Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder Trophy Guide

Game: Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder
Peripherals: PSVR2
Time to Platinum: 10 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 7 , 8 , 8
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play the game!

Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder has 4 worlds for you to enjoy. While you play the game it is important to upgrade your gear. You will be able to upgrade various things such as:
– Pistol (More damage/bullets and laser sight)
– Backpack (Fits more loot)
– Shovel (will function as a grappling hook)
– Health Points

You will find the upgrades through the menu. Make sure to check all available options, including “Other”.
While playing the game you will earn most trophies naturally. Keep the following in mind:
– Complete 30 errands (“MTC MVP“)

Stage 2 – Multiple endings

The game has a bunch of different endings which you will need to complete. Nothing too hard, but you’ll have to follow the instructions below.
The following endings are required for the platinum trophy:

Ending: Change your mind
Find a relic in the Eerie Ruins and open a hidden door with it in the cabin

Ending: Cold storage
Place 6 coldpacks on the alters in the Eerie Ruins

Ending: Escape the Valley!
Find the digger in base camp

Ending: I Welcome The End
Find the altar in the Hot Springs and perform the ritual

Ending: Batrachian anurids
Eat three frogs in the Hot Springs

Ending: Withering heights
Put loot in the loot machine and grab the flying balloon

Complete 100% of other trophies.

Collect one of each gem.

The following gems are available within the game:
You will find them all during your visits to all 4 levels. No need to do anything special. The number behind it is the value when sold.

Gold Nugget 1
Gold Nugget Large 3
Malcontentite 6
Brinestone 3
Brinestone Large 10
Scepterite 12
Sangrabium 18
Dodecahedronium 30
Honeyite 24
Boombastium 10
Boombastium Large 30
Feathersteen 20
Discoballium 40
Odinium 30
Larvalium 50
Glacierite 10
Marcopolonium 20
Marcopolonium Large 60
Bloomstone 40
Squamolite 60
Cubic Ovite 20
Enigmium 50
Enigmium Large 100
Blueberryite 80
Arcosine 100
Cerebrite 100
Flowsteen 150
Gravidite 50
Space Opal 60
Prismolite 200

Open 20 safes.

There is at least one safe per adventure. Additional ones my be found. You can open a safe by solving the riddle or by using dynamite.

The riddles are as followed:

A glinting eye, a shining heart, the word for this poem
Is a treasure, a gem.

Of hemp or silk, a woven snake, you better hope
Your rope won’t break

Riddle with the pig house: Rock

They say a rolling stone will gather no moss

Knows all trades but master of none (Jack)

The juggler, the magician, but also a fool, who am I? (Joker)

After a long day in the dark a miner return to the sun with their pack laden with loot

Going down in circles, never to see tomorrow
my mind is being shattered, all I know is horror

An omen speaks nevermore (Raven)

Thicker than water, red as a rose (Blood)

Hidden in a cage of bone
A soft, supple maze
Your dream’s true home (Brain)

Collect $100,000 (cumulatively).

Collect a total of 100.000 gold. You will earn the most gold in the final level (Eerie Ruins) as the loot found there is worth the most. Upgrading your tools will also greatly help with this!

Fox the Hunter
Collect 30 different relics.

There are a total of 42 relics available. Each place has their own set of relics, so it is important that you visit all 4 locations a few times in order to find 30 unique ones.

As an example; world 1 has a pizza relic while world 4 has a Indiana Jones hat for you to find.
All relics can be seen from the library through the menu.

Complete 30 errands.

Errands are available from the board. You may hold 3 of them at a time. Some of the easiest are:
– Kill X monsters in camp
– Scan X areas in the overworld
– Find X bones

If you delete an errand, a new one will spawn instead.

Well, actually…
Find all comic pages.

Comic Pages are available when opening safes during your mining runs. The ones you find are random and it seems that it doesn’t really matter which level you visit.

Elevator Operator
Build all elevators.

