Rainbow High: Runway Rush Trophy Guide

Game: Rainbow High: Runway Rush
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 4 – 6 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 6 , 5 , 18
Author: JimP2121, edited by BloodDragooner
Welcome to the trophy guide for Rainbow High: Runway Rush. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Welcome to Rainbow High: Runway Rush! It looks like you just got your first art assignment, the theme is ‘Everything is Art’. Play as Ruby, Poppy, Sunny, Jade, Skyler, and Violet. Use their unique talents and work together to present your best work to date. Take a tour around the school. Check out the Atrium, hang out in Sunny’s bedroom and Rainbow Union, play games, take selfies in the Student Lounge, and find fun materials in the Fabric Studio. As you search for inspiration you will collect rainbow diamonds, find clues, and unlock the coolest outfits while you help your classmates.

Stage 1 – Play through the Story.

Play through the story while earning Diamonds, finding Collectibles, and Opening Lockers. The quests are quite straight forward in the game as they direct you where to go and what to do. There are a only a few quests that can be played out of order and these start after completing “Avery’s Makeover”. This will also allow you to press L1 or R1 to switch between the 6 characters to complete their quests. You will earn Diamonds when you look at certain things when prompted, complete quests, completing minigames, and opening lockers. As for the Collectibles, you will notice that there are Patterns that are scattered in different rooms throughout the 3 floors of the building. When you are near one of them, there will be an interact button that you will press to collect them. Lastly, there will be clues that are scattered relatively close by to a locker that is locked (has a gold circle on the door). The clues are the 4 digit codes to unlock the locker doors. Examples are signs, posters, sticky notes, and other objects that do not see to belong or out of the ordinary for the area.

Stage 2 – Complete Some Miscellaneous Trophies.

1. You will need to visit the girls’ rooms and inside their bedrooms will be 3 difficulty choices for their unique minigame that is attached to them. You will need to choose one Medium level minigame and then another that is Hard level minigame for two related trophies for the minigames.
2. Once you have completed the main story, you will be back in the Runway Class where you will talk to Ms. Morton about the Scavenger Hunt. The Treasure Hunt will involve you visiting and interacting with specific items in order to get the next clue for the next item to find until you eventually solve the Scavenger Hunt.

Below is a full playthrough (in Parts 1 – 7) that includes the majority of the game.

Walkthrough done in Parts 1 – 7.

Let your true colors shine
Collect all the trophies.

Congratulations on your shiny new platinum!

Breakfast At Avery’s
Have 50 diamonds in your hands.

You will earn Diamonds for completing certain actions such as: looking at items when prompted, opening lockers, completing quests, completing minigames, etc. You will need to have 50 or more Diamonds at least once in your inventory bank.

A Pro At Work
Complete a mini-game in Hard difficulty without losing a coin

After completing the main story, you will unlock the ability to change the difficulty of the 6 characters’ minigames. The difficulty for their minigames can be changed in their respective bedrooms in the dormitory. Choose whatever minigame that you find the easiest and use this one to earn the trophy as you will need to beat the minigame without losing any coins.

Each girls’ minigame are as follows:
1. Poppy – Play! involves a music rhythm minigame.
2. Skyler – Design! involves moving fabric/ sewing line minigame.
3. Sunny – Illustrate involves selecting a pathway minigame.
4. Jade – Makeover! involves placing items on a face minigame.
5. Ruby – Customize! involves matching items in the correct sequence minigame.
6. Violet – Take a Pic! involves taking a photo at the right time minigame.

A Final Memoir
Find the final piece of the Scavenger Hunt.

After completing the main story, you will be tasked by Ms. Morton to complete the Scavenger Hunt. There are 8 clues to find the 8 items scattered throughout the 3 floors of the building.

Scavenger Hunt:
Ms. Morton tells you about the Scavenger Hunt.
1. Runway Class – Poster on the wall (GLAM Slam Final Poster).
2. Entrance of School – Sheet left of doors (Skyler’s Design Sheet).
3. Sunny’s Bedroom in Dormitory – Sheet on bed (Photo Release Form).
4. Atrium – Near the Unicorn Statue (Poppy’s Orange Headphones).
5. Rainbow Union – On the Large Tree (Ocean Framed Poster).
6. Cafeteria – Left side wall with mannequins (Sports Uniform).
7. Backstage – Trophy Case (Magazine “The Scene”).
8. Theater – At the end of the stage (Group Photo).

Master of Keys
Open all the lockers.

