Winds and Leaves Trophy Guide

Game: Winds and Leaves
Peripherals: PSVR + Motion controllers
Time to Platinum: 6-8 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 6 , 14 , 5
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Winds and Leaves. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

Winds and Leaves is an excellent game for new PSVR players. The walking is smooth and at your own pace. There are a few puzzle elements but nothing too hard. Below are rough outlines on what to do and where to go:

Rough outlines on what to do
1. Complete the tutorial. You’ll get the “energy-log” that keeps you alive when not near flora (Trees).
2. Aquire the “Time-spinner” & “Dig-Stick” in the new area. Plant your first tree with your first seed.
3. Go towards a giant tree vessel, you’ll plant a seed there. You’ll now get the User Interface (UI) for the trees and the soil they need to match.

4. Continue to plant seeds until you can cross the river, you’ll reach the central area. (You’ll leave the Meadow Area)
5. You’ll see a waypoint towards a new area. Go there and start planting trees.
6. At the end of the area, you’ll see a wall painting. Go a bit further and merge seeds!
7. Keep walking until you see another tree vessel.

8. Take a few new seeds and go towards the path shown below.
9. Keep following the path until you see the waypoint in picture 2.
10. There are a couple of windmills here. Activate them by planting some trees. Use perfect seeds and mix some, so you grow a hybrid forest to activate the windmills.
11. Now cross the river and you’ll see a giant windmill, climb it. You’ll get the flying ability. (Trophy: Reconnaissance)
12. Follow the waypoints and make your way back to the central garden.

From this point on it is pretty much the same as before. In the highlands will be one addition, weather conditions. You’ll need to plant 2 different trees next to each other, in order for them to survive. The game will explain once to do so.

13. Keep following the both shown below (with the tornado)
14. Eventually you’ll get the ability to fly from tree to tree. Make your way back to the central garden.

Same as the highlands, follow the waypoints and try to plant all trees available.

The final area of the game. It’s found all the way at the beginning, as seen in the screenshot below. It is a rather short area, so you should be able to grab your final trophies quickly! When you activate the final Tree in the mountains, you must navigate towards the central garden and climb the giant tree there, in order to finish the game.

As you complete the story, you’ll be able to reload the game and start before the final ending point. This will allow you to earn any trophies you might have missed.

A life’s work
Collect all Trophies

Acquire the increased capacity energy Vessel

Story Related

Found in the final area, the mountains. It will allow you to stay out in the wild for longer, without running out of energy.

Break the Cycle
Stop the Cataclysm

Story Related

This trophy is earned for completing the game and is not missable. As you interact with the final tree in the mountains, you must navigate towards the central garden and climb the giant tree there.

IF you finish the game, you can reload to the checkpoint before finishing. Allowing you to grab some trophies you might have missed.

Ancient knowledge
Awaken all ancient paintings

Meadow (First area)
When you walk from the starting point towards the first big tree, where you have to plant a seed. You’ll come across a save-point (where you charge your energy). Go left from there, as seen in picture 1. There should be a painting.

Gulch (Second Area)
Once you reach the second area, keep walking all the way forward. You’ll see a wall painting explaining how to do a fusion with 2 seeds. Keep going forward until you reach a giant tree that needs a seed in order to progress the story. On your right are 4 twigs, plants some trees there and the painting will show.

Highlands (Third area)
While you travel through the highlands, you’ll encounter the area shown below. It’s a not-so-secret area between 2 logs you can fly through. Should be very hard to mis.

Canyon (Fourth Area)

#1) Look for a checkpoint (energy re-charger), you should continue forward as seen in picture 1. Instead, go towards the spot shown in picture #1 and plant a tree. You should be able to fly across the gap now, as seen in picture #2.

#2) As seen from the final area (giant windmill), turn around and go back where you came from. You’ll see a checkpoint, keep heading back. Now you’ll be at the picture with “Area 2”. Keep going back until you reach the picture with “Look good here!” It has a giant arc tree in it. Now, look behind the rocks as shown in the picture “The logs”. Follow the path to find another ancient picture.

