In Sound Mind Trophy Guide

Game: In Sound Mind
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 12 – 15 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None, chapter select. Replay for any missed items.
Trophies: 1, 3 , 17 , 12
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for In Sound Mind. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Welcome to In Sound Mind! In Sound Mind, a witty first-person psychological horror with frenetic puzzles and unique boss fights. Traverse a series of unsettling memories as you journey within the inner workings of the one place you cannot seem to escape—your own mind!

Stage 1 – Play through the Story.

Play through the story of the game by completing all the tapes. It is recommended to use your Mirror Shard throughout the Tape levels to collect all the pills in each level. Otherwise, you will need to replay any missed levels for these missed pills.

Stage 2 – Collectibles and Miscellaneous Trophies.

There are a lot of pills to collect in Tapes 1 – 4, as well as in your building. It is recommended to collect them while playing through the respective tape. Some of them will not be accessible if you wait until you have defeated the main enemy in each of these tapes. If you miss any of these pills, you will be able to replay the tape from inside your Office. However, you will have to play the main mission for that tape again until you have collected the missed pills only. Use your Mirror Shard to look for any of these pills as they will be a coral blue color in your Mirror Shard. Inside your building, you will not be able to get access to all pills until you have the proper items to get through blocked areas. Therefore, you can wait until Tape 4 is completed until you begin searching your building for the pills. For all other missed trophies, please see the respective trophy descriptions below.

Acquire all Trophies.

Congratulations on your shiny new platinum!

Patients and Grace
Finish In Sound Mind.

Complete all the Tapes and finish the main story of the game.

Collect all vinyl records

There are 6 vinyl records that you will need to collect in the game. These will only be accessible after getting various weapons and items in the game to allow you to navigate through the obstacles in the way.
The tapes are located in:
1. Virginia’s vinyl record is in her apartment in the locked bathroom behind the fashion mirror, in the sink.
2. Allen’s vinyl record is in his house in his bedroom on his bed.
3. Max’s vinyl record is in his daughter’s bedroom on her desk.
4. Lucas’ vinyl record is in his cabin in a locked chest.
5. Rosemary’s vinyl record is in the Church cemetery, use the Radio to locate its position near her grave during Tape 4.
6. Your character’s vinyl record is in your apartment in the locked bedroom.

Well Medicated
Find all pills in the game.

You will need to find all 72 pills in your building (24 pills), Tape 1 (12 pills), Tape 2 (12 pills), Tape 3 (12 pills), and Tape 4 (12 pills). Use this video to help you locate all of the pills. Credit goes to AchievementSquad.

In Sound Mind All Collectibles Video Walkthrough.

Point and Shoot
Acquire the Pistol in your building

You will need to find and collect the 3 pieces to assemble the Pistol in the basement at the workbench. There is a note that you can find that tells where to find the Pistol parts in your building, but it is not necessary to find this note to find and assemble the Pistol.
The 3 Pistol parts are located:
1. In the Basement Laundry room, remove the Fuse and place it in the washing machine to its right so that it moves. This will reveal a Pistol Grip hidden in the wall.
2. In the Maintenance Room on Floor 1, under the back table is the Pistol Barrel.
3. In Floor 2, in the main hallway is a vending machine with the Pistol Slide on top of it.
See the pictures below.

Fully Loaded
Find all weapons in the game

There are 7 weapons in the game and they are:
1. Flashlight (find on a shelf in your basement building).
2. Pistol (find parts and assemble in your basement building).
3. Shotgun (find in your building).
4. Mirror Shard (find in Tape 1).
5. Flare Gun (find in Tape 2).
6. Lure Pills (make pills in Tape 3).
7. Radio Device (find in Tape 4).

