Blood & Truth Trophy Guide

Game: Blood & Truth
Peripherals: Motion controllers (Recommended)
Time to 100%: 20 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None (chapter select)
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Blood & Truth. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

Welcome to the trophy guide for Blood & Truth, a massive PSVR shooter! The game has chapter select, so no trophies are missable. During your first playthrough you will be focusing on completing the game. While doing so, keep your eyes peeled for collectibles.

Stage 2 – Clean up trophies

Once you completed the game, it’s important to collect all collectibles and get 5 stars on all levels.


  Platinum Trophy
Obtain all the trophies.

  Full Arsenal
Earn all weapons, weapon mods and gun skins.

For this trophy, you will need to:
* Earn 5 stars on all missions
* Collect all collectibles (Toys, Cigarettes, Targets, Statues)

All collectibles are listed below. For the 5 stars on missions, you will need to:
* Get as many headshots as possible.
* Don’t use grenades or explosives (You will get less headshots this way)
* Use slow motion mode as often as possible.
* Heavy enemies can be shot multiple times in the head, for more headshots.
* Take it slow, don’t rush
* Use your left hand to support your right hand.

  Good hunting
Hit every marksman target across all missions.

02. Extraction – Marksman Targets

Target 1: As you enter the enemy area, you will spot a motorcycle. Hit the explosive barrels and the target will show, you only got a few seconds to hit it.
Target 2: On a practice target, in the same room as the PSVR World statue.
Target 3: When leaving the room from target 2, on your upper right
Target 4: After you rescue your mate, between the door that exits towards the shooting scene and the stone wall.
Target 5: During the shooting scene, there will be a slow motion scene on your lower left.

06. High stakes – Marksman Targets

Target 1: Before you climb the ladder, on your right in the alley.
Target 2: Before you enter the elevator, on your left.
Target 3: When you enter the casino with all the slot machines, on your left.
Target 4: When you enter the casino, on your right where the stairs are.
Target 5: When you take the elevator up, take the right path. It will be in the hall in front of you.
Target 6: During the chasing scene, on your left.
Target 7: During the chasing scene, on a painting (in the kitchen area).
Target 8: Once you jump out of the window, on your right.
Target 9: When standing on top of the DJ booth, on your left.
Target 10: When the DJ booth collapses and you fall onto the ground look to your right.

10. Kidnapped

Target 1: In the garage (on your right), where you will see a car half pulled out.
Target 2: Just before you enter the giant building with the elevator, on your left.
Target 3: After going up with the elevator, you will pass some windows and need to lock-pick a door. Enter the building and this target will be inside the room without a door, in the upper right corner.
Target 4: Just before the first climb-zone upstairs, below you.
Target 5: When climbing, immediately in front of you, in the wall that is shattered. It’s in the upper left corner, it’s hard to spot!
Target 6: When entering the demolished area of this level, below you
Target 7: When climbing again, on your right.
Target 8: Once you did the second climb from target 7, on your left.
Target 9: During the running sequence, in front of you.
Target 10: During the running sequence, on your right.

12. The Hanger

Target 1: On the satellite outside
Target 2: Once inside, on your far right.
Target 3: When entering the blue crane-lift, below you.
Target 4: On the yellow crane
Target 5: when going down with the elevator, on your right.
Target 6: In the office, behind the whiteboard. (left path)
Target 7: When you find the files, look behind you on the chair.
Target 8: On the automated box-mover
Target 9: When you find out about the organ, behind the boxes on your right.
Target 10: On the plane engine, found when leaving the plane on your right.

14. Belly of The Beast

Target 1: On the left side, at the construction area.
Target 2: Little further into the construction site, on your right.
Target 3: In the office, behind the cabin.
Target 4: Once you go down the elevator shaft, on your right.
Target 5: In the room with the many enemies, on your right.
Target 6: In the shaft, look up
Target 7: In the area where your buddy will kill the security guard, move a bit forward then look back.
Target 8: Before you enter a “new” area that looks like a basement-like construction area, look behind you.
Target 9: Left of the big gate, behind the storage shelf.
Target 10: When on the elevator that moves upwards; After the first stop, it will start moving upwards again, on your left.

