Paper Beast Trophy Guide

Game: Paper Beast
Peripherals: VR
Time to 100%: 5 hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None (chapter select)
Author: Knoef_NL and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Paper Beast. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game.

The game will totally leave you on your own regarding on where to go and how to solve puzzles. To provide a bit of guidance, each chapter will have a brief description on what to do.

Chapter 1

Pull the red curtains, grab the red orb from the beast, walk straight until you reach a predator. Now walk over the ledge.

Grab the orb from the tight passage, bring it towards the water. Help the big animal by releasing it from the black tangles. Now hold onto the orb and create a sinkhole. (hold down the up button, pushing the orb into the sand). The big animal will clear the passage at a point, walk towards the cave.
Chapter 2

Once inside the cave, wait until the dog clears all the sand. This will occur a few times in a row. Go further inside the cave, through the passage with the white plants.

Once through the passage, you will find a sand area inside the cave with a plant. Use this plant to remove the sand. In the next part, fill the water with sand in order to pass to the other side.

Make your way further inside the cave. You will stumble upon ice, which can be moltened with the lava block. The lava block is found in the passage you came from. Make your way through the water.

You will reach a giant sand area. Take the squid and place it on top of the glowing plants. The little animals will follow, and start putting sand on the little hill. You can also manually add sand by taking the sand balls and smashing them onto the little hill. Once enough sand is present, teleport upwards. Make your way outside of the cave.
Chapter 3

Exit the cave and teleport to the pink ball. Interact with the 2 red robes, a music player will appear. Wait for a bit, 2 dog-like paperbeast will appear.

Make your way further into the area. Place all animals into the water. Pull the plant, more water will appear. Take the rope from the dogs, use this to guide the water to the big monster, reviving it. Interact with the giant balloon, ending this level.

While in the balloon, make your way forwards. Land the balloon. A giant black block will appear. Keep following it while interacting with it. A cutscene will start, black rain with numbers. Just keep waiting until the turtles appear. Use these turtles to put sand on the steep hill, in order to progress.

An area filled with black ground and water. Use the turtles to get sand on the steep hill on the right (where the air balloon is). Use the red ribbon to have the turtles produce sand. Keep it above the turtles. Once enough sand is present, you can climb the hill. This is one of the harder parts of the game. (will take some time).
Chapter 4

Fill the steep hill with sand to help the creatures reach the tree on the top. Best done with the sand balls in this level

A wind level, attach the paper beasts with the turtles using the plans on the left behind the hill. You can guide the big turtles by using their kids. Navigate them towards the tree.

Again a wind level with a frozen lake. attach the paper beasts to the colored beast, using the plants. Grab the orbs and lure the colored beast over the lake towards the tree.
Chapter 5

You will have to get all paperbeast to the other side, without the predators killing them all. You can attach the predators to the rocks, using the ropes. This way they can’t attack the paperbeast. Bring all paperbeast towards the tree and balloons will spawn. Attach those to the beast.

Guide the paperbeast through the desert dunes by holding a paperball in front of them, towards the end you will see your way blocked by a giant boll. Attach the ropes of this ball to the paperbeasts, let them carry it away. Make your way forward.

Grab a paperbeast and hold it above the swamp. The predators will follow and die. Now guide the paperbeasts towards the tree.
Now guide the paperbeasts through the desert by grabbing a paperball and holding it in front of them, they will follow it.
Chapter 6

You will start flying in the air balloon. Land and walk towards the giant plants. Wait until the star-shower is done. A shining star will fall from the sky onto the ground, grab it and make your way forward through the plants. Now you will find a glowing wall with an elephant on it. Smash it with the cube in front of it. Keep smashing until the level ends.

The parade. Wait until the music player reaches the red curtains, then walk through the curtains.

Build a giant dam for the lobsters to cross the river. Make sure that it is high enough, so they don’t get carried away by the water. You will need 2-3 lobsters for the music player to be carried away.
Chapter 7

Attach the musicplayer to the large animal. Use the rainbow cube to force the water away, allowing the large animal to pass through the water. You will need to navigate towards the red curtains.

After you walk through the curtains, you will see a bunch of animals walking. Walk towards the light, interact a few times, level done.

