Pixel Ripped 1995 Trophy Guide

Game: Pixel Ripped 1995
Peripherals: VR
Time to 100%: 5 hours (2 playthroughs)
Difficulty: 6/10 (using USB or Cloud saves) 10/10 (not using USB or Cloud saves)
Missable trophies: None (chapter select)
Author: Knoef_NL and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Pixel Ripped 1995. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – First playthrough in one sitting.

The game requires you to complete it in one sitting, meaning you can’t quit the game or go to the main menu, It’s possible to press start (pause) and let it rest for a while. The game is about 2 hours long, which is a bit tough to complete in one sitting using VR.

While playing, keep the following trophies in mind:
Preparing to play like a pro – Blow the cartridge in level 1
Mom’s worst nightmare – Shoot all 4 distractions (cookies, boxes, stereo, Christmas tree) in level 1
Show some Respect! – Shoot Cyblin (villain) with the physical gun using the real-life character (level 1).
I’m not your princess! – Shoot Cedric at the beginning of level 3.
Surprisingly fresh and delicious – Find the hidden turkey in level 3.
Mom’s sweet honeypie – Complete level 3 without waking mom up.
Feeling down – Eat 5 spoons of ice cream in the beginning of level 4.
So there was a diamond! – Find the lost diamond in level 5.

2 important tips:
1) Always pick up the dropped pixels, as they are your health-bar
2) Pressing X faster will deal more damage per second while using the gun.

Stage 2 – No dying playthrough.

For this playthrough you can’t die or fail.
Dying = You run out of HP and die.
Failing = Your mom/the goblin resets your progress.

It’s possible to save to the Cloud/USB while playing, but only at certain points:

1) When a level starts.
2) Before a boss fight.

If you quit the game before the boss fight starts, you will have to replay the level. In other words: You will have to do the entire level until you can do it without losing a life.

Level 1 - Pre-boss

World 1 is fairly easy in terms of reaching the boss fight. Take your time to reach the magic key. While playing, keep an eye on your mum. She is to be distracted as soon as she is going to shut down the game console. It’s easiest to hit the cookies or the boxes on top of the fridge in order to keep her distracted.

Upon taking damage, make sure to pick up the pixels you drop. Those pixels resemble your HP. Being on 0 pixels means you will die on the next hit.

Level 1 - Boss

You can make a save now.
As soon as you reach the boss, you can quit the game and make a save.
Make sure to keep hitting the boss while moving forward to dodge his bullets. Around halfway in use your gun to shoot down the bricks.

His rolling move is best dodged by walking in circles.

Level 1 boss without dying.
Level 2 - Pre-Boss

You can make a save now.
Level 2 is in the game shop. You will be playing on 2 arcade machines, switching with Dot between both machines in order to progress.

Various items like the flamethrower and bombs are found in the right arcade machine, and need to be used on the left arcade machine.

Level 2 pre-boss without dying.
Level 2 - Boss

You can make a save now.
Hit the driving with DOT using her whip. Make sure to dodge after hitting a few times. As soon as the trunk opens, throw some bananas to deal damage to the boss.

Level 2 without dying.
Level 3 - Pre-Boss

You can make a save now.
Level 3 will be in the Dracula castle. The trick here to avoid the confrontation with your mother. Avoid the following items: The wooden platforms, Mirrors and the Bells. Should you hit any of those, then quickly turn off the TV. Failing to do so will have your mom reset the game console.

The “Boss” at minute 7 is the fake boss, so don’t quit to save just yet! First defeat him, then after the real boss will appear.

Level 3, the fake boss.
Level 3 - Boss

You can make a save now.
Shoot the dragon with your spaceship, while dodging by moving your hands. While doing so, fly through all the circles that come towards you.

Level 3, the real boss.
Level 4 - Pre-Boss

You can make a save now.
Level 4 is in the arcade hall where you will be playing a game that looks a lot like “Streets of Rage”.

The first half revolves around punching some enemies down. The second half is the tournament, in which you will compete against 3 other kids.

The best tactic is to use the jumping attack, which will give the enemies less time to attack you.

While playing the arcade, the Cyblin will pop out of the arcade machines, taking control of the kids watching. Make sure to hit the arcade machines in order to stop the Cyblin.

Level 4 pre-boss without dying.
Level 4 - Boss

You can make a save now.
It’s easiest to stay close to the boss in order to keep inflicting damage. When he hits you back, make sure to pick-up the pixels to regain your health. When he stuns you, hit him with the real-life gun.