17. The ascent

Target 1: As you start the level, move a bit forwards, on your left
Target 2: Once halfway the hall, towards your right beneath the stairs.
Target 3: In the hotel hallway, behind the table.
Target 4: A bit further, on your right.
Target 5: Where you will need to jump onto the zipline, look down on your right.
Target 6: When climbing the monkey-bars, just before you enter the window on your left.
target 7: During the chasing sequence, on your right in the living room behind the jar.
Target 8: In the machine room, on your right.
Target 9: When you go outside on the balcony, on your far-left, behind the machine
Target 10: Inside the helicopter, you will need to kill the enemy to shoot the target.

  No death playthrough
Complete The Ascent in normal difficulty without dying

Refer to “Full Arsenal” for tips and tricks.

  Going Commando
Get to the security office without being detected during the Hangar job  

During the mission The Hanger, silent kill the first 4 enemies and reach the security room. Refer to the video below for tips and tricks.

  Story Complete
Complete the Story

This trophy will pop once you completed mission 19. Blood & Truth.

  Smashed it
Get 5 stars for a Score in any mission

To acquire 5 starts on a mission, you will to perform a nearly perfect run.Getting headshots is the most important factor in getting a 5 star rating.

Refer to “Full Arsenel” for all tips and tricks.

  Got, got, need
Find all the collectable toys in the game

Toy 1 (Mission 2 – Extraction): Just before you hack the wooden door, on your right on a box. It’s a compass.
Toy 2 (Safehouse): In the safe on your right. It’s a diamond.
Toy 3 (Safehouse): On your right, in the drawer. It’s a knife.
Toy 4 (Safehouse): In the slotmachine(spin twice). It’s a gnome.
Toy 5 (Mission 6 – High Stakes): On the DJ Booth, it’s a whistle.
Toy 6 (Mission 8 – Art attack): Once inside the room, on your right. It’s fireworks.
Toy 7 (Mission 10 – Kidnapped): Inside the garage on your right. Just before the car. It’s a teddy bear.
Toy 8 (Mission 12 – The hanger): In the security room, take the left path. It’s a paper airplane
Toy 9 (Mission 14 – Belly): inside the first security room on your right (just past the first alarm), inside the desk on your right. It’s a green army toy.
Toy 10 (Mission 17 – The Ascent): Inside the kitchen, underneath a vase. It’s a toy car.

All collectibles can also be found in the video below:

Video made by CloakedreaperGames

  The Bogey man
Achieve 6 consecutive headshot kills

You will need to get 6 headshots, without missing. This is best done when using the slow-motion mode (trigger by pressing the big action button on both the motion controller)

  30 Headshot kills in one mission
30 Headshot kills in one mission

This trophy should come naturally when going for the “full arsenal” trophy. If not, try the following things:

– Use slowmotion mode a lot
– Equip the Red laser(unlocked with 90 points)
– Use the scope on weapons
– Play levels slowly, don’t rush things.

  20 Headshot Kills in one mission
20 Headshot kills in one mission

This trophy should come naturally when playing a level. If not, try the following things:

– Use slowmotion mode a lot
– Equip the Red laser(unlocked with 90 points)
– Use the scope on weapons
– Play levels slowly, don’t rush things.

  Sloooooow Mo
Achieve 5 or more kills while in precision mode

You can earn this trophy during the Ascent. When sliding down the roof (After you kill the dude in the helicopter) you will be in a slowmotion mode, kill 5 enemies and this trophy will pop.

  No Alarms
Find and defuse both alarmed boxes during a single playthrough of The Belly of the Beast

You will need to defuse 2 boxes during this level. The first once if found immediately inside the building, so defuse this one:

Cut the wire leading the the yellow alarm icon.
insert the battery.
Turn the red button.

