Cave Digger: Riches Trophy Guide

Game: Cave Digger: Riches
Peripherals: VR + Motion controllers
Time to 100%: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Cave Digger: Riches. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

Welcome to the trophy guide for Cave Digger: Riches. To obtain all trophies you will need to achieve a few endings, and these are as followed:
1) Gauntlet: Buy the Gauntlet for 400 gold and find all 5 the gems.
2) Vault: Collect all 4 keys and open the hidden vault.
3) Apocalypse: Trigger the nuclear bomb with the red trigger box, while you are in the saloon with both items.
4) Nuke the overworld: Trigger the nuclear bomb with the red trigger box, while you are down the shaft WITH the red trigger box. The nuclear bomb should be in the saloon.
5) Space Elevator: Throw the nuclear bomb down the shaft, towards the left while you are in the saloon. Wait for it to fall down and activate the trigger box.
6) VR Glasses: Buy the VR glasses from the shop and put them on.

The starter items will always be the same. Buying items will make new items available for sale. Keep buying items until you find the ones that you need. Items are replenished after you complete a run down the shaft.


End: Dimensional War
Send the nuke into another dimension

Blind Pass
Toss a valuable into the bin without looking

This trophy is earned for throwing a gem into the bin without looking. The bin is located in the middle of the elevator. This trophy could trigger itself while you are mining. I earned this during the first mission, without even bothering to earn this trophy. It’s likely that a mined gem will fall into the bin itself, which will earn you this trophy.

My Preciousss
Bring a valuable with you to a new run

Mine a gem and keep it with you(in your hand) while you make your way back upwards. Keep hold onto it and press the red button to go on a new mission. The trophy will trigger once you go down.

Frutti Di Spelunca
Eat a mushroom

Mushrooms are found on certain areas, you can’t really miss them. Simply pick one up and move it towards your face, which will make your character eat it.

Mine Everything
Mine every valuable from a single floor

You will need to mine every gem within a single floor. This can be done in multiple ways, you could:
1) Use the Chaos gauntlet to clear the whole stage, it’s pretty strong
2) Use some explosives to blast all rocks away
3) Use the pick axe in combination with the scanner to mine the gems away.

It is easiest to use the grenade shown below. Light 3 of them, one for each side. Hold the grenade in your own hand and move your hand towards the wall. It will clear out an entire wall at once.

End: Apocalypse
You brought about nuclear war. Great job!

You will need to buy the red trigger-box and the nuclear bomb. Trigger the red triggerbox while the bomb is in the saloon.
(It’s a little bugged, should be swapped with “End: Nuke the overworld”)

End: Nuke the overworld
Trigger the nuke in the saloon

Throw the nuke in the saloon and take the red trigger-box with you down in the shaft. Once down under, trigger the box.
After you make your way up, you will find yourself in a apocalypse world, triggering you this trophy.
(It’s a little bugged, should be swapped with “End: Apocalypse “)

End: Space Elevator
Launch yourself into space

Throw the nuke down the shaft(on the left side) and wait for a few seconds. Now trigger the red trigger box and you will fly into space, earning you this trophy.

End: Unlock the Mystery Vault
Find the 4 keys and unlock the ultimate secret

You will need to collect 4 keys and open the secret vault. The 4 keys can be found at:
1) Lava section: Hidden in a random rock. Key looks brown, second one in the picture
2) Radio: smash the radio, the key is inside. Key looks golden, fourth one in the picture.
3) Mushroom: Eat a mushroom and you will start tripping. One of the trips will take you into space where you will find a floating key. Grab it and keep hold onto it until you make your way back to the vault. Key looks colourful, first one in the picture
4) Shop: The last key can be bought in the shop for 1000 coins. Key has 5 diamonds on it with different colours, third on in the picture

I would suggest to collect the key from the lava area before collecting the key from the radio. There is a minor bug that will make this trophy unobtainable if you collect the radio key at first. You could also start with the mushroom key, depending on which area you will start.

When all keys are inserted press the action button (square) to open up the door. Make your way inside and you will find a little box with a microphone in it. Pick it up and the trophy will pop.

End: Chaos Gauntlet
Become a new identity

For this trophy you will need you buy the chaos Gauntlet and find all 5 gems in order to destroy the world. The gauntlet can be bought for 400 gold.
The 5 gems can be spotted really easy, you will see a glow coming from a rock, as seen in picture 2. Collect all five of them and press the action button(square).

End: Useless Tech
Unlock Self referential irony mode

Buy the VR glasses and put them on, this will unlock a world that looks an awful lot like Minecraft, which will earn you this trophy.

Luck With The Drill
Drill an oil pocket without scanning

You will need to buy the drill for this trophy. Drill at random spots without using the scan function. Oil is most likely to be found in corners, so try those first. A bit of luck is involved in this trophy.

Careful With That Candle Eugene
Poke yourself in the eye with the candle

Buy the candle for 5 dollar and move it towards your eye, earning you this trophy.

I Have The Power
Use only a pickaxe for the duration of a run

This trophy is earned during your first run. Only use your pickaxe and this trophy will pop.

Explode In Hand
Let an explosive explode in your hand

Buy some explosives and the candle. Light an explosive in your hand by using the candle and keep hold of it. It will explode and this trophy will trigger.

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