Ghost Giant Trophy Guide

Game: Ghost Giant
Peripherals: Motion controllers + PSVR
Time to 100%: 6-8 hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Knoef_NL and edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Ghost Giant. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game (for fun)

Welcome at the Ghost Giant Trophy guide. I would really advise you to play your first playthrough just for fun, it will take you around 6 hours. Just keep your eyes peeled for collectibles and interact with as much stuff as possible. The game has a level selector, so you can replay certain levels on which you missed trophies.

Stage 2 – Clean up

The game has quite a lot of silver trophies that are tied to performing a special action in a level, these can easily be obtained with level select. You will also be needing to collect all collectibles in each level, each level has the following amount of collectibles:

SceneHatsBasket hoopsCaterpillarsPinwheelsBearsMisc Trophies
1 – By the Lake0000
2 – On the Farm00001) Throw the car into the air.
2) Peek through the window while Louis’s inside.
3 – The Forest Road0111V
4 – Ghost Artist31113) Put the Taco Hat on the cat.
5 – The Harbor5111V4) Throw something at the Lighthouse.
5) Put the Cone Hat on the bird.
6 – Voila, Monsieur Tulipe!0101
7 – Ghost Farmer10116) Watch Louis drive all the way home.
8 – Louis’ Home0010
9 – Truffles and Tunes4111V7) High five, then fist bump Louis.
8) Wave at the Moose (Giant billboard).
9) Shoot the Pinata with fireworks.
10 – Treasure and Trash3111V10 ) Hold the ghost in front in the junkyard lady (with your hand)
11 – Play it, Maurice0001
12 – The Surprise 000111) Put the Needle in a haystack.
13 – Home0001


 Boast Giant
Unlock all Trophies.

Finish the story.

This trophy is earned for completing all story levels. The game has a total of 13 levels, or scenes as they are called ingame.

Find all collectables

The game has a few different types of collectibles that count towards this trophy:
1) Hats – Simply pick them up.
2) Caterpillars – Poke them with a finger until a notification pops up.
3) Pinwheels – Pick them up and blow at it. Blowing is done by generating sound.
4) Basketball Hoops – Throw a basketball through the hoop.

The game has a level select option, this will allow you to select any level you wish to play. It also shows you the amount of collectibles in each level, and how many you collected so far for each type.

Collectible Overview

 Ghost coach
Poke the bear in whichever scenes he pops up.

There are a total of 4 scenes where the bear will show up, these are:
Scene 03, The Forest Road (Wait after Louis drives off, the bear will appear at the start of the level.)
Scene 05, The Harbor (During the level, keep an eye on the road.)
Scene 09, Truffles and tunes (During the level, keep an eye on the road.)
Scene 10, Treasure and Tunes (During the level, keep an eye on the road.)

At one point in the level, you will see a bear jogging on the road. Poke him with your hand and he will stop running for a short while. Do this in each level listed and the trophy will be yours.

Hold a box and stack four boxes on top of it.

This trophy can be earned in The Docks. There are plenty of boxes around to make a stack of 5. Hold the biggest box in your hand, and stack them from the biggest size first, to the smallest on top. This will be very clumsy to pull of, as the stack will most likely start to waggle as soon as 4 boxes are on top. Make sure that all boxes are placed together on the ground before you start stacking them, otherwise you will knock down the pile of stacks in your hand while grabbing one.

I kept the stack of boxes in my right hand, this would allow me to grab boxes with my left hand (I’m a lefty).

 Mad Hatter
Find all Hidden Hats.

To register a hat as found, you will need to pick it up.

Scene 01: No hats.
Scene 02: No hats.
Scene 03: No hats
Scene 04: Pineapple Hat, Taco Hat & Black Hat.
Scene 05: Hard Hat, Pirate Hat, Cone Hat, Indian Hat & Green Hat.
Scene 06: No hats.
Scene 07: Sunflower Hat.
Scene 08: No hats.
Scene 09: Ice cone Hat, Crown Hat, Cowboy Hat & Viking-Hat
Scene 10: Soldier Helmet, Mad Hatter & Robin Hood Hat.
(This level has 1 Alice in Wonderland hat, 1 Robin Hood hat and a Mickey Mouse-like statue at the graveyard. Lots of stuff for the real Disney fans!)
Scene 11: No hats.
Scene 12: No hats.
Scene 13: No hats.

 Spin doctor
Blow away all pinwheels.

