The Hippo G Trophy Guide

Game: The Hippo G
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 5 minutes
Difficulty: 0/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 9 , 5 , 6
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for The Hippo G. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

Welcome to the Trophy Guide for The Hippo G. It’s another R1 clicker from Webnetic. Hold down R1 for 3 minutes and the platinum trophy is yours.

The Hippo G
You have the true player! – Unlock all trophies

Hippos Mate in the Water
Eat 9000 watermelons

A Group of Hippos Is Called a Bloat
Eat 8500 watermelons

Hippos Are Very Vocal Creatures
Eat 8000 watermelons

They Can Hold Their Breath for Up to Five Minutes
Eat 7500 watermelons

They Can’t Swim
Eat 7000 watermelons

Hippos Have A British Connection
Eat 6500 watermelons

Hippos Are Territorial – But Only In Water
Eat 6000 watermelons

They Cannot Breathe Underwater
Eat 5500 watermelons

There are no hippos in Croatia, only in Zoo.
Eat 9500 watermelons

Hippos are most active at night
Eat 3500 watermelons

The gestation period of a hippo is 243 days
Eat 3000 watermelons

Hippos serve an integral role in their ecosystems
Eat 5000 watermelons

They produce their own sunblock!
Eat 4000 watermelons

Hippos can identify friends from enemies
Eat 4500 watermelons

Hippos are herbivores
Eat 2500 watermelons

Hippos are a threatened animal
Eat 2000 watermelons

They Have Incredibly Sensitive Skin
Eat 1500 watermelons

There are two species of hippopotamids
Eat 1000 watermelons

Hippos are the third largest mammals on Earth
Eat 500 watermelons

Here comes the weekly watermelon!
Eat your first watermelon

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