FIFA23 Trophy Guide

Game: FIFA23
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 60+ hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 3 , 12 , 24
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for FIFA23. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Road to Platinum

In order to obtain the shiny platinum trophy, you’ll need to focus on a couple of things. A few things have changed in a bad way since the previous instalment.

For the “Full wardrobe” trophy you will need to unlock 50 cosmetics. They now cost 25.000 coins at least. This will have you grind the weekly objectives for some months in order to unlock the required cosmetics!

Ultimate Team
As usual the required trophies from the Ultimate Team mode return! You will need to do the following:
– “The Chosen One” – Play 200 games with a single player.
– “I Played Them All” – Reach milestone 3 in a season which requires playing 90 games in Rivals.

This year has a new grindy trophy called “Dazzling Personality“, which requires you to play over 6 (simulated) career seasons earning personality points!

Accolade Collector
Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)

European Legend
Win the UEFA Champions League Final

For this trophy, select the following game mode:
Play Modes -> Quickplay Modes -> Tournaments ->-> EUFA Champions League.

You can play the whole tournament against a CPU on beginner difficulty. Make sure you set the duration of each game to 6 minutes.

Full wardrobe
Unlock 50 different vanity items

You’ll need to unlock 50 vanity items in Volta Football. Sadly, the items are expensive at a minimum of 25.000 coins per item.

Good ways to earn items are:
– Complete weekly challenges to earn coins and vanity items (L3 for an overview)
– Complete milestones (Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced)

You’ll see your current inventory in the upper right corner as you enter the customisation menu. This is how many items you currently have.

The Chosen One
Reach 200 club appearances with a player in FIFA Ultimate Team

Each time you play and complete a match with a player, it gets +1 in club appearances. In short, you’ll need to play 200 matches with a single player. It will also count if you substitute the player during the match.

The number of games you played can be found in the player his bio.

In Cahoots
Win 10 Co-Op games with online friends in FUT Squad Battles or FUT Division Rivals

Win a total of 10 co-op games with a buddy. Can be achieved online in Rivals or offline in Squad Battles.

High Grades
Get an “A” rating for a transfer negotiation

As you start career mode, make sure to set the negotiation strictness to “Loose”. Now bid on the GK Randolph and offer the sum of 470k instead of 700k.

Girl Power
Win a tournament with a team from the Women’s League

Play the champions league with a women’s national team and win. You may play on beginner or amateur difficulty settings.

Balanced Path
Reach 40% Personality Points in two personalities of your choice

This trophy works very differently from the “Dazzling Personality” trophy. At a point where one would consider the last one to be bugged with a different requirement to unlock.

Anyhow, for this trophy you can buy a couple of activities for your player and do some training in 2 different styles. The trophy should pop soon after.

Dazzling Personality
Have a personality trait being over 75% dominant

For this, you will have to start a player career. Before you start one, make your own custom player:

Country: Nepal (Doesn’t have a national team)
Birthyear: 2005
Player attributes: Everything 99
Position: GK (Goalkeeper)

For the team and league, you can select anything you like, advice is to go for the competition that has a small number of teams such as Austria (O. Bundesliga), Australia (A-League) or Denmark (3F Superliga).

For this trophy, you will be earning Virtuoso (purple) personality points. These can be earned by playing 4 training modules;

1) 1-on-1 against striker
2) Keeper Pass
3) PK against the Keeper
4) Deliver into the box

Save these activities as a preset.

Make sure you play them manually once with an A grade. Once you earned the A grade you will be able to simulate them at an A Grade forever.

This will earn you 160 Virtuoso points each week. You need a total of 75.000 points in order to unlock this trophy.

Chlorhydric seems to be the first one to have worked this method out, so credit to him

Make the Grade
Receive an A grade in a Pro Clubs Skill Game

Open up Pro Clubs and play any skill game. Get an A grade on any beginner challenge and this trophy is yours.

Let the Games Begin
Earn enough FUT Champions Qualification Points to qualify for FUT Champions Play-Offs

Champions Weekend League points are earned when winning a Division rival’s Match. Points earned depend on your current division.

You’ll also get points each week as a reward for winning either 4 or 8 matches. This also depends on your division.

It really helps if you get yourself a decent team with an 85+ rating. Try completing milestones and SBCs to earn packages and top-rated players.

I Played Them All
Reach Milestone 3 in a FUT Division Rivals Season

You’ll need to play a total of 90 online (rival) games within a single season to qualify for this trophy. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose those matches.

Momentous Achievement
Earn 100 Stars in FUT Moments

Moments is a new sub-section within Ultimate Team where you can complete small challenges in order to earn stars. These stars can be exchanged for Packs and loan players.

There are permanent challenges which can earn you plenty of points:
– Pitch Perfect – 53 points
– Milestones – 24 points
– Klopp’s Journey – 48 points

There are also rotating challenges which are only available for a limited amount of time.

