Zombies Ruined My Day Trophy Guide

Game: Zombies Ruined My Day
Peripherals: –
Time to platinum: 4 – 5 hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: Kill Related Trophies
Trophies: 1 , 10 , 2 , 0
Author: Dark_Overlord, edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Zombies Ruined My Day. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete The Game On Normal.

Although Easy is slightly easier than Normal, the levels are exactly the same with the same 1 hit kill mechanic, so it is advised to jump straight into Normal to lower the Platinum time.

Stage 2 – Obtain Kill Trophies.

If you did not obtain the kill related trophies during your first playthrough then now is the time to obtain them. The easiest way to do this is to replay the game on Easy and reach Zone 1-7, as there is no stage select.


Unlock all other trophies.

Congratulations on your Platinum! You killed a bunch of weird-looking zombies and survived!

Clear zone 1 on Easy
Clear all levels in zone 1 on Easy difficulty,

Please see the “Clear zone 1 on Normal” trophy.

Clear zone 1 on Normal
Clear all levels in zone 1 on Normal difficulty.

As the trophy states, this is for clearing the 8 stages + Boss level in zone 1. Zone 1 is more of an introduction to the game, there is nothing difficult here and should be no problem. Standing in either bottom corner is by far the safest place to be, and when you unlock the barrier later in the zone you can use it to create a wall between you and the zombies. You can stand behind this wall and unload into the zombies.

Creating a safe place using the barrier.

The Boss of Zone 1 is the Horrible Zombie Worm, he will slowly move from the top right corner to the left, drop down a floor, and finally head towards the center. During his movement he will stop and fire a volley of green balls at you, these are pretty easy to dodge by moving either left or right. At all times during this fight the boss is vulnerable to damage, you start with an Uzi, so be sure to unload into him, however it is advised to keep about 100 Uzi ammo on you to deal with the Soldier Zombies that appear at specific intervals. When the boss drops down a floor, you can rapidly speed up his demise by throwing the grenades you have accumulated directly next to him, they deal huge amounts of damage to the Boss.

Here is a video showing the Boss encounter.

Fighting Zone 1 Boss.


Clear zone 2 on Easy
Clear all levels in zone 2 on Easy difficulty.

Please see the “Clear zone 2 on Normal” trophy.

Clear zone 2 on Normal
Clear all levels in zone 2 on Normal difficulty.

As the trophy states, this is for clearing the 8 stages + Boss level in Zone 2. Zone 2 is a step up in difficulty from Zone 1 due to having 2 extra doors along the bottom floor, this is also the Zone where Punk Zombies are introduced.

Punk Zombies are probably the most annoying enemies in the game due to taking 4 shotgun shells to down while having a different movement pattern to every other zombie in the game. Once again, the bottom left/right corners are the safest areas, however, the Punk Zombies can jump over the barriers you place, so be sure to take them out ASAP.

From this Zone onwards, you will learn to prioritize dealing with certain groups of zombies before others, e.g: A group approaching from the bottom left corner is far more dangerous than one that has spawned near the middle right, assuming you are standing in the bottom right corner, the zombies who spawned above you will walk all of the way to the left before turning and heading back to you.

A new game mode is also introduced in this Zone whereby you have to protect a Survivor for a whole round. Luckily Survivors are also blocked by barriers, which you can use to your advantage.

Creating a safe place on left hand side
Creating a safe place on right hand side.

The Boss of Zone 2 is the Helicopter Full Of Zombies. This boss is probably the easiest boss in the game, it will go from left to right and vice versa while dropping Soldier Zombies and occasionally a Rambo Zombie. The Rambo Zombie will drop an RPG when killed and this is the only weapon that can hurt the helicopter. Essentially you have to keep killing the zombies that are dropped onto the stage, pick up the RPG then shoot the Helicopter, rinse and repeat until it is dead.

Here is a video showing the Boss encounter.

Fighting Zone 2 Boss.

