Utawarerumono: ZAN Trophy Guide

Game: Utawarerumono: ZAN
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 12 – 15 hours.
Difficulty: 4/10
Missable trophies: None, there is mission select.
Author: Sean & Stephanie

Welcome to the trophy guide for Utawarerumono: ZAN. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete Chapter 15 of Story Mode

Welcome to the guide for Utawarerumono ZAN, a rather short Utawarerumono title but nonetheless grindy. To reduce overall plat time, achieving the 2x exp Scroll is pretty important! That scroll is unlocked through Story Mode completion, so that’s the first goal you should work towards! There are only 18 chapters in Utawarerumono: ZAN, but the last few have a difficulty spike which is why you’ll use Stage 2.

Some tips that’ll make the game and the journey to the plat easier:
Kuon and Haku can both revive team members with their chain skill.
Kuon has the best heals in the game, a recommended party member.
Using the Raid skills will teleport characters to you. Useful for heals, defeating an enemy, and forcing them out of dangers way.
Locking onto an enemy, which is useful for bosses or quick enemies, as it shows their remaining shield before shield break, and when dazed it’ll show remaining time before they regain composure.
Overzeal has different stat boosts depending on which bar is activated.
Overzeal gives a bonus to zeal gained from attacks, allowing you to maintain Overzeal for long periods.
Overzeal and Chain skills often prevent knockback or attack interruptions during use. Useful for annoying enemies.
Jumping after knockback or knockdown allows you to recover quicker.

Probably the biggest tip: A rather overpowered exploit is Atuy’s lightning attacks, due to the high amount of combos and attacks it has, has reduced attack power. Normally around 8-11+ damage per bolt, but with Piercing Scroll each bolt will now do 35! Because of this, it’s one of the most powerful attacks in the game. Most combo’s will be between 200-300 damage, but Atuy’s Piercing lightning if fully connected does 1120 damage! It’s ranged, doesn’t require zeal, and pierces!

Stage 2 – Complete Free Mode ‘Apprentice’, then Finish Story.

The final few missions mentioned earlier, have a difficulty spike. To overcome this we will be needing the Final Strike mechanic which unlocks at level 25. This is where the first section of Free Mode comes into play, it’ll level you up to 25 to finish the story and work towards Yamato Observer Record. Finishing the Apprentice level (Don’t forget to do all the subobjectives) of Free Mode will also earn you Upgrade Journeyman and Stealth Apprentice . After Apprentice free mode you’ll be level 25+, so head back to story mode and finish it up. Refer to Conqueror for some tips on the final boss.

Stage 3 – Complete All Free Mode Missions.

The requirements to unlock all the Free Missions are to complete Story Mode and beat a set number of Free Missions. For the Platinum, you’ll be needing to complete all Free Missions and their sub-objectives. The sub-objectives aren’t difficult, but they can be a bit irritating to find at times. Every time you finish a part of a mission, before you activate the next mission part, the game will notify you that a sub-objective has appeared in blue text. Sometimes they show up on the mini-map, sometimes they don’t. It’s a game of hide-n-seek to find them. Each mission only has 2 to find, making hunting the sub-objectives not too hard with the small maps Utawarerumono: ZAN has. Don’t forget to equip your x2 EXP Scrolls.

Stage 4 – Battle Recollections.

As you progress through the story, Battle Recollections will unlock, which are the same levels and bosses as the original story itself. The only difference is that they will have sub-objectives which you need to complete along with the main objective. Upon completing Chapter 18 in Story Mode, you unlock Hard Difficulty in recollection. The bosses in Hard Difficulty have stronger attacks and more HP, but if you have finished all free missions before tackling Hard Difficulty in Battle Recollection, you should have good Equipment Scrolls and decent levels for your party members. The only two quests that might be a bit stressful will be “Conqueror” and “Vurai”, as you will be fighting against Vurai in both. Make sure to bring Kuon and Haku into these battles as they are excellent healing partners and can revive teammates quickly. If you are confident in your skills, then focus on the defense, attack and health scrolls on your members; if not, switch out the attack scrolls with Piercing Scroll.

Stage 5 – Cleanup.

By now you’ll almost have the plat! The few remaining trophies will just be miscellaneous tasks. Finishing up the few medals that remain, grinding the BP or EXP you’ll need, and purchase some scrolls from the Equipment Upgrade. You’ll just have to tie up all the loose ends now. Look at the remaining trophies you have below and follow the tips!


 ZAN Enlightenment
Obtained all trophies.

 Living Legend
Obtained highest character level and bonus points.

