Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories Trophy Guide

Game: Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 2 hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: Most of them
Trophies: 0 , 3 , 7 , 10
Author: Trophy Platypus, edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete all 3 Acts unlocking all missable trophies.

Welcome to the trophy guide for Melon Journey: Bittersweet Memories, an amazing indie adventure game developed by Froach Club and published by Poppy Works. The game should take less than 2 hours, but features a lot of missable trophies, so it is advised to follow along with the video guide below. The game will make you aware of the point of no returns. In Act 1 it will be going to the resort on the boat, and in Act 2 it is using the lift to the mountain. It is important before doing these actions that you have completed the trophies for quests before taking them. For the trophy “Antony: Bug in the City”, you will see a character looking for his pet ant. It is important that once you find Antony the ant that you do not speak to the character looking for him, as you will automatically give Antony back and will not unlock the trophy in Act 3.

The order in which you should unlock the trophies is shown below.
“Job requirement: Detail oriented”

“Our journey begins…”
“Animals Can’t Always Behave”
“Rollin around at the speed of sound”
“Cheese in the trap”
“Plead the Mambo Number Fifth”

After taking the boat
“Was this achievement worth it?”

“This leaves a bittersweet taste…”
“Clean up on aisle 3”
“That day in the café”
“Prone to violin-ce”

After taking the lift
“For old time’s sake”

“A detour down memory lane…”
“Threw the baby out with the salt water”
“Antony: Bug in the City”
“New genre: Bathroom Pop”
“Thick as thievessss”
“Mmmm… that’s some… chili”
“Curtains closed”
“The bittersweet truth”

Melon Journey: 100% Trophy Video Walkthrough.

Our journey begins…
Start Act I.

Story related. Unlocks at the start of Act 1.

This leaves a bittersweet taste…
Start Act II.

Story related. Unlocks at the start of Act 2.

A detour down memory lane…
Start Act III

Story related. Unlocks at the start of Act 3.

Curtains closed
Get normal ending.

Story related. Unlocks at end of the game.

That day in the café
Lily quest complete.

Missable. Earned in Act 2. In Act 2, Lily will steal a key from you, chase her until she unlocks the path to the mountain. Then the snake will join you so they can speak with Lily, and Lily will leave after talking to the snake. Follow her to the Cafe. Inside, interact with her. Her brother will appear, unlocking the trophy.

Thick as thievessss
Thievery Snake quest complete.

Missable. Earned in Act 3. After visiting the Cavity Crew in the sewers, the snake will leave when you give the fan mail to Pup Star for his quest. After completing Pup Star’s quest, leave and head back to town, the snake will get arrested. Head to the prison and speak to him, he will ask you to go speak to Lily. Head to Lily’s house, which is the screen down from the town hall. Head upstairs and speak to Lily, then interact with her record player and change the record. This will cause Lily to come and help you because she realized something about the police chief. Firstly, you will head to the police chief’s house and upstairs to enter a previously locked room. When you leave the room, you will be given a disguise. Head with Lily and the disguise to the police station to make the police leave to go investigate, then speak with the snake to free him from jail, all leaving together.

Cheese in the trap
Vagabond Mouse quest complete.

Missable. Earned in Act 1. In the graveyard, enter the mausoleum. You will see a mouse in a disguise speaking, then speak to the two mice sawing the cheese. Exit the mausoleum and you will see Vagabond Mouse crawling through a fence. Follow him. Speak with Pup Star and tell him it was you that ruined the concert., then enter the cave. Speak with Vagabond Mouse and Lily, and after some dialogue Vagabond Mouse will leave and drop a ring. Pick it up. Head to the cafe, to speak with Johannes, the tall mouse. You will show him the ring and he will leave to investigate. Head back towards the graveyard and Johannes will be speaking with the snake. Speak to them again. Head to the mausoleum and you will find Vagabond Mouse. Speak with him to complete the quest.

Plead the Mambo Number Fifth
Mambo quest complete.

Missable. Earned in Act 1. As you make your way to the forest you will find Mambo, who is being accused of biting into a piece of fruit. Speak to him and then act as his witness, stating that you were with him and that he is allergic to fruit to complete the quest.

New genre: Bathroom Pop
Pup Star quest complete.

