Zero Strain Trophy Guide

Game: Zero Strain
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 1-2 Hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: none
Author: Nameless600

Welcome to the trophy guide for Zero Strain. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game to level six

Welcome to the beautiful and fast past Zero Strain.

The game itself is a mix between geometry wars, a MOBA, and a gatcha game. The basic gameplay is a topdown platform based shooter. However the health system and abilities work similar to how a MOBA would function and ships are unlocked through containers gained on missions (although you won’t experience to much of the gatcha system while obtaining the platinum.)

In order to obtain said platinum, you will only technically need to complete six. During the early part of the game every other level is a boss, and only the first three bosses need to be killed for trophies. None of them should give you to much trouble as the game is VERY generous with your shield and shield recharge timer.

Stage 2 – Replay 6 missions with different ships & Clean up

After you have completed mission six you can choose to continue or just replay missions you have already played with different ships. You will need to complete a combination of 12 levels in total with different ships on each level (for example, you can complete the first three level with all four ships you’ll obtain in this period or complete all six levels with two different ships, or some combination).

After this you should have all but one trophy. This is the trophy Killer III which is obtained for 1000 enemies. You will likely have between 800-900 by this point, depending on which missions you choose to replay. At this point, replay the first mission one or two more times and the platinum should unlock. Absolute worst case scenario, you will need to replay this mission 3-4 times. However, after 4 rerun of this level (assuming you have completed all previous steps), you will have the platinum trophy.

Unlock all other trophies

Congratz commander! Enjoy your new platinum trophy!

 Collector II
Collect 360 pickups

See Collector III for more info.

 Collector III
Collect 720 pickups

Pickups are small white dots that increase your score, sync meter, and special attack meters. They drop off of enemies frequently and using boost (R2) will grab all of them in the area.

You will want to use R2 as much as possible, and while you are flying around the screen you will likely run over several without even noticing.

Below is an image of what the pickups look like


 Killer II
Kill 500 enemies

See Killer III for more info. 

 Killer III
Kill 1000 enemies

Enemies are everywhere in this game, most die within a few shots or have an obvious weak spot.

This is the one trophy that may allude you while getting all other trophies. However, you can shorten the grind at the end by replaying mission one (Downfall Well) and mission three (Xelia Crater) with different ships during step 2 of the walkthrough. This is due to those missions having the most enemies out of any and are extremely easy.

The enemies do not technically have any names and come in small variations of each other throughout the levels, but it shouldn’t be to difficult to figure out how to defeat each one.

Just remember, when in doubt, use your special attacks, all enemies are vulnerable to them.

 Hu Kora
Beat Hu Kora

Hu Kora is the second boss in the game.

For Hu Kora, it is best to try to focus fire on him as much as possible. He will spawn small circle allies that will surround him. If possible, attempt to ignore then and focus fire on Hu Kora. If needed, dive at him as he doesn’t have many super close range attacks. It is best to either be close, or far away from him, not in-between. If you follow this basic strategy you should have him down in no time.

A basic video guide is provided below for anyone having trouble.

Beat Eternity

Eternity is the third boss of the game and the final boss needed for the platinum.

It is best to stay away and fire long range avoiding the energy circles that appear. Eternity is slow and has no direct damage attacks. If you can keep your distance at take your time it shouldn’t be a problem taking him down. 

A basic video guide is provided below for anyone having trouble.

 Demolisher II
Use 60 times your special weapon attacks

See Demolisher III for more info.

 Demolisher III
Use 120 times your special weapon attacks

Special attacks are used by holding down L2 and pressing square, cross, and circle. Each ship has slightly different special attacks but 90% of them will damage the enemy with a blast wave of some sort.

he easiest way to gain special attack is to rapid fire while boosting with R2, this will make your special attack meters fly up and be ready to use in no time.

As long as you are using them as part of your normal gameplay (i.e. playing the game the way it was meant to be) you will have this unlocked in no time.

 Caretaker II
Unlock station power 6

See Caretaker III for more info.

 Caretaker III
Unlock station power 12

Station levels are unlocked by completing levels with a ship for the first time (see Step 2 of the walk through for more info)

 You will need to be at least station rank 9 in order to kill the third boss, so it will only take a few extra levels with different ships to obtain this trophy.

You can continue the story if you’d like, you do not need to replay levels, however for the easiest path to the platinum it is best to replay the first and third mission as mentioned in Killer III.

 Collector I
Collect 60 pickups

See Collector III for more info. 

 Killer I
Kill 100 enemies

See Killer III for more info.

Beat Imperious

Imperious is the first boss in the game.

For Imperious it is best to circle him with mid distance. A circle that is to big will allow imperious to turn with you and still hit you with his fists. A circle too small will have you bump into his extremities. Keep up the fire and he’ll be down in no time.

A basic video guide is provided below for anyone having trouble.


 Demolisher I
Use 30 times your special weapon attacks

See Demolisher III for more info. 

 Caretaker I
Unlock station power 3

See Caretaker III for more info.