Rugby 22 Trophy Guide

Game: Rugby 22
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 20 – 25 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Author: Pete, edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Rugby 22. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Learn the Controls by playing Matches and Create a My Team.

All trophies can be earned on Amateur Difficulty. Learn the controls of the game by playing matches and doing training drills. In the process you will earn Rewards of XP (level up), SP (money), and complete My Missions. You can also earn Player Cards: Standard, Superior, and Epic. After earning SP, you can then spend it on buying more in game Cards under the Main Menu: My Collection. If you are knowledgeable about the real world of Rugby, then spend on whomever you like from the quality, position, or even certain Teams’ Players Cards. Always choose Epic Players to get the best players for your My Team. (The game allows you to have and field duplicate players during a Match.)
Create a My Team and add/remove players as you earn new players from winning or buying Cards with SP. In Career, play through the League Divisions from the lowest all the way to Elite League Division. There is only one trophy that involves you to join and win an Optional Tournament: World Championship Tournament.

Tips for the game:

– You can earn a large amount of money by playing the Friendly Matches during the Career. You will be able to bet from 0 – 10 tries that you will score during a game. You can change the length of a match from the Main Menu Screen using Options. As long as you get the number that you bet or over, you will earn the bet of $R plus between 500 – 2000 $R for winning against that team.
– For each Friendly Match game, you can select between 3 – 4 different teams (each with low to higher ranking) to play against. The higher the team, the larger the payout per try that you score. This will allow you to earn $R to recruit players, upgrade Staff, and increase player skills, healing, and stamina recovery. Also, you will be able to upgrade your Staff much more quickly and in less seasons.
– You can use Cloud saves when playing through the tiered Career: League Divisions either before or after each game if you like. This way you can reload a Save if you lose too much $R when betting on the number of tries you will earn in a Friendly Match.
– You can play or simulate your League Division and Optional Tournament games if you like.
– From the Main Menu>Options, set the time of all the games to be 5 minutes all the way up to 80 minutes.
– You can upgrade your Team and Staff at any point in any of the League Divisions. You can also increase any players Skill Improvement (1500 $R), Healing (600 $R), or Stamina Recovery (400 $R).
– There is a trophy related to completing one full page of the 4 under the My Missions on the Main Menu Screen. At the beginning when you start to play through this game, you will be earning lots of rewards that you can claim by looking at the My Missions pages. Each of the 4 pages have numerous objectives that you can complete to earn: new kits (clothing), SP, $R, and card packs. Eventually, you will need to focus on completing one full page of these My Missions.
– After completing Training and you feel comfortable playing the game, play either Quick Matches or Career with your My Team in the tiered Tournaments. In the Season schedule you can skip Training offers. The only benefits from doing Training Offers are they may increase some of your players’ stats for the next game, however they can also have a negative impact on your teams’ performance. Some Training is required for the My Missions.

Stage 2 – Complete the Title Divisions and One Page of My Missions.

On the Main Menu, select League, choose the Tournament that you need to earn the associated trophy from. Pick a high ranking team as your team, then either play and/or simulate the Matches. If your team wins it all then you will earn the Title Division trophy.

From the Main Menu select My Missions and complete one page of the My Missions. There are 4 pages of My Missions that each have 25 missions. Each mission can be from 1 – 4 objectives to complete. Some are very easy, whereas some are much more time consuming to complete fully.


Unlock all the trophies.

Congratulations on your new platinum trophy! You collected all other trophies. 

 Best of the best
Win the Top 14.

In League, select Top 14, and choose the highest ranked team or one that you like. You can choose to play all the games, some of the games, or simulate some to all of the games. If you are playing the games, it is recommended to Cloud save after winning Matches.

 Fighting spirit
Win the United Rugby Championship.

In League, select United Rugby Championship, and choose the highest ranked team or one that you like. You can choose to play all the games, some of the games, or simulate some to all of the games. If you are playing the games, it is recommended to Cloud save after winning Matches.

 Your cup runneth over
Win the Premiership.