Silent kill the enemy and take the elevator down. Take the left route, and you will see a door on your right. You will encounter another alarm box, to defuse:

Insert Battery
Turn red button
Flip Switch

Make your way inside, the trophy will pop.

  Demolition Derby
Kill all enemies while escaping the collapsing tower block after rescuing Anne

This trophy is earned during level 10. Kidnapped. When you saved your mum (Anne), you will need to kill all enemies while running towards your escape point. Refer to the video below for a visual guide.

  Outta My Way
Kill all enemies whilst chasing Keach during the Casino mission

This trophy is earned in level 06. High stakes. You will need to kill all enemies, while chasing Keach. Make sure you don’t hit Keach for another trophy. Refer to the video below for a visual guide.

  Nothing but net
Trigger the flashing lights on a wastepaper bin

This trophy can be earned in the safe house, or in many other levels including the casino level. In the main menu, select unlocked mission and select the safe house. On your right is a basket, which looks like a basketball net. Throw a paper through the net and this trophy will pop.

  Disrespect Tony
Flip Tony the bird before killing him during the last mission

You can give Tony the middle finger by pressing Triangle(Right hand) or Square(Left Hand). While giving him the finger, shoot Tony.

Make him talk
Don’t shoot at Tony during the last mission

During the last mision, 19. Blood & Truth, don’t shoot Tony. Let him tell his story until the plane explodes.

  Below the belt
Shoot Tony in the balls during the last mission

Shoot Tony in his dick during the last trophy, and this trophy will pop.

  Touching-Up Tony
Use the Paint gun on Tony’s portrait

During the mission 07. Reconnaissance you will be able to use the paint gun on Tony’s portrait. It’s pretty hard to miss!

  Change your Tune
Adjust a vehicle’s radio whilst in combat

This trophy can be earned during the mission 03. Escape. Adjust the radio button and this trophy will pop

  Back from the dead
Recover from less than 5% health

Suffer damage until the screen turn grey, then don’t die. It’s hard to tell when you reach 5% health, since there is no health bar present.

  Trick Shot
Spin the pistol and immediately kill an enemy

If you are holding the weapon in your right hand, press triangle to spin.
If you are holding the weapon in your left hand, press square to spin.

While spinning the pistol, shoot and kill an enemy.

  Here, Catch!
Catch or pick up an Enemies Grenade and throw it back to kill an enemy

This trophy can be earned in level 02. extraction. The enemy with the green cap will always throw a grenade at you.

Make sure you catch the grenade midair and throw it back. Letting the grenade hitting the ground can provide you with significant trouble to pick it up. It’s hard to have a proper VR set-up that covers both high and low areas.

  Two birds, one stone
Kill multiple enemies with a grenade

During the Ascent, you will come into a room with 3 enemies standing idle. On your left is a grenade. Throw it between the enemies and this trophy will pop.

  Wheel of Mis-Fortuna
Detonate the C4 to escape the Casino

During the casino level you will have to place C4 throughout the casino. Make sure you place at least 4-5. towards the end you will be in a lift, Hold the trigger to activate the C4, release and press again to make them explode, earning you this trophy.

Ryan Marksman
Get a kill with every weapon in the game except the MiniGun

There are quite a few weapons that can be found throughout the game. All within grasp and not hidden at all. Pick up and kill an enemy with each weapon you find along the story line, and you should get this trophy along the way.

  Upload Complete
Don’t die whilst the Trojan from the USB stick is uploading during The Belly of the Beast

You are not allowed to die while uploading the Trojan to the computer.
Stay behind cover and duck when you need to generate some health. Make sure you dodge grenades on time, as they will throw a few.

Refer to the video below for a visual walkthrough.

  Chopper Boss
Kill the enemy in the Helicopter during The Ascent

For this to work, you will need to succeed in a quick-time event. You will need to shoot at 4 marked points, within a slow-motion sequence.

