Tails of Iron Trophy Guide

Game: Tails of Iron
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 10-12 hours
Difficulty: 5/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 6 , 10 , 10
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Tails of Iron. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game

Tails of Iron is a linear game full of story elements. Each objective is shown on the interactive mini-map, which displays various things. You can find waypoints, missions, and savepoints on the map.

You’ll be spending around 8 hours completing the game. During this game, you will face various foes and bosses. The combat can be a bit challenging and some bosses can prove quite tough. That’s the reason the difficulty is rated 6/10, but you could find it harder or easier, depending on your combat skills.

There are a few trophies you need to keep an eye on:

– Complete the Chef’s Book
Most of the food is found during the story, for some you need to talk to NPCs and complete little quests.

– Complete Redgi’s Armoury
You’ll need to find all weapons and armors in the game. You’ll find about 80% just by completing the game. The other 20% are found by entering all rooms in the game. There are no hidden treasures, everything is in plain sight or buried, but it will show up clearly when you enter rooms.

Be sure to check the map from time to time, in order to get your waypoints! Another great tip is to save at each blue lanturn you encounter, otherwise, you’ll be respawned at your latest checkpoint upon death!

Upon completing the story you will be able to explore the world, so don’t worry about missing any trophies.

King of Kings
Complete all other Trophies

Complete the Chef’s Book
Collect all Ingredients in the Chef’s Book

The first meal its ingredients Water, Roots, Raspberries are found during the tutorial.

Second meal (story related): Shrooms and bread are bought from the merchant. Milk is found at the farm.

Third meal
Cheese: Found in the statue room
Root: can be found by getting the compass (market), then talking to a rat near the hunters’ lodge.
For the honey, you’ll need to buy 1 wood from the woodcutter and the glue from the merchant.

Fourth meal:
Canned meat: Bought from the merchant in Mole city!
Cripsbugs: You’ll need to find the Olive Oil, as shown below, and bring it to the location of the cripsbugs. The mole there will fry them into cripsbugs!
Lettuce: Found in the Mines, as shown below.

Eating these meals will increase your maximum health.

End of the Mozis
Defeat the Mozi Queen

You will encounter the Mozi Queen early on in-game. It’s one of the first real bosses that triggers a trophy. It is, however, story-related.

The attacks of the mozi queen:

White attack: It will fire an acid stream forward, which can be blocked with a shield. It’s best if you manage to roll behind it and get a few hits in.

This can also trigger an attack where it goes upwards and fires an acid stream downwards, followed up by a red circled attack that can only be dodged.

Red attack: A charge attack forward in close range. Roll out of range to dodge.

Red circle attack: You will see grass falling from the ceiling. It will hit that area. Dodge but stay close to get some hits in.

Another Red circle attack is where it leaps forward and then fires an acid stream from its butt. Make sure to close in quickly to land a few hits afterward.

Return Power To The Depths
Return power to the bottom of the mines

Before you can restore power to the bottom of the mines, you’ll need to defeat the Grubmother!

The attacks of the Grubmother are as followed:

White attack: It shoots acid projectiles towards you. Can be blocked with your shield.

Yellow attack: It shoots a projectile towards you. Parry it and the Grubmother will fall onto the floor, allowing some hits!

Red charge attack: A leap forwards where it crawls a bit over the floor, dealing damage to everything in its path.

Also possible: It leaps from the air straight onto the ground and fires 3 explosive projectiles. Only dodging it will keep you safe.

When it is at half-health, it will spawn a few creeps. Kill them and the fight will continue.

Phase 2:

Red attack: Same as phase 1.

Red charge attack: Leap forward and will then go underground to do a leap attack. The ground will shake and indicate where it will come up.

Also possible: It goes up-down-up-down diagonally, dealing damage.

Yellow attack: Same as phase 1.

Throne Room Fit For A King
Repair the Throne Room

Part of the storyline. You’ll need to collect enough gold from side-quests to pay for the repairs.

Defeat Ratnor Rodentson
Defeat Ratnor Rodentson in the deeps of the Forbidden Crypts

Ratnor is an optional boss fight in terms of the storyline but is required for this trophy and the Complete Redgi’s Armoury trophy. It is a challenging fight but will reward you with a legendary weapon (max damage) early on in the game, which can be quite useful later on.

The attack patterns of Ratnor:

White attack: It throws its hammer across the field. This will follow with a red charge attack, where it will jump towards the hammer and back to the middle of the field, where it calls back its hammer.

Red attack: It attacks forwards, turns around, and attacks in the other direction.

Also possible: It fires lighting in front of it, the range is not endless. Either stay behind it or as far as possible in front of him.

Red charge attack: It calls upon the sky to strike with lightning. Yellow sparkles indicate where it will hit.

Phase 2 (half HP):
It will lose a leg and will limp. It also summons 2 minions. You can kill those with your ranged weapon.

Phase 3 (1/3 HP):
It will crawl over the floor. In both Phase 2 and 3 the attack patterns won’t change, it will move less quickly, however.

Complete Redgi’s Armoury
Collect all weapons and armours

Weapons and armours can be acquired in a few ways:

– Blueprints. You’ll get these from completing missions and you can buy them at the merchants (Moletown & Long Tail Village). Exchange them in the castle for weapons

– Complete (side)-missions. You will need to complete all (side)-missions within the game

– Defeating bosses. A few bosses will drop some good loot! Ratnor for example drops a legendary one-handed hammer.

