Panic House Trophy Guide

Game: Panic House
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 10 – 30 minutes
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 9 , 4 , 4

Author: JimP2121, edited by BloodDragooner
Welcome to the trophy guide for Panic House. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Welcome to Panic House! Panic House is a horror game that is sure to give players a thrilling and heart-pumping experience. As the player enters the game, they are immediately transported to an eerie and foreboding atmosphere. The visuals are dark and gloomy, with shadows lurking in every corner, and the sound effects are designed to keep the player on edge. The game begins with the player finding themselves in a seemingly abandoned house, with no clear way out. As they begin to explore, they quickly realize that they are not alone. Strange noises and unexplained phenomena start to occur, and the player is left to figure out how to escape the house before it is too late.

Stage 1 – Follow the Text Walkthrough.

All trophies can be earned in one playthrough. If you do miss any trophies, you can play again and all some of the collectible totals carry over towards the count for subsequent play throughs. Note: This game’s lighting is very dark and it is recommended to adjust your TV settings to help you see better if needed. Also, the Flashlight in the game will go dim very quickly and it will be very difficult to see with it.

Text Walkthrough for all Trophies
Panic House Text Walkthrough

The game starts in a bedroom with an office. Go into the office area and pick up the flashlight and turn it on.
Note: These batteries will lose power over time and they will cause the flashlight to have a very dull brightness. So if your flashlight is extremely dim, wait until the battery is at one little sliver of power, and then open your inventory and use a battery on the flashlight. There is an animation where you will reload the battery into the flashlight and then it’ll all turn on automatically to full brightness.

On the desk pick up the keys the bedroom door and a battery. There is a battery in the left bottom drawer of the desk. To the left of the desk on the bottom shelf is a battery. Near the bedroom door to the right is a closet with a battery. Go to the bed, and on the left side is a nightstand with a light on it. Turn this light on and off five times. In this nightstand, there are three drink cans in the bottom drawer to pick up and use for increasing your health. To increase your health, press, the touchpad, and then use whatever food items or medicine you have collected to increase your health. On the right side of the bed is a chair with a Buddha statue on it. Pick up the statue. To the right of this is a dresser and in the bottom drawer is a can for you to collect and use for increasing your health.

Unlock the door and walk through it. To the left is a dresser that has 5 mm round ammo pack in the bottom drawer. If this is not be visible, you can come back later and see if it has appeared in the drawer or on the floor to pick up and collect.

Move to the room that is straight ahead, and on the far wall is a bookshelf with a Buddha statue to collect. There is also a battery below on a lower shelf to collect. Turn to the left and open the door to enter a bathroom. In a cabinet below, on the left sink is a Buddha statue that you can collect. Leave the bathroom and go through the opening walkway that leads to a hallway. Open the door at the end of this hallway, this is children bedroom number one. Go ahead and enter it. To the right of the bed in the top drawer of the dresser is a medicine that you can use for Increasing your health. Go through the side, walk in the closet, there will be a battery on a right shelf. Leave this bedroom and continue down the hallway and open the door at the end, the hallway to enter the second children bedroom. Enter the bedroom and go to the closet to collect a Buddha statue. On the opposite wall is a dresser and the right middle drawer will have a battery inside to collect.

Leave this room and go down the set of stairs you had just passed. At the bottom of the stairs, turn right and go to a small table that has a set of keys for the laundry room upstairs and collect them. Go towards the fireplace, and on the left side is a pile of wood. Grab one piece of wood and throw it into the fireplace. In the right cabinet beside the fireplace is a 5 mm round ammo pack to collect. On the left of the fireplace is a Buddha statue to collect.

Go upstairs and to the right, and on the left is a doorway to the laundry room with windows in it. Open this door and go inside to pick up the gun that is on the washing machine. To the left of the washing machine and dryer on a lower shelf is a can that you can use to increase your health. To the right of the washing machine in the upper right cabinet is a 5 mm round ammo pack to collect. Turn and go towards the door that has four pieces of wood on it and remove them and then open the door. Before going through the open door, turn to the right and a drawer will have a fish can in it for you to collect and increase your health.

Now leave this room and go downstairs to the left and open the double French doors continue down the hallway and open the next set of double French doors and go inside this room that has a TV in it. In the cabinet below the TV is a battery to collect to increase your health. Behind the couch is a shelf cabinet, and there is a Buddha statue inside the bottom, right part of the cabinets. To the right of this cabinet shelf is a door that does not have windows in it. Go to the store and open it and inside this washroom turn to the right and open up the cabinet to find an axe to collect. Inside the bathroom, go to the bathtub and pick up the battery inside of it. Leave the bathroom and go through the double doors down the hallway to the right. There will it be one zombie inside the kitchen hallway area. Equip your gun, and use it to kill the zombie, it will take between five and eight bullets to kill the zombie. Alternatively, you could use your axe to kill the zombie, but you will need to make sure that you do not get killed because the zombie will keep coming forward towards you, so when, using the act, you will need to swing and move back after each swing to avoid the zombie damaging you. If you die here, you will start back in the starting room of the game, so just head back downstairs to the kitchen to continue.