As you unlock a new area, you will also need to unlock the elevator in order to go down a mine. Do this for the 3 new areas and you will unlock this trophy.

Ending: Change your mind
Finish Brain in a can ending.

You will find a relic called “Migo” in the Eerie Ruins. It’s located it the last room on the last floor (Floor 3). Loot it and you will be able to find it inside the hut (where you can customize your character) . Put it inside the machine and a hidden door will open. Follow the path and interact with both wheels en push the final button……

Ending: Cold storage
Finish Cold, cold north ending.

In the Eerie Ruins (Top world) you can find 6 altars and 6 coldpacks closely to them. Place the coldpacks on top of them and you will activate this ending. Refer to the video below for the locations.

Kill one of each enemy.

Base Camp cave:
Plasma Shrimplet
Adult Plasma Shrimp
Wandering chameleon
Zombie Shrimp
Cave Nautiloid
Shelley (Really Big Nautiloid. Spawns randomly on floor 3. Gets awakened by tossing any item in the water.)

Hot Springs caves:
Nest Nautiloid
Slippery chameleon
(and some of the previous biome enemies)

Dry Lakebed caves:
Primal chameleon
Thieving chameleon
Ruins Nautiloid
(and some of the previous biome enemies)

Eerie Ruins:
Drone Construct
Mutant Nautiloid
(and some of the previous biome enemies)

Ending: I Welcome The End
Finish Summon the Meteor! ending.

For this ending you will need to complete a mysterious ritual in the Hot Springs. First, make your way to the Ritual Altar in Hot Springs.

The Altar is located on a mountain ledge. In order to reach it, follow the path behind the elevator. The images below show the route towards it. Once you’ve found it, you will need to make 3 offerings to the altar:

1) break a bottle on the altar, light a torch near the altar, and go on a mining run.
2) Put a loot item on the altar,  light a torch, and go on a mining run.
3) Bring the corpse of a plasma shrimp, place it on the altar, and light a torch.

As soon as you’ve done this, a meteor can be seen crashing down on earth from the sky.

Ending: Escape the Valley!
Finish Escape! ending.

Normally you will need to find a map and dig up another map from that location. However, with the final spot known you can skip all those steps and go straight for the ending! In base camp, go behind the hut and you’ll see a rock with some trees on in. You are able to dig through the wall there in order to reveal a hidden digger. Enter the digger and you will trigger a cutscene, earning you this ending.

Ending: Batrachian anurids
Finish Frogger ending.

In the Hot Springs area (Top world) you will find frogs around the hot springs. Eat a total of 3 and you will start tripping.

Ore is it?
Collect one of each ore.

You will unlock this trophy during the 3rd world. Mineable walls in each biome can spawn 2 types of ores:
– Gold
– Brinestone
– Boombastium
– Enignium
– Marcopolonium

Ending: Withering heights
Finish Up! ending.

Put some loot in the lootmachine and grab hold of the flying balloon. Keep holding it and you will end up in space.

Cave Miner
Complete a mining run in the Home Pit.

Complete a mining run in the Home Pit.

Scale Climber
Complete a mining run in the Lizard Pit.

Complete a mining run in the Lizard Pit.

Eldritch Horror
Complete a mining run in the Ruined Pit.

Complete a mining run in the Ruined Pit.

Keepin’ Busy
Complete 5 errands.

Refer to the “MTC MVP” trophy for more information.

Earn your first dollar!

Earn your first dollar and this trophy is yours.

Riddle Me This
Open a safe.

Refer to the “167-671” trophy for more information on this.

The Great Explorer
Visit all topworlds.

The top worlds are the 4 locations available:
1. Basecamp
2. Hot Springs
3. Dry Lakebed
4. Eerie Ruins

You will need to unlock the last 3 with gold, this can be done by using the board available in each top world.

Salty Dog
Complete a mining run in the Coral Pit.

Complete a mining run in the Coral Pit.

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