The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trophy Guide

Game: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 90 – 120 hours (see Note below)
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 1 , 9 , 41
Author: JimP2121, edited by BloodDragooner
Welcome to the trophy guide for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Note: 1. The time to platinum will vary on a number of factors like a player’s own skills, use of microphones to communicate with teammates, other players staying connected to the game even through kill animations, etc.
2. This guide is based on the base game up to Patch 3 (Sept. 13, 2023). The developers have modified the balancing, XP amounts, and other issues that have arose through the release of the game and it will continue to evolve as deemed necessary.

Stage 1 – Play Online Public Matches to Rank Up to Level 50.

Stage 2 – Boost Trophies

Dog Will Hunt
As Leatherface destroy 10 objects with your chainsaw (barricades, crawl space, door).

As Leatherface, you are the only character who can destroy objects in the game. These objects that he can destroy are: barricades, some crawl spaces, and doors. Leatherface can use his chainsaw to eliminate any of these objects, but while doing so he can be stabbed by the Victims and the object will not be destroyed.

Perform the Gutted Like a Deer, Clobbered, Sliced Meat, Sticky End and Killing Tease executions as Leatherface, Cook, Hitchhiker, Johnny and Sissy.

Each of the Family members has a default type of execution that they perform and you only need to do one for each character.

The default execution is as follows:
1. Leatherface – Gutted Like a Deer
2. Cook – Clobbered
3. Hitchhiker – Sliced MEat
4. Johnny – Sticky End
5. Sissy – Killing Tease

Nowhere left to Hide
As a victim hide in a freezer, locker, wardrobe, trunk, and car trunk.

Through each map there may be a few freezers, lockers, wardrobes, trunks, and car trunks. The freezers are usually in the Basement or the main floor of the House, or in the Slaughterhouse building. Lockers can be in the Basement and various buildings. The wardrobes can be in the Basement, main or second level of the House, or even in some buildings. The car trunks are any car that is scattered throughout the map and they are typically close to a road exit. You only need to hide in each of the 5 types at least once. When you hide, if you wait too long your character will burst out of the hiding place and make noise.

Doing Well
Jump down a well 10 times in total.

All maps will have 4 wells in them and the locations are always in the same places. You only need to jump down a well for a total of 10 times. When you do jump down a well, you will lose health, could need to recover if your health is too low, or possibly die if your health is very low. Jumping down wells is also a good way to save time so that you get to an exit, find items (Unlocking Tool, Bone Shard, etc.), bypassing locked doors, or avoiding the Family members.

Respec a characters unlock tree after reaching maximum level.

For any character that you have reached maximum level 10 in their skill tree, you can choose to respec the skill tree. Upon respecing the skill tree, you will earn this trophy. You will get back all the skill points and will be able to explore any new perks that you have not used before or repick any that you previously obtained.

Hung up on you
Execute 10 victims in total on gallows as Leatherface.

As Leatherface you are the only Family Member who can pick up any Victim that has been wounded enough that they are recovering or dying while laying on the ground. There are 3 gallows on each map and the easiest to locate are on the Family House map. If a Victim jumps out the second floor window, they will automatically be laying on the ground afterwards so that it is an easy pick up for Leatherface to get them and take them to a highlighted yellow gallows. This trophy is more difficult to do in Public Matches as more Family members are trying to just execute a Family member. Therefore, it is recommended to earn this trophy in a Private Match where you can boost 3 of the gallows executions during one match.

I’m comin’ for ya
As Hitchhiker use one sidle, bolthole and ladder in a single match.

During one match, you will need to be playing as Hitchhiker. You will need to use any open crawl spaces where you move sideways or underneath to enter another area. Also, use a ladder to go between the ground level and Basement/Tunnels on the map.

Use the Ultimate Escape ability at level 3 to reduce stamina consumption and become immune to detection 5 times.

Playing as Julie, you will need to level up her special ability. This will take many matches to gain enough XP for her special ability so that it gets maxed out at a level 3. Once it is at level 3, then you only need to use it a total of 5 times thereafter and earn this trophy. This fully upgraded ability will allow Julie to escape detection from almost any situation where the Family use their special abilities against the Victims.

Bring it on
Win 4 close encounters as a victim in total.

Playing as any Victim, you will need to obtain a Bone Shard and then when you are close to any Family member, excluding Leatherface, you can initiate to Counter them when prompted. You will need to press X repeatedly to defend yourself and win the close encounter with the Family member.

Perking Up
Start a match with a fully levelled up ability and three level 3 perks equipped.

You will need to fully level up any character so that their special ability is at level 3 and that the 3 equipped perks are also at level 3. This means that you will have to play many Public Matches to level up them up fully.

Welcome to the Family
Execute your first victim.

As any Family Member, kill your first Victim to earn this trophy.

Serial Killer
Execute 100 victims in total.

You will need to accumulate a total of 100 executions for your own playthroughs of the game. This is not the number of kills shown under Progression tab, as the Kills and Execution numbers can be different due to the players that get killed not staying connected to the match during the animation of the kill. See the pictures below.

He was the greatest ever.
Feed Grandpa 10 times in total.

As a Family Member, you can collect blood from the Blood Reservoirs and by attacking/killing Victims. When your Blood level is full, Grandpa will be highlighted yellow so know that you need to empty your blood and feed Grandpa. You do not need to wait for your Blood level to be full in order to feed Grandpa, but there is an animation involved and this will allow more time for the Victims to be gaining time on their escapes. After feeding Grandpa 10 times you will earn this trophy.

