Pretty Girls Breakers! Trophy Guide

Game: Pretty Girls Breakers!
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 30 minutes
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 10 , 5 , 0
Author: OneWingedAngelJB

Welcome to the trophy guide for Pretty Girls Breakers! This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the first 3 stages for the first 5 girls.

Welcome to the trophy guide for Pretty Girls Breakers! developed by Zoo Corporation and published by EastAsiaSoft. The game is a twist on classic brick breaker games and a lot of fun to play.
You can move your ship left and right with the analog stick and the circle/X buttons will swing your weapon. Swinging your weapon will hit the ball.
The goal of each stage is to clear all breakable blocks and defeat all enemies.
You have 5 lives and a time limit. If either of them reaches zero, you will fail the stage. You lose lives when you are hit with lasers or the ball goes past your ship to the bottom of the screen.
Various powerups will drop and you just have to move your ship into them to collect them.
In the later stages, you will encounter enemies with a HP bar. Deplete the bar by hitting them with powerups or the ball and they will be defeated.
Begin with Aoi, complete her 3 stages, then do the same for Nazuna (only first 3 stages), Sumire (only first 3 stages), and Tsubaki. You will have unlocked Sherira. Complete her first 3 stages and the platinum is yours!
Here are some tips that will help with your playthrough:

  • The path of the ball is based on your ship placement and not so much the angle you hit it.
  • Always try to collect powerups. Powerups can make you shoot lasers temporarily, give you an extra ball, slow the ball speed, lengthen your weapon, give you a bomb that you can throw straight up, and more.
  • Hitting the ball with the tip of your weapon will build the power meter on the left. This results in more powerful shots that will damage blocks and enemies more.
  • Lasers can be hit back to destroy enemies and blocks. They will damage you if they hit you.
  • There are times when there are lasers and balls all over the screen as you reach the more difficult stages. Remember that spamming circle/X is a very helpful tactic until things calm down. Sometimes it is better to worry about survival than ball placement.

Trophy descriptions are left blank intentionally.

Breaker Master
Unlock all other trophies.

Aoi Stage 2
Clear stage 2 of Aoi.

Aoi Stage 3
Clear stage 3 of Aoi.

Nazuna Stage 2
Clear stage 2 of Nazuna.

Nazuna Stage 3
Clear stage 3 of Nazuna.

Sumire Stage 2
Clear stage 2 of Sumire.

Sumire Stage 3
Clear stage 3 of Sumire.

Tsubaki Stage 2
Clear stage 2 of Tsubaki.

Tsubaki Stage 3
Clear stage 3 of Tsubaki.

Sherira Stage 2
Clear stage 2 of Sherira.

Sherira Stage 3
Clear stage 3 of Sherira.

Aoi Stage 1
Clear stage 1 of Aoi.

Nazuna Stage 1
Clear stage 1 of Nazuna.

Sumire Stage 1
Clear stage 1 of Sumire.

Tsubaki Stage 1
Clear stage 1 of Tsubaki.

Sherira Stage 1
Clear stage 1 of Sherira.

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