In League, select Premiership League, and choose the highest ranked team or one that you like. You can choose to play all the games, some of the games, or simulate some to all of the games. If you are playing the games, it is recommended to Cloud save after winning Matches.

Win the Pro D2.

In League, select Pro D2, and choose the highest ranked team or one that you like. You can choose to play all the games, some of the games, or simulate some to all of the games. If you are playing the games it is recommended to Cloud save after winning Matches.

 Comeback kid
Win a match after trailing by 14 points.

For this trophy set the match time to 10, 15, 40, or even 80 minutes in the Main Menu Options. Play a Quick Match, choose a higher ranked team for your team and a lower ranked team as your opponent. Let the other team score at least 14 points on you by not winning any line-out throws, rucks, or completing any plays/passes. After your opponent is winning by at least 14, focus on scoring as many points as possible while preventing them from scoring so that you can take the lead and win the game.

 On top of the word!
Win the World Cup.

In Career, you need to play the Optional Tournament: World Championship Tournament. Choose the highest ranked team or one that you like. You can choose to play all the games, some of the games, or simulate some to all of the games. If you are playing the games it is recommended to Cloud save after winning Matches.
Note: The Optional League: World Championship Tournament is only unlocked after winning the D3 Gaul Championship as you will move up to the D2 Gaul Championship League and can select to play for the World Cup.

Complete one grid of missions.

On the Main Menu >My Missions, there are 4 pages of missions each with 25 missions. Each mission could have 1 – 4 objectives to complete. As you complete missions, you will earn: kits (clothing), SP, $R, and card packs. You will need to complete one full page of any of the 4 pages. This trophy will take the longest amount of time to complete because there are a few objectives that require lots of games to be played to achieve the requirements. Example: Grid 4 Completed below will show a hidden image that the missions were covering.

 A safe pair of hands
Catch all line-out throws during a match.

During one match, catch all of the line-out throws. If your team did not cause the line-out to happen, then you get to choose either a quick, 3, 5, or 7 man setup for the line-out throws. Choosing a 3 man setup is the easiest to get the pass to the right man. Pass in the ball by pressing X and then quickly hit the Quick-Time Event with the triangle button to catch the ball.

 Now the real work begins
Reach an elite division in Career mode.

Play through the Seasons in Career and eventually you will win the previous Division to the Elite Division. Shown in the picture below is: the D1 Gaul Championship League before the Elite Gaul Championship League.

Finish a season as the top point scorer.

In League, finish a season with the highest amount of points for a season. This can be earned by playing or simulating any combination of one to all of the season games for a League like Nations’ Trophy.

 Ruck’n roll!
Perform a turnover in a ruck at 5 metres from the goal line.

Rucks happen lots of times in every game. You will need to have the opposing team with the possession near their 5m line. When the ruck happens here, you will need to gain possession of the ball. It is recommended to do the Ruck Training to learn how to win a ruck under the Training in the Main Menu.

 Not in my back yard!
Kick the ball outside the 22-metre line from the in-goal area.

From anywhere inside the in-goal area (the entire area the field width behind your goal line or End Zone), you will need to kick the ball outside the 22-metre line down the field. Any of your players can kick the ball by pressing the triangle button and aiming straight down the field for best results to get the distance required.

 Had the final word
Score a try after the siren sounds.

At the 80 minute mark, a siren will be sounded. The game will be over if the ball goes out of bounds. However, you can continue to play the game and score a try during this time. The game will be over if you are not successful.

 Worth a punt
Score a try after a grubber kick.

Make a grubber kick by pressing Circle and then run towards the ball (your player will automatically pick up the ball) and go into the goal area, and touch the ground to score a try.

 Off to a flying start
Score a try in the first 10 minutes of the match.

In the first 10 minutes of the Match score a try. If you need to change the length of the Match before playing it, under the Main Menu > Options you can change it to 8, 10, 15, or 40 minutes. Once you score a try in the first 10 minutes, you can choose to play the entire Match or quit if it was a Quick Match.

 According to plan
Score a try with a set play.

