Oxide: Room 104 Trophy Guide

Game: Oxide: Room 104
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 6 – 8 hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: “373”, “The experiment”, “A dark past”, “Horror book”,
“Eva’s diary”, “Sly as a fox” and “Matthew’s revenge”
Trophies: 1 , 6 , 4 , 21
Author: JimP2121

Welcome to the trophy guide for Oxide: Room 104. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Welcome to Oxide Room 104! Combining escape room gameplay and action, this is a bone-chilling single-player body-horror game set inside an old motel. Abducted, at the mercy of a ruthless scientist, and stalked by a horrible creature, you must try to escape using common sense, just as you would in real life. There are many options and ways to solve situations, as well as different paths. Some actions will lead you to states that will alter your perception of the environment and even to an abrupt outcome. Remember that a bad decision can be the difference between life and death. Can you get out of Oxide?

Stage 1 – Play for an Ending.

There are 4 endings to this game. The endings are based on how many times you do or do not die. This will be explained in the spoiler section below. There are numerous motel rooms that you will need to gain access to and you will need to fully search each to obtain resources and keys to advance the story. Some will only need to be visited once for certain trophies and others will need to be accessed each time you play through to an ending. The sections below will contain some spoilers about each of the motel rooms explaining the details about each.
Note: Each time that you die in the game, the motel will change. These changes will be the environmental looks of things, an increase and different enemies and their locations, where resources are located, and if you can or cannot access some areas.

Important Notes

1. Your game will automatically save when your character dies and will overwrite the gamesave. There are multiple save slots, however they only act as a brand new playthrough and will not transfer any of your previous playthrough gamesave data. It is highly recommended to not switch save slots!
2. Each time you have finished a playthrough to an ending, the credits will roll, and then you are immediately back in the bathroom of Room 104 for the next playthrough.
3. Each time you die or start a new playthrough, no items previously collected will be in your character’s inventory. You will have to find them again – inventory storage size and all resources.
4. The construction name tag in the Storage Room is only available the during a playthrough when you have not died yet. Once you die, you will not have access to it again until you begin the next playthrough after an ending.
5. Items, resources, and enemies will change locations each time that you die in the game.
6. If you have the Quick come on screen it means to quickly alternate between R2 and L2 until you either break free or die from an enemy.
7. The big-mouth person enemy can be avoided if you crouch around them, however, they will sometimes still attack you. They can be eliminated with 5 – 6 bullets. Always keep your gun loaded! You can run away and avoid them to get out of an area/room quickly or reload your gun before they attack again.
8. The odd-looking plants can be eliminated with bullets (2 – 4 depending on the size). Remember if you get too close to them, they will release a toxic poison and you will need to use an antidote, if you have one available.
9. The double-headed enemy will spit poison and can be eliminated with 4 – 6 bullets. Remember if you get too close to them, they will release a toxic poison and you will need to use an antidote, if you have one available.
All Endings
-BR means bathroom.
-All bathroom keys work on any bathroom, but can only be used once.
-Documents carry over across all playthroughs and endings. However, your inventory and rooms visited is always reset with every death and ending.

There are 4 possible endings to this game.

Best Ending (no death run):
Order of rooms and important items. Keys for rooms are not mentioned as need these to go to the stated rooms. Never use a pistol during this quick playthrough.

-104 BR (Play Radio, listen to full song, 2 bandages, Antidote).
-104 (touch the centipede and use Antidote, lockpick on a lock, salt on centipede).
-Storage Room (Bandages, Antidote, try to open the door but let it hit you, use bandage, wait until you no longer hear close enemies outside then exit).
-103 (purse, bandages, BR key).
-Find a Shovel on the walkway in the Courtyard, dig up the key in garden circle of rocks.
-210 (BR key).
-202 (Eva playing card).
-202 (BR).
-203 (BR key).
-303 (BR)
-305 and 305 BR (Metal key).
-Common Area (stealthily avoid Evil).
-Dining Room (do not light Molotov with fireplace).
-Common Area.
-Reception (exit through revolving door).
-Doc’s lab (all documents).
-Hallway to Elevator
-Elevator (all documents; Revenge on Doctor)

Die Once Ending:
Repeat “Best Ending” above except die once. Make sure to pick up the pistol and bullets from Storage Room. You will need to die once, so a good spot might be Room 202 where you can use the pistol.

Die Twice Ending:
Repeat “Best Ending” above except die twice. Die wherever you choose, but know that you will need to be stealthy, ready to fight with a loaded gun, quick to run, and quick with the Quick Time Event if you get caught ever as the enemies increase each time you die.