Clear zone 3 on Easy
Clear all levels in zone 3 on Easy difficulty.

Please see the “Clear zone 3 on Normal” trophy.

Clear zone 3 on Normal
Clear all levels in zone 3 on Normal difficulty.

As the trophy states, this is for clearing the 8 stages + Boss level in Zone 3. Zone 3 takes another step up in difficulty due to its arrangement. There is a signboard to the bottom right of the Ferris Wheel that will show you where the zombies are coming from. The Ferris Wheel in the middle will fill with zombies that come from the top Haunted House door and the Roller Coaster. As the carts in the Ferris Wheel fill, a flashing red light will appear at the top of them, this means the cart is overweight. If you don’t kill a zombie or 2 to push the cart back under weight, then eventually the cart will collapse and be gone for the rest of the stage. This is extremely bad, as zombies will fall from out of the air, most likely resulting in your death. It also means that when the zombies come from either direction if there is no cart to catch them they will fall straight to the floor. The safest place on this stage is directly under the Ferris Wheel. The carts can catch Punk Zombies that will eventually swarm you.

Any explosives are amazingly effective on this level, because if the explosion hits any zombies in the carts, it will kill them too, meaning it is ideal if you can kill groups/armored zombies/bumper cars directly under the Ferris Wheel. It is also recommended keeping at least 1 Bumper Car Zombie around as much as possible because it will run over any and all zombies in its path. You can jump over it when it gets close so you do not die.

Stage 3-4 is another Survivor protection stage, however, there are 3 survivors this time and each will take a separate cart on the Ferris Wheel. To pass this stage, you must throw your barrier up to the top-left entrance after the initial wave of zombies (there is no need to prioritise any zombies that will enter a cart that the survivors are not in), then throw a grenade up after the zombies have grouped up. This is the best way to deal with the tougher zombies, as you cannot shoot them fast enough to kill them before they kill a survivor.

Using barrier to protect the survivors

Stage 3-5 onwards introduces another difficulty spike, these next 4 levels are easily the hardest in the game and may take many attempts. It is best to block the Ferris Wheel entrance at the top right and allow only the Haunted House enemies to enter the Ferris Wheel as the chances of the carts becoming overweight is significantly less. Explosives and Bumper Car Zombies are the best way to survive these levels.

Useful positioning of barrier to not overload Ferris Wheel,

The Boss of Zone 3 is the Nightmare Clown. The Nightmare Clown is far easier than the previous few stages you have just dealt with. The Clown will levitate in the air and fly in your direction shooting green balls at you, you can dodge these any way you choose while also shooting the Clown. When the Clown reaches the higher part of its floating cycle while heading towards you, you can run underneath him and start attacking him from the other side. Eventually he will land and stop attacking you for a small period of time, then he will repeat his previous levitation attack phase. Make sure to keep at least 6 shotgun rounds for when the 2 Soldier Zombies spawn from the lower Haunted House door, these will drop shotgun ammo and grenades. Eventually a group of Zombies will spawn from the Roller Coaster, one of these will be a Rambo Zombie who will drop an RPG, this can take a huge amount of health from the boss if you can successfully get it.

Here is a video showing the Boss encounter.

Fighting Zone 3 Boss.

Kill five or more zombies with a shot.

Please see the “Terminator” trophy.

Kill ten or more zombies with a shot.

Please see the “Terminator” trophy.

Kill fifteen or more zombies with a shot.

Please see the “Terminator” trophy.


Kill twenty or more zombies with a shot.

For the Terminator trophy and all previous ones related to kills, Stage 1-7 on the Easy difficulty is the best stage to use. Setting up 2 barriers that catch the zombies falling from the left hand middle platform after the initial wave, then grenading the group as it builds up easily gets the required kills for this trophy.

Here is a video showing this method.

Zombie killer
Kill one or more zombies.

You will obtain this trophy by killing your first zombie.


Double kill
Kill two or more zombies with a shot.

Please see the “Terminator” trophy.