Missable. Earned in Act 3. Speak with the two characters outside the town hall, they will give you a letter to give to Pup Star, then head to the Cavity Crew’s hideout in the sewers. The police will pick you up and place a wire on you. Then they will drop you back outside the sewer. Head down and give the letter to Pup Star, after receiving it he will go to the bathroom. Enter the bathroom and you will find him jamming out and you will complete the quest.

The bittersweet truth
Get secret ending.

Missable. Earned after the credits if you have completed all of the quests.

Antony: Bug in the City
Accidentally deliver Antony to his home town.

Missable. In Act 1, after meeting the Cavity Crew, you will find a hedgehog looking for his pet ant, Antony. He will state that he was last found by the bins. Head around the back of the buildings and interact with the bins to pick him up. It is very important you do not speak to this hedgehog again, otherwise you will give Antony back to him. You may also find the hedgehog looking for Antony by the fountain and in other places.

In Act 3, you will return to the Melon Drink factory on the train. If you have Antony in your possession you will automatically stop off in Bug City and unlock the trophy.

Was this achievement worth it?
Count the bouncing ball to 100

Missable. Earned in Act 1. At the end of Act 1 you will take a boat to a resort. Before doing so, it is important that you earn all other trophies in Act 1 before taking this boat, as it is the point of no return. When you get to the island head straight right until you see a boy playing with a ball. Interact with him 34 times until you count to 100.

Job requirement: Detail oriented
Get postcard.

Missable. Earned before Act 1. While in the introductory stage you will be at the Melon Soda factory. On the bottom-right desk of the Marketing department is the postcard. Pick it up to earn the trophy.

Animals Can’t Always Behave
Break out of jail.

Story related. Eaarned in Act 1. The Cavity Crew will break Lily out of prison, the hedgehog police will then throw you in jail, but you will be able to walk straight out as there is a massive hole in the jail.

Prone to violin-ce
Return Darla’s voilin.

Missable. Earned in Act 2. In Act 1 you will see a character called Darla playing the violin. If you interact with them, Mrs. Needles will come along and take the violin away. This is not needed to unlock the trophy, as in Act 2 the violin has been stolen even if you do not interact.

In Act 2, go inside Darla’s house, the one she was playing outside of and head upstairs. Interact with the phone on the floor, then Darla on the bed; then, as you try to leave, the option to sit will appear. Sit and wait for quite a while, eventually Darla will start a conversation. At the end of the conversation they will decide to make a phone call to BIGDADDY. Leave the house, then BIGDADDY will come and unlock the door of the house next door. Go inside and steal back the violin, then return it to Darla.

Clean up on aisle 3
Witness Percy’s tragic fall.

Missable, earned in Act 2. Head to the Hog-Mart and Percy will fall off the ladder, earning you the trophy.

Rollin around at the speed of sound
Get roller skates.

Technically missable. Earned in Act 1. After ruining the concert you will have access to new areas. You will reach a screen with a fountain. When you return to this screen for the second time, a person will be skating and will crash. If you speak to them they will give you the roller skates. You can press Square while using them to move around much quicker.

Threw the baby out with the salt water
Reunite Ocean Pup with his parents.

Missable. Earned in Act 3. In Act 1 you will meet Ocean Pup who will transport you to the resort. You will automatically get a photo with Ocean Pup.

In Act 2 you will automatically drop this photo in front of his parents as you ask them for their shovel.

In Act 3, head to the sea where Ocean Pup was in Act 1. His parents will be drowning, and Ocean Pup will rescue them, unlocking the trophy after some dialogue.

Mmmm… that’s some… chili
Give Donny a bowl a chili.

Earned in Act 3, In the Marketing department of the Melon Soda factory you will need to distract your manager. You need to choose the dialogue option to distract with Chili. Head back to Hog Town and head to Darla’s house, the girl who was playing the violin. Speak to Mr. Snyder who has an eyepatch getting the chili. But before you take the chilli back, make you obtain all the trophies in Act 3! Take it back to the marketing department to unlock this trophy.

For old time’s sake
Save game with The Bear Who Lost Everything.

Missable. Earned in Act 2. Near the end of Act 2 you will head to the mountain area. In here is an Old Bear who should be spoken to until he offers to save the game for you. Save the game and unlock the trophy.

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