– Visiting all areas. Some areas contain treasure chests, which contain items you need. Make sure you re-visit areas you could not access before, such as areas contaminated with poison.

The weapons/armors themselves aren’t named. That makes listing them very hard. It is possible to check which things you found in the castle. There is an armory room where you can view all weapons and armor pieces. However, it is tough to match those visually to the ones found ingame.

Defeat Rattus Augustail
Defeat Rattus Augustail in the deeps of the Forbidden Crypts

You’ll need to battle Rattus Augustail after you collect all 4 statues and open the gate to the secret crypt. (Return the Statues trophy).

Rattus will attack with Yellow attacks often, which allows for you to parry the attacks often and get damage in. You should be able to kill it within a few tries. Should you have trouble defeating it, refer to the video below for assistance.


Yellow Attack: It will try to hit you with its sword. Parry and get some damage in.

Regular attack (no color shown): Same as Yellow attack, make sure to parry.

Red attack: A dash forward ramming you with its shield.

Also possible: It leaps forward

White attack: It throws its spear. Make sure you block it with your shield.

Collect Gold
Collect 20 Gold

Gold is collected from completing side quests. The first 2 side quests will award you with 10 gold each, earning you this trophy.

Collect Monster Parts
Collect 50 Monster Parts

Monster Parts can be harvested from enemies you kill. They will reward you with various resources, including monster parts. You can also trade monster parts in the town for Iron ore, but you shouldn’t have to do this for the trophy.

The maximum amount of parts you can carry are 99.

Collect Iron Ore
Collect 20 Iron Ore

Iron ore can be harvested from enemies you kill. They will reward you with various resources, including Iron. You can also trade Iron parts in the town for Monster Parts.

A third way to get Iron Ore is from the Old Mines. You’ll find iron ore piles there which you can mine. They will also respawn upon re-visiting the area after a while.

Kitchen Ready To Cook
Repair the Kitchen

Part of the main story. You’ll need to complete a few side stories and earn some gold pieces in order to repair the kitchen.

Smithy Ready to Craft
Repair the Smithy

Part of the main story. You’ll need to complete a few side stories and earn some gold pieces in order to repair the smithy.

Return the Statues
Return all Statues to their resting place

Ancient Statue: Symbol of harvest
In Long Tale Village, towards the right of the hunters’ lodge.

Ancient Statue: Symbol of Leadership
In Long Tail Village. Underneath the tower where you need to kill a boss.

Ancient Statue: Symbol of Family
Inside the statue room, on the ground.

Ancient Statue: Symbol of War
Bought from the merchant in Moletown.

Complete Arena Faction
Complete all quests on the Arena Board

The Arena board is found in Moletown. It’s a set of quests that include Arena fights against strong opponents.

The missions you’ll need to complete are:

1) Mole Mysterio
2) Macho Mole
3) Molekind
4) Double Trouble
5) Hulk Molgan (easter egg, you will enjoy it)
6) The Moleberg
7) Wild Wave (upon completing the game)

Complete Ranger Faction
Complete all quests on the Ranger Faction Board at the Rangers’ Lodge

The Ranger Faction has a total of 9 quests available for you:

1) Hunt the Grub Infestation
2) Destroy the Grub Nest
3) Rogue Frog Camp
4) Hunt the Mozi Infestation
5) Destroy the Mozi Nest
6) Mozi King
7) Return of the queen
8) A new enemy approaches
9) Strange creature

Complete Elder Faction
Complete all quests on the Elder Board in Longtail Village

The elder Faction has a total of 5 quests available for you:

1) Grub Infestation in the farmer’s basement
2) Grub Nest in the Tower
3) Rogue Frog Camp
4) Miner Issues
5) Destroy the Grub Nest

Complete Guard Faction
Complete the Training Quest on the Guard Faction Board in the Rat Fort

Complete the tutorial mission in combat. You’ll learn how to attack, guard, parry, dodge, and roll.

Become King
Become King of the Rat Kingdom

After the king dies (for reasons you will discover on your own), make your way through the sewers. upon entering the castle, you’ll find the crown and this trophy will pop.

Ranged Weapon
Receive the first ranged weapon

After defeating the Bonga Brothers (giant frog), you will get the bow shortly after. You can fire the bow by pressing the triangle button.

Two Handed Weapon
Receive the first two handed weapon

Found in the Rangers’ Lodge, upper stairs. It is required to take it in order to progress in the story.

Rescue Redgi’s Brothers
Rescue Redgi’s brothers from the Frog clans

You will need to save both the cook and the blacksmith. The fight to save the blacksmith can be troublesome.

Fix the Traveller’s Wagon
Fix the traveler’s wagon to allow him to continue on his journey

For this trophy, you’ll need to locate the traveler’s wagon, as shown below. Navigate towards a farmer who offers to trade a wheel for 20 monster parts. Make this exchange and return to the previous location in order to earn this trophy.

It will be available a bit later in the story.

Meet the Creatures from the Deep
Meet the strange new creatures underground

Story related and cannot be missed. Late game you will travel towards the wonders of Moletown, where you will meet new creatures that await you and will assist you on this epic journey.

Defeat 25 Grubs
Defeat 25 grubs in battle

Defeat 25 grubs in battle

Defeat 25 Mozis
Defeat 25 mozis in battle

Defeat 25 mozis in battle

Defeat 25 Frogs
Defeat 25 frogs in battle

Defeat 25 frogs in battle

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