Shadow Warrior 3 Trophy Guide

Game: Shadow Warrior 3
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 5-8 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 4 , 8 , 26
Author: PuRiZo-_- , edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Shadow Warrior 3. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game while getting all upgrade orbs.

First of all you have to complete the game. If you want to speed things up you can choose Easy mode, since there is are no difficulty-related trophies. Make sure to pick up every upgrade-orb in you playthrough since Chapter Select could cost you a lot of time if you missed too many of them. It is possible to get the platinum in your first playthrough if you check your challenges and miscellaneous trophy requirements.

Full Platinum run with all collectibles timestamps is provided below.

Full plat run

My Precious!
Collect all Trophies.

Gore Master
Kill 100 enemies with Gore Weapons.

Gore weapons are acquired by performing a finisher on an enemy. Finishers can be performed by having the required Finisher charges and can be done by pressing L1+R1 near the enemy you want to finish off.

The following weapons count for Gore Kills:
Equalizer – Oni Hanma
Disco Grenades – Laser Shogun
Penetrator – Mogura
Seeking Eye – Seeking Shokera
Blade of Hattori – Hattori
Double Trouble – Gassy Obairyon

Double Trouble is the best Gore weapon to get kills, as well as Seeking Eye, but requires you to have 3 Finisher charges.

It’s Dangerous Out There
Kill 150 enemies with environmental hazards.

Environmental Hazards are explosive red barrels or machines you can trigger by buttons or switches like the giant sawblades.
Lure enemies either near explosive barrels or traps before using them.

Coaching Is Overrated
Obtain all upgrades

There are a total of 77 Upgrade orbs. They are divided into 49 white (Weapon) and 28 purple (Character skill branch)
There are no orbs in the tutorial and missed ones can be collected via chapter select.
Besides collectible orbs from levels there are 19 challenges that have to be done for orbs:

You will unlock the challenges on your way through chapter 2. Always check for challenges after you collect a new weapon and try to clear the challenges as early as you can.

Challenge List:
– Blademaster (Kill 100 enemies with the katana) – White Orb
– Danger Zone (Kill at least 2 enemies with a single Crimson Bull projectile 15 times) – White Orb
– Staggered (Stagger 50 enemies with Shuriken Spitter) – White Orb
– Multi-Strike (Kill 2 enemies with 1 katana slash 15 times) – White Orb (Easy to perform on the burning exploding enemies)
– CQC (Kill 50 enemies with Riot Gun at very close range) – White Orb
– Bullseye (Headshot-kill 25 enemies with Outlaw) – White Orb
– Multi-Tasking (In 5 seconds or less, kill 3 enemies, one with the katana, one with an environmental hazard, and one with a normal weapon) – White Orb
– Target practice (Kill 25 Kugutsu Demons on balloons before they touch the ground) – White Orb
– Death from Above (While airborne, kill an enemy with the Basilisk 5 times) – White Orb
– Mr. Doctor (Heal yourself for a total of 5000 HP) – Purple Orb
– Survivor (Kill 25 enemies while low on health) – Purple Orb
– Gore Tools Sensei (Kill 100 enemies with gore tools) – Purple Orb
– Ammo Harvest (Gather 100 ammo packs) – Purple Orb
– One-Punch Wang (Push away enemies with the Chi Blast 100 times) – Purple Orb
– Dodge This (Kill 50 enemies with fire barrel explosions) – Purple Orb
– Mind Your Step (Kill 10 enemies by pushing them off the map with Chi Blast) – Purple Orb
– Face-2-face (Kill 25 enemies after using the grappling hook on them) – Purple Orb
– Run-and-gun (Kill 10 enemies after wall running) – Purple Orb
– Debuffed (Kill 50 enemies affected by ice and electric barrels) – Purple Orb

Dragon Slayer
Complete “Intestinal Inspector”.

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 11.

Set the World on Fire
Set 25 enemies on fire.

To set enemies on fire you could either use the upgraded Outlow when shooting bullets fast for overheating it, or use the fire barrels in the environment.

I’m Something of a Gunsmith Myself
Fully upgrade a ranged weapon.

Upgrade whatever ranged weapon of your choice to the maximum. E.g. Outlaw in terms of getting 25 enemies on fire or SMG to electrocute.

Baddies Go ‘BZZZZZ’
Electrocute 50 enemies (without Motoko’s help).

To electrocute enemies you could either use the yellow electric barrels or upgrade your SMG. The easiest method is by using the Sidekick (SMG) since it is almost constantly shooting electric bullets.

Kill 100 enemies with the katana.

As the description says, kill 100 enemies with your Katana. This is a Challenge for an orb as well. (Blademaster)

Perform Finisher 100 times.

To perform a finisher you have to get your finisher bar filled (Yellow bar). Once it it loaded you have to get close enough to an enemies and press L1+R1 to perform a Finisher.

Awake Your Inner Wang
Fully upgrade one character skill branch.