Die Four Times Ending:
-104 (BR).
-Fail the Quick Time Event.
-104 (BR).
-Fail the Quick Time Event.
-104 (BR).
-Die from an enemy.
-104 (BR)
-Die from an enemy.

All Rooms Walkthrough (collect BR keys, room keys, Bandages, Antidote, lockpicks, bullets, pistol). The rooms needed are: Storage Room, 101, 103, 104, 108, 109, 111, 202, 203, 206, 209, 210, 301, 303, and 305. This could be used as the Best Ending run if you never die!
-104 (BR).
-Storage Room (construction name tag).
-111 (BR).
-103 (purse).
-103 (BR).
-Courtyard (use Shovel, dig up 101 key)
-101 (use Wolf Key on the Wolf Book)
-101 (BR)
-Second Floor Walkway (Gas mask from the bathtub)
-Courtyard (use Hook to get 210 key from floating item in the pool)
-109 (BR)
-209 (need construction name tag in your inventory).
-203 (Use either room key).
-202 (BR). Go through hatch into the tunnel.
-305 (Metal key).
-Common Room.
-Dining Room.
-Common Room.
-Doc’s lab.
Motel Rooms Details
-The location of items will be different after every time you die.
-Collect whatever items you need.

Room 104 Bathroom
This is starting room of the game and where you will be after every death. You will also be starting here again after every ending of the game. To exit this room you will need to put your clothes on as the bathroom key is inside your pants’ pocket. Your storage will increase to 6 slots.

Room 104
You will need to find the room key which may be on the table with a large centipede around it. You can pour salt on it or pour boiling water from the tea kettle on it. Other times the key will in a locked cabinet that you can use a lock pick on it.

Storage Room
This room will have bullets, an Antidote, bandage, room key 111 and a storage box. There is also a name tag that you need to get into room 209, but is only available if you have not died. There is a pistol and map, but after two deaths they will be in room 104.

Room 111
There will be an enemy to avoid so crouch and look towards the kitchen table. On the side there will be a “O” below the correct jar to interact with and this will have Room 103 key inside.

Room 103
Inside this room you will need to find the wood blocks to spell “JOB” inside the pentagram circle. The baby will disappear and reveal Room Key 202. The last storage upgrade to 9 slots will be the purse inside this room. The purse will be in the Storage Room if you die too many times.

Room 101
Get the shovel from somewhere on the courtyard sidewalks. Use it to dig up the room key in the e garden. See “He who seeks, finds!” trophy description for more information. Inside Room 101 you will need to go into the bathroom medicine cabinet to get a Star Key. This key will open the Wolf Book. This will give you the key to Room 206.

Room 206
Before entering this room you will need the Gas Mask, which is at the one end of the second-floor walkway in a bathtub. Now enter room 206 and stealthily make your way to the kitchen area to obtain room key 108 on a grave cross. As soon as you have this key, run quickly out of the room to avoid a confrontation. You will not be able to use your pistol in this room.

Room 108
Inside this room you will need to find out which number is not on the walls or ceiling. Any of the numbers that you see will not be the correct test tube sample. Once you have the correct test tube sample you will insert into the bathroom door lock mechanism. This will release an enemy so be ready to eliminate it. Inside the bathroom, you will find Room Key 203.

Room 203
Inside there will be vines blocking a ladder to room 303. Find the gas can and the matches. Pour the gas on the vines and then use the matches. Then interact with the ladder to go up to Room 303.

Room 202
Inside this room you will not be able to use your pistol or you will be burned to death. There will be an enemy that you will need to avoid to get into the bathroom. There may be an Eva playing card on the back shelf (if you happen to die, this card will automatically prevent a death, one use only). In the bathroom there is a hatch door that has a tunnel to get into Room 203.

Room 210
In the courtyard there is a hook that you can pick up and use at the far end pool to retrieve the floating box that has Room Key 210 on it. Go inside this room, pick up any items you need, and then be prepared to run as soon as you pick up the Room Key 109. An enemy will try to attack you so get back to the door to exit as soon as possible.

Room 109
Inside this room there is a grandfather clock, roulette table setup, and a glass cabinet. To the right of the glass cabinet you will pick up the brick and use it on the glass cabinet. An enemy will immediately spawn and you will need to eliminate it so be ready with your pistol. You will then need to push the grandfather clock to reveal a switch that you will use to turn on the roulette table and light up the Jackpot sign. Interact with the roulette table wheel and there will be the numbers “11, 21, and 34” highlighted. This is the code for the locked box that is inside the glass cabinet. Once it is opened you will get Room Key 209. In the bathroom there may be an Eva playing card (if you happen to die, this card will automatically prevent a death, one use only).