Access Granted
Access top secret Mayer lab

During Tape 3, when inside the Factory take the 3 Fuses with you to the 3rd Floor and put them in the Fuse Panels located in this area. Use your Mirror to find and locate the Fuse Panels. Facing the Mayer Lab, the far left is 2V, next to the Mayer Lab door is 1V, and the 3V is down and around in the far corner. You will also need the ID Card that is in an open locker in the ‘Archives’ room down the hallway at the back.

Good Listener
Find and listen to all of Lucas’ session fragments

There are 10 Campsites (Lucas’ session fragments) to find with your Radio Device. They will turn a green colour on your Radio Device when you are near them. They are all located along the pathways from the Gondola building towards the Bunker entrance and around to the pathway to the Blessed Church. See the video in ‘Well Medicated’ trophy description.

Acquire the Shotgun in your building

You will need the Flare Gun to access the area where the Shotgun is located on Floor 1. Shoot the board down to cause the Shotgun to fall down the vent shaft into the Basement. In the Basement after opening the elevator, exit and go left, up the stairs and into the hallway where the Shotgun has fallen to. See the video in ‘Well Medicated’ trophy description.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…
Finish Tape 1 – Virginia

You will find Tape 1 in Virginia’s apartment the first time you visit it and you will need to play it in your Office on the 2nd Floor of your building. Inside the Supermarket, you will need to follow the clues to go through all of the rooms inside to help her escape. Use your Mirror to ward off Virginia and have her fly into the fashion mirrors. When she breaks these mirrors they will reveal items and clues of what to do next. Eventually you will open the dollhouse and entire her party where you will need to spell “HATED” in front of the last fashion mirror.

Lights Out!
Finish Tape 2

You will find Tape 2 in Allen’s house the first time you visit it and you will need to play it in your Office on the 2nd Floor of your building. Inside the lighthouse level, you will be trying to replace the lightbulb in the lighthouse. You will need to make your way through the area near the lighthouse, down to the ship below for the Flare Gun, through the Warehouse, and back to the Lighthouse to eventually replace the light bulb.

Take a Chill Pill
Finish Tape 3

You will find Tape 3 in Max’s house the first time you visit it and you will need to play it in your Office on the 2nd Floor of your building. Inside the factory level, you will need to ram the gate, go into the train tunnel, solve the electrical problems inside the factory and power grid area, find all the components of the medication that you make, and have The Bull follow you into the dump site. In the dump site you will need to tame him by feeding him the medication when he is broken and attach him to his truck hitch.

Finish Tape 4

You will find Tape 4 in Lucas’ cabin the first time you visit it and you will need to play it in your Office on the 2nd Floor of your building. Inside the forest level you will need to go into the cabin to get the Radio. Go to the Bunker entrance and try to enter it. You will need to get the code by going to four towers. These towers are located at the water plant and water tower, the Gondola ride to the Tourist Information Center and Watch Tower, the Church Steeple, and the Radio Tower behind the Crypt. When you are at one of the towers, you will need to use your Radio and point it at the bright stars. These stars when individually interacted with, will reveal a number from 0 – 9. You need to find out each star’s number and then go from 0 to whatever to solve one of the Bunker code numbers. The Bunker code is random each time you play through Tape 4.
When you have the Bunker code, enter is at the Bunker entrance and then open all the Bunker room doors and read the emails. Next go into the Radar Tower and use the large weapon to defeat The Flash and then making contact with the distant star.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome
Finish Tape 5

You will find Tape 5 in the open Large Container that is on Floor 1 near the front of the building. Inside this level, you will collect a few tapes that you will need to play to unlock the platforming section for that particular tape. Once you make it to the next area where you can play another tape, insert the tape and then play through that one and so on. Defeat enemies along the way, get to the next area to play a tape and start the next platforming area, and so on until you have finished this level. Make sure to do ‘High Five For Dummies’ trophy while in this area where you need to go through a large shipping container where you can high five a mannequin.

Breathing Exercises
Acquire the Gas Mask in your building

You will find the Gas Mask in your building in the basement. You will need to go left out a few steps, up on top of a shelf near a vent, break through the vent and follow the pathway around to where the Gas Mask is on a table.