This will most likely be the last trophy you earn, as the max level for characters is 50. Thankfully, you only need one character to reach max level and Bonus Points, but if you kept the same 4 characters during your whole playthrough, then they should be close by the time you are done with all Free Missions and Battle Recollection. For good EXP grinding, equip EXP Scrolls and head to any of the Free Missions in Ninja setting. The more bosses within a mission the better, since you’ll receive more EXP. Also look at the sub-objectives and make sure there is an extra boss to tackle. While for bonus points grinding you’ll want to equip your BP scroll and head to a battle recollection in hard mode as even just clearing the main objective gives you BP instead of sen. An ideal place to grind for BP would be Remnants, as none of the sub-objects nor the main objective requires you to battle a boss.

 Yamato Observer Record
Completed all Free Battles and Free Missions.

This trophy is obtained by 100% completing all the Free Missions and Battle Recollections, that includes sub-objectives alongside! When you complete a Free Mission in its entirety, you’ll see an “Achieved” stamp to the left of the mission name, every mission needs this to get this trophy. There is a hidden Free Mission, unlocked by obtaining 100% on all Free Missions. After you do this, you’ll receive one final Free Mission: Roaring God. This mission also happens to contain Mikazuchi, the enemy needed for Roaring God.

 Oshtor’s Right Arm
Obtained “Ninja” Stealth Rank.

Ninja Stealth Rank is the final Free Mission category you will unlock. Unlocking Ninja Stealth Rank, as it’s a tiered ranking category, you’ll naturally earn all the tiered trophies before it. To unlock Ninja you need to complete Story Mode and the 20 free missions before it.

Ninja requirements.

 Upgrade God
Unlocked a “God-Quality” equipment upgrade.

All equipment upgrades will be available to purchase upon completion of the 2nd last Free Mission Category; Spy.

Assistant: Moznu Bandits Clean-up will unlock Mid-Quality equipment.
Apprentice: Rising Kyoryu will unlock High-Quality equipment.
Shinobi: The Yamato Games will unlock Master-Quality equipment.
Spy: Warmonger Nights will unlock God-Quality equipment.

 The Praised
Covered the entire board with medals.

For this trophy, you need to complete 100% of the medals’ requirements. They are as follows:

Collector: Collect [2] Strategy Scrolls.
Party Leader: Collect [3] Strategy Scrolls.
Skilled Battler: Collect [4] Strategy Scrolls.
Tactician: Collect [5] Strategy Scrolls.
The Invincible: Collect [7] Strategy Scrolls.

What Strategy Scrolls refer to are the Sigils you’ll unlock through equipment upgrades and mission rewards.

New Recruit: Complete [5] Free Missions.
Mission Lover: Complete [10] Free Missions.
Hard Worker: Complete [15] Free Missions.
Mission Addict: Complete [25] Free Missions.
Special Labor Compensation: Complete [35] Free Missions.

Self-Explanatory, you’ll earn these working towards Yamato Observer Record.

Battle Beginner: Perform a combo for a total of [10000] damage.
Warmonger: Perform a combo for a total of [20000] damage.
Roughouse: Perform a combo for a total of [30000] damage.
Holy Sword: Perform a combo for a total of [40000] damage.
Crazed Princess: Perform a combo for a total of [50000] damage.

Use the same method mentioned in Synchronicity.

Scholar: Acquire a level [2] scroll.
Bookworm: Acquire a level [4] scroll.
Scroll Collector: Acquire a level [6] scroll.
The Learned: Acquire a level [8] scroll.
Literati: Acquire a level [10] scroll.

Level scrolls are earned by spending Sen at the Equipment Upgrade to earn new equipment. Already obtained scroll will be replaced with a more leveled version up to level 10.

Chain Demon: Perform [100] True Chains.
Refer to Chained Secrets.
The Rescuer: Rescue [25] times.
Refer to Camaraderie.
Spirit Master: Use the Sigil Effect [5th Form].
Refer to Synchronicity.
Memories: Complete all [Normal] difficulty Battle Recollections.
Past Victories: Complete all [Hard] difficulty Battle Recollections.

The Normal/Hard difficulty Battle Recollections are the replayable Story Missions with sub-objectives. They’re eseentially the same as Story Mode just more difficult. Follow the same strategies as Story Mode but with higher levels and better scrolls.

All Medals Obtained

 The Successor
Completed the ending.

The ending is achieved by completing Story Mode, which is only 18 chapters long. You’ll be facing Vurai again but this time you’ll be transformed too. It’s a slow, exchange of blows, and exchange of words but you can’t lose this battle. There’s no health bars or anything to worry about, just sit back and wail on Vurai until the end comes.

