Gigantosaurus: Dino Sports Trophy Guide

Game: Gigantosaurus: Dino Sports
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 2 – 4 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 11 , 1 , 1
Author: JimP2121

Welcome to the trophy guide for Gigantosaurus: Dino Sports. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Play through the Story Mode.

Play through the Story Mode of the game and win the Pineapple Cup. There are 8 game trials to complete, which will unlock the ability to play Challenges, Custom Games, and Puzzles. It is possible to skip the cutscenes by holding down the X button.

Stage 2 – Play through the Challenges, 1 Custom Game, and Make the Puzzles.

After completing Stage 1, you will be able to play the Challenges. The Challenges will unlock as you play through each one for a total of 27 Challenges to earn the Gold Medal for each of them to earn the associated trophy for the Challenges. You will need to play at least 1 Custom Game which can be a minimum of 1 of the games from the Story Mode selection of 8 games. Also, in the Main Menu > Extras > Puzzles, you must make all 12 of the Puzzles for the associated trophy.

Prehistoric Legend
Unlock all trophies.

Congratulations on your shiny new platinum!

The Feast of Champions!
Win the pineapple.

Play through the Story Mode which consists of 8 games. Come in first place and win the pineapple cup.

My Own Giganto Games!
Complete one game in Custom Mode.

After completing the Story Mode, you will have access to play Custom Mode. When you are setting up your Custom Mode game it can be a minimum of 1 game and up to all 8 games. You will earn this trophy as soon as you play through the game(s) in your Custom Mode game.

Challenge Master
Achieve all medals in Challenge Mode

After completing the Story Mode, you will have access to the Challenges. The Challenges will unlock as you play through them in order from 1 through 27. You will have to earn a Gold Medal for each of them. You can skip after earning at least one medal and move onto the next one and then come back and play any that you may find more challenging to earn the Gold Medal.

The 27 Challenges (including amounts needed for the Gold Medal) are:
1. Giganto Mayhem – 6500 points
2. Balloon Dash – 110 balloons
3. Sharp Shooter – 13,000 points
4. Big Poser – 3000 points
5. Skyscraper – 300 meters
6. Stealthy – less than 0:55
7. Hang On – 115 balloons
8. Triathlete – less than 1:45
9. River Dash – less than 1:40
10. Ice Bolt – less than 1:35
11. Quick Draw – 14,000 points
12. Rock & Roll – at least 335 meters
13. Giganto Feast – 30 points
14. River Rapids – 400 points
15. Balloon Popper – 100 balloons
16. Blind Pose – 2000 points
17. Ice Contest – finish 1st place
18. Sprinter – less than 0:25
19. Melon Blaster – 4000 points
20. Super Stealthy – less than 0:55
21. Balloon Collector – 100 balloons
22. Making Waves – less than 0:33
23. River Feast! – 60 points
24. Cliff Hanger – 55 balloons
25. Raptor Rider – less than 0:35
26. Ice Collector – 70 points
27. Giganto March – 10,000 points

How Cunning
Complete all puzzles.

You will find the Puzzles under the Main Menu > Extras > Puzzles. There are 12 Puzzles to make, the pictures show exactly where to place the piece. There is an auditory cue for when you have the current piece over the correct placement of it. See the pictures below for more information.

Solid Lizard
Don’t get caught by Giganto.

During Stop & Go, you will need to freeze whenever Giganto wakes up and finish the race without ever getting caught moving while he is awake.

Get 20 perfect notes in a row.

During Jump Dive, you will need to press the correct button while it is also done at the correct time to be considered a perfect note. Get 20 perfect notes in a row to earn this trophy.

Hang in There!
Don’t get hit by Giganto.

During Hang Gliding, you will be gliding through the game and near the middle of it there will be a part where Giganto will come from behind and then rush forward a couple of times. You will need to move to avoid hitting or getting hit by Giganto to earn this trophy.

Bug Swatter
Hit 3 dragonflies in the same game.

During Dino Fruit Blast, there will be a few dragonflies that will fly through the area, sometimes they will stop and other times they be far off in the distance too. They are carrying a golden drop and you will need to hit it (you will hear an audio cue that you were successful, the dragonfly will fly away, and your shoots scored will be multiplied by 2). Hit the gold drops of 3 dragonflies during a single game to earn this trophy.

Not Fenced In
Jump over all the fences.

During the Raptors Triathlon, you will have a few parts where you will ride on the back of a raptor and need to jump over some fences. You will need to jump over all fences during the game to earn this trophy.

Good Sport
Avoid crashing into your colleagues.

During the Story Mode there are games that you will play in the same area as the other characters in the game like: Ice Dash, Stunt Surf, and Hang Gliding. It is recommended to try to be first or last in Ice Dash as it is much more predictable and it is much easier to avoid obstacles and other players within the game.

Fill the energy bar.

During the Challenge: Giganto March, you will need to destroy as many trees and rock structures as possible by running side to side and having Giganto continuously roaring. This will earn you a Lightning Bolt score which should be around 950 or more. Towards the end of the challenge, you will need to fill the energy bar by pressing the X button to use up the Lightning Bolt score. This will cause you to push the log down into the distance and you will most likely get higher much higher than 10,000, probably about the 15,000ish range.

Make 5 perfect jumps.

During Stunt Surf, you will need to make 5 perfect jumps on the ramps that are scattered through the game. To make a perfect game you will need to hit the ramp and then hold down the X button so that you sail through the air for some short distance. The game layout is random every time, however there will be more than 5 ramps that you could use to make the perfect jumps.

Helping Hand
Be rescued by Ayati.

During Climbing, you will be climbing up the rock pathway from point to point. The first time that you fall (on purpose, missing a point, or getting hit by Giganto’s falling rocks) you will be saved by Ayati who will place you back on your last point on the rock pathway.

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