This will happen during the car scene, in which the sister will be driving.

  There Goes My No-Claims
Crash through the gates during Mission 3

Story based and earned during the level 03. The Escape.

  Dude Where’s My Plane?
Blow the generator

Story related and cannot be missed.

  Starting Upload
Slot in the USB drive

Story related and cannot be missed.

  Sliding Doors
Move to the side door of the Van

Story related and cannot be missed.

  Leap of Faith
Jump from the balcony to the zip wire

Story related and cannot be missed.

  Found My Mark
Jump to the Plane

Story related and cannot be missed.

Use the mod bench to adapt a weapon

This trophy can be earned in the Safehouse, and is story related.

  Artist With a Gun
Paint a weapon at the Mod Bench

This trophy can be earned in the Safehouse, and is story related.

  Over the handlebars
Precision Kill a Biker to send him over the handle bars

Can be done in any level with a motorcycle. Activate precision mode and complete the Quick Time Event.

  I Loved that Game
Collect all VR Worlds statues in the game.

There are a total of 7 toys available within the game. The safehouse offers an overview to find out which one you collected, and which are yet to be found. An overview of each toy is listed below:

1) The globe
Found in an upper drawer during the “02. Extraction” level. Just before you rescue your fellow soldier.

2) The Hand
Found in the camera room during the level “06. High Stakes”. It’s on the left side from the big screen.

3) The Shark
Found during the level “08. Art Attack”. After you open the secret vault room with the code “1912” you will find a desk on your right side, it’s in the upper left drawer.

4) The ball
Found during the level 10. Kidnapped. When entering the tall building, you will pass a few windows and then you will need to lock-pick a door. Make your way in and choose the stairs leading upstairs as your path. In the drawer upstairs you will find the 4th statue.

5) The Alien
Found during mission 12: The Hanger. Keep on the left path. Once inside the security room. inside one of the upper-drawers.

6) Found in level 15: Belly of the beast. Just before you spot the green door that needs to be lock-picked, on your right. Inside a little power box.

7) Mickey
Found during mission 17: The Ascent. Just before you enter the elevator in the machine room, on your right.

  Definitely Condemned Now
Jump from the collapsing building

You will earn this trophy during level 10. Kidnapped. It’s story based and cannot be missed.

  We Need Him Alive
Don’t hurt Keach during the chase and interrogation in the Casino mission

Earned during 06. High Stakes. Best combined with the trophy ” Outta My Way”. While chasing Keach, make sure you don’t hit him with your pistol.

  Scratching and Shooting
Use the DJ decks during the shootout in the casino

During 06 High stakes you will come accord a DJ Deck. It’s story based and cannot be missed.

  Master of Disguise
Take the glasses from Nick, and put them on during the planning of the Gallery recon

As you start level 07. Reconnaissance, you will be offered a pair of glasses (black). Put them on and this trophy will pop.

  All Tony’s Vault
Use the code to get access to the Vault room when you break into Tony’s Gallery at night

During mission 08. Art Attack use the code “1912”on the panel, and don’t hack it with your tools. The clue to this number is given to you in level 07, with the hint: “The year the titanic sunk” .

Ride the Current
Devil horn hand gesture while being electrocuted

When saving mum during the level kidnapped, you have a big giant electric fancy. Press triangle on your right controller to get the devil horn hand gesture (2 fingers pointing forward, also knows as the metal/rock gesture in music) and touch the fence.

  Monkey with a gun
Kill an enemy while hanging from monkey bars in the derelict tower block

This trophy can be earned during the mission 10. Kidnapped. The first bars you reach will have some enemies that can be shot. See the GIF below.

  Ready and Willing
Accept Carson’s Deal by shaking his hand in The Deal

In level The deal, shake his hand.

  Get to the Chopper
Make it to the helicopter

Story based and earned during the level 03. The Escape.

  Reluctant partners
Accept Carson’s deal but refuse to shake his hand in The Deal

In level The deal, don’t shake his hand.

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