Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia Trophy Guide

Game: Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 10 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: “Daylight Complete”, “New and Improved”, “Fine Gifts”, “Daylight Armory”, “You Gnome What to Do”, “Serving Up Sushi”, “Hocking Up a Luug”, “Quest Bester”
Author: Knoef_NL

Welcome to the trophy guide for Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game on Normal and Hard.

You need to complete the game on Normal difficulty. The difficulty trophies for Normal/Hard do not stack, so you need to do another run on Hard.
While playing normal mode, try to obtain all collectibles listed in the “Gnome Place to Hide” trophy.

You will be able to do a cleanup for the collectibles, even after the Point of No Return, so do not worry about that.
Note: Collectibles will not carry over to “New Game +”(NG+).

Point of No Return.

After completing Akiridion City 5, you won’t be able to time travel. So after completing Akiridion City 4, make sure you have earned the following trophies:
Daylight Complete – Buy all Armors
New and Improved – Upgrade any assists
Fine Gifts – Purchase any item
Daylight Armory – Purchase any armor
You Gnome What to Do – Complete the gnome game with 100% accuracy
Serving Up Sushi – Complete a game of Go-Go Sushi.
Hocking Up a Luug – Catch Luug
Quest Bester – Complete 3 side-quests


 Ultimate Defender
Unlock all trophies in Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia.

 A Por-GONE Conclusion
Reach the end and reset the Timeline.

Story related and cannot be missed.

 Here Come Troll-ble
Complete the game in Troll (Hard) Mode.

The Troll (Hard) mode is not any harder than the Normal mode. Enemies have a tiny bit more health, and less Gems(money) will drop. You will barely notice any difference.

Note: The Normal and Hard difficulty trophies do not stack, 2 playthroughs are required.

 Daylight Complete
Purchase all Armor Upgrades from Vendel.

Armors can be bought from Vendel in the city. You need to buy a total of 3 armors, which are available for:
2.500, 4.500, and 6.500 coins.

Coins are not found much, so you need to play the sushi game!

The sushi game is also available in the city by talking to Toby, and can earn you around 150 coins each every 2 min. You need to reach sushi Level 5 before earning that amount of coins. After completing Akiridion City 5, you will not able to time travel, so complete this trophy before doing Akiridion City 5.

 Gnome Place to Hide
Catch every Gnome in the game.


 Trollhunter’s Return
Defeat every Boss in the game.

Story related and cannot be missed.
There is a boss available after each chapter, but they aren’t really hard as the game is designed for kids.

Upon dying, the health counter won’t be reset. You’ll simply lose a life and you can continue fighting. Make sure to use your range attack (triangle) when fighting a boss, in combination with some melee hits. The special abilities won’t be any use during a boss fight.

  A Stinky Collection Complete
Gather every Dirty Sock in the game.

Refer to the “Gnome Place to Hide” trophy where all collectibles are listed.

 Horngazel Hunter
Collect the Horngazel and get the Treasure in a stage.

The Horngazel and treasure are available at each level. You’ll need to collect the sword [horngazel] and then find the rock where you’ll be rewarded with the treasure. The reward is about 100 coins.

you shouldn’t have a problem finding them, as many of them are located with a collectible at their side.

 Every Villain a Castle
Successfully reach Morgana’s Castle.

Story related and cannot be missed
The castle is the last chapter before reaching the final boss Morgana, which you’ll need to defeat in her lair!

 Waka Chaka!!
Slay 50 Goblins.

Story related and cannot be missed. Each level contains more than 10 Goblins, so you should have no problem earning this trophy after completing your first chapter.

 Subfold Spaceman
Successfully complete Akiridion-5.

Story related and cannot be missed. Akiridion is a city that resembles a future-like design with neon lights and flying cars.

 A Dark Time
Survive the Darklands.

Story related and cannot be missed. A dark cave-like area which is the biggest ingame, with a total of 5 areas.

 Fleshbag in the Bag
Complete the game in Human (Normal) Mode.

The normal & hard difficulty trophies don’t stack, 2 playthroughs are required.

 A Dangerous Time
Successfully survive the Time-pocalypse.

Story related and cannot be missed

 Below Arcadia
Successfully traverse the tunnels below Arcadia.

Story related and cannot be missed. This is the first chapter within the game.

 New and Improved
Upgrade any Assist.

You can upgrade your assists in the city. The first one available is ‘Troll armor’. This will reduce Toby’s recharge rate by 50%.

The upgrade itself will cost you 1.500 coins.

 Hisirdoux Helps
Call for a healing Assist!

You’ll need to talk to Disirdoux before entering the warp-hole towards the end of the game. You’ll only need to make sure you call in its help during a level!

 Aja VOOM!
Take a ride on an Akiridion Hoverboard.

Story related and cannot be missed. One of the assists you will be using a lot throughout the game.

 Rise Trollhunter!
Reach new heights with an Assist!

Story related and cannot be missed. One of the assists you will be using a lot throughout the game.

 Awesome Sauce!
Have an Assist deliver a powerful smash!

Story related and cannot be missed. One of the assists you will be using a lot throughout the game.

 Fine Gifts
Purchase an item from Bagdwella in Trollmarket.

This trophy can be combined with the “New and Improved” trophy.

 Daylight Armory
Purchase any Armor Upgrade from Vendel.

Refer to the “Daylight Complete” trophy for more information on this.

 You Gnome What to Do
Hit every target without losing a gnome in Omelrug’s Gnome Challenge.

Will become available after collecting a bunch of gnomes in the city. You’ll need to hit all targets without missing once.

Should you miss a target, continue to miss the other targets too, so you can restart the challenge.

Should you complete it without 100% accuracy, you’ll need to collect a few more gnomes in order to reach the next level.

 Serving Up Sushi
Complete a game of Go-Go Sushi.

Available in the city by talking to Tobias. The Go-Go Sushi game is the best way to farm money.

As you progress ingame, more sushi levels will become available, allowing you to earn more money.

 Hocking Up a Luug
Catch Luug in Trollmarket.

Luug is the little dogg that’s inside the city. He will be right beside you once you travel to Trollmarket. Interact with it and you’ll earn this trophy.

 Subterranean Metropolis
Visit Heartstone Trollmarket.

Story related and cannot be missed. Throughout the guide, Trollmarket is being referred to as “city”.

 Geode Journey
Successfully get through the Geode Caverns.

Story related and cannot be missed.

 Gnome Up!
Catch all Gnomes in any stage.

This trophy is earned once you catch all 3 gnomes in any stage/level.

 A Stinky Collection
Gather all Dirty Socks in any stage.

Can be earned by collecting all 4 socks in any level.

 Quest Bester
Complete 3 side quests in the game.

Site-quests are available within the city. You’ll need to talk to NPC’s and they will give you small assignments. There are plenty available, and you shouldn’t have any problems completing them.

The main goal is to deliver or fetch some items for the NPC’s.