Slime’s Journey Trophy Guide

Game: Slime’s Journey
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 30 minutes
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 11 , 0 , 0
Author: PuRiZo-_-

Welcome to the trophy guide for Slime’s Journey. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play until the 3rd Boss to unlock the last Skill.

For obtaining the last skill needed for a trophy you have to play until you have killed the 3rd boss.
Make sure you kill all enemies on your way to get the 50/100/150 enemies killed trophies. You earn them naturally on your way to the 3rd boss.

Stage 2 – Fastest pathway to get the Platinum

The following Pathway should get you all the trophies possibly the fastest way:

When starting the game, in the starting room equip one of the accessories to get the trophy “Fashion” and exit through the door.

From your house, go right, you will find the first chest here for getting the “Where Can I Get More” trophy.
Go down (you will come back here later when you obtain the swimming skill for another trophy).
Now head left, then down. You will get your first Health Potion here for the “Healthier” trophy.
Go down and to the left (you can optionally go down to kill four enemies and get a coin chest).

By now you should get the 50 Kills (“I’M SLIME!“)Trophy if you killed everything.
Go left. This leads you to a Shop where you can refill your Health or buy a Health Upgrade for 100 Coins.

Go up twice, then right.

Here is the first boss. After killing it you will get “Big Jump” skill that will allow you to jump higher.
Then go right and up. You will find a Silver Key which will open a new area. Go up.

This time go left twice, then down.
There should be another Shop. By this point, you should have the 100 kills (“Strong Slime!“) trophy.
Head down twice and go to the left, get the Potion of Strength for the skill to move boxes and the “Stronger” trophy.
Go down to find another shop.

You will now want to go back to where you got the strength Potion and go up.

There is a silver key to the right, pick it up and go up.
There comes the 2nd boss which earns you the swimming skill, “Swim”.
After the boss, go the following path:
Right twice, up, then left. Use the teleport and go back home.

When you are back home, get the Shooting Rate potion for “Shoot faster”.
Go right and down. Use the Swim skill and go all the way to the left.

Now move back to the Home Area.
You might get the 150 kills trophy on your way back.
This time go left, then up.
2nd area.
Go right and up. Use the Swim skill to go up to the last area.

3rd area
Go left. Clear all the enemies in the area, go left and up. clear all enemies.
Head back down and to the right.
Then go up, clear all enemies and go to the right.
Use the switches to get the silver key. Go up.
Here is the 3rd boss + the Airjump Skill needed for the “Air Jump” trophy, and finally, the platinum trophy, “Platinum Slime“.

Platinum Slime
Get all other trophies.

Jump high
Get the Big Jump Potion.

Obtained after killing the first boss.
As with each boss, you can spam them with your bombs and kill them with a maximum of 10 bombs.

Get the Potion of Strength.

The Potion of Strength grants you the ability to move barrels which is neccessary to progress to the next areas.

Get the Potion of Swimming.

Obtained after killing the second boss
The Potion of Swimming lets you get through the water passages by swimming underwater.
It is needed to progress to the next areas.
As with each boss, you can spam them with your bombs and kill them with a maximum of 10 bombs.

Shoot faster
Get the Enhanced Shooting Rate Potion.

The Enhanced Shooting Rate Potion is obtainable after getting the swim ability.
It is not required to progress through the game’s story, but helps with shooting quicker, therefore getting kills quicker.

Air jump
Get the Double Jump Potion.

Obtained after killing the third boss.
It is the last story related trophy to get in this game.
As with each boss, you can spam them with your bombs and kill them with a maximum of 10 bombs.

Defeat 50 enemies.

You will have to kill 50 of whatever enemies you come accross.
You might get this trophy before you reach the first boss.

Strong Slime!
Defeat 100 enemies.

You will have to kill 100 of whatever enemies you come accross.
You might get this trophy before you reach the second boss.

Dangerous Slime!
Defeat 150 enemies.

You will have to kill 150 of whatever enemies you come accross.
You might get this trophy shortly after getting the “Shoot faster” trophy.

Where Can I Get More?
Open 1 treasure chest.

You have to open a chest by walking into it.
You will find your first chest directly right from the starting area of the game.
Go Right into the next Section and in the most right part it stands on the ground.

Get 1 HP increase potion.

Upgrade your health once.
You could technically do this in two separate ways, but you will come across the first free potion while progressing the through the story.
At Shops in the game you can buy more health potions for 100 Coins, which you get from chests and killing enemies.

Try new clothes.

At the start of the game you are inside your house, and in it are some clothes. Put one on to get this trophy.

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