Squad Building Connoisseur
Complete 10 Squad Building Challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team

Complete a total of 10 SBC’s in Ultimate Team.

On the way up
Reach Level 7 in a Season in VOLTA FOOTBALL or Pro Clubs

As you complete weekly challenges and play games you will earn “SP” which will fill up the season meter. It’s also very important to earn these rewards in order to get the “Full wardrobe” trophy.

Sharing is Caring
Purchase a shareable item in the VOLTA Shop

Go into the Volta shop and navigate to the Headwear items. Press triangle to switch to “Shareable” items and select the “Pink Ribbon” for 25.000 coins.

Play and Complete a Cup House Rules Match in Pro Clubs

Create a club in Pro Clubs, invite a friend and play a cup match together.

Best of Five
Play 5 H2H matches with a friend in Kick Off

Play 5 H2H matches with a friend in Kick-Off. A “Head-to-head” means a 1vs1 match in a normal kick-off.

Teamwork works
Win a VOLTA SQUADS match with 3 friends

In Volta Squads, play and win a match with 3 other friends alongside you. This can either be done in a pre-made match or with 3 random people.

Aiming High
Complete 10 enhanced objectives across all matches

In player career mode you’ll get 3 objectives each game, 2 normal ones and 1 enchanted one. Complete both each game, you’ll need to play 5 games in order to earn this trophy.

Objectives vary by your role. For a striker, you may get objectives like: “Score 2 goals” or “get 5 shots at the target”.

Fresh Fit
Change an item in the “Outfits” tab

This trophy is earned in Volta Football. Buy and select any new outfit.

Complete a season with a real manager and his original team

Start a career mode as any real-life manager and simulate to the end of the season via the calendar.

Complete 10 or more activities during a season

during your career, you can complete activities such as buying a house or reading a book. Complete 10 of those.

Shop till you drop
Purchase an item in the VOLTA Shop

Buy any item from the Volta Shop. Make sure to buy one that only costs 25.000 coins.

Dead-ball specialist
Score a goal from a Free Kick

Score a goal from a free kick. Can be done against a second controller in which you direct the goalkeeper out of the goal.

Unlock an Archetype in Pro Clubs

Unlock any Archetype. You could for instance go with the “Artist” which is available from the Passing attribute tree.

First of Many
Complete and win your first Pro Club Seasons league match

Create a club in Pro Clubs, invite a friend and win a match together.

The Winning Formula
Build a squad with 33 Chemistry Points in FIFA Ultimate Team

Chemistry points work differently this year in FIFA! Instead of 100 points, you can earn only 33 points (100%).

A requirement to earn chemistry points is that the player always matches his position. An exclamation mark means it won’t earn any points towards the total score.

Players now match with the following:
– Club
– Nation
– League

Below is a screenshot of a 33 chemistry squad using only WK2022 Qatar players.

Becoming Unplayable
Unlock all the traits within a skill-tree in Pro Clubs

You may pick any skill-tree you wish to unlock all traits in. The physical might be the easiest with only 29 skill points required.

Intuition and Execution
Win a penalty shoot-out without missing

This trophy can be earned against a buddy or a second controller. Make sure you draw a game (0-0) then select penalties. Now have the second controller move the keeper out of the goal, and score your penalties. Make sure you miss the penalties with the second controller, in order to win faster.

Tune Your Club
Play at least a match with 3 different goal songs in FIFA Ultimate Team

In order to play tunes you will need to complete the milestone for “Stadion development “Stadium Customization” which will earn you the Audio slots.

Now play 3 games and switch the song after each match.
(Club -> stadium -> Club -> Goal Sound)

Training Addict
Complete all Main Menu Skill Games

The skill games can be found in the main menu in the “Play” menu. You need to complete them all (Basics, Dribbling, Ground Pass, Long Pass, Defending, Goalkeeper, Set Pieces, Shooting, Practice Scenarios) with at least a D-Rating.

Power Shot
Score a goal using the power shot mechanic

A power shot is done by pressing L1+R1 and circle.

Volta’s best
Reach 90 OVR with your Avatar in VOLTA FOOTBALL

You will earn this while going for the “Full wardrobe” trophy.

A Moment of Your Time
Complete 1 FUT Moment

Complete 1 FUT moment.

Bring it on
Play/Win a match with the competitive settings turned on during any offline mode

The master switch can be found in the main menu. Select Customise -> Settings -> Game Settings -> Competitor Mode.

Parking the Bus
Keep 10 clean sheets in FUT Squad Battles

Keep a total of 10 clean sheets (Don’t get any goals against you). This can be done on any difficulty setting.

Safe House
Play a game using any House Rule in FUT Friendlies

Play a game in FUT Friendlies against a friend.

Tactical Tinkerer
Create your own custom tactic in FIFA Ultimate Team

Create any custom tactic in FUT.

Football is Everything
Play a women’s international football match

Play any women’s international match.

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