Virtuous Western Trophy Guide

Game: Virtuous Western
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 12 minutes
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 11 , 2 , 0
Author: The Trophy Platypus

Welcome to the trophy guide for Virtuous Western. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through all levels.

Welcome to the Virtuous Western guide, a fun little puzzle platformer with a very straightforward trophy list. You will have to complete 30 levels. During the levels you will perform all actions associated with trophies. The only exception is three bullets which could be missed, but the game has a chapter select, and you can replay level 30 to quickly pick up three bullets.

Get all other trophies.

Giddy up, Cowboy!

Shoot an enemy while he is reloading.

The first enemies you encounter will have three shots you will have to dodge by either jumping over the shots by pressing X, or using ladders to avoid the projectiles. After the enemy has fired all 3 shots, they will begin to reload. Use this opportunity to fire the bullet you picked up and unlock this trophy.

Make two enemies shoot each other.

In level 4, two enemies will be either side of you. You will have to time your jump and evade both bullets, or you can quickly go down the ladder. The bullets will continue on their trajectory and kill each of the two enemies.

Smash an enemy with a box.

In level 6, an enemy will be stood under a box which is being suspended by a chain. Shoot the chain to kill the enemy with the box.

Blow up an enemy

In level 11, you will be introduced to TNT. Simply shoot the TNT barrel the enemy is stood on to unlock this trophy.

Make an enemy shoot a barrel of TNT

In level 11, you will be introduced to TNT. Climb the ladder and keep your distance as the enemy will shoot the barrel in front of him blowing himself up.

Blow up several barrels of TNT in a row

In level 13, there will be a large cache of TNT. Climb the two ladders, pick up the bullet, and shoot the chain the lone TNT barrel is held by. This will make the TNT fall and start a chain reaction, killing both enemies and blowing up all the TNT.

Collect 3 bullets in the same stage

Can be unlocked on any level where you can access three bullets without using one. Level 30 has six bullets you can easily pick up without having to use one.

Blow up more than one enemy with just one dynamite

In level 21 you are introduced to dynamite, simply pick it up and then press circle to throw it at the three enemies, if you are successful in your throw you will at least blow up two enemies and unlock this trophy.

Shoot down the shotgun enemy

In level 24 you are introduced to a new enemy type the shotgun enemy. They require two bullets to kill or can be blown up with dynamite. In level 24 you will have to use dynamite to blow up the shotgun enemy.

Defeat the boss

In level 30 you will face Butch Bill. He has 5 health points and there are 6 bullets so you must be precise with your shots. Butch Bill fires several shots before jumping up/down a platform, follow him upwards avoiding his shots on the ladders picking up bullets along the way. Once you’ve reached the top wait for him to reach the bottom and after he has finished shooting he will wait there for a little while. Drop down of the side and fire a shot. Repeat this process a further four times to defeat Bill. It should be noted you may not have to go all the way to the top if he is already further along in his cycle, he may also pause on a different platform.

Complete all stages

After defeating Butch Bill you will have completed all 30 levels in the game and will unlock this trophy.

Enter the first level of the game

Trophy will unlock as soon as you start a new game.

Shoot your first enemy

Unlocked in level 1. Pick up the bullet and then press square to shoot making sure you are in range of the enemy.

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