Bit Dungeon Plus Trophy Guide

Game: Bit Dungeon Plus
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 20 hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 8 , 10 , 0
Author: Siralja, edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Bit Dungeon Plus. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Babel’s Tower.

Bit Dungeon Plus is a dungeon crawler, you fight your way from room to room, collect loot and levels the character. There are a few things to collect for the coveted platinum trophy. You have to collect at least 8,000 coins, die 50 times, defeat a certain number of enemies, and collect different pieces of equipment in different colors.

Here is a small overview of the different types of equipment & how to get:

  • Brown items can be found in common chests from monsters/breakable objects
  • Blue items can be found in uncommon chests from monsters/breakable objects
  • Purple items can be found in chests from Floor bosses (floors 1-5)
  • Red items can be found in Shops (500 gold) & from floor 6 boss
  • Final Boss items can be found in Shops (1000 gold) & after the Final boss
  • Gold items can be found in Shops (200 gold)
  • Green items can be found in chests after Minibosses
  • Black items can be found in Tower shop (500 seconds of time.)

The journey begins in Babel’s Tower, the only place to find Black equipment. Focus on rushing through the first two floors to maximize your time bonus. Starting on floor three, check the shop diligently for new Black equipment. If the shop isn’t offering Black goodies, invest your gold in Gold or Final Boss items. While hunting for Black equipment, you’ll likely unlock a good chunk of the Brown, Blue, and Green item sets along the way. Once you’ve collected the entire Black set, it’s time to switch gears and head into Normal Mode.

Stage 2 – Normal Mode – Hell Difficulty.

The Normal Mode is where the achievement farming truly begins. Start a new game on Hell difficulty, aiming to clear every single room on each floor before progressing to the next. This methodical approach not only levels you up but also unlocks the “kill” achievements and rewarding you with Purple items. Additionally, shops in Hell difficulty stock Red items. As you meticulously clear floors, you’ll passively unlock most of the Brown, Blue, Purple, and Green item sets. There might be one stubborn Green item that eludes you for a while, but persistence is key. For Red, Gold, and Final Boss items, you’ll need to spend your hard-earned gold in the shops. It’s a good idea to grind out at least 1,000 gold by revisiting the first two rooms if necessary. The shop location can be random, so don’t be surprised if it pops up right at the beginning sometimes. With 1,000 gold, you can snag a Final Boss item or if it’s a duplicate, explore the Red and Gold chests. Keep track of which items you’ve already purchased to avoid wasting money on something you already own.

Don’t shy away from using your shield – it’s a fantastic way to rack up damage blocked. Once you unlock the achievement for blocking 500 damage, feel free to switch to a more aggressive playstyle if that suits you better. Most enemies can be defeated by circling around them and landing a hit after they whiff their attack. The 8,000 coin achievement grind might seem daunting, but there’s a trick. Fiend enemies seem to have a higher coin drop rate than others. So find a comfortable two-room loop and unleash your fury on those Fiends until the achievement unlocks.

You need 50 deaths to unlock an achievement, and if you haven’t reached that number by the time you’ve completed other achievements, don’t worry. Simply start a game on Hell difficulty and let yourself be defeated. Rinse and repeat until you’ve reached the magic number of 50.

Dungeon Master
Obtained all trophies.

Thanks for using our guide, you’re a real Dungeon Master!

Gold Warrior
Collecting all gold elements

See the “Black warrior” trophy for more information.

Master Shield
Block 500 damage with shield.

The shield (Square button) is your key to survival, especially on Hell difficulty where health potions are scarce, blocking becomes essential. Many enemies have predictable attack patterns, so get in a rhythm of attacking, blocking right before their strike, and counterattacking. For ranged foes like archers and mages, watch for their attack cues, then block and quickly close the distance to deal decisive blows.

Kill 8.000 enemies

Don’t worry about this trophy! It tracks all enemy kills throughout your playtime, regardless of difficulty or playthrough. You’ll likely get it without even noticing while going for other trophies. Just kill enemies.

Purple Warrior
Collecting all purple elements.

See the “Black warrior” trophy for more information.

Red Warrior
Collecting all red elements.

See the “Black warrior” trophy for more information.

Rich Man
Collect 8.000 coins.

While Fiends are the primary source of coins, you’ll also collect them from regular enemies and breakable objects. However, each coins’ low value ( of 10) requires a grind.

For maximum efficiency:

  1. Target Fiends: Prioritize defeating Fiends to get the most coins.
  2. Break Everything: Smash every breakable object you see in each room for additional coins.
  3. Grind Strategically: Grind Fiends before locating the shop to maximize coin collection for Warrior achievements.

Block 200 damage with shield.

See the “Master Shield” trophy for more information.

Lose 300 life points.

See the “Inmortal” trophy for more information.

The collector
Collect 2.000 coins.

See the “Rich Man” trophy for more information.

Died 10 times.

Die 10 times.

Black Warrior
Collecting all black elements.

Each color set (except “Final Boss”) has 10 equipment pieces (head, feet, chest, shield, axe, blade, dagger, hammer, spear, sword). “Final Boss” set only requires 5 pieces (head, feet, chest, shield, blade). Track your progress through the “Avatar” menu. Picking up an item is enough; you don’t need to keep it until the end.

  • Brown | Common chests from monsters/breakable objects
  • Blue | Uncommon chests from monsters/breakable objects
  • Purple | Floor bosses (floors 1-5)
  • Red | Shops (500 gold) & Floor 6 boss
  • Final Boss | Shops (1000 gold) & Final boss
  • Gold | Shops (200 gold)
  • Green | Minibosses
  • Black | Tower shop (500 seconds of time.)

Play on Easy to collect equipment, but Hell offers faster money farming (no potions drop from enemies, only gold).

Black equipment in the Tower shop requires 500 seconds of time. Focus on higher floors as Black weapons appear more frequently in chests there (rare on floors 1 & 2).

Loose 8000 life points.

Progress towards this achievement accumulates across all your playthroughs, regardless of difficulty. You’ll probably earn it while working on other achievements.

Green Warrior
Collecting all green elements.

See the “Black Warrior” trophy for more information.

Kill 40 Bosses

Each floor ends in a boss encounter, marked by a red room on the map’s north exit. Don’t sweat it – these bosses are mostly beefed-up versions of regular enemies. They even give you a free window of attack at the start, remaining stationary for a few seconds before initiating combat. This translates to a huge chunk of their health gone before they even react!

Evil hunter
Kill 3000 fiends

Fiends, those small purple creatures, appear in previously cleared rooms feasting on fallen foes. You naturally encounter them while backtracking through the dungeon. While clearing them isn’t essential for progress, it’s highly recommended. They’re a valuable source of coins, especially helpful when grinding for “Warrior” trophies that require shop purchases.

Brown Warrior
Collecting all brown elements.

See the “Black Warrior” trophy for more information.

Blue Warrior
Collecting all blue elements.

See the “Black warrior” trophy for more information.

Die 50 times.

Die 50 times. Either this trophy will be unlocked as you play or once everything else is done. If you didn’t get it, die a few more times.

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