Room 209
This room is only accessible during a no death run. You will need to have the construction name tag from the Storage Room along with the room key. Otherwise you will loop opening and exiting this room and never be able to truly explore it. Once inside you will need to crouch and stealthily retrieve the Room Key 203 (this is the spare key for this room).

Room 303
You will enter this room through Room 203 by using the ladder. Once inside this room you will need to find the key to this room, which is in a green block. See “One Way” trophy description for more details on how to free the encased key. You will also find Room Key 301 and 305 in this room.

Room 301
Inside this room you will need to get inside the bathroom to find a bolt cutter that you can use on the chained fence door at the end of the walkway outside. This will lead to the sliding door entrance to the Common Area.

Room 305
Inside this room you will see two mannequins near an upright piano. You will need to find and place the violin with the standing mannequin. Inside the bathroom, there will be a music sheet that you will put on the music. Stand beside the piano, then push the seat mannequin in and a tune will play with a Metal Key on the piano. Collect this Metal Key to use on the locked fence door at the end of the walkway outside. This will lead to the sliding door entrance to the Common Area.

Stage 2 – Continue to replay the game.

You will need to continue to replay the game so that you obtain all 4 endings of the game. If you miss any trophies then refer to the notes above and below for more detailed information on each.

First Oxide experience
Get all the trophies.

Congratulations on your bloody new platinum!

Born again
Get out of the motel alive.

You will need to make it to the third floor of the motel and have used the Metal Key from Room 305 on the lock near the Common Area. Go into the Common Area and escape through the Reception Area. Depending on your number of deaths, you may not be able to exit here until after you take the long way through the dining area, kitchen, duct work, and back to the common area.

The Experiment
Find all Doc’s documents.

There are 11 documents to find for Doc. Use the video link for each of these documents below.

Credits to 100% Guides

A dark past
Find all Matthew’s documents.

There are 19 documents to find for Matthew. Refer to “The Experiment” trophy description.

Horror book
Find all Evil’s documents.

There are 20 documents to find for Evil. Refer to “The Experiment” trophy description.

Eva’s diary
Find all Eva’s documents.

There are 18 documents to find for Eva. Refer to “The Experiment” trophy description.

Explore all the rooms.

You will need to have entered all of the motel rooms in a single playthrough to an ending. It is highly recommended to do this on a no-death run, as you could be locked out of some rooms like Room 209 as the construction name tag is only available before dying in a new playthrough. Plus, there will be many more enemies the more times you die. The rooms needed are: 101, 103, 104, 108, 109, 111, 202, 203, 206, 209, 210, 301, 303, and 305.

Sly as a fox
Complete the game cycle without using bullets.

This is best done on a no-death playthrough where you never use the gun. Do not pick up the gun as you could potentially fire it off when trying to escape an enemy while doing the Quick Time Event of the rapid alternating of L2 and R2. You will need to be stealthy by crouching and moving slowly around enemies. You can also avoid enemies by getting items you need from a room from a slight distance and then quickly running to the room door. As soon as you are trying to open the door, the enemy will not be able to attack you.

Make it all the way to escape the motel. It is best to do all the other trophies that are involved in the no-death run as this is the best ending of the game. See “All Endings” above in stage 1.

Matthew’s mistakes
Try all the endings.

There are 4 endings to the game:
-no deaths and escape
-one death and die trying to escape
-two deaths and captured trying to escape
-die 4 times and burnt to death
See Stage 1 for more information.

Let’s play a game…
Get out of 104 without forcing anything open or hurting yourself.

You need to use the hidden items in the room to successfully escape the room without ever forcing something open or hurting yourself. See “Motel Rooms Details” above in Stage 1.

Matthew’s revenge
Trap Doc in the elevator.

You can only do this on your no-death run since you will get into the elevator after being chased by the doctor. After closing the elevator door, he will stick his arms through trying to get you. Go near him and there will be an option to get revenge on him. You will pick up the axe and cut off the doctor’s hand.

Get out of the room on the third floor.

When you get into Room 303 you will need to find the key to the room which will be inside a green block of material. Find the chemical bottle and blacksmith tool. In the bathroom turn on the tap to fill the tub with water. Put the room key and the chemical bottle into the tub. Next use the blacksmith tool to retrieve the useable room key. Use the room key on the door.

Nimble fingers
Open a lock with a pick.

You can find lock picks in the rooms and use them to open bathroom doors and some locks on cabinets.

Room 104
Get out of room 104.

