Your Toy Trophy Guide

Game: Your toy
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 2 hours
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: Call me paranoid, Master Locksmith, The secret of lights, Wreck-it, Can’t touch this, Directionally Challenged, Thumbs up, Peeping Tom, L2P, What a beautiful sound, Innocence, Slam Dunk, The collector
Author: Knoef_NL (Trophy Guide) & The Blakk Vulture (Video Walkthrough)

Welcome to the trophy guide for Your Toy. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Video walkthrough

The video will show you on how to complete all the puzzles. All trophies are mentioned (shortly) in there too. All trophies can be found in written form too. Just scroll a bit down and have a read.

Stage 1 – Restroom

During stage 1 you will need to complete the restroom, there are quite a lot of trophies tied to this area. You will be able to earn the following ones during this section:
– Upon Observation (Use the zoom function five times with R2)
– Now it begins (leave the toilet/cubicle room)
– Good eye (pick up three items)
– Call me paranoid (Knock off all tiles)
– Master locksmith (Open the safe upon first try – highly missable)
– The secret of the lights (Turn off the light five times)
– Wreck-it (Smash ten mirrors)
– Can’t touch this (Don’t let the bear hit you – Highly missable)

Stage 2 – Cave & Bedroom

As soon as you open the door of the restroom you will find yourself in a cave. 3 trophies are tied to this section, including some missables:
– A trip down memory lane (Enter the cave)
– Thumbs up (Don’t fail any Quick Time Events (QTE’s) against the teddybear)
– Directionally Challenged (Spend 3 minutes in the cave)
– Beginner’s Luck (Find the key)
– Peeping Tom (Look four times through the peephole in the door – Missable)
– L2P (Get killed three times by the toy – Missable, but can be achieved in other parts of the game too)

Stage 3 – Child bedroom

This section is VERY tricky. There will come a part where you will need to solve a puzzle on time and extinguish the fire. This can be very challenging if you fail this part, you will need to replay the whole child bedroom stage again. The code to solve this puzzle is:
“Up, up, left, down, right, up, left, up, right, down
left, down, up, right, up, left, up, right, down, right, up, right,
down, left, up, right, down, left, down, right, up, left, up, right, down, left, up, right, down
left, down, right, down, down”

Just enter it without looking at the puzzle and it should be solved.

The trophies earned in this stage are:
– Your childhood (enter your bedroom)
– Innocence (touch the lights 5 times – Missable)
– Slam Dunk (Throw the bear into the tub of water – missable)

Stage 4 – Water & The end

During this stage you will earn the following trophies:
– The collector (collect all items)
– Mr.lungs (complete the water section)
– Handyman (fix the hand dryer)
– Repentance (Complete the game)
– Never left (Platinum trophy)


 Never left
All trophies collected

Master Locksmith
Successfully opens the safe upon first try

This trophy is highly missable twice. You can simply forget to earn it, and you are able to lock yourself out for this one. Should you fail, quit to the main menu and continue the game. The game should start over, but you won’t lose that much progress.

There are 9 tiles in the restroom that can be pulled off. Behind a random one will be a locker. Keep in mind where it is placed.

You will also see 4 urinals, interact with the first one (most left) and make your way towards the right until you flushed all 4 of them. The toilets will show an arrow, these will be pointing up or down. Remember the combination of these 4 arrows! These are random, so I can’t provide you with a solution. Now go back to the safe and zoom in. You will be able to enter the code. Pressing the up/down button on the controller will insert the code. If your code was “Up, Up, Up, Down” press Up,Up,Up, Down on your controller. No other controls are needed to insert the code.

Slam Dunk
Successfully dunk the bear into the tub of water upon first try

During the child bedroom area, you will need to throw the teddybear into the tub of water. You will have to do this on your first try to unlock this trophy. You can aim with R1 and throw with circle. See the video below if you are unsure on how to perform this throw.

Should you fail, return to the menu and load the game. This will put you at the beginning of the child bedroom section.

Beginner’s Luck
Found the key in the cave by breaking the light bulbs

In the cave part, you will see a few lights, you will need to smash those in order to find the key. This key will open the bedroom door and is required to progress in the story. The key is placed in any light at random, so we can’t pinpoint a specific location for you. The light look like this:

Can’t Touch This
Successfully avoid the bear during the breaking wall event

In the restroom, you will encounter the bear towards the end. You will need to keep running circles around the wall while hitting the wall (between the 2 mirrors) with the hammer. If you hit the wall 5 times it will make the bear disappear. See the video below if you have trouble.

