Shakedown: Hawaii Trophy Guide (PS5 Version)

Game: Shakedown: Hawaii (PS5 Version)
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 8 – 10 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 7 , 9 , 9
Author: Pete and edited by BloodDragooner
Welcome to the trophy guide for Shakedown: Hawaii (PS5 Version). This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Welcome to Shakedown: Hawaii! Shakedown: Hawaii follows three protagonists through a 16-bit open world. Build your own “legitimate” corporation by completing missions, acquiring businesses, sabotaging competitors, ‘re-zoning’ land, and shaking down shops for protection money. Explore the island by foot, by car, or by boat. It is filled with arcade challenges, sidequests, stores to shop at, houses to burgle, civilians to interact with, and secrets to discover. Build your corporate empire and destroy the competition.

Stage 1 – Play through the Story.

Play through the story completing all the main and sidequests along the way. As you play through the game you will learn how to earn more money, acquire more properties, and shakedown all your competition in Hawaii.

Stage 2 – Complete the Challenges.

This can be completed at any time. You will need to play through the 11 Score and 17 Weapon Challenges from the Main Menu. These are situations where you must earn, destroy, or kill a certain number of enemies to get a Gold Medal in a level. These can be replayed very quickly and you will be able to complete these in any order, even before Stage 1.


The official Shakedown: Hawaii Platinum!

Congratulations on your shiny platinum!

 The Namesake
Shakedown every available business for protection money.

There are 83 properties that you will need to shakedown.
These vary from:
-Threatening the store owners.
-Destroying some of the store merchandise.
-Getting out of traps and escaping.
-Battling gang members outside of the store that you are shaking down.

 Low Battery
Collect all 30 phone chargers.

There are 30 Phone Chargers that are scattered across the World map. See the pictures below for the map and details as to where each is located.

All 30 Phone Charger Locations Shown in Pictures

Park a boat in a garage.

You will be able to take or hijack a boat from the waterways and then drive it onto land using its boost mode to move it. Drive the boat to either your House garage or to one of your owned Parking Garages. You will need to Park and Save the boat so that you complete the requirements for this trophy. If you are having difficulties getting the boat steered into a garage correctly, you can move the boat with a car on land to get it aimed at a garage. See the video below.

Undocked Trophy.

 Business Mogul
Acquire every building in the city.

There are 415 properties that you need to buy in Hawaii. As you play the game and you start to earn money, you should shakedown businesses to increase how much money you are earning. Eventually, when you are able to buy Multiplier Cards for your owned properties, you want to maximize these on the properties that earn you the most amount of money. This will greatly increase your daily income. Repeat the process of buying buildings and applying for Multiplier Cards. When you are earning millions of dollars on a daily basis, you can buy as many properties that are currently available and then apply Multiplier Cards to them. Near the end of the game you will even need to buy your ex-wife’s house.
Note: The Story Mode>Properties Acquired will say 396, but it is actually 415, as shown in game.

 I’m Still Hungry
Complete every mission and sidequest.

There are 126 Missions and Sidequests in the game that you need to complete in the game. These will all come naturally as you play through the game’s story. Many missions introduce you to new business opportunities, new business partners, new products, and more ways to dominate Hawaii’s businesses.

 Golden Age
Get a gold medal in every challenge.

There are 11 Score and 17 Weapon Challenges in the game. These can be played in any order and at any time from the Main Menu of the game. These are also available in the Story Mode of the game and there are icons (Skulls and Guns) scattered across the World Map indicating where they are located. However, it is easiest to play these directly from the Main Menu. Most will not take very much time to kill/destroy/earn some many points in order to unlock the Gold Medal level for each one.

Generate over $5,000,000 per day.

As you play the game, you will earn a daily income. This income can be increased by shaking down businesses, buying properties, adding Multiplier Cards to your properties, buying all of a certain type of building like Parking Garages gives another cash bonus, and completing Missions and Sidequests throughout the story of the game. When you have eventually reached a point where you have enough money to buy properties and Multiplier Cards, you will want to spend almost all of your money so that you increase your daily income by an exponential amount. The Multiplier Cards will stack the multiplying effect. This will quickly lead to you surpassing $5 million a day. Keep increasing your rate of buying properties and adding the maximum number of Multiplier Cards so that you have no issues with money in the game.

Pawn a trunk worth over $500.

There will be a Sidequest where you will need to rob houses to get items to sell at the Pawn Shop. After this Sidequest, you will be able to rob houses that you can enter, take the items individually out to your vehicle, and when you have collected over $500 worth of goods, you need to go to the Pawn Shop. Park inside the garage at the Pawn Shop and you will earn this trophy. See the pictures below.

 Smoke Bomb
Use a vehicle’s nitro flame to set an enemy on fire.

There are vehicles in the game that have a nitro feature. You can use either a Race Car or a Speed Boat. Use the vehicle to run into people and the police. Then when an enemy is behind you, set off the nitro flame to blast the enemy to set them on fire.

