Moss 2 Trophy Guide

Game: Moss 2
Peripherals: PS VR + Dualshock controller
Time to Platinum: 8-10 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 3 , 8 , 34
Author: The Trophy Platypus

Welcome to the trophy guide for Moss 2. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5 and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the story

Welcome to this trophy guide for Moss 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed PS VR game from Polyarc.

The majority of the trophies are story related and will unlock as you progress through the game, therefore your main aim is to complete the story. Additionally there are two types of collectables you need to grab while playing through the story. Relic Dust is found by destroying any boxes, barrels and pots you come across. The other collectible are the Forgotten Fragments there are a total of 48, 8 are found in each realm. Both Relic dust and Forgotten Fragments can be collected on multiple playthroughs or by using the chapter select. Additionally there are three Relic Shrines to enter where you will find the armour.

The three main trophies to work on alongside the story and collectibles are “With Friends Like These” for completing Sahima’s section without dying, “It’s like bubble wrap.” for breaking objects with the reader and “Lawnmower Mouse” for cutting grass with Quill.

There are several combat-related and a couple of miscellaneous trophies, thankfully they are all for performing a single action once and they are all easy to perform so there is no grinding or much skill needed.

Meticulous, punctilious, and scrupulous.
Earn all other Moss: Book II awards.

Mighty Mouse.

What Was Lost
Discover your first Forgotten Fragment.

Please refer to “Curator”

Restore one stained glass window.

To restore the stained glass windows you must collect all 8 Forgotten fragments from an area, the first area you can complete is the Sprite Realm.

Eternal Light
Restore three stained glass windows.

Collect 8 Forgotten Fragments from three different areas to unlock this trophy.

Restore all of the stained glass windows.

Collect 48 forgotten fragments, 8 from each of the 6 areas to unlock this trophy.

Castle (please note you will need to come back later with more abilities to collect some of these relics)

Sprite Realm





Keeper of the Hex
Defeat the Keeper in the Conservatory.

The keeper is the first boss you will encounter at the end of the Conservatory.

Stage one, defeat the smaller enemies, while avoiding the Keeper’s projectiles. eventually Scorcher enemies will start also shooting you from the platforms to the side of the keeper. When this happens use the switches left if the Scorcher is on the left and right if the enemy is on the right. Then as the Reader controls the Ripper and use the right stick to fire them through the hole killing the Scorcher.

Stage two, the Keeper will now move to the side platforms that the Scorchers were just firing from and we should use the same method of firing the rippers through the holes whilst Quill is stood on the left/right switch. Repeat this process until the Keeper joins you on the ground.

Stage three, attack the Keeper with Quills attacks until defeated. Its attacks during this stage are to fire projectiles and also attack with its arms. All of which are easily avoidable.

Forged in the Deep
Defeat the Warden in the Foundry.

The Warden is the second boss you will encounter at the end of the Foundry.

In stage one the Warden will slam its fist on the ground on the third slam the fist will stay longer, you should use the Hammer Trap to cause damage, Repeat until the Warden picks up its hammer.

Stag two, the Warden will warm its hammer up in the fire. During which you will have to defeat smaller enemies. Once its hammer is warmed up it will slam it on the ground and a ring of fire will spread. Jump over the ring of fire. Eventually, the Warden will leave its hammer on the ground constantly emitting rings of fire. At this moment grab the end of the hammer as the Reader and then as Quill attack the yellow weak points on the side of the hammer. Repeat this process until the Warden is defeated.

Torched Wings
Defeat the Owl Tylan in the Pinnacle.

In the first stage, Tylan will do a series of three ground pound attacks, Before Tylan makes the third hold down square to use the Hammer Trap, and then as the reader interacts with the trap when Tylan is within the trap area. Repeat this process until you can make it to the next stage.

In stage two you will need to do some quick platforming to reach the next area.

In stage three you must perform Charged Chakram’s ability to destroy the purple lantern in the left corner. Then a sword dash to cut the rope in the right corner. You will now be able to pull the bell down. Pull the bell down just before Tylan attacks and it will fly into the bell and you will be able to attack as Quill. Repeat this process until Tylan is defeated.

