In Rays of the Light Trophy Guide

Game: In Rays of the Light
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 2 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1, 9 , 5 , 1
Author: Pete

Welcome to the trophy guide for In Rays of the Light. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Welcome to In Rays of the Light! This game is about our place in this world, life, and death. Explore a mysterious territory filled with a variety of details that reveal the story. Solve a few logic puzzles and study Notes along the way. This guide is made for you to enjoy the game and not to necessarily speed run the game.

Stage 1 – Play Collecting All Notes Through the Story for Ending One (Good).

Obtain all the Collectible Notes, necessary items, learn the layout of the map, use the Flashlight and Lighter as much as you want, and walk at least 5 km in this playthrough.

All Items for the Good Ending

Items that you will need to find are:
1. Flashlight – On the wall outside the start room for the game.
2. Pipe – In the washroom near the start room for the game.
3. Keys:
a) Basement – Outside beside the fallen cabinet.
b) Lecture Room- In a cabinet in the Security Room on the First Floor.
c) Hallway Doors – In a locker in the small room outside the Admittance area on the First Floor.
4. Notes – See “Reader” trophy description.
5. Coins – On the ledge between two Telephones and Vending Machine.
6. Lighter – In the Basement on a table.
7. Fuse – In the Warehouse Locker #2.
8. Gas Can – On the Bus.
9. Switch – In the Vending Machine.
10. Movie – In the Cabinet in the Archives Room on the Second Floor.

Map of the Main Building

Main Building Map:

Stage 2 – Play Through the Story for Ending Two (Bad).

Warning: Make sure that you have earned ‘God of walking simulator!’ before doing this next stage.
Make a USB or Cloud Save of your Game Data. Delete this from your console. Start a new game, use the Flashlight and Lighter as little as possible, stay out of the sunlight as much as possible, and you do NOT need to collect any of the Notes in this playthrough.

Secret Film Location

The Secret Film is inside the Claw Machine after earning the ‘Forever’ trophy.

In rays of the Light Platinum
Good job! Completed all tasks!

Congratulations on your shiny new platinum!

There, down…

After starting the Generator, the far door that has been locked for the Bunker will open. It will be extremely dark inside. You need to go down the hallway and turn to the left to open a cell door. Go through to the back washroom where the light is on. Turn around and go to the left of where you entered through the cell door. You will be going through a series of hallways that eventually lead back to the room where the washroom will be on your left. Look inside the washroom. Repeat this process 2 more times of going around through this hallway and coming back out near the washroom. After the fourth time you enter the hallway, the pathway will finally change and lead to a new hallway area. This will lead to a larger room where the people were located at the time of the event.

Let there be light
Start generator.

After gaining access to the Basement, you need to pick up the Lighter from the table near the Generator. Then interact with the Fuse Panel, Generator Switch, and the Fuel Tank Storage. Next, go back outside to get:
1. At the Bus, open the side middle doors and collect the Fuel Can inside.
2. At the far building (Warehouse), use the Lighter to burn the rope that is locking the door shut. Open the door and go to the lockers at the far end of the room. Interact with the locker doors in this order to obtain the Fuse. Open 4, 1, 6 (not numbered), and 2. Collect the Fuse.
Return to the Basement with the Fuel Can and Fuse and install the Fuse, fill the Fuel Tank Storage, and interact with the Generator Switch.

Play videofilm.

In the Archives Room on the Second Floor you will need to use the code: 047 to unlock the Cabinet to collect the Film. Get the Generator restarted and enter the Bunker (See the “Let there be light” trophy description). Make sure that you have collected the Coins (See the “Trophy’ trophy description). After exiting the Bunker, interact with the Claw Machine as the electricity is now on. Direct and collect the Claw to pick up the Switch inside that is for the Film Projector’s Puzzle Circuit. Go to the Lecture Room and reconnect the power to the Film Projector by solving the Puzzle Circuit in the far back room. See the picture below for the correct arrangement of the pieces. Once you solve the puzzle interact with the Film Projector.

Read all notes.

There are 12 Notes to collect.

1. Floor 1, Security Room on a table.
2. Floor 1, Admittance Room on a table.
3. Floor 2, Lecture Room on a podium.
4. Basement on a table.
5. Bus inside near the front.
6. Warehouse on a table.
7. Washroom inside the Bunker.
8. Bunker on a table.
9. Bunker on a wall with a knife.
10. Bunker on a box in the hallway.
11. Green colored house on a table.
12. Different world suspended in the air near red TVs.
See the pictures below.

To the Light
Don’t be afraid of the light.

During your first playthrough, you can use the Flashlight and Lighter as much as you want. The more that you use it, the better for this trophy.

When you exit the Auditorium after watching the Film that was in the locked cabinet, you will go to a different world. Here you will be pulled up into the sky (you used the Flashlight and/or Lighter lots). This is the “good” ending to the game.

Stay in the shade.

Second Playthrough leads to the “bad” ending.

You will need to make sure that you have already earned “God of walking simulator!” and “Reader” trophies. Make a USB or Cloud Save of your game and then delete your game save on your console to start a new game. During this playthrough you will limit the amount of time that you use your Flashlight and Lighter to the bare minimum. Also, when outside you can try to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. You will only focus this playthrough on restarting the Generator, going through the Bunker, completing the Film Projector Puzzle Circuit and watching the Film (from the locked cabinet in the Archive Room). After watching the Film, you exit the Lecture Room and move to the light on the other side in this different world. You will come out of the Bunker, go to the Claw Machine and collect the ‘Secret’ Film. Go and watch it in the Lecture Room. Exit the Lecture Room again. See the video below.

Watch secret film.

Second Playthrough leads to the “bad” ending.

See the “Forever” trophy description on how to obtain and watch the “Secret” Film. See the picture below for the Secret Film that is now inside of the Claw Machine.

God of walking simulator!
Walk 5 km.

During your first playthrough, make sure that you have walked 5 km in the game before watching the Film and exiting the Lecture Room.

Yes, the same can of soda.

On the First Floor near one of the larger entrances to the main building, there is a small room in the corner near where the Map is to the building. Inside this room is a Vending Machine that you will need to interact with. A Soda Can (Can #1) will roll out onto the floor. Remember to pick up the Coins on the ledge between the telephones in this room too.

Outside when facing the Green colored house, there is a Soda Can (Can #2) near a garbage can, park bench, and car that you will need to interact with. See the pictures below.

Glad to see you!
Meeting with the beautiful.

On the First Floor in the main building, enter the Security Room and walk to the table to view the Note on it. See “Reader” trophy description for a picture of this moment.

Bus cracker
Open the door!

When you are looking for the Fuel Can for the Generator, it is on the Bus. Interact with the middle side doors of the Bus to earn this trophy.

The map will help you.

On the First Floor of the main building near one of main entrances. Collect the Map to earn this trophy. See the picture below.

Voice from the past
Pick up the phone.

At the end of the Bunker you will unlock a door with the combination (638), follow the pathway around and up the stairs to where a Phone is ringing. Answer the phone to earn the trophy.

I just checked it…
Do you want soda?

See ‘Trophy’ trophy description for where to find this Vending Machine.

Skeleton in the closet

Inside of Room 7 on the Second Floor, interact with the cabinet that is leaning against the open window, it will fall out onto the ground. Eventually, you need to go to where it landed outside to collect a key on the ground. See pictures below.

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