Bonfire Trophy Guide

Game: Bonfire
Peripherals: PS move controllers or ps4 controller
Time to 100%: 1 hour
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: Switch Crazy!, The Logger, Astronomer!, The Beast within, Scan-O-rama, Delicious! and Friend to aliens or Humanitarian (Mutual exclusive, both an ending)
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Bonfire (PSVR). This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

Welcome to the Bonfire VR experience. You can’t walk, you can only interact with objects. It’s a little story, that’s fantastic for beginning VR players and trophy hunters!

Regarding trophies, you will earn this in the following order:
1. Switch Crazy! (Missable)
2. Crash Landed! (Story)
3. Astronomer! (Missable)
4. Upon Closer Look! (Missable)
5. The Beast Within! (Missable)
6. Scan-O-Rama (Missable)
7. The Beast Within (Missable)
8. Pyromaniac (Story)
9. The logger (Missable)
10. Delicious! (Missable)
11. “Friend to Aliens” or “Humanitarian” (Story, Mutual exclusive)
12. Roast Master! (Story)
13. Bonfire Complete

Start a new game to earn the following trophy:
14. “Friend to Aliens” or “Humanitarian” (Story, Mutual exclusive)


 Trophy King!
Earn all other trophies

 Switch Crazy!
Flip all switches in cockpit

During the first scene you will be in an space shuttle. You will see a lot of switches in front of you. As soon as you hit the first switch, the countdown will start. Make sure to flip all switches before time runs out.

Tip: Use both hands to flip all of the switches. If the trophy doesn’t pop when you hit earth, go back to the main menu and start a new game. (Took me 3 tries)

 The Logger
Throw 5 logs into a plant

Upon landing on the new planet, you will have a few logs to start a campfire. These logs can be picked-up and thrown away. Throw them into a plant 5 times and you will earn this trophy.

The plants are located towards the left behind you, or on your right side.

Scan Stars

When you grab the scanner, look upwards and scan the stars.

 Upon Closer Look!
Scan PB

PB is the friendly giant creature that will come play with you. Once he shows up, scan him.

 The Beast Within!
Scan Beast

The beast will show up after you play with PB for a bit.

Scan all objects in a single playthrough

All objects that need scanning are:
1. Soil (The ground/floor)
2. Wheel-tracks (Black tracks on the ground)
3. Fiber Plants
The bot will ask for data-transmission, IGNORE him and continue scanning
4. Tree-like-thing (Giant tree in front of you)
5. Glowy Tree (Tree that emits blue lights, also needed for ” The logger” trophy
6. Ship (On your right, behind you)
7. Robot (The one that keeps talking on and on)
8. Stars (Look up, needed for the “Astronomer!” trophy

Not included in the video:
9. PB (Your friendly pet) – refer to “Upon a closer look” trophy.
10. Beast (He will eat the robot) – Refer to “The beast within” trophy.

 Friend to Aliens!
See save PB ending

Towards the end of the story you will be given 2 choices.
1) Yes (Save the human race)
2. No, Abort, Cancel and Ignore (Save PB)

Pick the second option and you will earn this trophy. To earn the “Humanitarian!” (Save mankind) trophy, replay the story. It should not take more then 10 minutes to complete.

See save humanity ending

Towards the end of the story you will be given 2 choices.
1) Yes (Save the human race)
2. No, Abort, Cancel and Ignore (Save PB)

Pick the first option and you will earn this trophy.

 Roast Master!
Perfect roast a Marshmallow

Towards the end PB will get 3 sticks to make marshmallows. Roast the mallow a bit and than eat it.

For this trophy, it doesn’t matter if you pick the “Save the humans” or “Save PB” option.

 Bonfire Complete!
Complete Bonfire

Complete the story and this trophy is yours.
The whole story should not take more then 15 minutes upon the first try.

Eat 5 Marshmallows

Eat a total of 5 Marshmallows. The bot will spill plenty, so this one should provide no trouble at all.

Successfully torch beast with a log

Once the beast joins the party, he will start eating the bot. Once he does, throw a burning log at him.

 Crash Landed!
Land on uncharted planet

After the switch sequence, you will crash upon an uncharted planet earning you this trophy.

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