The Castle
Enter the Castle alongside Quill.

The first trophy you will earn, after watching an introduction go through the gates into the castle.

The Sprite Realm
Enter the Sprite Realm alongside Quill.

Story related. After visiting the throne room you will head to the Sprite Realm

The Garden
Enter the Garden alongside Quill.

Story related. After finishing the Sprite Realm you will be guided to the Garden.

The Conservatory
Enter the Conservatory alongside Quill.

Story related. After finishing the Garden Realm you will be guided to the Conservatory.

The Mountains
Meet Sahima in the Mountains.

Story related. After finishing the Conservatory Realm you will be transported as the reader to the Mountains to play as Sahima.

The Depths
Enter the Depths alongside Sahima.

Story related. After finishing the Mountains Realm you will make your way to the Depths.

The Foundry
Enter the Foundry alongside Quill.

Story related. After finishing the Depths Realm you will make your way to the Foundry.

The Pinnacle
Ascend to the Pinnacle alongside Quill.

Story related. After finishing the Foundry you will make your way to the Pinnacle.

Green Thumb
Acquire the Nature Attunement ability in the Sprite Realm.

Story related. While in the Sprite Realm you will reach a giant mask in the forest, after acquiring its skill, as the reader you will be able to influence certain plants, which you’ll need to do to progress in the game.

Zoom Zoom
Acquire the Sword Dash ability in the Conservatory.

Story related. During the Conservatory section, you will reach a statue where you will acquire the ability. Afterwards, Quill will be able to jump across larger gaps.

Whistle While You Work
Use the Charged Chakram ability in the Mountains.

Story related. During the Mountain stage you will need to perform Sahima’s Charged Chakram ability to progress.

Arm Day
Acquire Cariel’s Hammer in the Foundry.

Story related, you will reach the statue in the Foundry. Interact with the statue as the reader to acquire Cariel’s Hammer for Quill.

Obtainer of Rare Antiquities
Enter your first Relic Shrine.

The first Relic Shrine can be found to the right of the throne room.

We Call This Archaeology
Enter the last Relic Shrine.

There are three Relic Shrine’s in total. The first is found to the right of the throne room. The second is found near the conservatory but you won’t immediately be able to reach it and will first need Moss’ Sword Dash ability, you will come back this way after defeating the Keeper, which is a good time to enter this Shrine. The third is found shortly after defeating the Warden, you will need to use the Dash Ability to reach this Shrine also.

The Battle Begins
Defeat the Screechers on the way to the throne.

Story related. As you make your way to the Throne room you will face several Screechers, you will need to defeat them in order to proceed.

A Friend Indeed
Use your power as a Reader to heal Quill for the first time.

Story related. You will be hit by a screecher and instructed on how to heal Quill.

There and Back Again
Strike a Forged enemy twice with the same Charged Chakram attack.

To perform the charged Chakram attack hold down square and then move the controller to above where Quill is standing and interact with L2 or R2. Then press square to throw the weapon, it will stick into walls and retrieve it press square again. To hit an enemy both ways recall the weapon quickly.

Thimble-Sized Thor
Defeat three Forged enemies with a single Hammer Trap attack.

To perform the Hammer Trap attack hold down square and then move the controller to above where Quill is standing and interact with L2 or R2. To hit three enemies make sure all three are inside the blue circle before pressing L2/R2.

Poetry In Motion
Defeat three Forged enemies with a single Sword Dash attack.

To perform the Sword Dash attack hold down square and then move the controller to above where Quill is standing and interact with L2 or R2. Then press square to dash. To hit three enemies at once make sure they are all lined up at once before using the ability.

Chain Reaction
Destroy a Ticker with a controlled Ticker.

Tickers will be introduced in the Garden Realm, as the reader grabs onto one by pressing R2 or L2 moving it closer to a second Ticker and then releasing it, it will explode and hopefully, take out the second ticker also.

From Whence You Came
Knock a Screecher off a ledge.