 Armored Exterminator
Defeated Boro-Gigiri.

Refer to Extermination Record.

 Cursed God
Defeated Tatari-Unkami.

The Tatari-Unkami is found in the mission “Cursed God of Frost “.
It does not pose much of a threat, as it has no 360 attacks. The only tips for the Tatari-Unkami is to stay behind it, as all of its attacks are frontal attacks. It has poisonous sludge spitting, regular physical attacks, and it shoots laser beams from its mouth, but again, these are all from the front. Stay behind it and just lower its hp. When Tatari-Unkami goes into its Overzealous state, not much changes, a little faster and somewhat more aggressive, but nothing noteworthy.

 Kyoryu (M)
Defeated Azure Gaunji.
The Azure Gaunji is found in the mission “Beacon Of Restoration
It is not much of a threat. It has a 360 attack, but is easily avoided. The Azure Gaunji is essentially a beast. It’ll scratch, ram its head, toss dirt, and other beast-like things, all from the front like the Tatar-Unkami. The difference between the two is Azure has a 360 attack, a ground slam. Azure will stop moving, wait a second and do a huge leap, then slams down on the ground, spreading out a small Area of Effect attack. This move is easily readable and therefore gives you time to back up. When Azure Gaunji goes into its Overzealous state, he’s just a more excited beast, expect 2x more jumping and rapid movements, but nothing you can’t manage.

 Roaring God
Defeated Mikazuchi.

Upon completing all free missions, a hidden mission called “Roaring God” will unlock under Ninja missions. Mikazuchi is slightly stronger than Vurai as his movements are a lot quicker an cover more ground. Just like the battle with Vurai, you want to make sure that both Kuon and Haku are in your party for healing/reviving purposes. If you haven’t done so yet, try to have maxed god-tier equipment on your characters such as Defense, Attack, and HP. But if you feel like he is too much of a challenge, switch out Attack for the Piercing Scroll. Patience is key in this battle, so don’t be afraid to take your time.

 Ultimate Striker
Used a Final Strike.

Final Stirkes are unlocked when you have a 3rd Zeal Bar, which is granted upon reaching level 25. You will also come across the Final Strike tutorial in the final boss’ chapter.

When all 3 Zeal Bars are full, enter Overzeal by pressing the touchpad. While the bars are still full, pressing the touchpad attempts a True Strike. It will fail if it misses the target, so make sure to use it when you’re certain it hits. Be cautious though, as you only get to use it once per character per mission.

Final Strike tutorial.

Used the “5th Stance” Sigil effect.

Stances are boosts you’ll receive depending on what level of sigil is activated. To activate a Sigil’s Stance, you need to follow through with a lot of attacks stringing up a huge combo. First and foremost is making sure you have a level 5 Sigil! Sigil levels are reflective of your party’s spirit levels, so you need a high level team before you attempt this. When you do have a high enough team to create a level 5 Sigil, your only worry is activating the 5th Stance which is easy with a certain levels exploit. Chapter 13 Remnants, has a wonderful exploit to activate this. Make sure to equip the character you’ll be using with a x3 Combo Scroll before you start the level. Shortly into the mission you’ll need to break valves to freeze the Tatari-Unkami. Don’t do that. The Tatari-Unkami will spawn an infinite amount of blobs for you to chain together to your hearts content! Make sure to stay on the outside of the room to avoid the Tatari-Unkami’s attacks.

 Oshtor’s Elite
Obtained the “Spy” Stealth Rank.

Refer To Oshtor’s Right Arm.

 Upgrade Master
Unlocked a “Master-Quality” equipment upgrade.

Refer To Upgrade God.

 Distinguished Service
Received an additional reward for covering the board in military medals.

An additional reward, is when you fill an entire row or column in the Military Medals board and you claim the numbered circle at the row/column end.

The first and easiest you can get is by having level 10 equipment, which you can obtain with minimal Sen and a couple visits to the Equipment Upgrade.

Number 4 ‘Glowing’ as the Additional Reward chosen.

 Snowbound Encounter
Started on your journey.

When you first start Utawarerumono: ZAN you’re not presented with a menu or anything of that sort. You immediately take control of Kuon, who you will take for a quick stroll through a snow mountain pass. The end of the pass will pan out the camera to the title of this game and this trophy will pop.

Exterminated the Gigiri.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your first mission, in which you must defeat 3 Unique Gigiri.

 Familiar Threat
Survived the Boro-Gigiri.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your second mission, in which you must escape the Boro-Gigiri.