Pill Prescriber
Collect all pills in the supermarket level

There are 12 pills in the supermarket level (Tape 1). See the video in ‘Well Medicated’ trophy description.

Pill Pusher
Collect all pills in the lighthouse level

There are 12 pills in the lighthouse level (Tape 2). See the video in ‘Well Medicated’ trophy description.

Pill Prospector
Collect all pills in the factory level

There are 12 pills in the factory level (Tape 3). See the video in ‘Well Medicated’ trophy description.

Pill Popper
Collect all pills in the forest level

There are 12 pills in the forest level (Tape 4). See the video in ‘Well Medicated’ trophy description.

Pharma Bro
Collect all pills in the your building

There are 24 pills in your building. You will need to have the Flare gun, Pistol or Shotgun, Lure Pills, and the Mirror Shard to find all of them. See the video in ‘Well Medicated’ trophy description.

Unsung Hero
Find Rosemary’s secret song

During Tape 4, in the Church cemetery, use your Radio to locate the vinyl record near her grave. See the pictures below.

Hang up on your sneaky stalker

During the game, whenever the phone rings, answer it and hang it up before the sneaky stalker is done talking.

High Five for Dummies
Give Dave a high five while fighting your mind

During Tape 5, there will be a sequence where you will have to run and jump inside of a large shipping container that is open at both end. You will need to jump and Dave (mannequin) will be waiting to give you a high five. You will need to interactive with him to perform a high five. If you do not succeed, immediately reload from previous save and try again. Repeat until you are successful. See the video in ‘Well Medicated’ trophy description.

Feedback Loop
Stun The Flash using your Radio Device

During Tape 4, you will need to use your Radio Device on The Flash (radio tower monster) by turning off the transmitter boxes that are located on his body. There are always 3 points that you must interacted with to shut them down on his body.

Trick The Bull into attacking an inkblot

During Tape 3, after you have made the medication, you will need to lead The Bull into the open area in the west of the map. In this area there will be inkblot enemies at either end of the railway tunnels. Throw the medication towards the inkblots so that The Bull will run through the inkblot enemies and kill them.

Give Me All You Got!
Shoot down a Shade projectile

During Tape 2 after getting access to the cliff edges near the Lighthouse, the Shade will start to shoot projectiles at you. These are large projectiles and you can you your Pistol (or other weapon) to shoot them in the air.

Rodeo Clown
Ride The Bull for 5 seconds

During Tape 3, after discovering The Bull you will be able to get onto a higher platform and jump onto its head. Stay on top of his head for 5 seconds to earn this trophy.

GOTY 10/10
Pet Tonia

Your cat, Tonia, will be inside of your office at different times during the game. When you are able to do so, interact with the cat and you will pet it and earn this trophy.

Take That!
Damage The Shade using a weapon

During Tape 2, use a weapon like your Pistol to hit The Shade and you will earn this trophy.

A Murder of Crows
Shoot a crow

There are crows in Tapes 1 – 4 at various times, even in the segue parts leading into and out of the main story levels of these tapes (where you listen to the 4 tape recorder sections for that person). You will need to shoot a Crow from a little ways away as they will scare easily and fly away.

You’re a Mean One…
Scare The Watcher away using the Mirror Shard

During Tape 1, use your Mirror Shard to see The Watcher in it and have her be scared off by it when she sees herself in it.

Turn that Frown Upside Down
Give a mannequin a face

During Tape 1, inside the Control Video Room, there is a Notepad and Pen that you can pick up. Whenever you see a mannequin that you can interact with on its head, use your Notepad and Pen on it. This will give the mannequin a new Post-It note face.

Shopping for Achievements
Push a cart into the water on the way to Homa Mart

During Tape 1, while you are doing the segue leading to the supermarket, you will need to push a grocery cart into the water along the way. This needs to be done before entering the supermarket (Homa Mart).

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