4. Go back to the evidence locker and enter the code.
5. Collect the blue paint and your inventory bot.
6. Use the blue paint and spray the security cam. (“Art is the Ultimate Weapon“).
7. Go back to the locker room. Collect the RPD badge and taser.
8. There is also a shower. Interact with it. Now turn it off. (“Good Citizenship #1“).
9. Go to the elevator and collect the empty battery.
10. Return to the locker room and put it in the holder.
11. Try the wire and the socket will blow. Now use the taser instead.
12. Use the battery in the elevator. Put the RPD badge on your hat and paint it blue using your spray can.

Elevator Ride
1. Press the speak button a lot of times (“Are We There Yet?“) .
2. Eat 10 donuts (“Not on a Diet“) by pressing the donut button. (2/3Num Num Num“) .
3. As you exit the elevator, your hat will fly away. Try to grab it (“Not My Day“).

RPD Roof
1. Collect your hat and the wrench.
2. Talk to Jimmy the robot. Ask for a car and say it’s for police work.
3. Grab the form and return to the elevator.

1. Tell Betty1 you need to see the commissioner to get your form signed.
2. Eat a cookie (3/3Num Num Num“).
3. Go a level down.

Investigation department
1. Throw the videotape in the evidence hole (“Good Citizenship #2“) .
2. Lie to Betty2.
3. When she asks your name, pick the correct one (the one you selected earlier) “MR.clean_your_office_right_away_bot.” (“Remember Your Own Name“).
3. Tell the truth and provide Betty2 with the film reel.

Forensics Lab
1. Follow Betty2 to the forensics lab.
2. Interact with the machines a lot of times (“Good Boy!“),
2. Find the 6 symbols by interacting with the machine, as shown below;
3. A short cinematic will play. (“Complete Episode 2“).

Episode 3

Talk to Betty2 and agree to leave to search for more clues.

1. Go to Betty2’s desk. Open the drawer and grab the book. Bring it back to her (“Bookworm“)

Screwborg’s Office
1. Head back to the investigation department. Enter Screwborg’s office.
2. Open the window, the phone will ring. Answer it. Hide in the closet.
3. Go out and put on the glasses. Find the four codes (see pictures below).
4. Enter the codes and open the safe. Pick up the picture and the key.
5. Go back to Betty2 and show her the picture (“Wrong Betty!“).

Philip’s Old Office
6. Go to Philip 109 and John 05’s office.
7. Go inside. Shred the wallpaper, revealing a symbol. Recreate this symbol on the investigation board.
8. You’ll now find a safe; enter the code “109705”.
9. Take out the flask and drink a few sips.

Back at the Roof
10. Leave and head for the security camera in the hallway. Unscrew it with the wrench. You should have one from the previous episode, otherwise there is one on the roof.
11. Take the cog, now head for Betty1. Show Betty1 the picture (“The Dan Flashes Achievement“).
12. Now go up the roof and use the cog on the machine underneath the zeppelin.
12.1 Use the flask on the rusty cog, allowing it to turn.
13. Interact with the ladder. As the zeppelin leaves, interact with it (“Parlez-vous Français?“)
14. Head to the elevator and go to the investigation department. Screwborg’s Office and exit the window.
15. Interact with the ladder.

BigBars’s Office
16. Stamp your freelance police form.
17. Unscrew the map from the wall using your wrench.
18. Enter the symbols shown below;
19. Pick up the ticket to the magic show.
20. Head back to Betty2 and show her the ticket.
21. Now go back to the roof and talk to Jimmy.
21.1 Select “Probably Not” for the trophy (“Fourth Wall Smasher“) to pop.
22. Show him the signed form, allowing you to get a car.
23. Put the location disc in, and enter the car (“Complete Episode 3“).

Episode 4

You have arrived at the theatre. Now it is your task to get it!

The Theatre Foyer
1. Reach out to the chandelier and grab the clue.
2. Grab the hat of the host bot.
2.1 Give the host bot the wrench from your inventory (“An offer that you can refuse“)
3. Go left to the wardrobe.
4. Put the hats as shown below (and on the clue).
5. A new puzzle appears; Turn the screws with the wrench until the statues are in the position shown below.
6. Go to the statues and put the flower hand; a hidden entrance appears.

Dark Passageway
1. Go left and continue all the way. You’ll see a hand. Turn around. On the left is a puzzle piece.
2. Now go back and head right instead. Put the puzzle piece on the left side of the puzzle
3. Open the chest and pick up the card. Head back towards the left.
4. Put the card in the hand. Collect the diamond.
5. Go back to the right and put the diamond in.
6. Solve the puzzle (don’t press the skip button) (“Mask Dimension #4“).
7. Grab the vinyl and play it (middle path).
8. Climb the ladder