To score a try with a set play, you want to be close to the opposing teams’ goal area.
There are two ways to do this:
1. In the ruck, choose your Set Play to Perform, run it, and score a try to earn this trophy. You can choose any of the four default plays to run by pressing in the R3 button and then holding down one of the 4 cardinal directions until that play is selected. After running the play, score a try.
2. In a ruck, after you gain possession of the ball, your players will sometimes automatically do a Set Play that is much simpler. After performing it score a try.

Note: Set Plays are successful if the lines all turn green on the ground.

 Without even trying
Win a match without scoring a try.

Play any Match (Quick, Career, or League) without scoring a try. To do this, you can score from a Penalty Goal (kick the ball through uprights), and/or by kicking the ball (dropkick) through the uprights during regular Match play.

 No harm, no foul
Finish a match without committing a foul.

Play a Match without ever committing a foul. A foul can be an offside, dangerous play, forward pass, and/or any action that causes your team to be penalized. To be safe, play a short time Match where you are not very aggressive in trying to win possession of the ball during rucks or line-out throws. At the end of the Match you will earn this trophy.

 Alive and kicking
Win a match by taking the lead with a drop kick in the last 10 min.

During any Match, take the lead to win the game in the last 10 minutes (even past 80 minute siren sounded) by successfully kicking a drop kick through the uprights.

 One small step for a man
Move up a division in Career mode.

In Career, after playing and winning the Division, you will move up to the next Division above it. Moving from the D3 Gaul Championship League up to the D2 Gaul Championship will earn you this trophy.

 Practice makes perfect
Fully upgrade staff in Career mode.

In Career, as you play through the Seasons, you will be able to buy Staff Upgrades using your $R. It is important to play and win the Friendly Matches by betting $R on the number of tries you will score. The higher the ranking of the team that you play against, the higher the amount you can earn. If you Simulate them you will not earn any $R from them. You will also earn $R at various intervals as noted in the Season Schedule, which you can examine at any point before a Match occurs. To earn this trophy as quickly as possible, it is recommended to not recruit any players or do any player skill development, healing or stamina recovery. There are 20 total Staff Upgrades that you need to buy (5 per Category: Physiotherapists, Coaches, Doctors, and Scouts). The cost is $R 205,671 for all 5 of the Staff Upgrades for one Category. Therefore it is $R 205,671 x 4 = $R 822,684 to buy all 20 total Staff Upgrades for the Physiotherapists, Coaches, Doctors, and Scouts.

It will take you a number of Seasons to earn this trophy, as you will need a lot of $R. This is why it is important to make sure that you play higher ranked teams, bet the maximum amount of $R, and predict a high number of tries that you will score per game. Remember to always have at least $R 10,000 that will be leftover before buying a Staff Upgrade. Otherwise you will not be able to bet up to the maximum of $R 10,000 per Match.

 Investing in the future
Buy a player.

In Career, during any Season (players are the cheapest in the first few seasons), when you want to recruit a player from the 5 offered, choose any one of them and buy them. See in the picture below the top-right corner for Recruitment Opportunities.

 Drill instructor
Train a player in Career mode.

In Career, under Team Management select Players and choose Skill Improvement. Next, select the type of skill that you want to improve and apply it to any player that is currently on your team roster. This will cost $R 1500 per Skill Improvement per player.

Invest in a friendly match.

In Career, choose to play any Friendly Match, predict the number of tries you will score. Select your wager amount of $R, and play the game.

Fuse a card.

In the Main Menu >My Collection, you can look at your cards and choose one card that you would like to combine with 2 other cards of whom the players play the same positions. The first card selected will be the affected card, the other 2 cards will be destroyed and some of the stats from them will be fused to the first card to upgrade it. This card will have gold colored stars instead of white stars to indicate that it is a fused card.

 Perfectly perfect
Complete a team training session with a perfect score.

In Career, you will be able to participate in a Training Offers. Choose any one that is offered. One of the quickest and easiest is Scrum. Successfully get an Excellent scoring for the Training Session to earn this trophy.

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