Warhammer: Chaosbane Trophy Guide

Game: Warhammer: Chaosbane
Peripherals: A friend
Time to Platinum: 15 hours (boost) / 25 hours (without boost)
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 3 , 11 , 29
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Warhammer: Chaosbane. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

Welcome to Warhammer: Chaosbane. A game that can be played solo, in local co-op, or online with friends and randoms!

Your first objective is to complete the game with any character you like. If you play with a friend, please refer to the gold trophy “Happily ever after…”, this will save you a lot of time completing the game with all characters.

In terms of difficulty, start with normal and increase it if you can progress easily. Increasing it will reward you with more gold, EXP, and loot.

Stage 2 – 1.000 items & Relic hunts

When you earned almost all trophies, you should have the 50 relic hunts & 1.000 items pick-up remaining. Start doing Relic Hunts on easy so you can finish them quickly.

If you still need EXP/loot in order to kill a boss on Chaos 5, please do the Relic Hunts on Chaos 1/2 in order to farm exp. and good loot. While doing them, collect all items.

God among insects
Unlock all trophies

A big thanks to my little brother for helping me out with this game!

A shining example
Be fully equipped with rare or heroic items

There are a couple of rarities within the game, those being:
1) Grey – Common
2) Blue – Uncommon
4) Orange – Rare
5) Red – Heroic
6) Green – Legendary

For this trophy, you’ll need to equip your gear with a rarity of “rare” and higher. Towards the final parts of the game, rare items will drop on a regular basis.

Chaos hunting
Kill all bosses in Boss Rush on at least “Chaos 2” difficulty

Boss Rush will be available after killing all bosses (completing the game). Talk to the merchant and select “Boss Rush”. You’ll need to defeat the following bosses:

Chapter 1 – Great Unclean One
Chapter 2 – Bloodthirster
Chapter 3 – Keeper of Secret
Chapter 4 – Lord of Change

It’s recommended that you are at least level 50 + 25 extra levels in order to pull this off.

Happily ever after…
Finish the game as all characters

You’ll need to finish the game as all characters. This includes:
Empire Soldier – Konrad Vollen
High-Elf Mage – Prince Elontir
Slayer – Bragi Axebiter
Wood Elf Scout – Elessa
Dwarf Engineer – Keela (Free DLC)
Witch Hunter – Jurgen Haider (Paid DLC)

Paid DLC only required if you bought it.

Each run will take you about 2.5 hours to complete. This can be shortened by using a save file at a strategic point. You will need a second controller / online friend to pull this off.

Make a save in chapter 4 – After completing “The Fane of Forbidden Secret” and BEFORE doing the final mission “The Court of Axarath”.
(BOTH P1 and P2 need to make this save!)

As player 1, join as your main character. Have player 2 join as a level 1 character. Complete the final mission and reload your save file.
Now have player 2 join as any other level 1 character. Repeat until you did this for all ingame characters.

Now, have player 2 host a game. Repeat the steps above and you both have the endings for all characters.

Veni Vidi Vici
Kill a boss on “Chaos 5” difficulty

For this to pull off, the following build is recommended:

Class: Wood Elf
Level: 50 + 60 over levels

> Eternal Queen Set (5/5)
[Poison Skills deal more damage and grant a toxic aura that poisons nearby enemies. The Spinning Blades skill is improved and no longer requires skill points to equip]
> Any rarity “Heroic” bow.
> Any rarity “Heroic” dagger.
> 2 Rarities “Heroic” rings.
> Any rarity “Heroic” talisman

> 4x Damage (Full Red)
> 2x Critical Damage (Full Orange)
> 2x Armor (Full Blue)
> 2x Health (Full Green)

X – Master Archer – Mastered [8]
O – Reflex Shot – Mastered [15]
Triangle – Spinning Blades – Heroic [0] (MAIN DAMAGE)
R2 – Queen’s Wrath – Superior [12]

Passive skills:
> Blessing of the Forest – Superior [10]
> Master of Poisons – Mastered [12]
> Wild Brambles – Mastered [15]
> Tactical Retreat – Mastered [12]
> Follow Tracks – Mastered [12]

Legendary Rank (Found on the 3rd tab called “STATUS”, press square).
Legendary Punishment: 41x Chance – 20x Power

God Skill Tree:
> 40% Armor
> 3% Damage
> 19% Resistance to damage over time (counters poison)
> 2% Health Regenration
> 76% Maximum health
> 168% Counyer-Attack Damage
> 12% Champion damage Reduction
Feel free to make your own build for the God Skill Tree.