After getting out of the bathroom in Room 104, you will need to find a lock pick to open a cabinet to get out the Salt. Use the Salt on the centipede on the kitchen table to allow you to safely obtain the Room 104 key. Use the room key on its door to exit.

Face to face
Escape from Evil to get to the storage room.

After getting out of Room 104, you will have a cutscene for a no-death and a one-death run. There will be 4 Quick Time Events where you will need to avoid missing these. Otherwise you will get an “X” on screen for each that you miss. Get 3 “X’s” and you will die. For the L2 and R2 Quick Time Event in the pool, this will be a rapid alternating between using these triggers.

Now or never
Wait for the right time in the storage room.

After going into the Storage Room, collect all items you need and use the storage box if needed. You will be able to access any items you put into it from any other storage that you find. However, if you die all these items will be lost. Also, this is a good storage box to use in the game when you have limited space as it’s always accessible before entering the Common Area of the motel.

Pick the right door
Find the way to the exit.

Inside Room 202 bathroom there is a hatch door above the bathtub. Use this door to enter a tunnel to get into Room 203. See the pictures below.

The third floor
Get to the motel’s third floor.

To get to the third floor you will need to get into Room 202 and remove the vines blocking access to the ladder. Use the gas can and matches that you find in this room to remove the vines by burning them away. Interact with the ladder to get into Room 303.

Good choice
Don’t use the fireplace in the restaurant.

When you make your way to the Common Area, go into the Reception and go to the right into the Dining Room. In here there will be a vine blocking a door that requires you to burn them away. There is a lighter, piece of clothing, and bottle marked flammable in this room. Combine them together to make a Molotov and use it on the vines. Do not light the Molotov with the fireplace flames.

He who seeks, finds!
Use the shovel to find one of the keys.

There will be a shovel along the sidewalks outside the motel rooms in the Courtyard. After picking up the shovel, you will need to go to the garden area of the Courtyard where there is a ring of stones. Use the shovel here to dig up the room 101 key. See the pictures below.

On the right path
Go into the common areas.

After getting to metal key from Room 305, use it on the fence lock and then go through the sliding door into the Common Area.

Brute force
Force open a chest or door.

When you get out of the tub on a new run, you will need to get the small key from the toilet and use it on the wooden box as it contains bandages. Then try to open the second drawer and choose to use force to open it. Your character will be injured and you can quickly apply the bandages to prevent him from dying.

Play the entire song.

In Room 104 Bathroom, you will need to turn on the Radio. Do not leave the room until this song is finished.

What’s going on here?
Get out of room 104’s bathroom.

Escape from the Bathroom in 104, by opening the code-locked box. The code is inside the top drawer, “373”, and this will have the key for the second drawer. Open the second drawer and interact with your clothes. You will then be able to use the bathroom key to get out of this room.

First aid
Use some bandages to stabilize Matthew.

Use bandages after getting a cut. You will see a blood drop indicator flashing and you will need to use a bandage before the indicator runs out otherwise you die.

The real escape
Escape from Doc and try to get out of the motel.

This is the good ending of the game where you will escape on the elevator and leave the motel alive. See Stage 1 for “All Endings” above.

It can’t be true
Go out through the door in reception.

After getting into the Common Area you will enter the Reception next. If the revolving door is visible, you will be able to exit the motel here.

Nightmare in the kitchen
Get out of the kitchen alive.

After getting out of the Dining Room, you will go around and outside the eating area and then enter the Kitchen. There will be a cutscene and then you will be in the Ductwork. Inside here you will need to move and stop as indicated to avoid being caught. You will come back out into the Common Area.

Take the long way round
Get out through the restaurant.

After going through the Common Area you will need to go to the right into the Dining Room, around the outside eating area and through the Kitchen. You will end up in the Ductwork that you will exit back into the Common Area. You will then proceed to exit the motel through the Reception revolving doors.

Failed attempt
Avoid Evil in reception.

You will need to stealthfully make your way through the Common Area into the Reception area. Do not confront or try to shoot Evil.

I’m close now
Go through the common areas to get to reception.

After going through the Common Area, there will be a cutscene and you will end up in a small room that is part of the Reception area.

Heal Matthew after being poisoned.

You will need to find an Antidote bottle and have it in your inventory. There are two ways to get poisoned in the game. They are:
1. There are plants that will spray out a poison cloud if you get too close to them. These plants can be small to large, be inside or outside rooms, and they can be growing on any surface. You may see them on walls, tables, or ceilings.
2. Another enemy that can be on walls will have two heads that spit out poison.
Get poisoned by either enemy type. There will be a warning alert timer showing that you will die if you do not take an Antidote. Make sure you use the Antidote before you die.

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