Avenging Spirit Trophy Guide

Game: Avenging Spirit
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 1 hour
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: None
Trophies: 1 , 11 , 2 , 0
Author: Stargazer

Welcome to the trophy guide for Avenging Spirit. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Avenging Spirit is an emulated port of a Japanese arcade game that came out back in the 90s, complete with all the added bells and whistles that emulators come with, like save states, and a fast-forward/rewind function. So whether you’ve played this before or this is your first time, get ready for a pretty fun 2D sidescroller with an interesting main gameplay mechanic, and an easy platinum waiting at the end!

Stage 1 – Finish the game while collecting all keys

Start the game, preferably on Easy mode. There are no difficulty-specific trophies, so everything is obtainable on Easy mode. There is also a rewind and fast-forward feature in the game, which you can use by holding down LB and RB respectively. This way, you can quickly undo any mistakes you may make. But you also have pretty much infinite lives anyway, since even when you do run out of health you can always just continue for free. There’s very little risk of actual failure, so you can play this game in any way you want! Furthermore, the game also lets you create six save states at any point, and I recommend making one at the start of each stage, just in case you end up missing something. The only missables in this game are the three keys, so watch out for those. There are one each in stages 2, 5, and 6.

Stage 2 – Grinding for 750k if needed

In case you somehow didn’t get 750000 points by the time the credits have rolled, load up your save state in stage 5 and farm points there. There are plenty of good places to farm points in this level, but one recommended spot can be seen in Score 750k.

Greatest Job!
Unlock all other trophies

As long as you didn’t miss any keys, this should unlock as soon as you finish stage 6.

Stage 1
Complete Stage 1

Stage 1 acts as a tutorial of sorts to get you up to speed with the game’s mechanics. The basic gameplay loop involves you possessing the various enemies you come across, and of course different characters have different properties like jump height and attacks. You can’t really go wrong with any of them for the most part, but I personally prefer characters that have long range, so really anyone with a gun will do. So possess your enemy of choice and get going! There aren’t any missables in this level so feel free to explore as much or as little as you want, until you reach the boss room.

The stage 1 boss is really simple, it’s a snake that appears out of the ground at random points, and plays kind of like a game of whack-a-mole. If you brought any character with fast projectile attacks, the boss should go down with very little effort.

Stage 2
Complete Stage 2

Stage 2 contains the game’s first collectible, the Red Key. See “Red Key” for more details.

This stage is more of the same from Stage 1, just progress through it in any manner you like. Try to bring a character with a gun for the boss fight in order quickly melt his life bar whenever he opens himself up. This stage’s boss attacks by dropping a crane head on you, and his weak spot opens up while the crane is down. Just pelt him with as many bullets as you can and he’ll die pretty quickly.

Stage 3
Complete Stage 3

This stage introduces a bunch of new enemies like the Ninja and the various Mages, and it can be a bit tough to get through the entire thing unscathed. Thankfully, since there isn’t really a penalty for dying, feel free to tackle this stage any way you like. There are no collectibles here either, so the only thing of note is the boss fight.

The stage 3 boss is a snake that shoots water at you. It can be tough to try to manage both shooting the head and dodging the attacks, but since you have infinite lives, it really doesn’t matter. Just keep hitting it with whatever character you have until it’s dead.

Stage 4
Complete Stage 4

You know the drill by now. Stage 4 doesn’t have any collectibles either, so feel free to go through this stage however you like. For the boss, I recommend bringing the Pink Ninja as his whip attack does very quickly whittles his life bar down. The boss cycles between two phases, one where it appears out of the sludge and shoots a few projectiles, and one where acid rains from above. Just dodge the attacks as best as you can, and hit the boss whenever it exposes itself.

Stage 5
Complete Stage 5

Stage 5 contains the game’s second collectible, the Green Key. See “Green Key” for more details.

This stage introduces a few branching paths, with the optional ones just leading to some extra items. Just keep heading right and you’ll eventually make it to the boss room.

The stage 5 boss is a sort of dragon that doesn’t actually attack, it just flies around the arena in circles. Just hit the head with whichever character you have until it dies. I also found the Pink Ninja to be pretty good in this fight, as he has both a quick hitting attack and a high jump, making getting to the head easy.

Complete Stage 6 to finish the game

Stage 6 is the final stage of the game. It contains the last of the three keys, the Blue Key, and also the door that these keys unlock. If you’ve found all three keys by this point, you can unlock the door to set yourself up for the good ending.

See “Blue Key” and “Saying “goodbye”” for more details.

Red Key
Collect the Red Key

The Red Key is the first of three collectibles you need to find in order to unlock the good ending. This key is found in stage 2, and it’s pretty hard to miss. While going through the stage, you’ll eventually see a door you can enter right along the main path. Simply enter this door and the key will be lying there on the ground.

Green Key
Collect the Green Key

The Green Key can be found in stage 5, and unlike the Red Key, it can actually be missed if you don’t go exploring. It’s found in one of the stage’s branching paths. The first time you can choose between two doors, take the one that leads to the upper right, then in the next room take the door that leads to the upper left. You’ll be in a corridor with a lot of Red Mages spawning. Keep heading left and you’ll end up in a laser corridor with some Blue Ninjas. The key is at the end of this corridor.

Blue Key
Collect the Blue Key

The Blue Key can be found in stage 6, and unlike the other two, requires a bit of puzzle solving to obtain.

After your first screen transition in the level, you should see a ladder that leads to some lasers. On the left of the ladder, you should see two blue pegs sticking out of the wall, with the letters G and H on them. Step on both of these pegs to light them up, then climb the ladder.

Towards the top of the ladder, before the lasers start firing, jump off to your left and a hidden platform will appear. Keep jumping to the left and more platforms will keep spawning until you reach the other end.

Once you get to the other platform, you’ll see the O peg. Step on it to light it up.

There’s gonna be a ladder on the left, so head up to reach the above platform. To your right there’ll be a T peg, light that one up too.

Lastly, jump to the platform above that and head to the right end, and you’ll see the last peg, the one with an S.

Once you light that up, head back to the ladder and head all the way down. You should see a door with GHOST written on the side, and if you’ve found all 5 pegs, all letters should be lit up and you should be able to enter the room. Inside, the key will be on the floor.

Saying “goodbye”
Rescue Gennifer and complete stage 6

After collecting all three keys, return to the first ladder and head all the way up and to the next room. You should see a door with three locks, and if you have all three keys, you will be able to enter this door. Inside, you’ll find Gennifer and you’ll possess her, taking control of her for the rest of the game. Exit the room, head right, and drop down the hole to reach the game’s final boss.

The stage 6 boss feels like a copycat Dr. Wily type of fight, but if you have Gennifer, her laser gun will melt the boss in seconds and you’ll be done before you know it. Once that’s done, the rest of the trophies and the plat should unlock after the final cutscene!

Score 250k
Score 250000 points

See “Score 750k“.

Score 500k
Score 500000 points

See “Score 750k“.

Score 750k
Score 750000 points

This trophy requires you to score a total of 750000 points throughout the course of the game. You should have close to a million points by finishing the game, so you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to farm points for this.

But if you really need to, you can easily farm points in stage 5. There are plenty of spots to do this, but the one I’d recommend is immediately after the room with the spike pit, seen below.

After crossing the spike pit, take the lower right door, and you should enter a room where dragon enemies endlessly spawn from the lower right side. Just stand on the left and keep firing your weapon, and they’ll die over and over again. Each dragon gets you 2000 points, so you’ll be at 750k in no time.

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