To blow a pinwheel, pick it up and make a sound in real life.
Pinwheels are found in Scene 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09, 10, 11, 12 & 13.

 Bug Reporter
Poke all caterpillars

For a caterpillar to be poked, touch it with 1 finger. Caterpillars are found in the following levels: Scene 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12.

 Basket Case
Score all basketball hoops

You will need to find the basketball and throw it through the hoop. If a hoop is far away, its best to throw the ball “underhand”.
Basketball hoops are found in the levels: Scenes 03, 04, 05, 06, 09 & 10.

 Peeping tomcat
Peek through the window of Louis’ house and see what he’s up to

This trophy can be earned in Scene 02. Peek through the window of the house, while Louis is inside. You will see Louis searching for a key, which he can’t find obviously!

Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

Also during Scene 02, Louis will ask you to start the car. Lift the car up and throw it into space, earning you this trophy.

 Taco Cat
Cat Taco.

During Scene 3, you will find a taco hidden in a house, as seen on the first screenshot below. Pick it up and place it on the cat, this will earn you the trophy Taco Cat.

 Light the House
Take one small step for Sancourt in the Harbor.

During Scene 05, you will see a giant Lighthouse on your left. Throw anything at it and the lighthouse will take off towards the sky, earning you this trophy.

Who’s the greatest con(e)man of Sancourt?

During scene 05, you will find this bird at the house on your right, which you need to open in order to progress the story. The cone is found in the middle area, next to the car. Pick up the cone and place it on top of the bird’s head.

 Gentle giant
Make sure that Louis reaches his home safely after the rain

During Scene 07, Louis will drive off at the end of the level. Watch him drive towards home without you leaving the level, until this trophy pops.

 Sign of Love
Wave if you like Moose

This is done during Scene 09. You will see a giant Moose billboard, who is waving. Wave back and the Moose’s eyes will start to glow red. The trophy should pop a few seconds after.

 Danse Macabre
Reunite Amelie the junk lady with Jacques.

Jacques is the Ghost you will find during the Scene 10 in the graveyard. You will find the ghost towards the end of the level, in the truck. Grab it with your hand and hold it in front of Amelie, she will start dancing and music will start to play.

 Needle in a haystack

During Scene 12, you will be at a giant farm, cooking a special meal for your mum. You will find a needle and some haystacks here. Literally pick up both items and insert the needle into the haystack.

 Nailed it!
Slap, bump!

I earned this trophy during Scene 09, you will need to high five Louis, and then give him a fist-bump.

After talking to the music teacher, Louis will walk towards the giant tower in the middle of the map. A giant exclamation mark will appear above his head. Poke Louis, and he will ask for a secret handshake. High five him and then give him a first-bump.

(Thanks to Reaper-BEL-1991 for pointing this out)

 Viva Pinata

This trophy is earned during Scene 09. You will find some fireworks to your right, behind the lady at the counter. Grab one and light it on fire with the candles in the house in front of you. Now aim the lit firework towards the Pinata on your left.

 Louis’ Tears
Complete “By the Lake”.

Story related trophy, earned for completing Scene 01, By the Lake.

 Welcome to the Sunflower Farm
Complete “On the Farm”.

Story related trophy, earned for completing scene 02, On the farm.

 Road Trip
Complete “The Forest Road”.

Story related trophy, earned for completing Scene 03, The Forest Road.

 Ghost Artist
Complete “Ghost Artist”.

Story related trophy, earned for completing Scene 04, Ghost Artist.

Complete “The Harbor”.

Story related trophy, earned for completing Scene 05, The Harbor.

 Best Friends
Complete “Voila, Monsieur Tulipe!”

Story related trophy, earned for completing scene 06, Voila, Monsieur Tulipe!

 Make it Sow
Complete “Ghost Farmer”.

Story related trophy, earned for completing Scene 07, Ghost Farmer.

 Louis’ House
Complete Louis’ House.

Story related trophy, earned for completing Scene 08, Louis’ House.

 Truffles and Tunes
Complete “Truffles and Tunes”.

Story related trophy, earned for completing Scene 09, Truffles and Tunes.

 Goth Giant
Complete “Treasure and Trash”.

Story related trophy, earned for completing scene 10, Treasure and Trash.

 Play it, Maurice
Complete “Play it, Maurice”.

Story related trophy, earned for completing scene 11, Play it, Maurice.

 You’ll be OK
Complete “The Surprise”.

Story related trophy, earned for completing Scene 12, The Suprise.