 Down the Chain
Use a chaingun to push a vehicle into the water.

You will need to obtain a Chaingun in order to do the requirements for this trophy. You can either buy the Chaingun from a Gun Store or hijack an Ammo Truck when it is available in the game to get this weapon. When you have a Chaingun, you need to have a vehicle, preferably a small one, that is close to water that you can shoot repeatedly to push the vehicle into the water. See the pictures and video below.

Down the Chain Trophy.

 Background Noise
Photobomb someone taking a selfie.

Throughout the game there are people taking selfie photos of themselves. You can see them doing this by the flash that is visible on screen. Go to right beside one of these people that are taking a selfie and be close enough to them to Photobomb their picture.

Throw an enemy into the back of a garbage truck.

You can either pick someone up and throw them into the back of a Garbage Truck or use a vehicle to hit a person into the back of a Garbage Truck. See the video below.
Hint: To throw someone, press the Square button to pick them up and then press the square button to throw them in the direction you are facing.

Compacted Trophy.

 Heads Up!
Bounce off three civilians without touching the ground.

Go to a location that is busy with a lot of people close together like the middle downtown area. Jump onto one person and immediately jump onto another person, and finally one more person to earn this trophy.

 Freely Loaded
Hijack an ammo truck.

You will have a mission where you will need to hijack an Ammo Truck. Once you have completed this, the Ammo Trucks will be scattered around the World Map. Some are stationary and others are moving around in the world. When you find one it will look like a green truck with a red and gray strip on its side. See the pictures below. You will need to kill the person, including any police, that are protecting it. After you will hijack the Ammo Truck by entering it.

 Maxed Out
Upgrade a business with every multiplier.

As you progress through the game there will be new business opportunities that will naturally occur in the game. These are usually discovered after the main character goes home to watch TV. After watching a TV commercial or news item, there will be a Mission where you explore these business opportunities. At the eventual conclusion to some of these it will lead to a new Multiplier Card that you will be able to use on the income from that business on a daily basis. You will naturally progress in the game to unlock all of the Multiplier Cards. Once you have all of the Multiplier Cards unlocked as shown on screen when you try to add multipliers to a business, add all the Multiplier Cards to a business. The Multiplier Cards will stack the multiplying affect. This will earn this trophy, but it is highly recommended to keep on adding all multipliers to all businesses to maximize your daily income. See the pictures below.

 Tanks for That
Sell a tank to the auto export.

Near the Airport you can find a Tank that you can hijack. Once you have a Tank, drive it to Auto Export and park it in the garage. See the pictures below.

 Get Inconspicuous!
Clear enough heat to earn a cop coin, then get inconspicuous.

Shoot and hit anyone and anything to get the attention of the police. Once the police start to pursue you, you will want to continue to cause chaos to attract more police. Start to kill anyone, including the police. Once you have killed off a significant number of police, you need to get away from them when a Cop Coin is available. A Cop Coin will give you 5 seconds to become inconspicuous. During this time you will not cause any problems that could attract negative attention or police towards you. See the pictures below.

 Jalopy Gallop
Jump over and clear another vehicle using nitro.

You need a vehicle like a Racing Car or Speed Boat that has the nitro feature. Once you are driving one of these vehicles, get close enough behind another vehicle and then use the nitro boost to jump over that vehicle.

 Just Test Driving!
“Borrow” someone’s vehicle.

The first time that you hijack a vehicle you will earn this trophy.

 Chopped A Man Bun
Use scissors to chop off someone’s man bun.

There is a Weapon Challenge to use Scissors to attack people in the streets. Use the Scissors to cut off the man bun of one of these people. Repeat this Weapon Challenge until you have earned this trophy. See the video below.

Chopped A Man Bun Trophy.

 Flushed Out!
Use toilet water to extinguish a fire.

Use a weapon that will cause a fire inside of a bathroom near the toilet. Weapons that will cause a fire are the Flamethrower and Molotov. As soon as the fire starts, break the toilet so that water sprays onto the fire to put it out. See the video below.

Flushed Out! Trophy.

Acquire a property or business.

This is story related and the first time that you buy a property or business you will earn this trophy.

Bounce off a trampoline and land on someone.

In the backyards of some of the houses, there will be trampolines that you can bounce on. Find a trampoline where there is a person or group of people close by. Jump onto the trampoline and land onto someone’s head to earn this trophy.

 Wet Landing
Knock someone into the water using a boat.

Hijack a boat and then drive into a person or group of people so that you are able to hit them into the water. See the video below.

Wet Landing Trophy.

 The Gerihat-trick
Take down three days of delivery trucks.

There are delivery trucks scattered throughout the World Map that are either parked or driving around the island. You need to hijack 3 of them on 3 consecutive days.
Note: An in-game day is about 12 minutes. See the pictures below.

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