Death or Treat Trophy Guide

Game: Death or Treat
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 30 hours (With save to cloud/USB trick)
Difficulty: 5/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 8 , 7 , 6
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Death or Treat. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Beat the 4 bosses

Welcome to the Death or Treat Trophy Guide! A action-roguelite and hack & slash game where you control a little ghost. Your goal is to beat FaceBoo, the final boss present in world 4. While aiming to beat FaceBoo, you can gather ingredients and upgrades your equipment such as your Weapons, Health and inventory space.

Gathering the ingredients will be the main task in order to obtain the platinum trophy. You will need to max out the following buildings:
A) Necrosoft – Magic Skills (“Windows XL“)
B) DetoxBucks – Upgrade Health and Regeneration (“The supreme breakfast“)
C) Frank’s Armory – All Weapons (“Handyman“)

Furthermore you can use the following buildings to support your runs:
D) Pumpkin – Trade regular materials for boss materials
E) Joe Bite Them – Get more backpack slots (up to 9)

You’ll be able to unlock “Teleporters” in order to travel to each world. Once you start a run, walk left instead of right and you’ll find them.

Stage 2 – Grind the ingredients

A big part of the game requires you to farm parts/ingredients from enemies in order to upgrade your items. Below is a list of all those items and how rare they are.
Marked red are items you need most but are hard to come by. The rarest item is the Luciferine from boss #3. It only dropped once after 10 runs. Luckily, it can be traded (quite) cheap.

DarkChat (World #1)
Pumpkin Seeds – Pumpkins enemies (Very Common)
Metal – Robots (Common)
Wood – Big enemies (Uncommon)
Bat Wing – Bats (Uncommon)

Boss #1 (Scientist)
Cerebrospinal Plasma (Rare)
Brilliant Brain (Rare)

Fireproof Glass (Common)

RipTok (World #2)
Magic Fabric – Witch (Common)
Spider Web – Spider (Common)
Bone – Skeleton (Very Common)
Marble Stone – Walking Tombstone (Uncommon)
Bat Wing – Bats (Uncommon)

Boss #2 (Witch)
Undead Wood (Uncommon)
Nocturnite (Common)
Lock of Cursed Hair (Rare)

DevilTube (World #3)
Gold Nugget – Flying Red Demon (Common)
Blood Ruby – Armored Knight (Common)
Steel – Little guy with gun (Common)
Demon Horn – Monster with Masker (Common)
Bat Wing – Bats (Uncommon)
Spider Web – Spider (Uncommon)

Boss #3 (Devil)
Devilish Hoof (Common)
Luciferine (Very Rare)
Demonic Tie (Rare)

FaceBook (World #4)
Bouncer Ghost & Knife – Metal Nugget / Steel / Cursed Eye (Common/Common/Common)
Ghost – Possessed lolly (Uncommon)
Lady Ghost – Bottled up spirit (Very Common)
Old Grandma ghost – Wart (Common)

Boss #4
FaceBoo! Logo (Common)
VIP Accreditation (Common)
Nicotine Ember (Common)

In order to save time we’ll be using the trick by restoring a save file. When you save up the ingredients listed below, you can upgrades every building fully. use the following steps:
1. Disable auto-sync for cloud
2. Upload save to cloud
3. Upgrade building 1 (Necrosoft – “Windows XL“)
4. Restore save
5. Upgrade building 2 (DetoxBucks – “The supreme breakfast“)
6. Restore save
7. Upgrade building #3 (All Weapons – “Handyman“)

Piece of Wood27
Bat Wing56
Metal Nugget34
Brilliant Brain8
Cerebrospinal Plasma16
Fireproof Glass16
Marble Stone28
Magic Fabric9
Spider Web22
Cursed Hair17
Undead Wood14
Bloody Ruby10
Gold Nugget12
Demon Horn18
Demonic Tie4
Develish Hoof3
Possessed Candy8
Bottled Up spirit5
Cursed Eye5
FaceBoo! Logo2
VIP Accreditation4
Nicotine Ember2

Death or treat!
Get all trophies

Sweet Wildness
Stock 20.000 candies

You will need a total of 20.000 candies in your inventory. In order to upgrade everything at once as described in Stage 2, you’ll be saving up to 120.000 candies.

Windows XL
Unblock all improvements at Necrosoft

The Necrosoft store allows you to upgrade your magic skills. It’s best to upgrade a single skill a few times before you start the end-game grind. Both upgrades from the Ghost Explosion at level 3/4 should be enough to beat the game.

The supreme breakfast
Unblock all improvement at DetoxBucks

The DetoxBucks store allows you to upgrade your Health and Health regeneration. Before you start the end grind, have health at level 3 and regeneration at level 1.

