Pixel Ripped 1978 Trophy Guide

Game: Pixel Ripped 1978
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 4 hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 9 , 6 , 4
Author: Knoef_NL
Welcome to the trophy guide for Pixel Ripped 1978. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the Campaign

Welcome to Pixel Ripped 1978! You’ll be playing once again as Dot to overthrow the evil Goblin. Your biggest challenge will be finding all 40 cartridges. They have been included in the trophy guide below, each with screenshots and a short description.

At a given point you’ll receive a floppy disc in order to dance. You can put it inside the ATARI PC as shown below. With it inserted, you can’t shoot.

Pixel Platinum 1978
Obtained all trophies!

Pixel Stone forged!

You’ll get one pixel stone for each world you complete (3 total). After beating all 3 worlds, you will be able to forge the Pixel Stone. It’s story related so don’t worry about it.

Quick Wit
Fast reaction to 5 Disturbs.

During the playtime in the office you’ll get various disturbs. Phone calls, people asking you stuff, throwing a ball.
The phone will ring most often. Just pick it up quickly and you might hear the sound of a YouTuber or Other content creator, as they were asked to record something cool for the game.

Big Spender
Got 999 pixels!

Gather a total of 999 pixels. You’ll find plenty of pixels during the game. Just keep in mind that dying loses a few pixels.
The easiest method to gather pixels is to smash crates/pots.

Gossip Dot
Talked to all NPCs in Far-of-a-Land.

You’ll need to talk to all the npc’s present in the Pixel Ripped Cartridge (3D section) called Far-of-a-Land.
All NPC’s that can be talked to have 3 dots above their head. Don’t forget to talk to the Barman inside the Bar building behind the counter.
You’ll also find a weapon here (bottle).

Heavy Hitter
All melee weapons collected!

0) Default weapon : Hoe.

Bentley’s (World 1)
1) Defeat the chickens. You’ll find a staff.
2) Pick up the frying pan inside the building (You must visit this house for the story).
3) Far edge of the map, you’ll see a giant pixel cube. Go straight and you will find a dragon weapon.
4) Candy Cane. Upon grabbing the key and giving it to the bear (Bentley).

Groovin’ Freddie (World 2)
5) Guitar found near the partying people. (New ability required from world 2)
6) Racket found near the partying people. (New ability required from world 2)

Far of Land
7) Near the water (Guitar)
8) Inside the house (Shoe)
9) Inside the house opposite of G. (Fish)
10) Inside the bar (Bottle).

Grave Yar (World 3)
11) Blast open the gate. (cat)
12) In a small alley towards the end. (baseball bat)
13 Towards the boss fight, when a new portal opens. On your right side. (skeleton hand)

Collected 40/40 cartridges.

Bentley's Quest (World 1) - 10 cartridges
1.1) You will see a gate where you need to shoot some targets to pass. Shortly after you will see a checkpoint. Head RIGHT and you will find your first cartridge.
1.2) Take the ladder down.
1.3) Take the ladder up.
1.4) After gaining the shooting agility, you will get to this part after progressing a bit.
1.5) Area with the two chickens, take the path blocked by a rock (shoot it).
1.6) Available after getting the golden key; you get a new power. Far edge of the map. Shoot the green blocks and you can pass.
1.7) Available after getting the golden key; Go through the house (where you find the frying pan), on your right side.
1.8) Requires the gravity ability which will be unlocked during world 3. Come back later for it!
1.9) Behind a giant gate. Requires the first ability.
1.10) Shoot the 3 giant statues. Requires the first ability.

Groovin' Freddie (World 2) - 13 Cartridges
2.1) New ability required.
2.2) New ability required. Small path on the right.
2.3) New ability required. Behind the gate at the square (starting point of this area)
2.4) New ability required. Once you encounter an automatic gun, take the small path to your right.
2.5) New ability required. Also near the starting square.
2.6) After climbing the ladder, follow the path.
2.7) Take the ladder, then go left.
2.8) A bit further into the world.
2.9) Fly up (gravity) and keep left. You’ll find a hidden entrance. Requires 3rd ability.
2.10) Head right to reveal a secret area.
2.11) Head right to find a Pac-Man Easter egg with a golden Cartridge.
2.12) Shoot the targets to open the gate.
2.13) Head right and use the dancing ability.

Grave Yar (World 3) - 7 Cartridges
3.1) Starting area, left side.
3.2) A bit further where you need to open the gate. Check on the left side.
3.3) The upside down area! (Second portal that will become available)
3.4) Use the 3rd ability on the monitor and shoot the red marked targets. The gate will open.
3.5) Head behind the building and use the 3rd ability. Now shoot the 3 targets above the building.
3.6) 2D section, use the gravitation ability to float upwards.
3.7) The other edge of the map, once again use the gravitation ability.

Pixel Ripped (2D) - 5 Cartridges
4.1) At the starting point. Walk towards the right to take the platforms.
4.2) Shortly after the dancing section you’ll be able to pick up the second cartridge of this world.
4.3) On the far edge of the level.
4.4) On the right side, gravitation ability required.
4.5) Towards the left. Gravitation ability required.

Far of Land (Pixel Ripped 3D) - 5 Cartridges
5.1) Inside the house
5.2) Inside the house.
5.3) Behind the temple.
5.4) Inside the house.
5.5) Shoot the targets in the garden.

30 is the new 20
Collected 30/40 cartridges.

Refer to the “Overachiever” trophy for more information on this.

Halfway There
Collected 20/40 cartridges.

Refer to the “Overachiever” trophy for more information on this.

I mean, it’s a start!
Collected 10/40 cartridges.

Refer to the “Overachiever” trophy for more information on this.

Master Piece
Art Mission complete!

Story related and cannot be missed.

Elite Hacker
Code Mission complete!

Story related and cannot be missed.

Knock the Sock
Final Mission complete!

Story related and cannot be missed.

Disco Daze
Audio Mission complete!

Story related and cannot be missed.

Home Run
Hit a shot with a melee weapon.

Throw a melee weapons towards an enemy and hit.

Smells like Nostalgia
Blew on a cartridge!

Blow on a cartridge (or make a sounds that sounds like you are blowing one!)

Oh, it’s shiny!
Got your first golden cartridge.

Refer to the “Overachiever” trophy for more information on this.

Step One
Game Intro complete!

Complete the tutorial.

Call from HR
Threw an item over the cubicle.

Throw a paper over the cubicle (in the office).

Pixel Nickel
Got your first pixel!

Collect your first pixel.

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