Potion Permit Trophy Guide

Game: Potion Permit
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 25-35 hours, depending on how much optional content you do
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 3 , 15 , 19
Author: Stargazer14096

Welcome to the trophy guide for Potion Permit. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Finish the tutorial and get used to the gameplay loop

Welcome to Potion Permit, a chill and relaxing game where you play as a chemist, sent from the capital to the rural town of Moonbury in order to cure sick villagers, help restore the chemists’ reputation, and even make a few friends along the way.

The game is very open ended, and as soon as you’re taught all the basic game mechanics, you’re on your own! You’re free to prioritize any activity you want, be it proceeding with the main quests, building your relationships with the villagers, upgrading your equipment, or just exploring the world. Nothing is missable, and most of the trophies can be done in any order, so just have fun with it!

Just one thing to note though, is that the game is currently quite glitchy, and although most of the glitches are minor, some users have reported save corruption issues which left them no choice but to start from scratch again. As such, it’s recommended to regularly back up your save file, so that you can minimize the amount of progress lost if this does happen.

Stage 2 – Finish the main story and unlock all the areas

That being said, you’ll still want to finish the main story at some point though, as you’ll need to unlock all areas in the game to obtain the best materials and resource farming spots.

Stage 3 – Clean up any remaining trophies

Once you finish the main story, you’ll likely still have a few grindy trophies left, like the various Exterminator trophies, as well as the ones for cooking 50 meals, brewing 150 potions, doing 75 Community Board quests, and curing 50 patients. Once again, you’re free to tackle these in any order you wish.

Moonbury Navigator
Unlock all other trophies

Your reward for obtaining every trophy.

Welcome to Moonbury
Start a new game

This will automatically unlock as soon as you start a new game.

Great Doctor
Successfully cure 10 patients

Early on in the story, you will be taught how to cure patients by brewing potions. Afterwards, a villager will get sick every few days. Keep curing them as they get sick and this will unlock soon enough.

Good Samaritan
Successfully cure 50 patients

50 patients will take significantly more time than 10, but again, just keep curing people as they come. This may not unlock until after you finish the main story, but just keep at it. Every now and then, multiple people (5-6) will simultaneously get sick on the same day, which sucks for the village, but is great for helping you get to 50 faster, so watch out for these!

Being forgetful…
Failed to cure patient for the first time

See “Being a donut….”

Being a donut…
Failed to cure 10 patients

When a patient gets sick, there will be a number above their head indicating how many days you have to treat them before they get escorted off to the local witch doctor. Realistically, it’s almost always possible to cure every patient on the same day that they come in sick, so you’ll likely not get this unless you deliberately ignore patients.

It’s recommended to save this trophy as one of your last since not only does failing to cure patients lower your overall trust rating with the village, but it also causes the patients to be unavailable for longer than they would normally be had you cured them. This can be grinded quickly by just immediately sleeping in at the start of every day.

Acrobatic Adventurer
Roll for 1,000 times

Self-explanatory, just keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ a total of 1000 times. Unfortunately, there’s no in-game tracker for this, but as long as you keep rolling every opportunity you have, this will pop eventually.

Passed out for the first time

There are two ways you can get knocked out – either by losing all your HP, or by reaching 2:00 in the in-game timer. In both cases, you’ll automatically wake up the next day, but at 12:00, instead of 6:00. This trophy will unlock the first time this happens.

The First Step
Brew your first potion

You’ll be brewing a ton of potions to proceed through the game, and this trophy will unlock as soon as you brew your first one.

Rookie Chemist
Brew potions 15 times

See “Expert Chemist“.

Intermediate Chemist
Brew potions 50 times

See “Expert Chemist“.

Expert Chemist
Brew potions 150 times

Another straightforward trophy, simply brew 150 potions over the course of your playtime. Depending on how much you make use of the feature to sell potions for money, you may or may not have this unlocked by the time you finish the story, but if you don’t, you’ll likely be swimming in materials after finishing the grind for some of the other trophies, like the Exterminator ones, so you can just keep brewing until the trophy pops.

The only thing to note here is that after you brew the same potion 5 times, you’ll be given the option to save the pattern you created as a recipe, so that you can instantly brew the same potion again later on as long as you have the ingredients, skipping the tiling minigame. This also allows you to brew multiple potions at once, but each brew will only count as one potion to the total, even if you brewed 10 or 20 at the same time. So even if you’re using the recipes to speed things up, remember to brew your potions one at a time in order to obtain this trophy as soon as possible.