Mr. Lungs
Complete the underwater event

You will find yourself in an area full of water. Make sure you hit the light switch towards the right of the door.
Now swim towards the hatch in the ceiling and open it. The teddybear will fall out and you will need to dive down to pick it up. Towards the left of there, you will see a drain. Use the pluge a total of 3 times on it, and you will clear this area.

Thumbs Up
Achieve QTE success for the first time

When you exit the restroom, you will encounter the bear once again. Quick Time Events (QTE’s) will show, and you will need to complete those successfully. Only press the correct button until it’s in the button area, so don’t press too early! The QTE’s are random, so we can’t provide you with those. The trophy should pop after you successfully completed the first three QTE’s. After completing them, you should be able to walk away from the bear. Keep in mind that the bear won’t die and will keep following you around until you enter the bedroom.

If you fail, quit to the main menu and continue. The game should place you back before opening the door towards the cave’s, allowing you to try again. See the video below if you are having trouble.

End the nightmare

This trophy is earned when you “kill” the teddybear. Hold the teddybear under the hand dryer and turn it around a bit. It will catch on fire, the teddybear will spawn in the right corner. Use the fire extinguisher on it and it will start chasing you. Extinguish it until it stops chasing you, watch the credits and this trophy will pop.

Good Eye
Pick up three items

This trophy can be earned in the first area, the restroom. Just pick up 3 items and this trophy will pop. You need to pick up a lot of items to complete the game (and earn the trophy The Collector) so this one is not missable.

The Collector
Collect all items

Please refer to the video to pick-up all items. The most can be found during the restroom section and the child’s bedroom section.

Killed by toy three times

This trophy is best earned when entering the bedroom. Let the toy burst through the door(just keep waiting) and let it kill you. When it kills you, restart the game and let it kill you again. Do this a total of 3 times and the trophy will pop.

This trophy can also be earned at other points in the story.

Peeping Tom
Look through the peephole on the bedroom door four times

When entering the bedroom, you will see a peephole on the door. Look through it 4 times by pressing R2 and this trophy will pop.

Touch the lights in the bedroom five times

This trophy is earned in the child’s bedroom, stage 3. Jump towards the lights 5 times by pressing L2. This will also drop a piece that you need to progress in the main story.

Call Me Paranoid
Knock off all tiles

This trophy can be earned in the first area, the restroom. You will need to knock off a total of 9 tiles for this trophy to pop. You will also be doing this for the trophy “Master locksmith”, in order to find the safe.

Hit the windows/mirrors ten times

This trophy can be earned in the first area, the restroom. You will need to smash the windows a total of 10 times. You will need the hammer for this, which can be asembled by combining the wooden stick and the hammerhead.

Directionally Challenged
Stay in the cave for more than three minutes

This trophy is earned in the second area, the cave. Just spend a total of 3 minutes in the cave and this trophy will pop. You can pause the game, and the trophy will still pop after 3 minutes. This will save you the trouble of having do dodge the bear all the time.

What a Beautiful Sound
Prevent the bear from entering the Inverted Bedroom within the time limit

When you enter the bedroom for the first time, you will see a little box lying on the ground. Interact with it(circle) and use two items on it. The items you will need to use are listed below.

A Trip Down Memory Lane
Enter the cave

When you complete the first section(restroom) and enter the second section(cave) by opening the door, this trophy will pop.

Your Childhood
Enter the Normal Bedroom for the first time

After you flip the switch(for me it was towards the left in the caves) you must make your way back to the bedroom. This time you will find a different bedroom than before, as it will be your childhood bedroom. The trophy will pop as soon as you enter the bedroom.

Now it Begins
Gets out from a cubicle

During the first area, you will need to exit the toilet/cubicle. This trophy will pop as soon as you do. In order to escape, you will need to flush the toilet 4 times.

The Secret of Lights
Turn off the lights for five times

You will find a light switch in the first area(restroom). Turn the lights off 5 times and this trophy will pop.

Upon Observation
Pull the camera five times

This trophy can be earned anywhere and will come naturally during your playthrough. You will need to Press R2 5 times(zoom function) and this trophy will pop.

Successfully repair the hand dryer

This trophy is earned during the very last section of the game. You will need to use the connecter that you found in the child’s bedroom and use it on the hand dryer here.

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