Divine emissary
Buy all rewards available on the God Skill Tree

The God Skill Tree can be found in the menu, on the far right. At maximum points, you’ll have 50 skills to spend. You’ll be able to select a few unique abilities, ranging from level 1 to 3. Spending all 50 skill points will unlock this trophy.

Big game hunter
Kill a boss in Boss Rush on at least “Chaos 2” difficulty

Refer to the “Veni Vidi Vici” trophy for more information on this.

Bless a heroic item 50 times

For this trophy, you’ll need a Red – Heroic item. These can be found in Relic hunts, on a higher difficulty level (Very Hard / Chaos 1 and up).

The trick here is that you’ll only fill up 1 gem slot, in order to save your gems to do 50 of them.

Treasure hunter
Find 100 rare or heroic pieces of gear

You’ll need to find a total of 100 rare or heroic gear pieces. Throughout the game, you’ll find many of them, even more so during Relic hunts. If you aren’t able to find any rare loot, please do consider increasing the difficulty. Chaos 1/2 should do the trick!

Eyes on the prize
Find your first heroic item (not a quest reward)

If you didn’t get it during the campaign, don’t fret! For starters, you’ll need to be level 50 to find heroic items. When doing your 50 Relic Hunts, you will encounter at least 1 heroic item each run (on a higher difficulty level).

Best of the best
Reach level 50 with any character

If you play the game on very hard / Chaos 1 you should be (close) to level 50 upon finishing the campaign. Level 50 + 50 over levels are required anyhow for the “Defeat a boss on Chaos 5” trophy, so you’ll earn this trophy without even bothering.

Still no worthy adversary
Finish the game as Bragi

Please do refer to the “Happily ever after…” trophy.

The forest can now breathe
Finish the game as Elessa

Please do refer to the “Happily ever after…” trophy.

The beginning of redemption
Finish the game as Elontir

Please do refer to the “Happily ever after…” trophy.

For the Empire!
Finish the game as Konrad

Please do refer to the “Happily ever after…” trophy.

Curiouser and curiouser
Open 50 chests

Chests are available during the campaign and in the extra game modes such as Relic Hunt and Chaos Tower. If you play multiplayer /co-op the chest count is not shared among the party. You are the one who needs to open them!

Complete your first set of equipment

An equipment set consists out of 5 items, being:
> Helmet (Head)
> Tunic (Chest)
> Gauntlets (Gloves/hands)
> Tassets (Pants/legs)
> Boots (Shoes/feet)

For a set, you’ll need 5 with the same new, which will provide you with a set bonus

Deep pockets
Collect 1,000 pieces of gear

Gear pieces drop from chests and killing enemies. If playing in multiplayer, make sure you pick them up for this trophy to count. This could be one of the latest trophies, probably earned when farming the 50 relic hunts.

All that glitters…
Collect 100 Fragments

Fragments are colored gems that are dropped from killing enemies. They can be used to bless gear or to respawn when you die. Collecting 100 of them will be a walk in the park.

Hallowed be the gear
Bless your first item

Open your inventory and select any item, now press triangle. Add some gems and bless your item.

Complete a side activity

Side activities are found during relic hunts. You will find at least 1 (usually 2-4) in each mission. Activities include killing enemies, killing marked enemies, resisting attacks, and destroying alters.

Kind soul
Donate 100 items to the Collectors’ Guild

Donating items can be done at the collector’s Guild, marked with a red icon on the mini-map. Donating items to him will reward you with gems, cosmetics, and unique passive skills.

Complete 50 side activities

You’ll need to complete a total of 50 relic hunts, 1 relic hunt contains between 1-4 side activities. This trophy should come naturally once farming the 50 relic hunts

Good strategist
Kill an elite with a build made from at least 90 Skill Points

For this trophy to pop, you will need to spend exactly 90 skill points, not more. For the wood elf, go with the following build:

Active skills:
X – Master Archer – Mastered [8]
O – Reflex Shot – Mastered [15]
R2 – Queen’s Wrath – Superior [12]

Passive skills:
> Blessing of the Forest – Superior [10]
> Master of Poisons – Mastered [12]
> Wild Brambles – Mastered [15]
> Tactical Retreat – Mastered [12]
> Queen’s Wrath [6]

So in short:
1x 6
1x 8
1x 10
3x 12
2x 15
90 in total

Be fully equipped

Equip any items in your inventory slots. Make sure they are all filled up

Horror of horrors
Kill 1,000 Ungors

Ungors are brown-colored enemies with little horns on their heads. They are shown below.

