The Prince of Landis Trophy Guide

Game: The Prince of Landis
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 25 minutes
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: Many. Please refer to the walkthrough below.
Trophies: 1, 3 , 18 , 14
Author: The Trophy Platypus
Welcome to the trophy guide for The Prince of Landis. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Walkthrough.

Welcome to this trophy guide for The Prince of Landis a fun little adventure game from Lorestrome and
Ratalaika Games. It should take you about 25 minutes to complete. There are a lot of missable trophies which are for interacting with certain objects, thankfully most can be done at the beginning of the game. The following are missable trophies: “Sweet Mudflaps, Worthless, 1980’s Cable, Empty Cupboards, Party Line, Artist, Disappointment Real Healthy Self Image, Checkin’ Them Doors, There has To Be a Better Way, Checking the Power, Show Some Respect, A Nice Place to Rest


Trophy “Visiting Oregon”
After getting punched, pick up your hat and head down a screen.
Head left a screen and then up one screen.
You will be outside your house.
Interact with your dad’s car Trophy “Sweet Mudflaps”.
Interact with the Tug box to the right of the house Trophy “Worthless”.
Interact with the Antenna to the left of the house Trophy “1980’s Cable.
Go inside the house.
Interact with the oven Trophy “Empty Cupboards.
Interact with the telephone next to the TV Trophy “Party Line”.
Speak with your dad.
Go upstairs.
Interact with the boxes in the corner in front of you Trophy “Pawn Shop”.
Interact with the art stuff on the floor Trophy “Artist”.
Interact with the sports stuff to the right of the art stuff Trophy “Disappointment”.
Interact with the mirror in the bathroom Trophy “Real Healthy Self Image”.
Go to bed.
After waking up, head downstairs and exit the house.
Go up two screens following the green light.
Meet the alien Trophy “Close Encounter”.
Go back home and to bed.
Go to school, head right three screens, down one screen and right one more screen.
Interact with the Antique Shop door Trophy “Checkin’ Them Doors.
Head right two more screens.
Go inside the school and speak to the kid on the right to start the class.
After School Return to the Alien Trophy “Be More Cunning”.
Head to your house and pick up the cans from the floor Trophy “Canned”.
Head to the roadkill rabbit and pick it up Trophy “Flattened”.
Head back to the alien and give it the metal and rabbit Trophy “Hospitable”.
Go to your bed and sleep.
Get up and head to school.
On the way to school, pick up the crowbar in the alleyway to the left of the Antique shop Trophy “It is Free, Man”.
Go to school and interact with the kid on the right.
After school, head to the town.
To the left of Porkey’s Gas is an Alleyway. Go down it Trophy “Nose For Secrets”.
Talk to the homeless man and pick up the pliers from the floor.
Head to the right two screens to some abandoned houses.
Use the crowbar to enter the house on the left.
Inside interact with the Yellow coiled cable Trophy “There has To Be a Better Way”.
Interact with the two power sockets dangling next to the doors
Head to the right one screen and at the wood mill, interact with the clocking-in machine TrophyGlimpse of the Future.
Interact with the manhole cover.
Head left and up and use the ladder.
Head to the Alien and give it the copper Trophy “Bringing Home the Copper”.
Head to school and enter your classroom.
Pick up the science book from the teacher’s desk Trophy “Higher Learning”.
Pick up the mason jar from the right of the room Trophy “Now Find the Lightning”.
Head to the abandoned house.
Talk to the kid inside.
Interact with the Moths Trophy “Entomologist”.
Head back to the Alien.
Give it the moths and science book Trophy “A Crunchy Snack”.
Go home and to bed.
Head towards the school.
Bullies will beat you up on the way Trophy “Roadside beating”.
At school a teacher will be waiting for you outside Trophy “Grade A lumber”.
After school, speak with the alien Trophy “Dealing With a Big Thing”.
Head back to your house, then one screen right and then left two screens.
Steal the chicken then head inside the house.
Take the oxygen tank.
Interact with the stairs Trophy “Show Some Respect”.
Interact with the organ pipes and take two zinc pipes.
Interact with the fireplace Trophy “A Nice Place to Rest” .
Head towards town and when you get to the screen where the tarmac road bends, take the left path.
Interact with the toolbox Trophy “Toolbox”.
Next to the toolbox interact with the electrical box Trophy “Checking the Power”.
Head into town and into Porkey’s Gas.
Steal some batteries from in front of the cashier. Trophy “Discount”.
Head back to the alien to give it all the items Trophy “The Grim Feast”.
You now have a choice of a good or bad ending. Both choices will unlock the “Final Meal” Trophy.
Bad Ending
Head home and interact with bed to go to sleep.
The alien will enter your home and eat your dad.
Trophy “Final Meal”
Trophy “Oregon Trial”

Good ending
Head to school.
Talk to the bullies outside, they will chase you to the alien.
The alien will kill both of the bullies.
Trophy “Final Meal”
Trophy “Oregon Trial”

Text here

Oregon Trial
Unlock all of the Prince of Landis trophies.

