Garfield Lasagna Party Trophy Guide

Game: Garfield Lasagna Party
Peripherals: None, but extra controllers will help make it easier.
Time to Platinum: 1-1.5 hours
Difficulty: 2/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 4 , 18 , 10
Author: Trophy Platypus, edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Garfield Lasagna Party. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Place 1st in all 32 of the Minigames

Welcome to the trophy guide for Garfield Lasagna Party from Microids. The game contains a large selection of games to play. You should focus on the mode Lasagna Challenge, where you can select all 32 minigames. Play each one and place 1st on them to unlock the trophy tied to that minigame.

Using 4 controllers allows you to disable all AI players in the minigames; earning quick wins in all mini-games.

For tips for each of the minigames, refer to the trophy description below.

Garfield on my Fingertips
Get all the other trophies.

An Elephant Never Forgets
Finish in first place in “Messy Memory”.

During this gamemode, you will need to memorize four items. After 5 seconds the items will spawn and will need to put them in the correct basket. Doing so will earn you points.

King of Cleaning
Finish in first place in “Forbidden Invasion”.

Use your duster to catch spiders and flies in the house. This minigame can be quite challenging.

That was Excellent!
Finish in first place in “Frozen Treat”.

Gather candies while dodging the dog that charges the field. Press X to bait the dog towards a certain spot to get the AI stunned.

King of the Sled
Finish in first place in “Dangerous Descent”.

Slide down the snowy slopes racing towards the finish. Dodge obstacles and gather speed-ups to make it to the finish before the snow gets to you!

Finish in first place in “Presto Pizza”.

Throw pizzas in the oven. Make sure you go for the ovens that have the X2 multiplier.

Budding Actor
Finish in first place in “Perfect Profile”.

Press X, Circle, Square or Triangle to take the shown pose as fast as possible.

Run, Forrest, Run!
Finish in first place in “Dog Panic”.

Press X to jump and Circle to slide in order to dodge the obstacles and finish first in this race.
Towards the end you’ll need to quickly press X in order to make it to the finish on time.

Unparalleled Accuracy
Finish in first place in “Snowball Fight”.

Press X to grab snowballs and throw them at the opponents to score points.

I Was Starving
Finish in first place in “Last Lasagna”

You will need to hold the tray of lasagna in order to earn points. Throw tomatoes at the person holding the tray to stun them!

Soldier from the Middle Ages
Finish in first place in “Catapulted Pie”.

Charge the catapult and wait for the arrow to turn light green. Now fire and hit the dog house.

King of the Dodge
Finish in first place in “Dog Dodge”.

Avoid getting by the charging dogs, and push your opponents towards the dogs by pressing X.

Nice Find
Finish in first place in “Quick Veto”

Find your three items as quickly as possible. Your controller will begin to shake when you are close to a thing you need!

Gobble Up
Finish in first place in “Snowball Effect”.

Become the master of the snowballs by bouncing your opponents off the ice. Press X to perform a charge attack that bounces them even further back.

Budding Cook
Finish in first place in “Put a Layer on It”.

A memory game combined with “Overcooked!”. Remember the position of each ingredient then find them as quickly as possible to complete your meal first.

Indiana Jones
Finish in first place in “Treasure Hunt”.

Dig up treasure as fast as possible by clicking the X button. Shiny spots will give you +3 points instead of +1.

Big Eater Contest
Finish in first place in “It’s Time to Eat”.

Spam as quickly as possible the buttons that are shown on your screen in order to eat the food as fast as possible.

Pro Cowboy
Finish in first place in “Rodeo Drive”.

Move the left stick in the correct direction and hold it there. Repeat this until the AI is beaten.

Robber at the Ready
Finish in first place in “Under the Light”.

Avoid the light and head to any of the lasagna slices and spam X. Each slice gives a point, and you will lose a point for each time the light spots you.

King of Hide and Seek
Finish in first place in “Tick´-Tock”.

1 player will start with the clock and they will need to tag another player. If you start with the clock restart the game until another player starts with the clock, as this will give you an advantage. Move to the other rooms as far away as the player with the clock and try not to get tagged. The winner is the player who held onto the clock for the shortest.

It’s Biting!
Finish in first place in “Catfish”.

Hold X and move the directional stick to launch you fishing line. Aim for the fish close to save time and the bigger fish at the back as they give more points.

Pookie’s Mine
Finish in first place in “Go Fetch”.

You will need to run and pick up Pookies and place them in your bed. Always pick up the golden Pookie, as this will provide a shield and protect your Pookies from being taken by the other players. If another player is winning, target their bed and steal their Pookies.

Sniff it Out
Finish in first place in “Bulk Pizza”.

Pizza with a certain number of slices will be shown to you, then the pizza boxes will close and move around, you will have to select the pizza box with the most slices quickly to score points. In the final round, there will be two Xs, these will eliminate you no matter your score so avoid them.

Swinging Pro
Finish in first place in “It Swings”.

Hold X and use the stick to direct your gold ball. Aim for the 2 and 3 balloons to quickly get a high score.

Finish in first place in “Catch It”.

Wait for the toast to pop and be the first player to press X once it does. Repeat 3 times to win.

Getting the Ball Rolling
Finish in first place in “Roll the Ball”.

Go around the area collecting as much snow as possible. The winner is the player with the biggest snowball.

Quick ’n’ Easy
Finish in first place in “Spring Cleaning”.

Push the items away from your area and into the other players. The winner is the player with the cleanest area.

Sit Down, Doggie!
Finish in first place in “Good Boy”

The dog will approach you, you will need to press X before it gets to you. The closer the dog is the more points you get. The AI is pretty bad at this minigame so no need to leave it too late.

Perfect Pitch
Finish in first place in “Cats Band”.

A rhythm game. Press the correct button at the right time.

By Millimeter
Finish in first place in “Slice & Dice”.

You have to press X to slice the pizza, each slice has to have 3 slices of pepperoni. Make sure the first two pizzas are perfect to win, otherwise start again, as the AI is fairly good at this minigame.

Not That Big
Finish in first place in “Featherweight”.

Press X to close the hatch and eat the food, and avoid eating the chili peppers by letting them fall in the hole, as they will reduce your score.

Speedy Gonzales
Finish in first place in “Supercat”.

Avoid hitting the other players’ trails as this will eliminate you. Run around the outside and the AI will more than likely take itself out.

Call Me Picasso
Finish in first place in “Aspiring Artist”

Use the directional stick to stay within the drawing line. You will need to get about 90% accuracy to win.

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