The urge to purge
Kill a Mutalith

A Mutalith is a boss type. It has tentacles coming out of his head and has a doglike shape. It’s shown in the image below. It can be found during the campaign or in Relic hunts.

Get your feet wet
Finish the Prologue

The prologue is a single mission, which explains how to play the game. It’s part of act 1.

Drenched in vomit, but victorious
Finish Act I

Campaign missions. Act 1 includes:
1) Prologue
2) Descent Into Darkness
3) The Lost
4) Gifts for the Dark God
5) The Beastlord
6) Spawn of Chaos
7) The Marked One
8) The Eye of Argoth
9) The Hidden Path
10) Nurgle’s Lair
11) City of Blood

A worthy adversary
Finish Act II

Campaign missions. Act 2 includes:
1) Picking the Bones
2) The Last Testament
3) The Garden of Ursun
4) BLood Feud
5) The fighting Pits
6) Red Sands
7) The Bloodborn
8) The tower of Skulls
9) The Whispering wood

Resist temptation
Finish Act III

Campaign missions. Act 3 includes:
1) The Wild Hunt
2) The Wise Fool
3) Hidden Perils
4) Secrets of Ages Past
5) Siren song
6) A Path Through the Thorns
7) The Key to Desire
8) The Garden of Delights
9) The Path of Ruin

Blood on your hands
Use bloodlust

Bloodlust is a special ability that you need to fill up. Some enemies drop red/black orbs you can pick up. If you pick up enough of them, your meter (left bottom) will fill up. Press L2 and you will activate bloodlust.

Half way there
Reach level 25 with any character

Please refer to the “Best of the best” trophy for more information.

Fair trade
Trade 50 Fragments with the Collectors’ Guild

Talk with the Collectors’ Guild and select “Trade”. This option is only available after donating enough items to the guild.

Relic hunter
Complete your first Relic Hunt

Relic hunts become available after completing the campaign. They are available at the guild dude, where you can start all the other modes too!

Death to all abominations
Kill a Jabberslythe

A Jabberslythe is a boss type. It can be found multiple times during the campaign and during relic hunts. It’s shown in the image below.

Daily routine
Complete 50 Relic Hunts

A Relic Hunt can be started from the Guild. Once started, focus on 2 things:
> Killing a bunch of enemies until that objective disappears.
> Running towards the final boss, which is always in a different spot.
A single run could take up to 3 min.

Hand of God
Use a God Skill

In each god skill tree, there are multiple God Skills you can choose from. Each skill has 3 levels, which will increase its power. Equip any to your skill set and cast it for this trophy to pop.

For your work shall be rewarded…
Unlock your first reward from the God Skill Tree

The god skill tree can be found in the inventory menu, on the far right, as shown below. each character has their own God skills, so pick something you like.

In the lap of the wrong Gods
Kill 1,000 cultists

This trophy will pop during the campaign, don’t worry about it. Cultists are usually human-like and wear capes. Few are shown below:

Daemon slayer
Kill 1,000 daemons

This trophy will pop during the campaign, don’t worry about it. A few daemons are shown below. They are ugly-ass creatures.

Scourge of Chaos
Kill 100 champions

Champions are bigger enemies, but not bosses. One is shown in the image below. They usually have a lot of health and won’t die as quickly as normal enemies (mobs). Please note that the purple glow indicates that it’s an “Elite Champion”, this is not a requirement for this trophy. You are allowed to kill them without a purple glow.

Filthy rich
Acquire 100,000 gold pieces

Gold will drop from enemies upon killing them. You should be close to 500.000 – 1.000.000 at the end of the campaign. If you are short on gold, you’ll get a load of it during relic hunts. Make sure you don’t die often, as that will cost you gold to respawn. Consider lowering the difficulty then.

No hard feelings
Kill a boss on “Very hard” difficulty

Please refer to the “Veni Vidi Vici” trophy for more information.