Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake Trophy Guide

Game: Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 20 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Spongebob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game.

During your first playthrough you will be aiming to complete the game as fast as possible. A lot of collectibles are not obtainable during the first run, so we will grab those during the second run! As you complete levels, you will gain new abilities such as Karate and powerjumping.

Each boss has an specific trophy tied to them, they can also be replayed when you beat the game. All levels have checkpoints which you can fast travel to quickly.

Stage 2 – Collectibles.

All collectibles can be found below:

Note: All collectibles can only be picked up when you complete the game once!

1. Bikini Bottom
2. Wild West JellyFish Fields
3. Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom
4. Pirate Goo Lagoon
5. Prehistoric Kelp Forest
6. Medieval Sulfur Fields
7. Halloween Rock Bottom
8. Jelly Glove World

One Sponge to Rule Them All
Collect all Trophies.

SpongeLock HolmesPants
Find the secret in every level.

For this trophy you will need to find all the golden spatulas. Each level contains a single spatula. A total of 8 are available.
Refer to Stage 2 – Collectibles for a complete overview of all collectibles and where they can be found.

Fashion Hunter
Unlock all costumes.

SpongeBob has a total of 35 costumes available. 9 of these are unlocked as progress through the campaign. 2 are unlocked by doing specific side missions. The other ones can be unlocked by spending gold coins that you can find while inside the campaign levels. For an overview of all the gold coins, refer to Stage 2 – Collectibles.

The “DutchmanBob” and “RainbowBob” can be unlocked by completing a specific side-mission.
The DutchmanBob is unlocked by completing the side mission available in “Halloween Rock Bottom”. You will need to find 3 people dressed as a fake Flying Dutchman. Their locations can be found on this page here.

The Rainbowbob is unlocked by completing the side mission available in “Jelly Glove World” by completing the minigames indicated with a little red flag.

Wanna see me do it again?
Clear every level and defeat the final boss.

This trophy is earned upon completing the campaign and finding all collectables. Refer to Stage 2 – Collectible Overview for a complete overview.

Pet you didn’t see that coming
Don’t get seen by King Gary during the boss fight.

Level: Halloween Rock Bottom
Checkpoint: King Gary

As you make your way forward, you can hide behind obstacles in order to hide from Gary (snail). As long as you stay in the shadow he cannot see you.

Refer to the video below if you are having trouble earning this trophy.

Pet you didn’t see that coming Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Splash Zone
Have Glovey Glove defeat 20 enemies during the boss fight.

Level: Jelly Glove World
Checkpoint: Glovey Glove

As you battle Glovey Glove he will shoot out sticky gooey. Have the enemies walk over it and they will be damaged. Defeat a total of 20 and you will earn this trophy.

Local Hero
Save Bikini Bottom from being destroyed.

Story related and cannot be missed. Earned upon defeating the final boss.

The Good, the Bad and the Krabby
Catch Mr. Krabs in under 3 minutes.

Level: Wild West Jellyfish Fields
Checkpoint: Bullworm Mine (then walk a bit and take the elevator on the left)

This trophy is quite hard to obtain. The time limit is set tight and leaves little to no room for mistakes.
As soon as you jump the sea horse, keep spamming square in order to boost yourself. When you reach the train, ignore (most) enemies and go straight for the buttons to progress. If no button is present, you are forced to kill the enemies in order to progress.

Refer to the video below if you are having trouble obtaining the trophy.

The Good, the Bad and the Krabby Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Kah-Rah-Tay King
Don’t take damage during the Sandy boss fight.

Level: Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom
Checkpoint: Karate Sandy

You may not take any damage during this boss fight. The fight has a couple of phases:

Phase A:
Sandy spawns and she will be inside her wheel. Stand in front of the explosive barrels and make a last-second dodge. She will fly into the explosive barrels and you can damage her by pressing triangle.

Phase B:
After Sandy is damaged some enemies will spawn. Make sure to kill those while not taking any damage.

Phase C:
Once you defeat all the mobs, Sandy will enter her wheel again and will start to spin. Dodge it a few times until this phase is complete.

Phase A again
Phase B again

Phase D:
Bouncers spawn. Dodge those by standing in the clear space. Keep yourself somewhat around the middle, this gives you time to position yourself greatly for a dodge.

Phase A again.

Refer to the video below if you are having trouble earning this trophy.

Kah-Rah-Tay King Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Deck Scrubber
Reclaim the Dutchman’s ship within 5 minutes during the boss fight.

Level: Pirate Goo Laggon
Checkpoint: Admiral Prawn

The timer is very lenient and you probably will not have any trouble with this.

As you navigate to the ship, you need to swing a couple of ropes. Zigzag between the islands and hit the buttons. This will spawn the ships needed to progress. Once on the ship, kill the enemies present. Keep progressing until you are able to hit the button that fires off the canon. If you are really slow, your time will be around 4 minutes.

Tentacle Dodger
Don’t get hit by Jelly Squidward’s tentacles during the boss fight.

Level: Bikini Bottom
Checkpoint: SpongeBob’s Pineapple (portal in front of it)

Make sure you dodge all shockwaves during this fight. It’s also advised not to take any damage at all, as it might bug out this trophy.

Tentacle Dodger Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Evade all of Pom Pom’s shockwaves during the Boss fight.

Level: Prehistoric Kelp Forest
Checkpoint: Pom Pom

For this trophy, you cannot get hit by any shockwaves, but you are allowed to get hit by mobs. Keep your head cool and do not rush anything.