Restore HallowTown

In order for this trophy to pop, you’ll need to unlock all 5 buildings.

Ghostly Apocalypse
Kill 6.666 enemies

Don’t worry about getting 6.666 kills. You’ll have these long before you are done grinding ingredients.

Setting destination
Restore all portals

There are a total of 3 portals that can be unlocked, those are:
a) RipTok
b) DevilTube
c) FaceBoo

The portals allow you to skip sections of the game, should you need to grind a specific ingredient.

Unblock all weapons

There are a total of 16 weapons available with the Broom Stick being available from the start. For the trophy you’ll need to unlock them all. However, in order to progress the game and beat the bosses you don’t need all weapons. You will only need 3.

Unlock the following weapons:
1. Eternal Soul (0.9 attack)
2. Ghostly Fury (1.2 attack)
3. Hallow bone (1.85 attack)
4. Wraith’s Revenge (2.5 attack)

You may also pick any other weapon instead of the Wraith’s revenge, anything you like. The weapon store had videos of their abilities, so pick something you fancy.

Conquer Faceboo for the first time

FaceBoo is the final boss fight of the game and comes with two phases.

The best tactic for the fight is to give Boo no room to move. During Phase one he will tremble the ground, rumble will fall from the ceiling. Start damaging his right away. If you are too slow, he will start bouncing. You’ll need to dodge those attacks.

In phase 2 he will turn into a ghost and spawns some enemies. The best tactic here is to use your special move and jump him right away. With a bit of luck you can kill Boo within seconds.

Sweet Wealth
Stock 10.000 candies

Refer to “Sweet Wildness” for more information about this.

Get all ingredients

All Ingredients are listed in Stage 2 and can be seen in the image below. Do note that the Luciferine is the rarest item in the game. All items must be actually dropped/picked up during a dungeon. Trading them at the Pumpkin won’t unlock this trophy.

All Ingredients

Hallowverse destroyer
Kill 1.000 enemies

Refer to the “Ghostly Apocalypse” trophy for more information on this.

Let’s go for it!
Restore Frank’s armory

Build Frank’s armory.

Windows Update
Restore Necrosoft

Build the Necrosoft building.

Conquer Deviltube for the first time

The Devil is the third boss available. He has some tricks up his sleeve in order to defeat you!

He will constantly teleport and appear at the spot you are standing. Do a side step and deal damage.
It’s possible for him to pull of 2 attacks when teleporting. Attack one is a direct hit, leaving you little time to attack back.
His second attack he’ll spawn a portal to which his staff goes to damage you. This one allows you to damage him a bit more.

Furthermore he is able to spawn a rift that fires projectiles. Make sure to destroy those quickly. To add to that, he can also perform an attack where he throws his staffs towards the ground. Stand on the far left or right side to take cover from that attack.

As a final move, which he rarely does, he can slam the ground and cover it in flames. In order to dodge that, you need to stand of the far left or right platforms.

Make sure you have your special attack available, so you can deal a burst of damage. Special attacks can’t be charged during a boss fight!

Conquer RipTok for the first time

In world #2 RipTok you’ll have to beat a Witch! She is pretty straight forward in her attack pattern.

At the start she’ll start with a regular attack. This can be dodges by standing behind her. This allows you to get 1-2 hits in. If this phase takes too long, she’ll do a new move which allows for you to deal some more damage. She will walk to the far left or right and throw her weapon. Jump over it and run towards her. You can keep damaging her until the weapon returns.

when she is low enough, she will start flying and fire off a projectile. Hit the projectile and fire it back. Do this 4 times and the Witch will take damage. The phases will repeat once more until you’ve beaten her.

Conquer Darkchat for the first time

During World #1 (DarkChat) you’ll have to beat the mad scientist! There are three switches available and you’ll have to hit them in the correct order. Each fight there are different patterns, so there is no guessing which one is which. After getting 3 green lights, you’ll be able to damage him. You’ll need to do this a total of 3 times. During these phases he’ll spawn green projectiles which fly towards you and over the ground. He’ll also spawn some mobs but these can be killed easily while they spawn.

Light in darkness
Restore Pumpkin Store

Build the Pumpkin store.

Restore Detoxbucks

Build the Detoxbuck building.

Unblock one improvement at DetoxBucks

Unlock a single improvement at Detoxbucks

Windows Update complete
Unblock one improvement at Necrosoft

Unlock a single improvement at Necrosoft.

Beginner Builder
Restore Joe’s shop

Joe’s shop allows you to increase the size of your backpack. You will be able to take my items back to the base when returning from a quest.

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