Amateur Chef
Cook food 5 times

See “Sous Chef”.

Line Cook
Cook food 15 times

See “Sous Chef“.

Sous Chef
Cook food 50 times

To unlock the ability to cook food, you will need to first purchase the Kitchen Renovation upgrade from Bulk and Build, which costs 1,750 Gold, 275 Wood, and 325 Stone. After doing so, you can now cook food by interacting with the kitchen on the left side of your house. Now cook a total of 50 meals to earn this trophy.

Much like in “Expert Chemist“, you can cook multiple copies of the same food item simultaneously, but this will only count as one item towards the total, so it’s recommended to cook your food one at a time.

Reach Friendship Lv.1 with 5 villagers

Soon into the story, you will be given a quest called The Kind-Hearted Chemist, which will task you with befriending three villagers. To befriend a villager, you need to fill up their friendship bar by talking to them and giving them gifts.

Once that’s done, the villager will put up a notice on the Town Square / Police Station Bulletin Board the next day, which will mention a time and place to meet that villager. Visiting the right place at the right time will trigger a quest which, upon completion, will unlock that villager’s Lv.2 Friendship bar. Do this with 5 villagers to obtain this trophy.

Note that you can easily check your progress with any particular villager by taking a look at their entry in your journal.

Also, if you’re looking for a specific villager, you can use your dog’s tracking ability and he’ll lead you right to them. Just make sure he’s well-fed or he won’t be able to track anyone!

Reach Friendship Lv.2 with 10 villagers

Same as “Friendly“, but this time you have to fill up their second friendship bar and complete a second quest for them. Note that some of these quests will require you to obtain resources that can only be found in the final areas of the game, so don’t be surprised if you can’t complete a villager’s second quest immediately.

Complete the second quests of 10 villagers to unlock this trophy.

Heart of Gold
Reach Friendship Lv.3 with a villager

Not every villager can be levelled up to Lv.3. If you take a look at your journal, you’ll notice that some villagers are marked as “romanceable”, while others aren’t. Only the romanceable villagers have a third bar that can be filled up. So just pick your favourite romanceable villager, fill up the bar, complete the quest, unlock the trophy.

Dog Whisperer
Reach Friendship Lv.3 with your dog

Your dog also has a friendship bar that can be filled up every day by petting him and giving him food. The trophy title is a bit misleading though, as you only need to fill up his bar once to unlock the trophy.

Spark of Love
Date an NPC for the first time

In order to date an NPC, you need to meet the following conditions:

1. The NPC must be romanceable
2. You need to have them at Friendship Lv.3
3. You have to give them the Moon Brooch

Once you do, you’ll have the option to date them when talking to them.

Note that this trophy currently has a minor glitch, wherein it will not unlock upon completing the date. To get the trophy to unlock, you’ll actually need to find them again that same day, and ask for a second date. They’ll refuse, and the trophy should pop afterwards.

Decorative Mind
Collect 10 pieces of furniture

Furniture can be purchased from Bulk and Build, but it’s recommended to save this trophy as one of your last as even just the cheapest furniture will cost at least a few thousand gold, which is better spent on upgrading your weapons.

Either way, this trophy will unlock after buying your 8th piece of furniture, as you start off with two.

Fishing Guru
Collect 10 type of fish in Moonbury

This trophy will require you to obtain at least the Lv.2 fishing rod, as the basic fishing rod will only allow you to catch up to 7 fish (yes, the treasure chest counts as a fish type).

To get the Lv.2 fishing rod, you’ll need to get Leano up to at least Friendship Lv.2, and you’ll also need to have caught over 50 fish in the Lv.1 fishing spot. Note that this is different from just fishing 50 times, so unlocking “Catch of the Day” doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve met the conditions for this quest; you’ll need to have actually caught over 50 fish.

To easily keep track of how many fish you’ve caught, you can add up the White Meat and Pink Meat in your inventory. If you remember how much meat you’ve given out on quests, even better. Once you’ve met all the requirements, a quest will show up on the bulletin board the next day talking about the fishing rod. Complete that quest to upgrade your rod.

Once done, you can now head over to the Lv.2 fishing spot and catch a few more fish to bring your total up to 10.

The Capitalist
Collect 10,000 coins

This will unlock once you’ve earned a total of 10,000 coins. You do not have to hold 10,000 coins at once, so feel free to spend it whenever you need to. This should unlock fairly early into your run.

