The American Dream Trophy Guide

Game: The American Dream
Peripherals: Motion controllers + PSVR
Time to 100%: 10 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None (chapter select)
Author: Knoef_NL and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for The American Dream. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game.

This game has a total of 22 short levels, each with chapter select. It is a good idea to enjoy the game first, then come back later to replay the levels with chapter select. Each level will only take between 3-6 minutes when replaying.


 Lived The American Dream
Thanks for playing! Love, Samurai Punk <3.

You have successfully Lived The American Dream! Congratulations!

 Razzed My Berries
(Chapter 8) Out-dance Rex George.

During Chapter 8 you will face the king of prom. Shoot him and this trophy will pop.

Story related and can’t be missed.

 End the Cycle
Experienced the true ending.

During Chapter 22 you will have to defeat the dog, called Buddy. Shoot the big dog (golden statue) and you will experience the true ending.

For the fake ending, shoot the little dog before you.

 Continue the Cycle
Experienced the fake ending.

During Chapter 22, you will have to defeat the dog, called Buddy. Shoot the small dog statue and you will experience the true ending.

For the true ending, shoot the big dog (golden statue) before you.

 The Ring of Freedom
(Chapter 22) Witness the dawn of the Second American Revolution.

Watch the cutscene in chapter 22 and this trophy will pop. Story related and can’t be missed.

 Edward Scissorguns
(Chapter 20) Complete the stage without a single civilian casualty.

For this trophy, it is best to fire as less as possible.

Room #1: Don’t fire.
Room #2: Don’t fire.
Room #3: Don’t fire (Hallway with no customers).
Room #4: Shoot the 4 customers that come towards you, then hit the 2 moving customers in the back.
Room #5: Shoot the 2 customers moving towards you, then shoot the 2 moving customers in the back
Room #6: Communist leader, shoot him

When shooting customers, aim for the hair in order to give them a haircut. Shooting too low will result in them dying.

Video walthrough.

 Star Spangled Banner
Shoot all 48 hidden stars

There are a total of 49 hidden stars in all levels. You can see the amount of hidden stars each level holds by using chapter select. Having a total of 49 hidden stars, meaning you can skip 1.

Refer to the images below to find all the hidden stars. Each image tells you the chapter.

 Muzzle Break
Reach the Intermission. 

This trophy will be earned once you reach Chapter 12. Story related and can’t be missed.

 Oh Maggot!
(Chapter 10) Eat at least 4 maggots from the cheese

The third meal will be “Casu marzu”, cheese with maggots. (Real meal which is served in Sardinia, an Italian island. It’s usual to drink alcohol with it too, to kill the worms.)

Hit the cheese with the largest silver gun, then lean forward in order to eat at least 4 worms.

Oh Maggot! video walkthrough.

 How Is Babby Formed
(Chapter 11) Learn how babies are made.

Earned by playing Chapter 11. Story related and can’t be missed.

 Half a Patriot
Shoot half the hidden stars

Refer to “Star Spangled Banner” for more information on this.

 Freedom of Speech
(Chapter 13) Listen to all of Rex’s objection before shooting him.

During your wedding, Rex will make objections. Let him talk until the trophy pops, then shoot him.

 True Patriot
(Chapter 16) Ensure all daisies survive til the end of the stage.

Make sure, that during the defending phase against the attacking birds, you water your daisies from time to time. Done by shooting the cloud in front of you.

 Happiness Is a Warm Gun
Shoot 1000 bullets.

Shoot a total of 1000 bullets. Should be earned without any problems during the natural course of the game.

 Twinkle Twinkle
Shoot 1 hidden star.

Refer to the “Star Spangled Banner” trophy for more information on this.

 Lock and Load
Manually eject and reload your gun 100 times.

Press the giant action button in front of your motion controller, this will eject the ammo clip. Once done, hit the yellow button on the side of the chair and load up your gun.

 Jerkin Around
Pump the shotgun 10 times without shooting.

This trophy can be earned during Chapter 11, Taylor’s House. The shotgun can be pumped by using your non-dominant hand.