Escaping the Boro-Gigiri is a run towards the camera style mission in which you dodge objects and enemies. Although the camera is able to freely move, you’ll be turning so often it’s not entirely viable.

Captured the Moznu Bandits.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your third mission, which is located in Chapter 2 Bandits. This mission has the main objective of defeating Moznu.

 First Mission
Punished the Moznu Bandits.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your fourth mission, which is located in Chapter 5 First Mission. The main objective for this mission is to defeat Moznu again.

 Playing with Fire
Repelled the Nosuri Brigade.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your fifth mission, which is located in Chapter 7 Playing With Fire. The main objective for this mission is to defeat the Nosuri Brigade.

 Vice and Virtue
Destroyed the Moznu Bandits.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your sixth mission, which is located in Chapter 8 Vice and Virtue. The main objective of this mission is to defeat… the Moznu Bandits again.

 Extermination Record
Exposed the Dekopompo conspiracy.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your seventh mission, which is located in Chapter 9 Extermination Record. The Main objective of this mission is to expose the Dekopompo Conspiracy through defeating Dekopompo and Bokoinante for the first battle, followed by their captured Boro-Gigiri for the second battle.

This mission will also earn you Armored Exterminator.

 The Captured
Released Jachdwalt.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your eighth mission, which is located in Chapter 10 The Captured. The main objective for this mission is the release of Jachdwalt, by defeating him in battle.

Recovered lost memories of the past.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your ninth mission, which is located in Chapter 13 Remnants. The main objective of this mission is to recover your lost memories by freezing the Tatari-Unkami.

Repelled the mysterious assassin.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your eleventh mission, which is located in Chapter 16 The Captured. The main objective of this mission is to repel the shadows by defeating the 3 Gutuardars.

This will prove to be your first trickier battle as they have poisonous clouds, teleportation, and more tricks up their sleeve. If you followed our stages, you’ll be above level 25 and shouldn’t have a problem with this mission.

Defeated Vurai.

Story Related. This trophy is awarded for completing your twelfth mission, which is located in Chapter 17 Conqueror. The main objective of this mission is to defeat Vurai.

The hardest boss in the story mode and definitely worth a few tips to handle!
‣ The Earth Sigil is a defensive Sigil for your party.
Kuon is the best healer, Haku and Kuon can also revive team mates with their chains. Very Viable team members.
‣ Vurai spams his blocks, equipping Piercing Scrolls will do a set amount of pierce damage (35 damage, non-upgradeable but it makes ALL your attacks only do 35 be warned).
Level 25 will get you to have loads of Overzeal Time or Final Attacks for your team.
Make sure to upgrade your stats. The Stars give stat bonuses usually of 30-40+ in their respective field depending on the stat.
If you’ve been upgrading your special stat and have extra scroll slots, HP or Defense scrolls are helpful too.

 Chained Secrets
Used a True Chain.

One of Utawarerumono: ZAN’s main core mechanics is the chain attack, done by pressing . Every character has abilities unleashed through using the chain attack which consumes zeal. Every Chain, puts a blue ring on your screen in which you need to press the chain button again when the 2 blue rings match to unleash a True Chain. You’ll need to do 100 of these anyhow for the Military Medals.

Changed into a different outfit.

This game has a lot! of outfits (Technically color variants of your base outfit) and a number of ways to unlock them! The easiest and probable first outfit you’ll obtain is through the Equipment Upgrades. There are a few outfits to unlock per tier which as long as you have the appropriate character you can wear any outfit immediately. Outfit changes are done through the Party Screen or during Mission Prep. While editing a character, there is an outfit tab you can scroll over to and change.

 Stealth Apprentice
Obtained the “Apprentice” Stealth Rank.

Refer to Oshtor’s Right Arm.

Obtained the “Shinobi” Stealth Rank.

Refer to Oshtor’s Right Arm.

 Upgrade Journeyman
Unlocked a “Mid-Quality” equipment upgrade.

Refer to Upgrade God.

 Upgrade Expert
Unlocked a “High-Quality” equipment upgrade.

Refer to Upgrade God.

 First Medal
Obtained a Military Medal reward.

Refer to The Praised .

Saved an ally during a mission.

When you or a teammate run out of HP, you’ll enter a “downed” state for 30 seconds. after those 30 seconds you or they will die, losing a life. Be warned, a second down continues the timer from the previous down. Before that timer is up you are notified of their “downed” state, they have a red circle around their body and an on-screen skull that will guide you to their body, warning you that someone is down. Enter into the red circle and hold to revive someone.

You need to do this 25 times for The Praised too.

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