Catan Console Edition Trophy Guide

Game: Catan Console Edition
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 10 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 8 , 7 , 8
Author: Knoef_NL, edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Catan Console Edition. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Quick overview of Catan.

Welcome to Catan! A board game immensely popular in the Netherlands. This game contains the base variant of the game, which includes:

  • The five basic resources.
  • Settlements, Cities, Roads and its development cards.
  • 10 Victory Points to win.
  • Bandit.

You are able to enjoy this game with friends or by playing it against the A.I. with the following game modes:

  • Multiplayer (online).
  • Offline against A.I. or friends.

The game comes with QR codes that you may scan on mobile devices, these serve as a second screen, showing your resources and development cards. This way, other players in the room cannot see what treasures you hold!

Stage 2 – Road to platinum.

The trophies for Catan are straightforward. Playing the game and winning should be enough to earn you that shiny platinum. However, some shortcuts can be made!

Using multiple controllers with different PSN profiles allows you to actually play against yourself in a local match. You will be able to trade all resources to your main account, allowing for swift upgrades and victories.

Playing against yourself with the same profile attached to the same controller will not unlock trophies.

Veteran Catanian
Earn all of the other trophies.

Congratz on earning all those trophies, Catan master!

And I would build 200 more
Build 200 roads.

A road may be built for 1 lumber and 1 brick. Build a total of 200 throughout all your games; this trophy is yours.

Don’t settle for less
Build 50 settlements.

A settlement is built for 1 lumber, 1 brick, 1 wool and 1 grain. A settlement is worth 1 victory point. Build a total of 50 throughout all your games; this trophy is yours.

Domestic Bliss
Give away 100 resources in domestic trades.

For this trophy, YOU need to trade a total of 100 resources in domestic trades. Domestic trade is against any other player.

If you offer 2 grains for 1 lumber, then you will gain +2 progress on this trophy.

Maritime Master
Give away 200 resources in maritime trades.

For this trophy, you need to trade 200 resources against the bank (maritime).

The bank may offer various trade-in values depending on the harbours you have built settlements on.
1) By default: 4-1. You will need to provide 4 resources of the same type for 1 resource of choice.
2) Generic Harbor: 3-1. You will need to provide 3 resources of the same type for 1 resource of choice.
3) Special Harbor: 2-1. You will need to provide 2 resources of the same type for 1 resource of choice.

Highway to Hell
Build a road of a length of 10 in one game.

Build a road with a length of 10 during a single game. Keep in mind that the maximum number of roads you can build is 15. Make sure the road does not get interrupted by any other players.

The very Largest Army
Play 6 knights in one game.

For this one you need to play 6 knights during a single game. Knights are hidden behind development cards for you to unlock for 1 wool, 1 grain and 1 ore.

Knight cards may be played before rolling the dice. Do note that you can only play one development card in a turn.

You will gain a random development card upon buying one. There are 25 development cards available, of which 14 are knight cards.

The number of knights played can be viewed on the top left of your avatar. You will see a knight helmet with a number on it.

Master Catanian
Finish a game with 4 cities on the island.

For a city to be built you have to have a settlement first! A settlement can be upgraded to a city. A city awards you with 2 resources if the number is being thrown with the dice.

A city can be built for 2 grain and 3 ore.
A city is worth 2 victory points, so 4 means you will be at 8 victory points total. You win the game at 10 victory points. Make sure you do not exceed that number as you build the 4 cities.

Keep the following in mind:
Settlement = 1 VP.
City = 2 VP (upon upgrading the settlement disappears, so 2 VP instead of 3 total).
Longest road = 2 VP.
Largest Army = 2 VP.
Development cards = May award 1 VP.

Hidden Talents
Finish a game holding 3 VP development cards.

A victory point card (Great Hall, Market, Chapel, Library, University) may be unlocked by buying development cards. There are a total of 24 development cards, of which 5 are victory point cards.

Explorer of Catan
Win a game.

Win any game by reaching 10 victory points as the first player.

With many a winding Turn
Gain the Longest Road award 10 times.

The Longest Road award is worth VP. It is awarded to the player who has the longest road, being at least 5 roads long. If a second player reaches a road of 5, the reward will stay with the first person to reach 5.

Whenever the second player gets a longer road, it will take the reward away from the first player and earn itself 2VP.

Earn yourself the longest road 10 times and this trophy is yours.

Military Might
Gain the Largest army award 10 times.

The Largest army is worth 2VP. It is awarded to the player who played 3 Knight cards first. the player who plays more Knight cards will take the 2VP away from the first player, as explained in the Longest Road award.

Friends in low places
Use the Robber to steal 10 times.

Throw a 7 or play a knight card and you may steal from an opponent. Make sure the opponent you pick has cards left.

Town Planner
Upgrade 20 settlements to cities.

Refer to the “Master Catanian” trophy for more information on Settlements and Cities.

Build them higher
Win a game with all your settlements turned into cities.

This is best done with either 3 or 4 settlements, then upgraded into cities. Use the remaining victory points needed from the largest road or army.

Surprise Victory!
Win 5 games by revealing development cards.

Win a total of 5 games with at least 1 victory point card in your hand.

The Road is Long
Gain the Longest Road Award.

You gain the longest road award when you are the first player with at least 5 roads built consecutively. More information regarding this can be found in the “With many a winding Turn” trophy above.

Show of Force
Gain the Largest Army award.

You gain the largest army award when you are the first player who plays 3 knight cards. More information regarding this can be found in the “Military Might” trophy.

Underhand Tactics
Use the Robber to steal.

You can steal by either throwing a 7 or by playing a knight card.

Road Block
Disrupt the longest road by building a settlement on it.

You will need to disrupt the longest road (at least 5 straight roads) with a settlement, as shown in the picture below.


We’re off to see the Wizard
Gain the longest road while your player colour is set to yellow.

While playing with the colour yellow, be awarded the longest road. This references the Yellow Brick Road from The Wonderful Wizards of Oz.

Got a Runner!
Move the robber twice in one turn.

Throw a 7 and then play a knight card to move the robber again.

Fast development
Build a settlement and turn it into a city in the same turn.

You will need to build a settlement and a city in the same turn.

A settlement is built for 1 lumber, 1 brick, 1 wool and 1 grain. A city can be built for 2 grain and 3 ore.

Three steps forward
Build 3 roads in one turn.

Build a total of 3 roads in a single turn. This will cost you 3 lumber and 3 bricks.

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