Thy Sword Trophy Guide

Game: Thy Sword
Peripherals: –
Time to 100%: 2 hours
Difficulty: 3/10
Missable trophies: “Loot!”, “Head collector”, “Ring the Bell”
Author: Matt Knight and Knoef_NL, edited by BloodDragooner

Welcome to the trophy guide for Thy Sword. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Complete the game.

The game exists out of small worlds that each consist of 5 levels. After beating the 5 levels, you will have beaten the world and you will reach a checkpoint. Dying while in a world will reset your progress for that world.

Example: If you are in world 2 – level 3 and die, you will start at world 2 – level 1.

When you complete a world, you will arrive at a small camp. In this camp you can purchase potions and items that will benefit you on your journey.

Complete the levels marked below for all trophies regarding the bosses.
Marked A is the secret treasure room for the “Loot!” Trophy. Make sure to complete it!


 Platinum Hero
Get all other trophies.

Congrats and thanks for looking at our guide. 

 Head collector
Chop 15 heads enemies in one game. 

You can chop off a head by pressing “Square”. Make sure that you keep some distance, as the character will perform a spin first.

A total of 15 throughout your gameplay are required.

 Unite the crystals
Gain all five crystals. 

This trophy will pop as soon as you killed all 5 bosses, listed:
Lich King & Queen.
Sorcerer of Thorn. 
Dragon Lord.
Lurking Horror. 
Spider Queen. 

 Pile of bones
Kill the Lich King & Queen.

This boss has 2 targets you can attack. Ignore the Queen, as the flies in the air. Stick close to the king, that way his mace can’t hit you. While hugging him, keep on attacking.

Pile of bones Trophy.

 Might over magic
Kill the Sorcerer of Thorn. 

The sorcerer can put decoys into the field, leaving you unsure which one to attack. You have to get lucky finding him. When you find the real one, hit it a few times and then dodge the magic attacks.

Might over magic Trophy.

Kill the Dragon Lord

A fairly easy bossfight. Stand on the middle platform to dogge the fire. Once he stopts spitting fire, run towards him and hit it a few times.

Kill the Spider Queen. 

You can use your bow to hit the head of the spider. This will have the spider attack you, dodge his charge. Once dodged, hit its head a couple of times. Keep repeating and you will win.

No bow?
Climb the ropes and hit his head with your sword, then quickly go down and dodge its charged attack. Now attack his head a few times and repeat.

Find the secret gate to the loot room. 

Go to the level marked with an “A” in the picture below. Upon reaching level 5 you will see a gap in the floor. Jump in and you will find some shiny loot!

 Ring the Bell
Hit the lantern on the title screen. 

Once you start the game, you can select your character. Once picked, hit the lantern and this trophy is yours.

Finish the game. 

The boss has 2 phases, meaning you have to kill it twice.

The first phase is his “knight” form, in which he will attack with his sword and some magic spells.

The best tactic here is to attack from behind.

The second form is his demon form. You can attack it by using your bow or by jumping on the platforms and hitting him. Once enough damage is done, he will come towards the floor. You will be able to deal some extra damage, enough to kill him.

 Ready for battle
Finish the tutorial.

From the title screen, head to the exit on the right. Choose tutorial at the top of the game difficulty list. Complete the tutorial for this trophy, it will pop when you exit.

Kill a flying enemy with an arrow.

Random bats appear on the levels, these are the easiest to aim at and kill with an arrow. Don’t come to close to the bats/crows, as they will be scared and fly away.

A bow can be obtained in between stages from the merchant or play as a character that has a bow already equipped, like the Valkyrie, she is unlocked from the start.

 Heads up
Headchop an enemy.

The tutorial teaches you this move. Stand a short distance away from the enemy and press Square, you will spin and chop the head off and enemy if you did it from the correct distance. It is the only way to kill some enemies in later levels.

Get killed by an explosive barrel.

When you see an explosive barrel, make sure your health is only at 1 bar, then stand next to the barrel and hit it. You will die and get this trophy. Recommended doing so in Day 1 of a Stage if possible. Dying makes you lose all progress and puts you back to Day 1 of the level.

Get hit by your own arrow.

Aim your bow vertically (looking at the sky) in an open area, fire the arrow, don’t move, and the arrow will fall back down and hit you, popping this trophy.

Get the key to a chest.

You will see a crow carrying a key on one of the levels, kill it, then collect the key it dropped, which will then automatically open up the treasure chest, popping the trophy. An easy way to guarantee the kill is to use your bow.

Remember not to come too close to the crow, as it will fly away.