Solution Puzzle 4

Magical Crime Show
1. Watch the story unfold; enter the podium.
2. Select “OK. I’ll do it.” (“Life of Crime“)
3. Select Replay End.
4. Now for the first option select “I’ll never work for you“, then select “I’ll work for you” (instead of “I’d rather die!”) (“You’re Pathetic“).
5. Defuse the bomb; (there is also a video below, note that it doesn’t include the “Puk Puk Pukaaak” trophy).
5.1. Go towards Betty2, open the Hatch, then open the cage.
5.2. Reel down the rope, attach Betty2, Reel it up.
5.3 #1 Stabilizer is behind you. Give it to Betty2.
5.4 #2 Stabilizer is on the right, on the right of the machine. Give it to Betty2.
5.5 #3 Stabilizer is on the left, inside the safe. (combination below). Give it to Betty2.
5.6. Take the wooden wheel on the left. Go towards the right and put the wheel on.
5.7. Rotate the wheel so the outlines match; taser it so it gets power.
5.8. Do the same for stage 2 (use the handle to remove the parts and reuse them).
5.9. For stage 3, use the wrench to modify the part with the bolt on it..
5.10. Solve the puzzle and grab the 4th stabilizer. Give it to Betty2 again.
5.11. Climb up the first and second beams.
5.12. Now climb the third beam and interact with Betty2 (“Puk Puk Pukaaak“)
5.13. Interact with the bomb and remember the sequence of 5. (“Escape Artist” & “Save the day!“)

Watch the credits (“Complete Episode 4” & “The Horror! The Horror!“)

True Detective
Collect all Trophies.

Num Num Num
Eat all the edible items in the game.

Episode 1: Eat the pizza
Episode 2: Eat a donut
Episode 3: Eat a Cookie

Refer to the roadmap for more details.

Give Betty2 her own book for some reason.

You can give Betty her book during episode 3.

Mask Dimension #4
Solve the fourth mask dimension puzzle.

You will encounter this puzzle during Episode 4. Don’t press the skip button as the trophy won’t pop.

You’re Pathetic
Choose to work for the magician, twice.

During episode 4 you can choose to work for the magician, twice.

No Stone Left Unturned
Examine all the possible connections in the case.

Earned during episode 1. Connect the clues on the board. Keep in mind there is a hidden clue on the board on the right side of the room.

Escape Artist
Defuse the bomb in 4 minutes or less.

Earned during Episode 4. Refer to the video in the roadmap for a visual walkthrough.

Remember Your Own Name
Pretty basic, isn’t it?

Earned during episode 2. Tell Betty2 the correct name.

Good Citizenship #2
Be the hero this city needs, again.

Throw the videotape in the evidence hole during episode 2.

Good Citizenship #1
Be the hero this city needs.

Turn of the shower during episode 2.

Life of Crime
Morals? Who needs them?

Choose to work for the magician during episode 2.

Get a Trophy!
You can do it!

Press the mouse in episode 1.

Mask Dimension #3
Solve the third mask dimension puzzle.

Earned during episode 1. Don’t press the skip button!

Complete Episode 4
Complete Episode 4.

Story related.

Save the day!
You’re a true hero.

Defuse the bomb during episode 4.

An offer that you can refuse
Receive a hesitant refusal.

Give the host bot the wrench in Episode 4.

Wrong Betty!
There’s a reason it’s called a private detective.

Show Betty2 the picture of Betty1 during Episode 3.

Mask Dimension #1
Solve the first mask dimension puzzle.

Earned during Episode 1. Don’t press the skip button.

Mask Dimension #2
Solve the second mask dimension puzzle.

Earned during Episode 1. Don’t press the skip button.

Please Forgive Me, Jenny
Try to feel as if she’s there.

Squeeze the perfume during episode 1.

Puk Puk Pukaaak
Act like the biggest chicken ever.

During episode 4, interact with Betty2 instead of defusing the bomb (while standing on the 3rd beam)

Dead End
The only thing you can do is retrace your steps.

During episode 2, walk into the dead end after escaping the jail.

Fourth Wall Smasher
Make Philip reference the title of the game.

During episode 3;
Go back to the roof and talk to Jimmy.
Select “Probably Not” for the trophy (“Fourth Wall Smasher“) to pop.

The Dan Flashes Achievement
Make one of the Bettys reference the best show on Netflix.

During episode 3 Betty1 asks you to retrieve a picture. Show her this picture.

Complete Episode 1
Complete Episode 1.

Story related.

Not on a Diet
Eat ten donuts.

Earned during episode 2, inside the elevator.

Parlez-vous Français?
Make Philip speak in the language of love.

During episode 3 you’ll need to lower the ladder. Interact with the ladder. As the zeppelin leaves, interact with it

Good Boy!
Push one of the Bettys to treat you like a dog.

During episode 2, while in the forensics labs, Interact with the machines a lot of times.

Not My Day
Fail to grab your hat in midair.

Earned during episode 2. After you reach the roof, try to grab your hat.

Art is the Ultimate Weapon
Paint over a security camera.

Earned during episode 2, after you escape the jail. Grab the graffiti can and spray over the camera.

Unintended Solution
Look mom, I broke the game!

Knock down the key in Episode 2. Now bend down and grab it from below the desk.

Break’em All
There’s some smashing to be done.

Smash all the bottles in the lighthouse during episode 1.

Take It To Go.
You might be hungry later.

Put the pizza during episode 1 inside your inventory bot.

The Horror! The Horror!
Witness a new villain arise.

Watch the credits (story related).

Complete Episode 3
Complete Episode 3

Story related.

Complete Episode 2
Complete Episode 2.

Story related.

Are We There Yet?
Be sure if you’re there yet.

During episode 2 you’ll need to go up with the elevator. Speak with the robot (press the button) a bunch of times.

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