In the kitchen, open the refrigerator and take out any cans and increase your health with it. To the right of the refrigerator is a battery that is on a small table for you to collect. There may also be a banana on the kitchen island to collect and increase your health. Then pick up a plate from the table or the side counter and throw it into the sink.

Leave the kitchen and enter the dining room area, and on the table is a pair to collect and increase your health. In the corner of where the cabinets, in the bottom cupboard, there is a 5 mm round ammo pack to collect.

Go down the hallway, and there is a door with a keypad beside it. Use the keypad to enter code 3392 press enter, and then open the basement door. Before going into the basement turn to the right, and in the small drawer, there is a fish can to collect and increase your health. Before entering the basement, make sure your gun is loaded. To reload the gun, press the Triangle button. There are three zombies in the basement to watch out for. Keep one alive if you decide to kill them all as you will need it for a trophy. Turn to the left at the bottom of the stairs, and there will be a zombie that is near the electrical panel on the wall. Kill the zombie and then open The electrical panel and turn on the electricity. Make sure that your health is higher than 100+. Go near one of the zombies and let it bite you a little bit. If you die, you will end up back in the starting room in the bedroom and you can continue the game from there. Then continue to the far corner where there is a barrel with the front door key on it to collect. On the shelf in the middle of this area is a 5 mm rounds ammo pack to collect. Go back upstairs, and before exiting the house, make sure that you have collected enough 5mm round ammo packs to get the trophy. If needed, go and find the one that was in the dresser drawer outside the starting bedroom. Now proceed to the front door, open it and walk out of the house.

The White Light
Unlock all trophies.

Congratulations on leaving the house!

I did not want to do that
Kill a zombie.

You will need to kill a zombie. If you use the gun, it will take between 5 – 7 shots to kill it. If you use the Axe it will take about 8+ swings of hitting the zombie to kill it. However, the Axe will allow the zombie to get close to you so make sure to move back after each swing of the Axe.

There they are!
Find the keys to get out of the room.

From the starting Bedroom, go to the Desk at the other end of the room and the Bedroom Key will be on the Desk.

Free bird!
Unlock the front door and get out.

After picking up the Front Door Key in the Basement, go to the front door, open it and pass through the doorway.

Living enigma
Guess the code correctly

On the main floor of the house near the Kitchen hallway is the Basement Door that has a Keypad on the wall beside it. Use the Keypad to enter the code: 3392 and press the green button to enter it.

Unjam and open the jammed door.

In the Laundry Room there is a barricaded door that has 4 pieces of wood that are nailed across it. Interact with the 4 pieces of wood to remove them and then you can open the door.

Long and sharp
Find an axe

In the living room (TV room) there is a door that leads to a bathroom. Go inside the bathroom and to your right is a cabinet where the Axe is on the bottom shelf. Pick up the Axe to collect it.

That could help
Find a gun

In the Laundry Room there is a Gun on top of the washing machine. Pick up the Gun to collect it.

Finally some heat
Put some wood into the fireplace.

Near the front door there is a room with couches and a fireplace. On the ground to the right of the fireplace is a pile of wood. Interact with the wood to grab a piece and then put it into the fireplace.

Put a plate into the sink.

In the Kitchen there are plates on the countertops and the table. Grab one plate and place it in the sink.

Check your children’s rooms.

On the second floor, there are two Children Bedrooms near one of the sets of stairs. Open the door and enter the first bedroom, then go down the hallway to the second bedroom and enter it too.

Let there be light
Turn on the electricity.

In the Basement, when coming down the stairs, go to the left and around on the wall is an Electrical Panel for you to open and turn on the power.

Take something from the fridge.

In the Kitchen, open the Refrigerator and collect any of the food items that you can.

Let the zombie eat a bit of you.

As you collect Food items, you can go into your inventory by pressing the Touchpad. Inside the inventory you can use any of the foods that you have collected to increase your health. Some food items that can be found are: Cans, Drinks, Fish, and Fruits like Pears and Bananas. Make sure that your health is 100+. Next you will walk close to a zombie (1 on the main floor near the Kitchen or 3 zombies in the Basement), you will notice that they will eat a nibble out of you. Otherwise, let a zombie kill you and you will respawn back in the starting bedroom with all of the items that you have collected so far.

Find 5 batteries.

You will need to find 5 batteries. There are more than 5 batteries in the house that could be in a cabinet, drawer, shelf, etc.

Find 5 statues of buddha.

You will need to find 5 statues of buddha. There are more than 5 statues of buddha in the house that could be on a shelf, chair, cabinet, table, etc.

Ammo everywhere
Find 5 ammo packs.

You will need to find 5 of the 5 mm Rounds ammo boxes. These could be on a shelf, in a cupboard, cabinet, drawer, etc.

Everything is expensive nowadays
Turn off 5 lamps.

You can turn on/off any wall, table, or desk lamp. You can use one light or any combination of lights that you turn on/off 5 times.

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