 Bring All The Boys to The Yard
Make a milkshake.

During chapter 7 Burgers, hit the milkshake machine on your right.

 Royale With Cheese
(Chapter 7) Earn at least $5.00.

You will find yourself flipping burgers during this chapter. Make sure the burgers change color to a bit brown-ish. If they change color, shoot them so they get flipped. Repeat this until you get the brown-ish color. When you are done, the burger should be on the plate. Shoot the giant red button to serve them.

The waitress will give you tips on how the burgers are being grilled.

 Super Size Me
Eat 30 pieces of food.

You will find plenty of food during the game, for instance, during the intermission and the climax. Hit the buttons a few times to get some food.

 The Business of Freedom
Buy 50 Guns.

During Chapter 15, you will need to phone 911. On the red phone you will find a “gun button”. Hit it a total of 50 times for this trophy.

 Baby’s Got a Gun
(Chapter 3) Shoot the down the ducks with 100% accuracy.

Accuracy trophies are always a bit harder in VR games. There are a total of 2 racks with ducks.

The first one will be very close, so this one should not provide too much trouble. The second one will be a bit further away. Keep it cool, line up the front-end with the rear-end sight, and close one.

This should provide you with enough accuracy to earn this trophy.

 Rising Star Award
(Chapter 4) Catch the fast ball with your face.

One of the last throws will be very hard, and will be coming towards your face. If you don’t dodge the ball, this trophy will be yours.

(Chapter 5) Change your mind about which one of the twins you like.

Hit the blue or pink window. One of the twins will walk upstairs, then hit the giant “NO” sign, and this trophy will pop.

 Carnival Pleasures
(Chapter 6) Shoot down 5 pins from the back row in the shooting game.

Again, an accuracy trophy. This one is perhaps one of the toughest of the game. Luckily, you get 20 shots, which 5 need to hit the back row. Plenty of room for error!

 Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bullet
(Chapter 9) Defeat the hose without getting hit by any bolts.

To defeat the hose you will need to shoot the valves which are marked red. The bolts (also marked red) will often fly towards you. Either shoot them down or dodge them.

Make sure you use your non-dominant hand to stabilize the gun, giving you much more accuracy.

Once all the valves are deactivated, the trophy will pop.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bullet trophy walkthrough.

 Cleansing The Mind
(Chapter 12) Hit yourself in the head with toilet paper.

Hit the green button and toilet paper will spawn. Pick it up with your gun and hit yourself with it. Hold the toilet paper above your head, then move your hand down to hit yourself.

 Vegan-Friendly Bagels
(Chapter 14) Complete the stage without letting a single rat dough through.

Shoot the dough that has rats in them. If you miss any, you can still shoot them once they hang from the chains! Hit the red chain and the rat will be destroyed.

 Environmentally Conscious
(Chapter 15) Shoot 15 beer cans into the trash can.

Hit the green button for a beer to appear, then grab it with your left hand. Shoot the can and drink the beer. Once empty, aim for the bin and shoot the can. Do this a total of 15 times.

This trophy can be earned in multiple tries, and can also be achieved in Level 21, Second baby.

 August 24th
(Chapter 17) Eat the entire stack of waffles

Your wife will scare you towards the end, and he/she will pop-up with a plate full of waffles. Eat all 4 of them and this trophy will pop.

 370,000 Traces A Year
(Chapter 18) Keep checking records even after given the option to Give Up.

Towards the end, you will get the possibility to shoot the red button, called GIVE UP. Before shooting it, hit the blue and green button once more!

 Catch of the Century
(Chapter 19) Shoot a fish in mid-air.

The fish in this chapter will jump very lightly, leaving the water for a brief moment. Keep shooting the fish, as this trophy will most likely pop during the normal course of the game.


(Chapter 21) Blow up 20 cars.

There are like 40 cars in this chapter, make sure to shoot the citizen cars first, as they have less HP than the police cars.

 Begin The Cycle
(Chapter 1) Begin your journey into The American Dream.

Start the game and this trophy will pop.

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