There are about 20 lockers that have a gold circle on them that are locked. There will only be 4 – 5 of these every so often in the game so as you progress through the story, the next set will be available. The codes (4 digit code) to unlock them will be relatively close by each lockers in the Atrium (1st floor and 2nd floor). The codes could be on a sticky note, poster, on an item that you can pickup and rotate, a laptop or mobile phone, etc. If you have not solved all of them by the end of the main story, you can still solve them. That means that the item clue for the code will be something that still is nearby that particular locked locker. Once you have unlocked all the lockers you will earn this trophy.

Fashion Diva
Get all the outfits.

There are 36 Patterns that are scattered throughout the game. They can be in classrooms, dormitories, hallways, on top or inside items with only partial of the Pattern showing. Each of the 6 characters has 6 Patterns to find for their Cheer and Winter outfits. The Casual outfits are the default outfits for the characters in the game. Once you have unlocked a character’s outfit by collecting the necessary Patterns, you will then need to spend your earned Diamonds to buy them. Each outfit has a different amount (Cheer is 15 and Winter is 30 Diamonds each) that is needed to obtain the different outfits. There will be more than enough Diamonds in the game if you complete the actions needed to earn Diamonds in the game.

This Is Rainbow High!
Complete “Final Touch”.

Quest 20: As Violet, you will interact with Ms. Morton and be tasked to take a photo of the Stage. You will play her “Take a Pic!” minigame and then return to Ms. Morton to complete this quest.

Turn Your Colors Up
Complete “Turn Your Color Up”.

Quest 14:
a) As Jade, decorate the Stage by completing a “Makeover!” minigame.
b) As Ruby, decorate the White Flag on the Stage by using the spray paints from the back room while completing a “Customize!” minigame.
c) As Sunny, illustrate the pamphlets by completing the “Illustrate!” minigame. Interact with Ms. Wright.

No Job Is Too Big
Complete a mini-game in Medium difficulty without losing a coin.

You will need to complete a minigame on the Medium difficulty. See the description for the A Pro At Work trophy.

Drama 101
Complete “The Creative Challenge”.

Quest 1: You will go to Room 112 and follow the steps given to complete this quest. You will be able to see all the steps in your HUD in the top left corner of your screen and you can expand the quest information given with more details. There is also a HINT SCAN feature to direct you where to go and look for items. Finally, in your Agenda, the map will show you where to go next for almost all quests on Floor 1, 2, and Dorms.

A Devious Twist
Complete “A Strange Petition”.

Quest 9:
a) As Violet you will interact with Avery and then go to the Cafeteria to take photos of some undercover art. Return to Avery to show her the photos. (This quest is listed here so that you will continue to progress the main story of the game.)
b) As Poppy, you will interact with the Devious Twins (Laurel and Holly) in the Atrium to start the A Strange Petition quest. Go to the Music Engineering Classroom and play the Radio to find out what is wrong with it. You will then go to the Study Room to talk to Krystal and use the code on the laptop in this room. You will be given a book that you will need to take to the Devious Twins. Finally, go Backstage to complete this quest.

The Full Spectrum
Complete “Avery’s Makeover”.

Quest 7: As Jade, you will go to the Runway Classroom and interact with every moodboard inside. Place them on the whiteboard, then go to Avery’s Studio. Interact with Avery ,and then go to The Salon to look at the palettes. Use the Purple and Glitter palette on Avery to play the “Makeover!” minigame. Finally, go to Avery’s Studio to complete this quest.

Hidden Past
Complete “A secret room”.

Quest 12: Use the Hairdryer earned in the last quest on the Crafting Table to find the Secret Room in the Backstage. Go to the Backstage to find a trapdoor to the basement. Use the High Heel shoe to open the trapdoor. Go into the Secret Room which is the Archive.

Origami Dress
Complete “Get the Paper”.

Quest 8:
a) You will help Brianna to find her necklace as this is a Fashion Emergency quest. Go to the Backstage to find the parts of the necklace and then go to Studio #2. You will get glue and have Daphne put the necklace back together. Go back to the Atrium and give Brianna her necklace. (This quest is listed here so that you will continue to progress the main story of the game.)
b) As Skyler, you will interact with Emi to start the “Get the Paper” quest. Go to The Salon to get some paints and then the Administration to get some papers. Go to the Fabric Studio to use the paper to make a dress on the mannequin. Next as Jade you will design the dress to finish it. Finally talk to Emi in the Atrium.

Gossip Girl
Look through a door’s keyhole.

Quest 11: As Sunny, talk to Ms. Wright in the Atrium. She will tell you to find the Archives, which involves a Secret Room. You will go to the Study to find the Archive Book to see the map and make a copy of it. Go to Studio #2 to find an RH Crest on a door. You will look through the keyhole and need to move around the camera to find a code.

Alive In Pictures
Complete “The most popular item”.

