The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature Trophy Guide

Game: The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature
Peripherals: –
Time to Platinum: 4-5 hours
Difficulty: 1/10
Missable trophies: Multiple playthroughs required
Trophies: 1, 7 , 12 , 1
Author: The Trophy Platypus

Welcome to the trophy guide for The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature. This can also be considered a walkthrough and may be used for PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, Series X and Steam. Achievements for Steam and Xbox are in almost all cases the same as the PlayStation 4/5 Trophies. A roadmap is provided in the stages below.

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Stage 1 – Do 3 Playthroughs To Unlock All Trophies.

Welcome to this trophy guide for The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature. A beautiful narrative driven game inspired by Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein. The game requires a minimum of 3 playthroughs to unlock all the trophies. It is recommended to make use of a Cloud/USB save to reduce the time needed to unlock all trophies after completing the Memoriae level. The three endings Creator/Silentium, Vindicta and Alium are based on moral judgements made throughout the game and are explained below.

Unlock all other trophies

I’m a mother F@cking monster!

Complete Alba

First level, move around to unveil the outlines of rooms.

Complete Memoriae

Move around the screen unveiling a colourful forest, eventually a path will reveal itself. This path will disappear as you move, stop and it will reveal itself again. Eventually you will reach a tree interact with it by pressing X, the bushes surrounding the tree will play in a sequence and you have to walk over the bushes in that sequence. Repeat this process for a total of three times.

Complete Naturae

For Silentium eat the flowers then rest, then when faced with the choice to interfere and save the deer or let the snake, choose to save the deer.

Vindicta – Eat the carcuss, then rest and let the snake kill the deer

Alium – Eat the carcuss but interfere saving the deer

Complete Homines

Kick the ball back to the boy and then follow him. Play football with the boys until they tell you to follow them. Eventually the adults will start chasing you, run away from them until you ae cornered. You now have a decision to make for the Vindicta ending retaliate straight away. For Alium and Silentium roar instead and then continue through the village along the linear path and you will be cornered two more times each time continue to roar until you can leave the village.

Complete Familia

Sleep in the shed outside, in the morning , peer through the windows until you are prompted to take the encyclopedia. You’ll have to complete three tasks catching a rabbit, chopping wood and scaring away crows. Eventually the younger humans will leave for town and you should go talk to the old man and play some music. You can choose any dialogue option you want until the end when the younger children return. If going for the Vindicta ending you should retaliate, for Alium and Silentium you should flee imediately.

Complete Prodigium

Approach the water and press X to Drink, you’ll see a face in he water. Slowly walk towards the face until the level ends.

Complete Collis

Simply follow the path across the hills until the level ends.

Complete Sculptura

Pick up two legs, a torso, head and two arms and create a sculpture. Then click embrace, you then have a decision that will influence your final chapter, whether to embrace the sculpture all the way or to abandon. If you are going for the Vindicta and Alium you should embrace the sculpture till it breaks if going for Silentium you should back out.

Complete Summitatem

Follow the path into the mountains.

Complete Deus

Alium and Silentium – Interact with the statue, Sit on a bench, play the organ and complete, drink wine, read bible, speak with the statue again then choose which dialogue options you want when speaking with the churchgoers.

Vindicta – Interact with the statue then straighten Jesus on the cross, pick the mushroom and place it on the grave, cover the open grave, pick the urn and place it on the grave read the tomb stone, return to the statue and then avenge.

Complete Industria

Simply run down the mountain and interact with the newspaper at the bottom.

Complete Originem

Interact with the diary, then the steel door, you now have to interact with all of the books and drawings clicking X to get all of the names. Once you have all of the names return to the steel door and Move the left side to Adam and the right side to Eve then press X. Pick up the light an head up the stairs. Interact with the windows to get light. Then pick up all of the body parts and place them on the table. Interact but then you have a decision to either attempt the experiment or to abandon it. For Vindicta and Alium choose to complete the experiment for Silentium choose to abandon

Complete Aequor

Move the boat to the right until you reach your destination.

Complete Festum

After reaching the island, speak with the girl in the bay. You will now need to complete four tasks.
1 – Head to the square with the Neptune statue in the middle, speak with the guy in the booth and enter the fancy dress competition. Head to the right and speak with the girl in the blue dress from the bay. Head to the stage.
2 – Head to the south where there are fish balloons, kick the ball into three of them to burst them.
3 – Speak to the guy to the right of the fish balloons and fish kites, agree to takes his flute. Now go around the area near to the boys holding fish balloons. You need to this in the correct order which is Yellow, green, blue, orange, pink.
4 – Head to the top of the area, and interact with the organ. Complete the minigame.
After completing all four tasks head through the gates at the top of the area.

Complete Amans

Head up the hill and speak with the woman dressed as Amphitrite. At the end of the conversation let her run away.

Complete Scripturam

Head to the house, this level will depend on the path you took throughout the game. If trying for the Creator scene during a Silentium plythrough choose the following dialogue options:
You give up easily.
You will no longer see the sun or the stars.
You will no longer feel the wind caressing your cheek.
Let me guide you to your creator

Complete Alium

One of the different ending trophies, for this ending you must embrace the sculpture and do the experiment, eat the carcass but do nothing else bad. For a full description refer to the walkthrough above.

During the stage you have two choices of either going with the black or white pages from the book both paths will unlock the trophy.

Complete Silentium

One of the different ending trophies, for this ending you must not do anything bad. Please refer to the walkthrough above on a detailed guide on how to get here. In the level just make your way forward to the water.

Complete Creator

Can be unlocked in the Silentium playthrough. During the end of the Scripturam level choose the dialogue options:

You give up easily.
You will no longer see the sun or the stars.
You will no longer feel the wind caressing your cheek.
Let me guide you to your creator

You must not delete yourself or the trophy will not unlock instead at the end of speaking with your creator accept your fate. You will then move onto the Silentium level. As a side note: deleting yourself has a cool ending but it does not equal a trophy, you will however be able to continue and choose ‘the accept your fate path’.

Complete Vindicta

One of the endings, to get here you must become a monster. Please refer to the walkthrough for a step by step guide. In the level make your way up the beach and get your revenge truly becoming a monster, then chase the boy into the cave.