Down the Rabbit Hole Trophy Guide

Game: Down the Rabbit Hole
Peripherals: PSVR + controller
Time to 100%: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Down the Rabbit Hole. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play the game!

The game is about 2-3 hours long in terms of gameplay. It’s possible to backtrack to all areas, so don’t worry about missing any invitations. Backtracking is done by using the mirrors found in each area.

In the last area you will find the Hatter, who will ask you if you want to face the Queen. This point serves as a checkpoint before completing the game. Once completed, select “Continue” from the main menu and you will appear before the Hatter once more. This will allow you to collect any invitations that you might have missed.


 Your Wonderland
Find every invitation and confront the Queen of Hearts.

Marked red are letters which are easy to miss.
Marked purple are letters which are inside a chest.

Area 1:
#1: Underneath the stairs, left of the fireplace.
#2: Story-related and can’t be missed. On top of the mirror.
#3: Inside the wall. Hit it with your controller, then pick it up as it will fall down.
#4 Left of the clock, underneath the platform. Hit it with the controller and it will swirl down.
#5: Right of the clock, underneath the platform. Hit it and it will swirl down.
#6: Inside the chest, in the clock-man room. The combination is: “Circle”, “I”, “=”, “Triangle”.

Area 2:
#1: Where the light beam enters the room. Hit it with your controller and the letter will float down.
#2: Inside the chest (in the house). The combination is: “Apple”, “6”, “Book”, ” Castle”.
#3: On the moon (shining bright). Hit it with your controller to make it come down.
#4: In the upper area, where you find the fish ingredient.
#5: On the ceiling, close to the mirrors.

Area 3:
#1: Underneath the bridge
#2: nderneath the cloud. Between the spoon and the floating cards (resembling a choice).
#3: On top of the post
#4: inside the chest. The combination is: “O” “P” “E” “N”.
#5: Between the mirrors and the exit, behind the exit sign.

Area 4:
#1: On the left when entering the area. Break the rocks with your controller.
#2: In the area with the many leaves. Where the light enters the room.
#3: Inside the chest, where the fake king is seated. The combination is: “Spades”, “Skull”, ” Teacup” , “Sandwich”.
#4: Inside the nest of the bird. In order to obtain it, hit the flowers in the following order (Top-left flower being 1, the top-right flower being 5):
5, 3, 4, 2, 3, 6, 1.

#5: Inside the cave, on a pillar.
#6: Left of the bird, break the rock with your controller.
#7: Towards the right of the bird. There is a door, press X and let “Four and a half” enter. You will find the letter inside the teacup here.

Area 5:
#1: Left on the king and his nicely improved castle.
#2: When facing the castle of diamonds, on the right (on a bench). You will need to boss around the “fours” in order to cut down all trees.
#3: On the right of the king and his improved castle, on top of the bushes.
#4: Inside the chest, left of the king. The combination is: “4”, “5” “2”, “four“.

Area 6:
#1: In the kitchen, top left.
#2: Inside the bathroom, on top of the container that holds the toilet water.
#3: Inside the bathroom, on top of the ceilling with a lamp.
#4: Inside the queen’s room where you will find “Four and a Half”,to his right behind the curtains (on the window).
#5: Inside the chest, the combination is: “Door”, “Crown”, “Sword”, “Toilet”.
#6: Where you find your pet, stuck in the window

When all invitations/letters are collected, go to the queen and select the option “I should be queen” to make the trophy pop.

You will still be able to collect invitations once the game has been completed, and re-enter the room to the queen of hearts. The hatter servers as a checkpoint.

 A Wonderland
Confront the Queens of Hearts.

Towards the end of area 6, you will be able to confront the Queen of Hearts. If you collect all invitations, you will get a “True ending”. This will allow you to select the “I should be queen!” option.

 Really Help the White Rabbit
Find 20 Invitations.

Refer to the “Your Wonderland” trophy for more information on this.

 Help the White Rabbit
Find 10 Invitations.

Refer to the “Your Wonderland” trophy for more information on this.

 You’re Invited!
Find your first invitation.

Refer to “Your Wonderland” trophy for more information on this.

 Whatever You Do…
Make the girl really big.

You will reach a little house with a mad girl cooking. Once you take a sip of the “soup”, you will grow really big.

Once big, you will gain control over the character “four and a half”.

Gather the rabbit from the cards at the campfire, the apple from the tree outside the house, and the fish growing from the tree upstairs. Put all 3 ingredients inside the pot to make the girl small again.

 Not So Useless Anymore!
Travel through one of the Caterpillar’s mirrors

You will come across the mirrors during your playthrough. They serve 2 purposes:

1) Backtrack
They allow you to backtrack and re-visit areas. This will allow you to gather any invitations you may have missed.

2) Check how many invitations you have collected so far.
Each mirror shows at the top how many invitations you have collected, and how many are left to collect.
This can also be viewed by opening the menu.

 Mirror Mirror
Go upside down in the Mirror Realm.

During Area 3 you will have to solve the puzzle with both the girls and the character “Four and a Half”. The card will go through the mirror, earning you this trophy.

 I Have a Plan…
Talk to the Imposter King in the Cheshire Cat’s Forest.

During Area 4 you will speak to the “King”, who is very obviously painted over with black paint to become the King of Clubs.

 The Four-man Cometh
Boss someone around as Four Half

During area 5, you will need to cut, reform and paint trees in order to progress. This will be done by the character “Four and a Half” by interacting with the NPC “3” cards.

Find a way into the Keep of Hearts 

Interact with the heart-balloon in area 5 and you will travel to area 6, earning you this trophy.

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