Lumber Specialist
Collect 3,000 wood

This will unlock once you’ve earned a total of 3,000 wood. You do not have to hold 3,000 wood at once, so feel free to spend it whenever you need to. This should unlock about halfway through the story.

Stone Specialist
Collect 10,000 stone

This will unlock once you’ve earned a total of 10,000 stone. You do not have to hold 10,000 stone at once, so feel free to spend it whenever you need to. This one will take a little bit longer to earn, but should pop before you finish the main story.

Community Helper
Clear 25 quests from the Community Board

See “Community Advisor“.

Community Advisor
Clear 75 quests from the Community Board

Early on into the story, you will be told about the Community Board in the Town Hall as part of one of the main quests. Once you unlock it, it will refresh every Monday with a new set of quests to complete. You might start with just 4 quests per week, but there will eventually be more as you unlock more areas and more mechanics. Clear 75 of them in total to unlock this trophy.

This will likely not unlock before you finish the main story, as it’ll take anywhere between 15-20 weeks to get to 75 quests. As such, if this is the last thing you need to farm, you can easily move from week to week by sleeping in every day, to speed things up.

Plantation Exterminator
Forage 1,000 plants

See “Animal Exterminator“.

Rock Exterminator
Forage 1,000 stone

See “Animal Exterminator“.

Tree Exterminator
Forage 1,000 tree

See “Animal Exterminator“.

Animal Exterminator
Defeat 1,000 enemies

These trophies require you to farm 1,000 of each resource type – trees, rocks, plants, and enemies. You will likely not unlock any of these by the time you finish the main story, but depending on how much you’ve explored, you may or may not be close. And unfortunately, there isn’t any in-game tracker to see how close you are.

To farm these trophies, it’s recommended to run through the first part of Meadow Range, from the initial fast travel point up to the fast travel point right past the boulders that you had to clear as part of the story. Clearing everything in this area will give you close to 20 of each resource type, and takes about 5 mins per run. Just keep at it and these trophies will eventually pop. See the image below for the recommended path to take:

Have a bath in Willow Waters Bathhouse 10 times

The Willow Waters Bathhouse is located at the upper-right corner of town, and allows you to refill your HP and stamina for free, but advances time by 2 hours. The bathhouse is open from 09:00 to 18:00, and is closed on Thursdays.

Simply use this service 10 times to unlock the trophy.

Animal Lover
Pet your dog 50 times

At any point while you’re outside, you can call on your dog with R2. Once you do so, you can then interact with him and one of the options is to pet him. Do this 50 times to unlock the trophy.

Note that only the first pet every day counts, so you’ll need to pet him across 50 different days to get this. Make it a habit to always pet him first thing in the morning!

Catch of the Day
Go fishing 50 times

Simply go fishing a total of 50 times to unlock this. It does not matter whether the catch was successful or not, it will still count towards the total.

Moonbury Traveller
Use fast travel 20 times

You will likely be using the fast travel feature a ton in this game, as it’s the easiest way to get around, so this will likely be one of the first trophies you earn.

Note that there is currently a random glitch with the fast travel system, and it usually happens when you attempt to travel to either the Town Square or the Beach. If it occurs, you’ll be sent out of bounds and will have no way to return to the map. But if you don’t want to quit out to the main menu and lose your progress for the day, you can simply wait until the clock hits 2:00, and you’ll automatically get KO’d and sent back to your house.

Production Sorter
Work part-time in the Police Department 15 times

The Police Department, located directly below your house, offers part-time work, and it will pay you a small amount of money in exchange for fast forwarding time by 2 hours. The Police Department is open every day from 08:00 to 22:00.

Simply complete the part-time work minigame 15 times to unlock this trophy.

Grape Supplier
Work part-time in the Church 15 times

The Church, located near the upper-left corner of town, offers part-time work, and it will pay you a small amount of money in exchange for fast forwarding time by 2 hours. The Church is open from 08:00 to 17:00, and is closed on Wednesdays.

Simply complete the part-time work minigame 15 times to unlock this trophy.

Mail Carrier
Work part-time in the Post Office 15 times

The Town Hall, located near the center of town, offers part-time work, and it will pay you a small amount of money in exchange for fast forwarding time by 2 hours. The Town Hall is open from 08:00 to 15:00, and is closed on Sundays.

Simply complete the part-time work minigame 15 times to unlock this trophy.

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