Refer to the video below if you are having trouble.

Dehydrated Video Trophy Guide.

Knight in shining PJs
Deliver all cakes without getting hit once.

Level: Medieval Sulfur Fields
Checkpoint: Cake Ballroom

The best tactic is to start with the first cake to the person in the back, as no enemies are spawned yet. As soon as they spawn, take your time and destroy enemies from time to time to clear a path.

Refer to the video below if you are having trouble.

Knight in shining PJs Trophy Video Walkthrough.

King of Bubbles
Bubble 100 enemies

Bubble 100 enemies.

The Way of the Sponge
Karate Kick 100 enemies

Karate Kick 100 enemies.

Red and Shiny
Press 50 buttons.

Buttons are present on all levels and open doors, allowing you to progress and unlock secret areas. You will get this trophy during the normal course of the game.

Boxing Champion
Destroy 1000 Tikis.

Destroy a total of 1000 Tikis.

Spring Cleaning
Suck in a total of 100 enemies with the Reef Blower.

Suck in a total of 100 enemies with the Reef Blower. The Reef Blower is unlocked in the later levels. You will get this during the normal course of the game.

Is it a plane? Is it a pizza?
Glide 1000 meters throughout the game.

Jump and hold X in order to glide. You will earn this during the course of the game.

First Mate
Complete all main missions in Pirate Goo Lagoon.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Jellyfish Hunter
Catch 50 Jellyfish.

Pressing square near a jellyfish will catch it. They can be found anywhere, including Bikini Bottom.

Jump 10 times in a row on one Jump Pad.

Jump 10 times in a row on one Jump Pad.

Movie Star
Complete all main missions in Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom.

This trophy is earned as part of the storyline and cannot be missed.
During level 2 you will visit a karate movie set where the story will revolve around. You will learn the karate kick move.

Wanted Sponge
Hit 25 NPCs.

NPC’s can be found anywhere. Just hit the same one a total of 25 times.

Beach Spinster
Spin 6 Beach Umbrellas at once.

In the “Pirate Goo Lagoon” you can find a couple of umbrellas on the beach. 3 are paired. Use these to spin 6 at once.

Music Enthusiast
Listen to a Slamvil perform a solo in peace and quiet.

Slamvil can be found in the “Pirate Goo Lagoon”. As seen from the giant tree, you see a tiny gap between the rocks, on the right of the explosive tiki. Make your way there and you can find a tiny eater egg.

Complete all main missions in the Wild West Jellyfish Fields.

This trophy is earned as part of the storyline and cannot be missed.
During the first level, you’ll visit a desert-like area where you will be in search of cactus juice!

Destroy 500 objects.

Destroy a total of 500 Tikis.

Bubble the Trouble
Bubble 10 Tartar Jellies that are currently engaged in an attack.

A Tartar Jellie is the most basic enemy there is which you will find during level 1. Bubble them (R1) a total of 10 times for this trophy to pop.

SpongeBob JellyPants
Carry 10.000 Jellies at once.

Own a total of 10.000 Jellies at once. They are earned from defeating enemies and destroying Tikis.

Bubble an enemy that hasn’t detected SpongeBob yet.

Bubble (R1) any enemy that didn’t see Spongebob yet. Whenever you reenter an area all enemies will respawn.

Sponge out of Harm’s Way
Defeat 50 enemies without taking damage inflicted by them.

Defeat 50 enemies without them damaging you. This is best done with the default enemies in level 1.

Defeat 25 Ninjellies with environmental hazards.

A good spot to grind this trophy is the Gloveys glove boss fight, as he shoots out gooey which counts as a hazard.

Complete all main missions in Halloween Rock Bottom.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Friendly Fire
Defeat a Big Jelly with the Baby Boom projectile

Both enemies can be found on the left when facing Spongebob’s home. Lure the Big Jelly near the Baby Boom and stay close in order to damage it with the Baby Boom projectiles. you may weaken the Big jelly to 1 HP.

Dress Up
Unlock your first costume.

This trophy is unlocked during the first level as part of the story.

Return to Sender
Defeat 5 Jelly Makers by knocking other enemies into them.

A jelly maker can be found in front of Chum’s Bucket (upon completing the game). Weaken it twice, then kill it by hitting a spawned enemy into it.

Defeat 25 enemies with the Big Jelly’s attack.

A Big Jelly is the one who’s holding the bathtub. He can do various attacks that damage mobs. Just make sure they stand close towards the Big jelly once it starts attacking.

Jaws with Flaws
Defeat 10 enemies with the Burrower.

A borrower can be found in Bikini Bottom (upon completing the game). As you face SpongeBob’s home, go right. Now make sure some mobs are standing on the digging spot. Once it comes up, the mobs will take damage.

Volley King
Defeat 10 Baby Booms by reflecting their missile.

A Baby Boom can be found in Bikini Bottom (upon completing the game). As you face SpongeBob’s home, go left.
As soon as the Baby boom fires its missile, reflect it by pressing square.

Ride Rider
Complete all main missions in Jelly Glove World.

Story related and cannot be missed.

King of the Castle
Complete all main missions in Medieval Sulfur Fields.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Ugh Ugaha!
Complete all main missions in Prehistoric Kelp Forest.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Stunning Performance
Push 50 enemies with the Jelly Maker roar.

The jelly maker roar attack is your basic melee attack where you spin your net and attack an enemy. Do this 50 times and the trophy is yours.

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