Winged Gardener
Acquire the ability to glide towards vegetation

Story Related

Found in the Canyon. You’ll be able to fly from tree to tree, allowing quick exploration of the game.

Acquire the ability to glide using Ancient Perches

Story Related

Found in the highlands. You’ll be able to glide from tree to tree when on the ground, allowing quick exploration of the game.

The Garden
Enter the central region for the first time

Story Related

After you reach a giant river that you must cross, you’ll reach the central region, aka Central Garden. In the central garden you can grow any seeds you like, so make sure to get something of everything there, so you can quickly access the seeds you need.

Close Call
Reach safety after nearly running out of energy

Energy is some sort of oxygen within this game. If you don’t stay close to trees, it will run out and your vision will start to fade. If you don’t return quickly to some flora you will eventually die.

A New Cycle
Awaken after the cataclysm

Story Related

At the beginning of the game, follow the waypoints until you reach a tree where you can charge some sort of energy wood. Charge it, then take it with you while following the waypoints. You will reach a new area.

Flourishing Fields
Restore all native tree species to the Meadow

The Meadow is the first area of the game and contains 2 different trees:
When you reach the central garden, you’ll see a wooden arc. This wooden arc contains all the images of the trees that you need to plant in order to obtain the trophy for that specific area.

Verdant Valley
Restore all native tree species to the Gulch

The Gulch, area 2, has a total of 12 trees for you to plant.

Blooming Bluffs
Restore all native tree species to the Highlands

The overview for the third area is currently bugged and will be added later with a new update. The trophy is obtainable and it is only a visual bug as soon as you plant all seeds for this area.

If you check the possible trees before planting them all, the drawings will show!

Grassy Gorge
Restore all native tree species to the Canyon

Canyon, the fourth area has a total of 11 trees for you to plant.

Prosperous Peaks
Restore all native tree species to the Mountains

The mountains, the final area has a total of 5 trees for you to plant.

Shared Roots
Have a tree survive thanks to the support of two other trees

Plant 2-3 healthy trees that match the environment perfectly. Now, plant a tree that doesn’t match it at all. The healthy trees will sustain the unhealthy tree, so it will grow to a full-size tree over time. You will see a white glowing string at the bottom of the trees, as shown below.

Mixed greens
Grow a healthy tree by performing a three fruit fusion

Plant a tree by using a total of 3 seeds. You can do this by using the method described in “Shared Roots” to create any tree with 3 random seeds.

Grow 4 fruits or more simultaneously

Plant 4 seeds in 4 different holes. Now use the “Time-spinner” to speed up the growing progress.

A hundred springs
Spend 100 in-game days

You will get this trophy over the duration of the game. Using the “Time-spinner” will speed up time, allowing trees to grow quicker and time to pass faster. It can also be used to grow seeds faster.

Among Trees
Glide from tree to tree 5 times without touching ground

After acquiring the gliding ability, glide from tree to tree a total of 5 times without touching the ground.

Botanic blunder
Perform a three fruit Fusion that does not result in a healthy tree

Put any 3 seeds in the ground that don’t match the current requirements of the soil. Make sure no other healthy trees are nearby.

Lush Panemone
Return to the Garden after awakening all Arks

After completing all areas, you’ll be able to complete the game. Go to the Central Garden and climb the giant tree.

Wilting away
Run out of energy for the first time

Stay away from flora and you will run out of energy (die).

Over the canopy
Climb to the top of a tall tree

Story Related

Climb any large tree all the way to the top and this trophy is yours.

Free climbing
Climb from one tree to another without touching ground

Climb from tree to tree like the Tarzan you are!

Get lost in the Fog

The fog is between the different areas, as seen from the Central Garden. Keep walking circles and you’ll eventually run out of energy, earning you this trophy.

Tree Weaver
Grow a new tree from two different fruits

Story Related

Grow any tree from 2 different seeds.

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