First Blood
Execute the first victim in a match.

As a Family Member, be the first during a match to kill a Victim to earn this trophy.

Get Outta There
Drag out 20 victims from inside hiding objects.

Victims can hide in a freezer, locker, wardrobe, trunk, or car trunk. As a Family Member you will need to open and take the Victim out of their hiding spot. When you do this the Victim will lose health. It is recommended to earn this trophy in Private Matches as most players rarely use any of these hiding spots.

So Close…
Kill a victim within 10 metres of an exit in any level.

As a Family Member you will need to kill a Victim within 10 metres of any exit in any map.

Last Victim Standing
As last victim standing, survive for 3 minutes and escape in a single match.

During a match, playing as a Victim you will need to be the last one that has either not escaped or been killed during the match. You will need to stay in the match at least 3 more minutes and then eventually escape during this match.

As a victim escape a level without making any noise from collecting objects, traps, chickens, bone charms, doors.

Playing as a Victim you will need to be as quiet as possible. You can never make any noises as indicated on your noise meter when obtaining any Unlock Tools, Bone Shards, etc., so its recommended that you do minimal of any of these activities and let the other Victims get items. Let them open Basement doors and escape exits. The Basement door will always more noise whenever opened so have another Victim do this for you. Also, avoid the Bone Charms, Chickens, and Traps by letting the other Victims take care of them for you.

Git back here
Win 4 close encounters as family members in total.

As any Family Member other than Leatherface, you can come into close proximity of a Victim and they can initiate a close encounter with you. You will need to press X repeatedly and win this battle so that you kill them during this close encounter.

Can’t Keep Me Out
Successfully barge open a total of 10 latched doors.

As any player, other than Leatherface, you can barge open latched doors. Some characters are better at breaking open these latched doors than others, too. An easy location to farm these is in the Basement as a Victim where you can latch doors and then go through crawl spaces, then barge open these doors. However, barging open a latched door will create noise, so be on the lookout as to who is around you at the time of doing these.

Fighting Back
Successfully perform 3 sneak attacks against family members in total.

As a Victim, you can obtain a Bone Shard from a Bone Pile. You can then sneak behind a Family member and attack them with the Bone Shard. These 3 sneak attacks can all be done in one match or across many matches.

Team Player
Heal 4 teammates in total.

Throughout any map there will be Health Bottles that a Victim can collect. You will then need to use this when you are near another Victim (states “Heal a Friend”) on them. It is easy to do this while the other Victim is searching for a Tool or unlocking a locked door/gate. Do this a total of 4 times either during one match or across many matches.

Be like Sally
Escape down the driveway after jumping out of the family house front window.

Playing as a Victim on the Family House map, you will need to jump through the front window of the house. Some Victims may need to recover if their Health is too low which could allow the Family members to find you more quickly and kill you. The generator will need to be off so that the green light near the end of the driveway exit is open. It Is best to attempt this when you hear the generator turn off and the front road exit is open. You may want to have a Health Bottle in your inventory just in case you need it. Once you jump out the window you will need to go towards the road and escape either to the right or to the left.

Fully Focused
Use the focus ability to unlock 10 doors in total.

Playing as Connie, her special ability allows her to open locks very quickly when she activates it. You can level up her special ability the more you use it. Make sure to always upgrade it from the Customization or Character Choice menu of the game. You will only need to use her ability a total of 10 times.

Safe and Secure
Add extra locks to 10 doors in total.

Playing as Cook, you can put up to 3 locks on doors that are not Basement doors per match. You will need to do this a total of 10 times to earn this trophy.

I hear you
Successfully spot 10 victims in total.

Playing as Cook, you can activate his special ability to hear noises from Victims and use it to locate and highlight a Victim in red. A Victim will know that they have been tagged by Cook. This will make it much easier for the Family to track down this highlighted Victim to kill. You will only need to spot a total of 10 Victims through your matches. If the generator is on and Cook is near it, it will interfere with his special ability.

I got one!
Catch a total of 5 victims in traps.

Playing as the Hitchhiker, he is able to set a total of 3 traps per match. It is best to place the traps where the Victims will have to go like near a Fusebox, locked door, the landing at the top of ladders, the landing at the top of stairs, crawl spaces, or even in grassy areas frequented by the Victims. You will need to catch a total of 5 Victims in his traps to earn this trophy.

Using the Pain is Nothing ability purge 4 poison effects.

Playing as Ana, her special ability will allow her to negate the effects of poison that Sissy can have on picked up Poisoned Items and clouds of the green poison. You will need to activate her special ability after being affected by the poison. Sometimes it is easy to run through the lingering green poison clouds once you know Sissy and the other Family members are not around so that you can earn these more quickly without worrying about the Family members harming Ana. You will need to use this ability at least 4 times to purge the effects being poisoned.

Can’t hide from me
Analyze 5 victim footprints in total.

Playing as Johnny, he has the special ability to find, analyze, and track any Victim’s footprints. The Victim will know that Johnny has found their footprints and may be tracking them down. Johnny will see yellowish orange highlighted footprints and vapor trails that follow the pathway that the Victim was taking. You will need to analyze 5 Victim footprints in total.

What WILL be Left of You?
Play 74 public matches.

You will need to play at least 74 Public Matches to earn this trophy. The only way to earn XP is to play Public Matches so you will be playing many more than 74 in total in order to be able to get to Player Level 50 (589,000 XP).

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