Level 5 - Pre-Boss

You can make a save now.
During level 5 you will play as your mum in a Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo 64) inspired theme.

The catch here is that mum still needs to figure out on how to hold the controller, meaning the controls will switch between normal and inverted in the first part of this level.

During the second half of the level, it will be in the classic underwater levels that appear in Donkey Kong 64. The trick is here to supply yourself with enough “bubbles” which give you air!

Level 5 pre-boss without dying.
Level 5 - Boss

You can make a save now.
With David, make sure to dodge the projectiles and hit the flying orbs in order to destroy them. After a little while, the dragon will fly into the TV. This will make him vulnerable to your gun. It is very important to spam X as fast as you can to inflict as much damage as possible. Doing this correctly can kill the dragon in 2 cycles.

Level 5 boss without dying.
Level 6 - Pre-Boss

You can make a save now.
A 3-D platform experience. Be careful with the jumping sections, as failing these can give you an instant game-over. Towards the end it is required to be hit by the light beams in order to progress the boss fight.

Level 6 pre-boss without dying.
Level 6 - Boss

You can make a save now.
This is the hardest boss fight in the game. Be patient and take things slow.
It’s best to kill most enemies, doing it quickly will only make it harder.

Level 6 boss without dying.


 Pixel Platinum 1995
You are the ultimate hardcore player!

 I’m not your princess!
Hit Cedric’s face while he massages Dot.

At the beginning of Chapter 3, Cedric will stand in front of you (the warrior with the orange hair). Hit him with your gun and the trophy will pop.

 Christmas freakout
Freakout like is Christmas in 1995.

Story related and can’t be missed.

In the early stage of level 6 you will find yourself downstairs during Christmas. Open the present in front of you and this trophy will pop.

 Surprisingly fresh and delicious
Eat the hidden turkey at Dracula’s castle wall

Found in level 3 at the very beginning when you enter the castle. Before you leave that specific section, hit the wall below the stairs. It will reveal the turkey.

 Mom’s worst nightmare
Shoot all distractions available in Level 1.

Distraction #1: Jar of cookies on your right.
Distraction #2: The boxes on top of the fridge on your right.
Distraction #3: The stereo installation on your left.
Distraction #4: The Christmas tree on your left. (Only available as soon as dad arrives.)

 Mom’s sweet honeypie
Finish Level 3 without waking Mom up.

For this trophy you need to be quiet the whole level. If you disturb mum even once, you will have to try again.

Things you need to avoid:
1) Wooden platforms on the floor.
2) Mirrors.
3) Bells.

It will take a few tries before you succeed. Don’t be too quick and you should be fine.

There is one harder part in this level where you will need to speedrun across platforms that will collapse onto the wooden platforms, but don’t worry! You can avoid this section by making smart use of the shootable blocks, as seen in the picture below. Complete the section using the stones, while ignoring the lower part.

 So there was a diamond!
Found a lost diamond in Level 5.

Found during the water section in level 5. Please refer to the video below for its location.

“So there was a diamond!” Trophy.

 Just like the good old days…
Complete all levels in one sitting.

Complete the game from level 1 to level 6 without quitting the game or exiting to the main menu.

Make sure to erase the current save file by pressing Settings -> Delete save file in the main menu.

 The true hardcore old school player
Complete the game without dying as Dot or failing as the Player.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

 The adventure continues…
Beat Level 6.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this.

 Level 1
Beat Level 1.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this.

 Level 2
Beat Level 2.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this.

 Level 3
Beat Level 3.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this.

 Level 4
Beat Level 4.

Refer to stage 2 for more information on this.

 Level 5
Beat Level 5.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this.

 Show some respect!
As Dot, shoot at Cyblin Lord during any cutscene.

Cyblin Lord will appear in any level before a boss fight starts. It can be earned during level 1 before the boss fight starts.

 Feeling down
Eat five spoons of ice cream in a row.

Earned at the start of level 4 (intro). Grab the spoon and eat a total of 5 ice cream spoons in a row.

 Time Traveller
Activate the time machine and travel to a new era of Video Games.

Story related and can’t be missed.

Earning upon starting a new game.

 Preparing to play like a pro
Blow the cartridge before playing the game

During level 1, pick up the cartridge and move it close to your face. Your character will blow the cartridge, earning you this trophy.

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