Arise, Prince of Landis!

The Grim Feast
Serve up a large meal.

Once you have collected the oxygen, zinc from inside your neighbor’s house, the chicken from outside, the batteries from Porkey’s Gas, and the tools from the snowy pathway, return the items to the alien to unlock this trophy.

Final Meal
Serve one final meal.

There are two ways to get this trophy, a good ending and a bad ending. When the alien tasks you to serve it one final meal, you choose the bad ending by going home and to sleep, the alien will enter your house and eat your dad. Or the good ending, you can go to the school and talk to the bullies, they will chase you all the way to the alien who will eat them.

Roadside Beating
Showdown in the streets.

Story related. On your way to school you will meet the bullies who will give you a beating.

Close Encounter
There is something strange in the woods.

After sleeping for the first night, head outside and follow the green light, where you will meet something strange in the woods.

Now Find the Lightning
Procure the jar of the masons.

Pick up the jar from the school classroom to the right of the room.

Higher Learning
Help spread knowledge from here to the stars.

After giving the alien the copper, head to your classroom and pick up the schoolbook from the teacher’s desk.

Use your five-finger discount.

On Day 3 when collecting batteries, head to Porkey’s Gas station and interact with the batteries on top of the power sale box near the cashier to pocket some.

It is Free, Man
Essential and standard issue.

After the second day of school, go down the alleyway next to the antique shop and pick up the crowbar.

Find some tools.

Day 3 when collecting metalworking tools head to the town, and when you get to the screen where the tarmac road bends, take the snowy footpath left. Interact with the tools. Also interact with the electrical box next to them for the trophy.

Put a mess to good use.

After interacting with the alien for a second time, head to your house and pick up some cans from the floor.

Bring home a strange meal.

After interacting with the alien for a second time, head to where the roadkill rabbit lays and pick it up.

1980’s Cable
Try to change the TV station.

Missable. To the left of your house is an antenna, interact with it.

Check out those paper mill tools.

Missable. Interact with the Tug wooden box outside your house.

Party Line
Try making a call.

Missable. Interact with the telephone next to the TV in your house.

Visiting Oregon
Take a trip to the great Pacific Northwest.

Trophy unlocks as soon as you start a new game.

Be More Cunning
Get some advice from beyond.

After going to school, head back to where you met the alien and interact with it for a second time to unlock this trophy.

Help someone, or something… in need.

After picking up the roadkill rabbit and the cans, take them back to the alien to unlock the trophy.

Bringing Home the Copper
Find some good electrical conductors.

Take the crowbar from an alleyway between the two shops and talk with the homeless guy down the alleyway. Next, take the copper from the abandoned house. Return to the alien and give him the copper.

A Crunchy Snack
Serve up a winged meal.

After collecting the moths in the jar and the schoolbook, head to the alien and give the items to it.

Dealing With a Big Thing
Get some advice about bullies.

On the third day after getting beaten up and being late to school, head to the alien and get some advice.

Grade A Lumber
Have a talk with ‘teach’ about class.

After getting beaten up and being late to class you’ll meet the teacher outside school and talk to him.

Glimpse of the Future
Vet all of your options.

Missable. Head to the timber mill and interact with the clocking in/out machine

Sweet Mudflaps
Admire ‘Big Orange.’

Missable. Interact with your dads car outside your house.

Checking the Power
Investigate some of the electrical disturbances in town.

Missable. Interact with the open power cabinet pictured. It is down a snowy path on the road of the bend.

Nose for Secrets
Find the hidden place!

To the left of Porkie’s Gas station is an alleyway. Head down it.

There Has To Be a Better Way
Fowler would not approve of doing any unnecessary work.

After picking up the crowbar, head to the boarded up house to the right of the school and enter the house. Interact with the copper wires to the left of the right room.

Checkin’ Them Doors
Check all points of egress!

Missable. Interact with the antique shop door in the town.

A Nice Place to Rest
Warm up your feet a little!

Missable. Head to the house to the left of your house and enter it. Interact with the fire.

Empty Cupboards
Try to make dinner.

Missable. Interact with the cooker in the kitchen of your house.

Pawn Shop
Investigate your comic collection.

Missable. Interact with where your comics would be. They are against the wall as soon as you go up the stairs in your bedroom.

Real Healthy Self Image
Take a good long hard look at yourself.

Missable. Interact with the mirror upstairs in your house.

Admire your collection of bats and balls.

Missable. Interact with your bats and balls, in the corner of your bedroom below the bathroom.

Maybe take some time to do a little drawing.

Missable. Interact with your drawings, in the corner of your bedroom below the door to the bathroom.

Show Some Respect
Don’t be rude.

Missable. Head to the house down and to the left of your house and enter it. Try to go upstairs.

Take up bug collecting.

Missable. After giving the alien the copper, get the mason jar from the school class room then return to the house where you got the copper from. There will be a guy now inside, talk to him about the moths, then interact with the moths.

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