There are 4 character skill branches. Maxing out the branch of your choice will net you this trophy.

Master Smith Would Be Proud
Fully upgrade the katana.

As the description says, buy all the upgrades for your katana.

Inside Out
Complete “Midnight Snack”

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 10.

Caution! Watch Your Head
Obtain the “Brain Tonic” Gore Tool from Shogai.

You obtain the Gore Tool from Shogai by performing a finisher on him. They appear from the first level throughout the game. You need 1 finisher bar to execute your finisher.

New Year Has Come Early
Obtain the “Swarm Launcher” Gore Tool from Slinky Jakku.

The Slinky Jakku first appears in the fourth level. You need 2 finisher bars to execute your finisher.

Anyone Has a Corkscrew?
Obtain the “Penetrator” Gore Tool from Mogura.

The Mogura first apears in the 3rd level and have a large drill. They require you to have 2 finisher bars. The drill makes you run straight in the faced direction and ram into your enemies killing them along your path.

Your Sword is Mine!
Obtain the “Blade of Hattori” Gore Tool from Hattori.

Hattori first appears in level 5 and has a giant sword. He requires you to have 2 finisher bars. With Hattori’s blade you can close gaps to enemies and finish them of quite quick. It is good to farm for the Gore tool kills.

What You’re Cooking Here?
Obtain the “Hungry, Hungry Heart” Gore Tool from Chef Oboru Guruma..

Chef Oboru Guruma first appears in level 7. They place mines as traps for you to walk in. They require you to have 2 finisher bars.
The heart is like a grenade creating a black hole sucking all enemies inside.

A Cold Day in Hell
Obtain the “Brain Freeze” Gore Tool from Kugutsu,

Kugutsu are first found in level 1 and require you to have 1 finisher bar. You can also use their gore tool to freeze other enemies for the trophy called -273 Kelvin.

-273 Kelvin
Freeze 75 enemies

For this trophy you have to freeze 75 enemies. You can do this in 3 different ways. Either take the kugutsu gore tool, which is an ice grenade that freezes every enemy in explosion range. Use the blue ice barrels found throughout the game, or use the 2nd upgrade of your katana.

Stop! Hammertime!
Obtain the “Equalizer” Gore Tool from Oni Hanma

Oni Hanma first appears in level 2 and has a giant hammer. To finish him you need 2 finisher bars. His hammer is powerful to slam enemies and rack up kills for Gore tools.

Disco Inferno
Obtain the “Disco Grenade” Gore Tool from Laser Shogun.

Laser Shogun first appears in level 3 and requires you to have 2 finisher bars. Its gore tool is a powerful laser grenade.

Eye See You!
Obtain the “Seeking Eye” Gore Tool from Seeking Shokera.

Seeking Shokera start to appear at level 4 and require your to have 2 finisher bars. It is one of the best gore tools for getting the 200 gore kills.

Show Me What You’re Made Of
Obtain all Gore Tool types.

Obtain each gore tool by performing finishers on every enemy in the game:
Oni Hanma
Slinky Jakku
Chef Oboru Guruma
Laser Shogun
Seeking Shokera
Gassy Obariyon

Size Does Matter
Obtain the “Double Trouble” Gore Tool from Gassy Obariyon.

Gassy Obariyon first appears in level 9. He requires you to have 3 finisher bars. This Gore tool is recommended for the 200 gore tool kills.

Don’t Come Closer
Kill 200 enemies.

This trophy will come naturally as you will kill way more than 200 enemies in your story playthrough.

Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions
Explode 50 explodables.

There are 3 types of barrels that can be found throughout the game: Ice, fire, and electro.
You have to shoot 50 of them to obtain the trophy.

Put 50 enemies on spikes.

With the R3 button you can Chi Strike enemies. Try to push them into spikes that are spread out throughout the levels.
Easiest enemies to kill with spikes are Shogai.

Perform Finisher 15 times.

You can perform a finisher when having the finisher bar (Yellow) filled up enough. Walk up to the enemies and press L1+R1.

Shiny! What Does It Do?
Obtain your first upgrade.

As mentioned before, there are orbs you need in order to unlock upgrades for either your character or weapons.
After doing your first upgrade you will get this trophy.

The End of the World
Complete “The Dragon’s Back”.

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 1.

Let Me In! LET ME IN!
Complete “Way to Motoko”.

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 2.

Down the Raccoon Hole
Complete “Motoko’s Thunderdome”.

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 3.

Damn, That’s a Big Dam
Complete “That Damn Dam”.

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 4.

Lo Wang, First of His Name
Complete “Walking on Eggshells”.

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 5.

I Don’t Have Friends, I Got Egg
Complete “Egg Express”.

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 6.

Complete “Doomsday Device”

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 7.

Lookin For That Special Someone
Complete “Wayfarer’s Forest”.

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 8.

Ski Pass
Complete “The Fast and the Furry”.

Story-related trophy. Finish Chapter 9.

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