Road 96 Trophy Guide

Game: Road 96
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 7 hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: Stone After Stone, Homesick, Campaign Funder, Cat Person, A Light in the Darkness, Collect ’em All
Trophies: 1 , 11 , 0 , 0
Author: The Trophy Platypus

Welcome to the trophy guide for Road 96. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play Through the 6 chapters and collect 18 Tapes

Welcome to this trophy guide for Road 96 a procedurally generated adventure game by DigixArt and Ravenscourt. You will play as 6 teenage runaways who are all trying to reach the border and escape the tyrannical country of Petria. Along the way you will encounter several recurring characters whose stories are intertwined.

Before you start it’s important to watch your health bar as you can die, therefore steal any money or food you can find as there is never any terrible consequences for doing so. Make sure your health bar stays full, and choose wisely when selecting which path to take.

There are a few missable trophies. The most important being “Stone After Stone” When reaching Road 96 with each of the runaways make sure to leave a stone on the cairn inside the cave behind the waterfall. You’ll only be able to leave one stone so this will have to be done with 3 runaways. The 6th runaway will enter the cave and the cairn will be destroyed so you will only get 5 attempts at this.

“Cat Person” and “A Light in the Darkness” are both earned in the chapter ‘Smells like teen spirit’ Where you will also meet Zoe for the first time. Make sure to pet the cat sat on the woman in the chair after speaking to her. Then at the end when with Zoe, make sure to blow on the fire.

“Homesick” and “Campaign Funder” can be unlocked in any chapter where there is a phone booth. It costs $1 to phone and a further $10 to make a donation. The numbers to make a donation are 96777 to call and donate to Florres or 96555 to call and donate to Tyrak.

Collectibles, you will need to find and collect 18 tapes for the trophy “Collect ’em All”. Tapes are found inside cars, will be given to you by characters or can be bought for $10. As the game is procedurally generated each time you play you will get different chapters and therefore different opportunities to collect tapes. Thankfully tapes carry over and if you fail to collect 18 in a single palythrough you’ll be able to carry on in New Game +. Some examples of tape locations are provided in the trophy section below.

Border Master
Discover Petria’s fate

Escape from Petria!

Cat Person
Pet the cat in the trailer park

In the chapter Smells like teen spirit you’ll meet a woman smoking in a rocking chair, speak with her and afterwards select pet cat.

A Light in the Darkness
Blow the fire

In the chapter Smells like teen spirit, Zoe will wake you up in the middle of the night, When talking with her look at the campfire and select blow to unlock the trophy.

Collect ’em All
Collect all tapes

In total there are 18 tapes to collect, they are different ways to get them. Some will be given to you, others you will find inside vehicles or you can buy for $10. As this game is procedurally generated it is very hard to say which chapters you will get on your playthrough. When inside any vehicle always check around and see if there is a tape, and make sure to buy any you have the opportunity to.

Here are some examples but during your playthrough you will likely get different chapters. You will be able to carry on collecting tapes on New Game + should you not get all 18 in a single playthrough.

Tape 1 – At the end of Smells like teen spirit Zoe will gift you this tape.
Tape 2– Chapter Enjoy the silence, as Jarod leaves the taxi to deal with the person in the boot look at the front passenger seat and take the tape
Tape 3 – Chapter Stress, Look to your left and open the cassette player then steal the tape
Tape 4 – Chapter No Concession, Zoe will give you a tape
Tape 5 – Chapter Goldfinger, On the floor underneath the steering wheel
Tape 6 – Chapter Some Like it Hot. yo can buy a tape from a guy outside the burger joint.
Tape 7 – Chapter Cruisin’. When Sonya asks you to move closer to her to watch her show, look to your left an move the pillow to reveal a tape.
Tape 8 – Chapter Police Academy. Look down and to your right, take the tape
Tape 9 – Chapter Beep boop beep outside burger place buy for $10
Tape 10 – Chapter Praying for Time. Eject the tape
Tape 11 – Chapter Road 96 there’s a bush inside the cave with a chance you can find a tape
Tape 12 – Chapter World’s Apart. Look at the back seat and take the tape
Tape 13 – Chapter Blame it on the rain. Open the glove compartment and take the tape
Tape 14 – Chapter More than words. Open the drawer on the overturned table and take the tape
Tape 15 – Chapter LFO. After helping Alex with his scanner he’ll give you a tape
Tape 16 – Chapter nothings going to stop us now after throwing the money at the cops look inside the bag and take the tape
Tape 17 – Chapter A view to kill. Turn around and pick up the tape
Tape 18 – Chapter Rolls with it. The barman will ask yo if you want a job, agree and when behind the bar steal the tape.

Campaign Funder
Call & Donate to the Florres or Tyrak Campaign Funding

You will need $11 to unlock this trophy. Go to a phone booth and select use, then type in 96777 to call and donate to Florres or 96555 to call and donate to Tyrak.

Call Home

In any chapter where there is a telephone booth, go inside and select call home. it costs $1.

Almost There?
Reach Road 96 for the first time

As each runaway for the penultimate chapter before crossing the border you’ll reach road 96.

Stone After Stone
Add at least 3 rocks on Road 96’s cairn

As each runaway you’ll end up at the Chapter 96, in this chapter you’ll reach a cave behind a waterfall. Inside is a cairn you can place a rock. You can only place one rock with each runaway, so you’ll need to make sure you do this with 3 different runaways.

Road Pals
Meet Zoe for the first time

In the chapter Smells like teen spirit you’ll proceed into the trailer park and you’ll meet Zoe having an argument with the trailer park owner.

Help a Friend
Help Zoe to escape from the cops

Plying as your third runaway you’ll met Zoe who has been arrested and handcuffed to a van. You’ll need to get the keys from the police by causing a distraction. You can do it by finding the fuel can and the hose in the shed behind the petrol station and the siphoning gas from the van and creating a fire. Then run around the station and take the keys from the table the cops were sat at, then open the police van and take the handcuff keys.

Alternatively you may need to take the key from the shed around the back open the box on the pylon and then use your skills if you have them unlocked. Then get the keys from the cop’s table and then un-handcuff Zoe.

Old Pro
Reach Road 96 for the sixth time

As each runaway for the penultimate chapter before crossing the border you’ll reach road 96. Trophy will unlock on your sixth runaway.

Hard Choice
Make a hard choice in crossing the border

As your 4th runaway you’ll meet Zoe on Road 96 and decide to cross the border together. At the end you’ll have a decision on whether to help save Zoe or cross the border on your own, either decision will unlock the trophy.

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