Stand by the side of a ledge and knock a screecher (red common enemy type) off either by attacking it or allowing it to hit you when it’s near the edge and they can also stagger off this way.

High Noon
Destroy a Scorcher with a controlled Scorcher.

To control a scorcher, use the pad and grab the scorcher with L2 or R2. While in control of the scorcher use the right thumbstick to aim where it will fire then press the right thumbstick into the fire. Fire and hit a non-controlled scorcher a few times till it is destroyed.

Destroy a Forged enemy with a controlled Bomber.

To control a Bomber, use the pad and grab the Bomber with L2 or R2. While in control of the Bomber use the right thumbstick to aim where it will fire then press the right thumbstick into the fire. Hit an enemy until it is destroyed.

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’
Keep a controlled Ripper rolling continuously.

Rippers are introduced in the Garden Realm. As the reader control, one by pressing R2 or L2 then use the right thumbstick to aim where the Ripper will roll and release. A good place to do this is the stage pictured in the Garden as the ripper will do a figure of eight and will not fall off the screen anywhere.

Destroy an Armored Screecher with a piston.

In the Foundry there is a screen with two pistons running, lead the Screecher onto the piston and wait for it to destroy the enemy.

Ablative Armor
Use a controlled Forged enemy to block an attack.

To control a forged enemy, use the pad and grab it with L2 or R2. Then move it with the pad so it blocks another enemy’s attack.

Make Quill dizzy.

Rotate the left thumbstick in a circle until Quill gets dizzy.

Glow Up
Give Quill a new look.

Inside the first Relic Shrine you encounter to the side of the Throne room, you’ll find some armour. Go into your inventory and give it Quill.

Babe With the Power
Charge Quill’s weapon while in alternate gravity.

Story related, as part of the realm you will go through mirrors that transport you to alternative gravity you will have to use Quill’s charged weapon attacks to progress.

A Realm Grown Complacent
Discover a sealed door to another realm.

In the room seen in the image there are two doors to realms you will need to enter as part of the story. To the right of this room are two blocked entrances, as the reader uses your pad to select and grab the furthest right door to unlock the trophy.

Quick-Change Artist
Destroy Forged enemies using each weapon in quick succession.

Defeat 3 enemies each with a different weapon, the timing is quite generous.

With Friends Like These
Journey with Sahima without a single death.

About halfway through the story you will take control of Sahima and will need to complete the Mountains and part of the Depths. There are three big enemy encounters but they are pretty easy. Sahima has a throwing blade attack so keep your distance from enemies and you should have no problems avoiding getting killed. if you do die quickly close the game while the animation is playing. Failing that you will be able to use chapter selection to replay this part of the game.

Unbreakable Bond
Reunite with Quill.

Story related, after playing as Sahima you will find quill in the Depths and be reunited.

It’s like bubble wrap.
Use your power as a Reader to break many objects..

As the reader you can break objects by moving your pad until an object is highlighted and then grabbing it, Objects that can be broken include boxes, barrels and pots.

Lawnmower Mouse
Use Quill’s sword to cut down a lot of grass.

Grass is pretty much on every screen, keep using Quill’s attacks to cut it down.

A Light Dusting
Collect half of the Relic Dust.

Please refer to “Dust Buster”

Dust Buster
Collect all of the Relic Dust.

Relic dust is found inside crates, barrels and pots. You should always break any that you find. In total there is 351 Relic dust fond across the whole game. However, this trophy was unlocked after collecting only 300 relic dust. The breakdown for each chapter is as follows, you will be able to use chapter select or New Game+ to continue collecting Relic Dust after completing the game.

The king’s glass totals 40 Relic Dust.
To Raise an army 77 Relic Dust.
When one door shuts/The Starthing’s way 71 Relic Dust.
Not Welcome here/The Serpent Slayer 59 Relic Dust.
Unfinished Business/From the Ashes 68 Relic Dust.
Tylan’s Domain 36 Relic Dust.

You Saved Moss
Finish the second book of Moss.

Defeat Owl Tylan and finish the story.