On the moon. Wait for a bit, everything gets dark. Credits will roll.

Stage 2 – Simulation mode.

In simulation mode, you will need to do the following:

(Note: You will need to find all collectibles first. Refer to “Boy’s surface” for more information on this.)

1) Use a sandblast (Kaboom! Trophy).
2) Use a zero-G (Zarathustra Trophy).
3) Place 8 insects (Hexapoda Trophy).
4) Place 8 papyvorus (Papyvorus Herd Trophy).
5) Place a storm (Storm Trophy).
6) Use terraform. Press Triangle and reshape the area (Dust Trophy).
7) Place a papertree (Babylon Trophy).
8) Uproot a large tree. Plant the desert plant and wait for a few minutes. The tree will grow large as seen in the picture, then pull it from the ground. (Botanist Trophy)
9) Place water and stand in it (Splasher Trophy).
10) Set the sun to the Horizon (Sun Trophy).


 Paper Beast Master
Unlock all trophies.

You are the Paper Beast Master! Congratulations!

 I don’t want a hug
Finish chapter 6.4 without the tape recorder getting grabbed.

You will need to pull the tape recorder over the mountains on the right. Refer to the video for more information on this.

I don’t want a hug Trophy.

Have at least 8 insects in the Sandbox.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

Observe the Data Sea.

This trophy is earned in Chapter 2.2. While in the cave, go towards the black mass. Wait for a few minutes and the trophy will pop.

Contemplation Trophy.

Ground Control to…

Refer to stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

Carry the tape recorder to the sinkhole area

This trophy is earned in chapter 1.1. The tape recorder (or music player) is found directly in front of you, but needs to be carried through the whole chapter until you reach the small lake. This can be tough, because the tape recorder is not easy to carry around. This will probably take around 10-15 minutes to perform.

 Boy’s surface
Unlock all entities for the Sandbox.

Level 2.4 – Once you reach the mirror, the paperbeast will drop a collectible.
Level 3.2 – Behind the rocks, on your right when facing the tree.
Level 3.4 – Close to the red long-neck, near the water.
Level 4.1 – On the right side of the hill, when facing downwards.
Level 4.3 – Inside the lake. Melt the water first.
Level 5.3 – Towards the end of the level. You will be flying in the air balloon, the collectible will be on the ground beneath you.
Level 6.2 – When facing the red curtains, on the right side.
Level 6.3 – Behind the teleportation block on the hill.
Level 6.4 – On the left of the frozen lake
Level 7.2 – Once inside the cave you will see a plant glowing on your right. Move towards it, then turn around. You will see a tiny light, this is the collectible.
Level 7.3 – In the sky, where you spawn.

 Thanks for playing
Finish the adventure.

Once you complete the game (Chapter 7.3), credits will roll and you will earn this trophy.

Tie a balloon to a Predator.

This trophy can be earned in chapter 5.3 towards the end. Once you guide all paperbeasts towards the tree, balloons will spawn. Use a balloon on a predator and the trophy will pop.

 Another World
Begin the adventure for the first time.

Will be earned once you start a new game.

Catch a shooting star as it flies.

You can earn this trophy in Chapter 6.1. You will start flying in an air balloon, while all in black.

While flying, stars will fall from the sky. Grab one and the trophy will pop.

Find the heat block in the first chapter.

This trophy is earned is Chapter 1.2. On your right, inside a small entry in the cliff in the cube. Story related and cannot be missed.

Uproot a large desert plant.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

 This is a Simulation
Drop your first entity in the Sandbox.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

 Papyvorus Herd
Have at least 8 Papyvorus in the Sandbox.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

Stay fresh.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

 Rescue Me
Save the Papyvorus from the Predator.

Earned during chapter 1.1. There is an area that contains a predator and a paperbeast. Once the predator is going to attack, hold the paperbeast up in the sky for a few seconds, then place it in safety where the small lake is.

Set the sun on the horizon.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

Use a blast capsule. 

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

Plant a tree in the Sandbox.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

Start a storm in the Sandbox.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

Use terraformation in God mode.

Refer to Stage 2 for more information on this trophy.

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