Pistol Whip Trophy Guide

Game: Pistol Whip
Peripherals: Standing required (stamina required!)
Time to Platinum: 5-6 hours
Difficulty: 5/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 7 , 8 , 9
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Pistol Whip. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

Welcome to Pistol Whip, a PSVR2 game where you’ll need to beat opponents to the rhythm of the music. Take out your favorite pistol, customize it along with some modifiers and you are on your way!

A few trophies come with the following description: “Classic” style only.
This means you can only use a single gun (no Dual-Wield) and you are also not allowed to use any modifiers.

You’re breathtaking!
Unlock all other trophies

Earn an S rank or higher in any scene

An S-Rank is earned by a lot of factors, but the following ones are the most important:
– Accuracy
– Rhythm
– Amount of enemies killed
– Don’t get hit

As you kill enemies you can score points by doing so to the beat (Rhythm). The game has an autoaim of some sorts, but it is also important to aim at the bodymass of your opponents, as explained in the tutorial.

The track “Another Day” in the alternative mode called “Scroungin’ for roses” should provide you with enough opportunity to earn an S-rank. The enemies don’t shoot back, allowing you to focus on aiming and the beat. Do note that you need to pistol whip (melee) enemies in order to reload!

You are free to earn an S-rank on any map of your picking! Refer to the video below if you are having trouble.

Finish any scene on Hard while using “Proper Legacy” (Pistol Deadeye) style

Welcome to bullet hell where you will miss about everything you shoot. During this run it’s important that you focus on dodging rather than eliminating enemies.

Dodging can be done by moving your head in a square shape; from left to right to bottom right to bottom left.
No need to move like a maniac in your room. The track called “2089 The Way Home” is a great pick because of its many pistol whip opportunities, allowing you to restore armor in case you get hit.

Earn an accuracy rating of 90% or higher in any scene (“Classic” style only)

Hitting all bullets you shoot doesn’t mean you will get an 100% accuracy. The accuracy in based upon landing the shots closely to the body mass of the enemies. A well aimed shot provides you with the accuracy-sign as shown during the tutorial. Below is shown a run on the track called “Akuma” with an accuracy of 93.2%.

Kill all enemies in a scene without missing a shot (“Classic” style only)

Missing a shot is quite hard, since the game has auto-aim. It’s more about making sure you hit all enemies in a single level. Below is a video of the track called “Fist Fight” and where to find all enemies.

Gun Kata
Finish any scene on Hard while using “Dual Pistols” style

You shouldn’t have too much problems earning this trophy. You are allowed to dual-wield guns so you can blast your way through there!

Old Boy
Finish High Priestess with “Brawler” style on Hard

During this run you can only pistol whip enemies. Enemies who are out of range can only be dodged! Prepare yourself for a round of matrix-like dodging. Make sure to pistol whip all enemies in order to restore any armor you may lose. Refer to the video below if you are having trouble.

Baba Yaga
Finish any scene on Hard (“Classic” style only)

Finish your favorite track on hard while wielding a single gun with no customizations.

Mmm… Pistol Whip
Finish any scene with at least 3 modifiers active

Modifiers can be activated on your left side from the main menu. You can mix up the easy and hard modifiers together if you wish.

Melee Master
Pistol Whip 10 or more enemies in a single run (“Classic” style only)

There are plenty of tracks with 10+ enemies for you to pistol whip. One of them is “2089 The Way Home“.

Empty your entire clip without missing a beat (“Classic” style only)

Empty your clip (15 bullets) to the beat. This can be seen by the rhythm icon shown on the enemies once you hit them.

Thinkin’ I’m back
Kill a total of 1000 enemies on beat

Kill 1.000 enemies on the beat of the music, shown by the rhythm icon as soon as you kill them.

Earn 5,000,000 points (cumulative per play)

Each track you complete will earn you points based on your performance. You should get this trophy after you’ve done around 15 tracks.

Finish any scene on Normal (“Classic” style only)

Finish your favorite track on normal difficulty.

Finish any scene without taking damage (“Classic” style only)

Play any of your favorite tracks on easy and make sure you don’t take any damage.

True Pacifist
Finish any scene without hitting an enemy (“Classic” style only)

For this trophy you can’t kill or hit any enemy during a track. If an enemy stand on the track to be pistol whipped, make sure to dodge them too! Can be done on easy o any track of your liking.

Pistol Whip every enemy on the bridge in R U Afraid on any difficulty

On the track “R U Afraid” there is a bridge with a lot of skulls on the sides. During this scene you need to pistol whip all enemies on the sides.

Take the night off
Finish Death without harming the dancers

On the track called “Death” you will see some armored dudes dancing towards the end. Leave them be and the trophy will pop as soon as you finish the track.

Complete the Basic Tutorial

Complete the tutorial.

Pistol Whip an enemy when you have no armour (“Classic” style only)

When you get hit, your armor will decrease. Upon pistol whipping an enemy the armor will refill. You should get this trophy during the normal course of the game.

Pistol Whip
Pistol Whip 1000 enemies

Pistol whip a total of 1.000 enemies.

Baby Driver
Reload on beat 100 times

Reload your gun 100 times on beat.

Not very good at retiring
Finish any scene with no armour remaining (“Classic” style only)

Easiest to earn this is to deplete your armor towards the end, just get hit until the armor is gone. The amount of armor is shown of the left side of the interface.

Travel a total of 15 kilometers

You will earn this trophy after a dozen matches.

Warmed up
Finish any scene on Easy (“Classic” style only)

Finish any scene on Easy.

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