Quest 3: Violet will complete a quest by going to The Scene Magazine Room and using her laptop. Then she will need to go to the Fabric Studio to take a photo of the Custom Shoes for Ruby.

Orange Is The New Black
Complete “Brand new DJ”.

Quest 4: As Ruby, you will prepare 3 food orders in the Cafeteria by making and giving them to the respective diners. She will then need to customize Poppy’s DJ table that is in the Music Engineering Class by choosing the Orange Spray and completing her “Customize!” minigame.

Musical Therapy
Complete “Music cures everything”.

Quest 5: As Poppy, you will go to the Study Room to find some magazines for research. She will then put the magazines on the rolling book cart. Finally, she will talk to Krystal and go back to the Music Engineering Room. In here she will put in a fully charged battery and then complete her “Play!” minigame.

Fully Dressed Up
Complete “Uniform for Jade”.

Quest 6: As Skyler you will go get a document from Ms. Morton in the Backstage. You will need the document from the Administration Office and return to Ms. Morton in the Backstage. Next, get the Key for the Trophy Case in the Backstage. Interact with the items inside and then choose the Photo. You will play the Design! minigame to make a sports uniform for Jade. Take it to Jade in the Atrium to complete this quest.

What’s Inside?
Open a locker.

Find the code (4 digit number) and use it to open the correct locker nearby. See the description of the Master of Keys trophy for the code.

Fashion Newbie
Get your first outfit.

Collect 3 Patterns for a character’s specific outfit, have the required number of Diamonds to buy the unlocked outfit, and purchase this outfit. See the description of the Fashion Diva trophy for more information.

A “Friend” In Need
Complete “Violet to the rescue! II”.

Quest 13:
a) In the Archives as Sunny, you will look for the indicated items and then Illustrate them. She will then will use the illustrations on the Crafting Table to create her idea for Fashion Week. Go back to Ms. Wright in the Atrium. (This quest is listed here so that you will continue to progress the main story of the game.)
b) As Violet you will talk to Colin in the Atrium to begin the Violet to the Rescue! quest. You will try to get inside Avery’s Studio, but first you will need to talk to some people in the Atrium and then go to the Fabric Studio to talk to Avery. Avery will need you to help her with picking a fabric by going to the Runway Classroom to check out her laptop. The laptop password is in Avery’s School Diary in the bottom left corner of the room. Avery wants a green fabric dress. Go back to the Fabric Studio and choose the Green Dotted Fabric. Give Avery the fabric to get the Key to Avery’s Studio.
c) Go to Avery’s Studio to start the “Violet to the Rescue! II” quest. As Skyler use the School Banner to make a dress. Put the dress on the red stand in the room and switch to Violet. Violet will need to play the “Take a Picture!” minigame. Go back to Colin in the Atrium to complete the quest.

Training Day
Finish a minigame.

When you are playing a mission, there will sometimes be a minigame that you will need to play in order to progress the mission. Play your first minigame and finish it will 1, 2, or 3 coins to earn this trophy.

Complete “Play it again, Poppy”.

Quest 17: As Poppy, you will interact with Ms. Morton and be tasked with making the music needed for the presentation. You will play her “Play!” minigame and then talk to Ms. Morton again to finish this quest.

Complete “One last design”

Quest 18: As Skyler, you will interact with Ms. Morton to make one last designed dress. You will play her “Design!” minigame and then return to Ms. Morton to finish this quest.

Together Again
Complete “A memory of a friendship”.

Quest 2: As Sunny will need to get ready for the day, go to the Student Lounge, and use the Photocall to Illustrate. Go to Violet’s Dormitory and interact with her to complete the quest. Finally, go to the Cafeteria and take the photo to Ruby to complete this quest.

Complete “Creating the magic”.

Quest 19: As Jade, you will interact with Ms. Morton and be tasked with creating the magic for the Stage. You will play her Makeover! minigame and then return to Ms. Morton to complete this quest.

Complete “Big Screen”.

Quest 15: As Sunny, you will interact with Ms. Morton and be tasked with making an animation to put on the screens. You will play her “Illustrate!” minigame and then interact with a screen. Finally talk to Ms. Morton again to finish this quest.

Detective Fashion
Complete “What does fashion mean to you?”.

Quest 10: As Ruby you will go to Rainbow Union and ask her friends about what Fashion Week means to them. Go back to the Atrium and talk to Ms. Morton to complete this quest.

Complete “Make it fire!”.

Quest 16: As Ruby, you will interact with Ms. Morton and be tasked to use spray paint on the signs. You will play her “Customize!” minigame and then talk to Ms. Morton to finish this quest.

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